The Raspberry Pi Store pops up in London

We are very excited to bring our superb Cambridge store experience to London for two days at the end of November. Shoppers will have the chance to experience Raspberry Pi first hand, with two workstations in store and our knowledgeable staff on hand to help you learn, play, and shop.

What can I buy?

We’ll be selling a wide range of Raspberry Pi products, from our most powerful computers, Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400, to our newest one, Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, along with everything in between.

A range of official accessories and peripherals will also be available, including Sense HATs, camera modules, and essentials like power supplies, cables, and cases.

Plus our most popular wearable merchandise, of course.

When is it happening?

We will be with you for two full shopping days on the last weekend of November, in plenty of time for you to stock up on Christmas presents for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast or budding coder on your list:

Friday 26 November

Saturday 27 November

And we have our fingers crossed for an appearance from Eben Upton around midday on the Friday, so you might bump into him while you shop!

Where is it happening?

We are so excited to be popping up right in the heart of London’s famous shopping district on Oxford Street.

You can find us at 58 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BH.

The pop-up store is inside Sook, opposite Zara and next door to Clarks Footwear. 

How do I get there?

The closest Tube stations are:

Tottenham Court Road (a two-minute walk — head west on Oxford Street)

Oxford Circus (an eight-minute walk — head east on Oxford Street)

store front
Our Cambridge, UK store

Shop safely

Due to ongoing Covid concerns, we will limit the number of people inside the store during busy times. We will also only be accepting card payments.


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When in Paris ?

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When in Toronto?

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After Paris … ;-)

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After Toronto … ;-)

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After Sunningdale?

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Barcelona? 👋

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True, when BCN

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When in New Delhi?

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Bloody London……..

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One of the last places I would visit.

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London Has Fallen Down….

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Somewhere in Scotland for our friends north of the border but after that I have plenty of room in my front yard and you could possibly expand into the hallway

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Cape Town!

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When this shop will come to Greece ?

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I know there will never be one in Argentina. XD

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São Paulo, Brasil?

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When in Braga?

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When Hawaii?

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When a Nano with WiFi?

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There are also many fans of your products in Ukraine, it would be cool to be able to officially buy your product.

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This have not aged well.
Slava Ukraini.

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So when are we going to get a store where the pi’s are made in Bridgend? the factory is just down the road from where I work lol

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If you know someone working in Sony you can already buy from there.

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United States!!!!
We need some British accent here!

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Now, let’s be serious a little bit : Raspberry Pi has to do with education, which has to do with civilization. So it should be present mainly in Paris !

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I hope there will be this store in China, which will definitely become big news

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Great idea to see this initiative! I see lots of people saying they wish it was somewhere else, so let me just say thank you for bringing it to London, and I hope the model works so you can try it in other towns in the future too.

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I see that everyone has the same basic idea, so…
How about do this in the San Francisco Bay Area? Lot’s of places to choose from. I’d suggest Berkeley, near the University of California.

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Somalia Mogadishu we need you here

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When will there be one in the United States?

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Congratulations on the opening of Oxford Street. This would have been the time to be in London. Unfortunately, the Hong Kong Covid policies holds back alot of travels and opening of the borders. Hope you folks consider setting up shop in Hong Kong :)

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I see that no-one mentioned any Australian towns –

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Glenn CA would be a good place to try.

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so when in Rome, Italy … ??

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When Budapest?

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This is awesome, can’t wait to for the next one.

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