Three surprises popping up to mark the Raspberry Pi Store’s third birthday

The Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge, UK turns three today. And because we had to have a lockdown birthday last year, we wanted to do something extra-special to mark our third.

store front
Our store in Cambridge, UK

In our three short years, we’ve hosted 135 Raspberry Pi workshops (it would have been more without lockdown!) and we’ve sold more than 10,000 computers.

So what are the three surprises?

Seeing as so many of you loved visiting the pop-up store we hosted on Oxford Street in London last year (photos below), we have decided to triple the fun with three pop-ups throughout 2022: one for each year our flagship store has been open.

We listened to what you said, and will be venturing north to Newcastle first and then Edinburgh, before heading back to the capital’s most famous shopping street for the third and final event, because we had such a good time there before.

What can we buy at the pop-up stores?

Back in November 2021, we welcomed hundreds of you through the door of our first ever pop-up store. We sold hundreds of Raspberry Pi computers over the two days we were open, with Raspberry Pi Pico and Zero 2 W units selling out on the first day of trading. (Lesson learned: we’ll bring more with us next time.)

No matter which site you visit, you’ll get the proper Cambridge store experience. You’ll be able to handle and sample merchandise at workstations in store, and our knowledgeable staff will be there to help you learn, play, and shop.

We’ll be selling everything from our most powerful computers, Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400, to our tiniest ones, along with everything in between. Tonnes of official accessories and peripherals like camera modulespower supplies and cases will also be on sale. Plus we’ll have some wearable merchandise so you can advertise that you’re team Raspberry Pi via the visual medium of fashion.

2022 pop-up sites and dates

Metro Centre, Newcastle
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th of May

St James Quarter, Edinburgh
Friday 29th & Saturday 30th of July

Oxford Street, London 
Friday 28th & Saturday 29th of October

london store pop up
Come and play. We’re dead nice

We’ll remind you all again here closer to the time we head to each location, and we’ll tell you how to get there and nice helpful things like that. Start emptying your piggy banks now!


Stu avatar

The Metrocentre is in Gateshead not Newcastle.

James Richmond avatar

Basically Newcastle

Stu avatar

Let’s call it ‘basically Scotland’ then, it’s close enough.

Pi Addict avatar

Wish I could get that red coffee mug to Canada.

Supra avatar


solar3000 avatar

Can you pop one up in NYC?

Alan Robertson avatar

Ooh, nice – will hopefully pop along and see you in July in Edinburgh. I don’t really *need* more Pi stuff, but I’m sure that won’t stop me buying some 😂

JamesG avatar

Don’t you mean Fridaay 28th and Saturday 29th October?

A.J. avatar

Perfect spot for your first U.S. store: Austin, Texas.

Iain avatar

Gateshead is great news (it’s not Newcastle)! I hope to have managed to get my hands on another pi4 by then (not proving east at the moment) but if not then hopefully I can get one there.

bobob avatar

PLs make one in lisbon portugal

Moises avatar

Make a permanent pi store in Los Angeles

Ben avatar

Any chance of Manchester, UK?

SamOC avatar

Why are there no options for the Midlands?

Ralph Weightman avatar

What happened to either Manchester or indeed Chester on the way?

William Windmill avatar

Can I chip in for the forgotten city of Aberdeen. It could be a quick follow on from Edinburgh it is only 2hours further north north.

elliott avatar

a store in philly pls

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