We’re auctioning ten beta Raspberry Pis!

From 10pm GMT tonight, we’ll be putting two of the very limited release of ten numbered beta Raspberry Pis on eBay every day, starting with #10 and counting down to #01. The auctions will last seven days. Before the auctions start this evening, you can look at our (empty and boring) eBay profile. I’ll be out at a New Year’s Eve party when the first go live, but I’ll change this page to link to the auctions as soon as I’m back.

Here’s some video from Eben, explaining a bit more about what you’ll be buying.

All the money we raise via these auctions will go straight back into the Raspberry Pi Foundation, funding the charity’s work. Good luck – and happy new year!


scep avatar

Please can you ending the auction early please and I am sending you $500 by Westen Union.

liz avatar

Is it from the legacy left you by your uncle, the Crown Prince of Scepland?

scep avatar

That’s the chap! Good luck with the auctions, should be fun!

Brian Smith avatar

Great news, and good luck with the auctions.

DaQatz avatar

All I can say is =)

d_brennen avatar

Very good, now take my money for a model B please ;)

Wei Liu avatar

Good luck with the auction!

Liam Fraser avatar

Sounds like the testing is going well so far then :)! Wish I had the money to bid haha. Good luck all and Happy New Year.

panik avatar

I hope these make big money for the foundation. Have a great 2012!

Martin avatar

Yay! Can’t wait for the auction, although I’ll probably end up waiting until the final release to get my hands on one :)

Also, does this mean the big red button of mass production has been pressed? *excited*

liz avatar

Not yet (although our fingers are hovering over it); we’re still waiting on a couple of quotes from manufacturers, which is *maddening*. You guys will be the first to know, of course.

JamesH avatar

Gah, it’s like they are all on holiday or sutin….

Warringer avatar

Not going to bid, but good luck for everyone who bids on them.

Anyway… Is that a Skyrim Map behind Eben?

Sparky avatar

Yes, now we know why the board is 3 weeks late … the team has all been playing Skyrim. ;) *ducks and hides*

Congrates on the latest milestone. Good job everyone.

liz avatar

Strictly speaking, it’s not the whole team, just me. I go and take on Dark Brotherhood missions when you lot are *really* pissing me off. ;)

ukscone avatar

So since july you’ve logged approx 3700 hours

M1C4HTRON13 avatar

I used to play Skyrim but then I took an arrow to the ……………….. NO!! ………. I can’t lower myself to finishing that sentence.

OICan! avatar


Can’t wait for the creation kit for Skyrim, first mod from me shall be a comet falling on the guard, whenever ‘e finishes that line. :3

Lobster avatar

I bid three sardine cans and an antique kipper.
Good luck to all our bidders.

Dave Pyatt avatar

What a great birthday present to me today! I’d love to have a 1 of 10, but I’m happy just knowing that the production units are coming!

Thank you, and Happy New Year to all of the RaspberryPi Team and followers!

Niklas avatar

Hey, it´s a great idea and I think that i try to buy one of them ;)

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Jason avatar

Good luck with the auctions, I’m looking forward to these going on general sale in 2012.

Happy New Year (soon)!

Phil Lavin avatar

Do you ship to Nigeria? ;)

Michael avatar

Raspberry Pi will ship worldwide to the best of their ability (ie subject to UK export and local import laws).

Point3Forever avatar

What price will they be starting at?

Robert avatar

I can’t wait to see how high the bids go, very doubtful i’ll win one. I predict a low of $99 and a high of $175

adrian.oconnor avatar

I just went to bid £150 (about $225) roughly 1 minute after the auction went live and the price had already jumped to £160/$250 in that time. I think it’s going to sell for between £2000 and £3000 at this rate. Which is pretty awesome.

Not so awesome for me, because £150 was really above my limit, but hopefully I’ll get one of the first production boards to start hacking on.

reallynotnick avatar

Wow, well #10 hit £1,320 and #9 is only at £102 right now (it went up like a half an hour later) so you could always sneak a bid in on that one!

Francesco avatar

i can buy on ebay italia?

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Raju avatar

Positive eBay Member since: 30-Dec-11
feedback: 0%
Feedback score: 0
Would you trust this guy!!!!!
(eBay’s Member name: “raspberry_pi” , was it arranged with them or just took chance?)
Seriously, what chance I have for my £500 max. I know someone’s $500 offer!

MG2R avatar

I just drooled all over my keyboard! Thanks for that! :)

Mark S. avatar

I’ll be spectating at least one of the auctions. It would be interesting to see the compiled bidding trends after it’s all over. Something might prove interesting from it. Good luck with the auction. Cheers.

Bill C avatar

New Years Parties + Alcohol + Geeks + Raspberry-Pi EBay auction = ???

What can possibly go wrong… ^_~ hehe!!

Jessie avatar

Don’t pass out on the bathroom floor next to the toilet or you might miss the auction.

Ian Hamlett avatar

As long as there aren’t more than 10 people bidding, I think I’ll be alright.

eggn1n3 avatar

I bet it will go over the 1000 USD! Anyway, hope 2012 will be THE year of Raspberry Pi!

eggn1n3 avatar

Btw, I have problems submitting comments using Firefox9 on my iMac. Anyone else?
Safari seems to work fine though….

liz avatar

Odd – we haven’t changed anything! I’m using Safari and Chrome on this machine (having personal and Raspi logins for a Google product like YouTube while still trying to use my mail etc. means having to have two browsers on the go at once), and they both seem fine.

eggn1n3 avatar

Ok, this is a comment on my Ubuntu laptop, using Firefox9.0.1.

eggn1n3 avatar

Ok, it seems that I need to do a full reload of this page before a new password gets generated. For some reason the old one was still shown.

Jessie avatar

I’ll be bidding. Although I have a hard spending limit so I will not likely win. Glad to see this is finally hapenening. Can’t wait for the final boards, I have several projects that these will work nicely for.

Bikko avatar

It cost $100,000 to boot this PC for 5 seconds.

piglet avatar

This seller currently has no items for sale.

FatBuzz avatar

Well done. I got my bid in early for £100.
That didn’t stay at the top for long.

jacklang avatar

Minor glitch with ebay- now fixed. Up and running.

Bikko avatar

The Pi was a lie

Bikko avatar

“You’re the high bidder. ” That won’t last

adrian.oconnor avatar

I tried to out-bid you, but failed. In the time it took to enter my highest bid (£150) it had already jumped to £160. Are you still the high bidder?

Bikko avatar

nope max was £400 now like £600

adrian.oconnor avatar

It’s pretty insane, but it is the very first. I wonder if you’d get one of the less exclusive mid-week auctions at that price?

£1,000 now!

Bikko avatar

You could by 40 normal pi’s at this rate for that cash

Johannes avatar

No, I am. I mean I was for about 30 seconds. I think it’s out of “bidding to be part of it” territory now.

Bikko avatar

Holy shit !! well there goes my £400 max bid

Bikko avatar

£1,000.00 at 22:23 !!!

Johannes avatar

Free shipping!

Bikko avatar

Delivered By Liz her self

Bikko avatar

Sorry to spam but it is rather exciting !! I

Liam avatar

Wow! The £1000 mark! Well done rasp pi, you guys deserve it. Although I wish I could afford I am glad people out there are willing to help you out.

Keep up the good work!!!

FatBuzz avatar

£1000 adds a 0 to my bid.
Silly; Congrats to all @Pi

irbeaney avatar

wow board #10 is currently at £1,120.00

Paul Maddox avatar

Holy cow!!! £1200+ already….. way out of my price range, I sure hope you guys do more than 100 for your first run this is gonna sell quick!

Paul Clark avatar

And that’s for #10, wait until it gets to #01…

seekerm avatar

First batch supposed to be 10k as far I remember.

caminati avatar

Uh? I see no item on sale from this seller.
How come?

tom avatar

Happy new year….xD

Raju avatar

I think first three or four of Raspberry Pi s will attract highest interest like they normally do anyway. However release of real thing in Feb will dampen the excitement a bit. For me, fight for Serial Number 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 is not over; YET!

jojopi avatar

The most desirable serials/macs are the last to be auctioned.

Raju avatar

Yes, I just read. However, I also read; will be releasing two a day! So next one will be on eBay in 5 mins?

seekerm avatar

Looks like its the case :)

Bau avatar

So when all is set and done would the target of $25 for A and $35 for B be anywhere close to the actual goal? If you waiting for quotes from manufacturers I am guessing the TCO is far from expected, no?

mactalla avatar

The auction is claiming it only ships within the UK. This is preventing the listings to be visible on localized ebay sites. (ie. raspberry_pi “has no items for sale” on ebay.com / ebay.ca / etc).

Steven avatar

Its cool to donate and also get some uniques pieces (#10 or #1 should get the most bids). One of our companies is bidding on that history-worth piece. We can’t wait to get the pieces for testing. if you need help finding a reliable but cheap manufacturer get in touch with me. we are a swiss based charity which supplies pc’s to 3rd world countries and has access to excellent contacts in china

AlisonW avatar

There’s already over £2000 been raised for the Foundation, which is great news! I’m just going to wait out the ‘real thing’ coming onstream next month as they’ve already sped way beyond any bid I might have been able to make.

Hope you select a supplier soon! Welcome to 2012 folks, the year of the RasPi!

Blars avatar

As expected, the first two boards are already well beond what I’m willing to pay. However, it appears you have them listed as shipping to the UK only so they don’t show up when searching from a us ebay account.

Moritz avatar

Just in case it hasn’t been said before: Congratulations on coming to this important milestone. I’ve been following the forums closely for months and even made a post or two. I can only say I’m deeply impressed by your dedication and openness. It must have been a tough time with lots of phone calls and long nights. Starting the auctions must mean that you feel confident to start mass-production soon, and that is a huge step forward.

Just as I expected, the money that is already in on the auctions is way above my league, but I’ll happily be first in line when you finally have the mass-produced ones.
Thank you for doing this. Happy 2012

Ideeman1994 avatar

Damn! They’re already getting REALLY expensive!

Brian avatar

Cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on some. Don’t fear the Mayans. The End of the World is just the Beginning. Great things are coming.

György Antal szára avatar

I wish raspberry pi to erchieve a triumph

CsGuy avatar

Just a thought… Should they be numbered 0 through 9?

[…] New Year’s Eve, the team behind the uber-small PC Raspberry Pi said that two of a very limited release of ten numbered beta Raspberry Pi units will appear on eBay each […]

[…] We’re auctioning ten beta Raspberry Pis! […]

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