The first auctions are live!

You can bid for boards 10 and 09 by clicking on the links. I have just got back from an evening of New Year’s carousing, and I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the bids we’ve attracted already – thank you very, very much, everybody. We really weren’t expecting to see this level of interest, and we’re quite humbled by it.

Inevitably, there has been a (pretty minimal, but still very aggravating) screw-up. Boards number 10 and 09 appear to be open to UK bidders only. This is not actually the case, but because I failed miserably to tick one of the eBay interface’s many hundreds of boxes when setting up the auctions, overseas bidders may think they’re not able to put in a bid. It’s fixed for all the other auctions, but because we didn’t notice this before these two went live, we’re stuck with it.

If you’re not in the UK and you would like to bid on board 10 or board 09, you can still bid by using your regular username and password on rather than your local eBay site. If you would like to participate and are still having problems, please message us through eBay using the links above – NOT HERE, and we will add you to an exemption list.

Oh – and a happy New Year! I hope the Mayans were wrong, or I’ll have wasted an awful lot of time here.


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Little known fact: You can use your local eBay account to log in to other eBay sites. Just log in to, then you can bid on the first two Raspberry Pis. The list of all auctions is here:

Happy New Year from Germany!

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LOL! Happy New Year, Liz and thank you VERY MUCH for all the incredible work you’ve done keeping us well informed of your progress to the much-awaited goal.

ps – the Mayans were very good at arithmetic and somewhat less good with predictions…

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Have you started making the final boards yet? Maybe you should print (c) 2012 on them so they can be easily distinguished from the beta boards.

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lol the price is skyrocketing, guess i’ll wait for the final boards :D

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Mayans were wrong? About what? The roll over in the cycle of their calender? I don’t it. They were spot on.

If you mean the sort of gibbering idiots who think that neutrino’s might mutate… that’s a different matter… they are wrong!

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You already wrote what I think about Mayans calendar and ‘2012’ idiots…

Auctions: That’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Good luck for the foundation on that. But I’ll wait a few weeks to get my bunch of boards :-)

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Re: Mayans – here’s your answer for a good laugh:
I love that there is a tl;dr short version of it too:
Priceless… :)

Frank Lassowski avatar

Thanks for these videos. They could have helped me last spring consoling my daughter after she has heard of ‘2012’…

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I love the Mayan thing.

Normal person – the calendar runs out, so we’ll get the new year’s calendar.
Rabid loonie – the calendar runs out, so the world is going to end.

Just back away from any “world is ending” people, avoiding eye contact as much as possible.

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wow – look at those numbers. Makes you wonder what #01 and #02 will go for.
Congrats on a great idea to get the foundation some cashflow.
I’m really looking fwd to a slightly cheaper :-) unit when you begin manufacture.

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Happy new Year to every one out there!

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Hi. Everyone :)

I have a big interest on this beautiful machine for educational purposes here in the Philippines for college thesis. When are we expecting like getting these boards from this site? :) Like a specific date?

Thanks :)

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The Foundation hopes that the Raspberry Pi will go on sale to hobbyists in January/February, with a ‘schools’ release planned for June/July time. First versions of the manual (being written by members of the working group) will hopefully be available in March.

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What do you mean by a schools release? Just curious
@Jerome i’m also exited about the release of the pi, and i think it’s a good choice for a thesis because of the flexibility of it, also small enough for a case to withstand our country’s conditions

Jerome Matthew avatar

i’m looking forward to get my hands on it like 10pcs. dang! hopefully it gets here in time by feb :|

JustACat avatar

More than £2000 for both RPis already! =)
Happy New Year from Russia! :)

Mark K avatar

I hope so, as it would be a great start to the R-Pi year. Personally I wouldn’t count on the cash until it was my bank as I have had fake bidders trying to scare off legitimate bids, so don’t let the high bids put you off bidding.

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I was top bidder for about 30 seconds. That’s kind of a win right?

Nick avatar

Well at least rich people get to maybe own one the year they were supposed to come out.

Ivo avatar

Happy new year to everyone at the foundation, (and everyone else come to think of it), sad the price is out of my range so fast but real happy when you know where the funding’s going.


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Good luck with the auction. But I can see that you guys don’t need it (the luck that is :D )

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Happy new year to all especially the Raspberry PI team that have worked to get this out

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Happy new year! Sure glad there are geeks with money to burn out there, because the units on eBay have gotten over 2,000 dollars each.

j0z0r avatar

Will #1 have the power to control the other 9? We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious!!

siriusfox avatar

Great work guys. It must be very satisfying to see you work finally come to fruition. Now that the boards are starting to ship out, I’m kind of curious what kinds of activities we’ll be seeing from the foundation other than hardware. Congratulations, and happy new year.

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Well, I was about to top mu budget and offer 200EUR, but it seems that I am a total looser comparing the current bid volume :(
And this is not even the #1, just #10 and #9.
Congratulation on the excelent idea!

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“failed miserably to tick one of the eBay interface’s many hundreds of boxes”

Lars Friedrichs avatar

A very Happy New Year to you all.

I am kind of surprised that Eben is surprised. You guys probably didn’t get that ‘the community’ waits eagerly to get a grip on the Raspis because of very different reasons.
While your major reason for development is education a lot of people see computing power everywhere. This seems like a great step ahead into the era of “smart things”. Of course PICs and microcontrollers could already do that but they are not as open to everybody as the Raspi.
With the Raspi you can create great solutions within a ‘standard’ and well known environment. This is a tool enabling creative people, like programmers always are, to do many more things than before.
The Raspi is the first tool that will be available to the masses because of the price. We have already understood the Raspi and while we all probably don’t want it for the same reasons (education of the youth) we still see all the possibilities and have solutions in mind.
That’s why we want to support the development. Some of us have the financial power, they are the ones bidding now, some have the power of mind to create the ideas. Happy one who has both.

We all LOVE what you do if you ask we’ll support you in every possible way.

You are the heroes of your adulthood :-)


Sancho avatar


Matt Redfearn avatar

Yeah, what he said! +1

Sather avatar

Hmm… and when can we “cheap” people buy one?

jonny avatar

I would also like to know that…

Jongoleur avatar

When the cheap ones are in production.


Michael avatar

Ha, Mayans. It’s a joke.

Philip Machanick avatar

I have no problems waiting a while for a good product with the bugs worked out but maybe that’s because it’s the summer break here in South Africa. We have plenty of low-income communities where we could deploy these, and I already have the interest of a pretty sharp student who would like to pair some with a home-brewed wireless mesh network.

Jongoleur avatar

I staggered in from a New Years Eve celebration to find that one of the boards had topped £1300 and the other £750. And I was going to make a bid myself, but not at those levels!


But, good luck to the bidders on all the boards as they become available. To be honest, if I won one, it wouldn’t get used at all. It and the documentation would end up in a display case on my wall.

Then again, it could still function as a server….


gorn avatar

pew 1.4K£ so far, pretty nice auction !
i’m wondering how much will go the n°1… :)

Happy New Year Raspi !

Svartalf avatar

Probably astronomical. Bragging rights, you know- and those never come cheap. I happen to have one of the first 200 ZX80 trial market kits Sir Clive sold to the States… I’d love to have that sort of bragging rights for this machine… ;)

[…] "CRITEO-300×250", 300, 250); 1 meneos Pujan más de 1000 libras por la primera Raspberry Pi que sale a subasta, ¿hasta donde llegará? [I…  por isola009 hace […]

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Whoa, that’s obscure Apple/Nintendo prototype level of interest! Enjoy, whoever wins.

Happy New Year!

P.S I think you deserve congrats for even attempting ebaying on New Years day Liz!

Jon Bradbury avatar

The boards are going for thousands, yet they are touted as a $25 computer. I’ll wait, I think… ;)

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

It’s the 35$ computer they’re auctioning, just saying :P

makes lots of difference when you’re bidding >2000$ !

plugwash avatar

It’s not all that bizzare to me. The raspberry pi foundation seems to have shunned donations from individuals so-far so these auctions are the first opertunity for individuals to dontate to the foundation.

Svartalf avatar

It’s called bragging rights. Never comes cheaply. The people bidding this up are geeks aiming to own a piece of history.

Sancho avatar

Humble suggestion – as the first boards are already auctioned, maybe it’s time to put the images of OS onto the site somewhere.
I know I most probably won’t be within the winners of the auction, anyhow I think it’s a good idea.

liz avatar

We can’t yet, because we’re still thrashing through the legals. Patience, young padawan!

nelson avatar

Just out of curiosity, what are the legal requirements to distribute free software? Something to do with proprietary standards like FAT and mp3?

psergiu avatar

Liz is talking about “The Blob” and the related libs.

nelson avatar


Sancho avatar

Calling me young increased my morale by signifficant amount :)

Manabu avatar

That is the beauty of a copyrighted binary blob. If they wanted, they could sink the entire raspberry pi project…. :-/

Well, I guess you guys already have some type of contract, and broadcom isn’t EVIL, so it is only a matter of time and unproductive legal effort…

JamesH avatar

I suggest to refrain from commenting on things you know nothing about. The legal issue here is not with the Broadcom SoC or its blob, it’s with the Linux side of things.

I suppose Broadcom could sink the project if they wanted by not supplying chips at the price negotiated but that owuldbe breach of contract. Not sure why they would do that though, given it’s an income stream that is bringing in a lot of good press.

Manabu avatar

Ok, sorry. I will wait for the update on the linux stuff. Psergiu comment made me think that the problem was licensing the blob.

Yeah, by (rightfully) using trade secrets, patents, and related laws, Broadcom is the sole suplier of their SoC. But then, there are contracts that offers a reasonable protection against supply issues, if their interests or situation ever changes. The world isn’t perfect…

That said, I very much appreciate the work of the Raspberry Pi Fundation till now. I hope we see those boards in the wild soon!

liz avatar

Nothing at all to do with Broadcom; it’s the Linux stuff we’re negotiating at the moment. Paranoia’s a very unattractive trait, you know.

Roger Wolff avatar

It depends. If there are now say just five people willing to pay > #500 they will drive up the price above what everybody else wants to pay. So prices could drop off after a few of these are sold.
On the other hand, some people might actually be willing to spend say > #2000 but expect the above scenario, so hope to be able to keep some money in their pocket by no longer bidding on this one…..

P.S. The comment system is messed up. It tells me “hit back and enter the password”, while I HAD entered the password, and my back button was grayed out.

donald duck avatar

How do we know that this company is legit? “Oh, let’s hype a $25 dollar pc, then sodder some used parts together and sell them on ebay! lol..just kidding..i can’t wait to get my $35 dollar youtube streamer.

arcol avatar

I bade 800+ GBP onto this prototype board, and after noone was overbidding me for over an hour, I started to look seriously what could I do with the board if Im the winner guy.

Apart from some demo videos, I have not found any drivers for the board, so I hope Fedora-arm ( could run on this board, and I could end up at least into the command line interface, but maybe even for command line interface graphical drivers are required (anyone could confirm?), is there any vesa drivers for arm systems to at least boot up without graphics driver?

I just realised Im not really into ARM world, therefore Im not the right candidate for being a guinea pig.

So I completely turned upside down, since Im outbidded, Im not even sure I will be in the first buyers. Maybe it makes more since just to wait at least half year to let the software side mature. And wait until start to show up some useful help documents on the internet.

The trick here is the 35USD, I dont really mind risking 35USD, while risking 800GBP still needs to be thought through.


Rocco avatar

i’ll wait for the final board.. i’m still a student with low weekly allowance! u.U

Horst avatar

How can I see on the boards for auction that a particular board is e.g. #10? Is the number engraved into the board? Are you sure #10 is in fact #10 and not #8 as you have accidentally mixed the boards when taking from factory?

liz avatar

Yes, we’re sure. The numbers are hard-coded into write-only memory as well as written on the boards themselves.

Horst avatar

Can you please tell me more about the “write-only” memory? To build some sort of copy protection for automation systems one could use this serial number. How can one access this data?

pauldow avatar

A little known feature of the BCM2835 is that it contains an unlimited amount of write-only memory.

We don’t let you get away with any slips here, even the morning after a New Year’s party.

liz avatar

Ha! I mean *READ* only, of course. Sorry; I’m still a little tender after all the partying last night!

John Beetem avatar

I think, perhaps, the term you’re looking for is “One-Time Programmable” (OTP) memory.

Sancho avatar

Would not like to sound too bitch, but should it not be write-once-read-many memory?
Otherwise it’s nice you can write to it, but since you cannot read it…

Sancho avatar

OK, next time I will refresh the page before commenting :(
Sorry for that.

pauldow avatar

According to Wikipedia, Apple I computers can sell for about $15,000, although one with lot of unique documents went for $213,600 in Nov., 2010.

I’m thinking that a typical bidder isn’t just planning on the charitable contribution, but on the potential for a valuable piece of future computer history.

Javi avatar

“a valuable piece of future computer history.”

Probably you got the real idea. A collectionist bidding for the #10 or #9 device would be pleased to have “the first comercial RasPi” in the history.

Svartalf avatar

That’s the sum of it. Bragging rights never come cheaply except by dumb luck.

chris avatar

like when i order the $35 version and i get number 11

Homer Hazel avatar

I am glad to see that Raspberry Pi is nearing a retail situation. I had some faint thoughts of bidding then I saw the high bid (as of noon California time on Jan 1, 2012 of 1361 pounds. I hastily decided I would not bid.
But, I wanted to ask if you would consider donating one to the Smithsonian Institute in the United States. I will be happy to pay the $25.00 should you choose to do so. I don’t know if it will prove worthy, but I suspect it will. After all, how many people introduce the computer to the masses. I suspect the United Kingdom has a similar institute and I think they should get one also, but I will let someone from there pay for it. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to have one to play with.
And this from a man who built his own S-100 Bus Z-80 computer in the 1970’s or 1980’s and modified the BIOS to work with his CPU board.
Thank you,
Homer Hazel

Sancho avatar

I don’t think the museum should get one from the first consumer batch instead of the beta board.
Anyhow, I also feel this will be a part of the history someday.

Homer Hazel avatar

I don’t understand your comment, it looks like a double negative to me. Anyway, I don’t want the Smithsonian to get a beta board, I want them to get a production board. I want them to have the exact same thing the masses have.

[…] jQuery("#errors*").hide(); window.location= data.themeInternalUrl; } }); } – Today, 8:27 […]

Timur Kristóf avatar

Something that I don’t understand: You say that you’re adequately funded so you don’t want to take pre-orders. But if you are adequately funded, why are you doing these auctions?

liz avatar

We have a small number of boards we can sell at the moment, as a by-product of getting the product ready for mass manufacture. We want to allocate them to people. We don’t want to do it via a lottery, and we’re aware that these first ones are actually pretty valuable, so in grand capitalist style, we’re selling them in terms of people’s ability to pay.

I know it’s not something everybody here understands, but we would genuinely feel uncomfortable selling something we do not have. There’s that, and the fact that part of the calculation about pre-orders has to do with weighing the value of the money we’d receive early and the value of the time we’d have to spend administering pre-orders, which could get pretty hairy pretty quickly given the level of interest. Pre-orders don’t raise *extra* capital, like auctioning off these pre-release boards does. They just raise the same amount earlier, with some added hassle. We felt that the greatest value was in spending our time doing other things, like actually getting the boards ready for manufacture.

Timur Kristóf avatar

Hey Liz, don’t take my comment this negatively. :)
I’m just a little bit jealous of those who can afford to be impatient about the Raspberry Pi. I cannot wait to purchase the final product. :)

liz avatar

Oh – not to worry, I didn’t take it negatively. It is an interesting point!

Roger Wolff avatar

There is a flipside to almost everything….

If you WOULD take pre-orders you can prepare the pile of boxes with postages, and just drop the finished raspberry-pies in once they come. When done properly, this could speed up getting the first batch out of the door a bit.

But you have probably already considered this and decided against it. I guess we’ll have to respect that decision. Grrr… :-)

liz avatar

They won’t be boxed by us; that gets done at the factory. And they won’t be mailed by us, but by a logistics company, so that’s not a concern. We made that decision because…well, does *your* house have room for 10,000 boxes? How do you feel about sticking 10,000 address labels, 10,000 franking labels and 10,000 customs forms on them, presuming you’ve cleared a bit of space in the living room? ;)

Burngate avatar

10,000 boxes at 4inches by 3 inches by 1 inch … that’s a 50 inch cube, ‘ll fit in my spare room. Now if I can get some friends to help with the stamps, can I keep a couple for my own use?

MadSheep avatar

All the money raised from this auction will be put straight back into the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and will be used to fund its charitable activities.

Andreas avatar

Well, are you really surprised of the overhelming interest? Maybe you didn´t know that you finally made it to a frontside story on, which is the most frequented news site in germany. I would be really surprised, if you are not able to sell a minimum of half a million Rasperry Pi`s.

I agree with the opinion of Lars Friedrichs, the biggest market has nothing to do with education in schools.

btw this SPAM blocker, seems to be a bit silly …

Tasos avatar

Alright! This is very exciting! Can’t wait to get my hands with one of the final models.

Brian avatar

Cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on some. Don’t fear the Mayans. The End of the World is just the Beginning. Great things are coming. Although these first 10 boards will probably out of my price range. 8^0

[…] for the world’s first affordable for charity mini-computers began, as announced on the Raspberry Pi blog. For those unfamiliar, Raspberry Pi is a credit card size mini-computer aimed  at teaching kids […]

Kpol avatar

1400£ on eBay! well not for me… I need at 25$!

CheechWizard avatar

First, I am not a solicitor, nor do I play one on TV :). Second, I searched the Forums and FAQ but didn’t find anything relevant; if the info is there, blame my poor search technique. I was wondering, as the Foundation is a non-profit, whether the proceeds from the eBay auction would count under US IRS 501(c) rules as a ‘donation to non-profit charity’ and thus would be tax deductible for the value above the list price? Not that I’m going to be bidding at the current levels, but if so, this might encourage others with sufficient discretionary spending to bid more as they’d have a tax write-off after the fact. Whatever can increase the contributions to the Foundation works for me ;>).

liz avatar

We’re a British charity; I’m not at all clear on charity law in other countries, but I would imagine that the place you need to look for that information is eBay, not this site. We’ve jumped through all the hoops that eBay requires to have them identify us legally as a charity (and there are many hoops, some of them flaming); they need to be certain too for legal reasons.

Mole125 avatar

But are you able to get the UK purchases giftaided? Would add another 20% of income from the taxman – and the prices people are paying these are certainly donations!

Stephen Bush avatar

Glad I came to the party just in time for the release! I’m ready for a slice of PI!

SergioPoverony avatar

I analysed the bids on ebay, and came to a sad conclusion. Your device after a test run – on the basis of the marketing moves – will cost as much as I understood at least $ 100 instead of the claimed $ 25 – it’s very sad.

Phill avatar


liz avatar

I am glad to be able to inform everybody reading here that you have actually misunderstood quite spectacularly, and that the boards will indeed be selling at $25 and $35.

JamesH avatar

I’m intrigued as to what analysis you did on Ebay bids that means you can predict what price the mass market boards will be sold at. Because that is some serious leaping of imagination there!

Benja avatar

That’s all very well, but where’s the famous red wire? :)

Michael avatar

Actually I’m not sure the red wire board is being auctioned (perhaps it should be!)

As Eben explains in the video and Liz and Eben explained in another blog post, they were able to find an area of circuit board where the two tracks that need to be joined together actually run next to each other, so for the other beta boards, they scraped a little of the solder resist from each track and created a solder bridge between the two tracks.

Unless you knew what you were looking for, you probably wouldn’t even notice the modification – all in all, a very neat and tidy fix for the beta boards.

Benja avatar

That’s a shame! (the not auctioned part, not the neat fix) It would make for a unique collectors item :)

pauldow avatar

That red wire reminds me of one of my first computers, the Coleco Adam. I purchased it the first weekend it was on sale in 1983. Coleco even had “booth babes” selling them at the Caldor department store in their home town of West Hartford, Connecticut. The rework wires inside that thing were insane. It was obvious that they were a sales & marketing company that just wanted to jump on to the technology bandwagon. They should have just kept improving the ColecoVision video game. They were too busy trying to get things out for a Christmas shopping season, that they skipped quality. Glad that’s not the situation here.

Jancis avatar

You should sell all raspberries via auction :)

Steven avatar

@Poverony woww, you must have real profund knowledge in marketing and statistics. First of all i find your post really offending and creating negative vibes out of 3 reasons. First you offend Liz and the whole team not standing for their word. Second you offend the eagerly waiting community from low-level countries to fear they can’t effort the pi. and third and last you offend all of us with the naive statement to derive a market price based on the bidstructure at ebay from exclusive prototypes. for me the high bid-amounts shows how much the people believe in eben, liz and the whole team. it will be a revolution we are all convinced of. have all a good 2012 !!

Morgan Flint avatar

About write-only memory…

Not a new kid in the block, had a data sheet published in 1974.

You can read an article about its origin by Robert Pease (RIP), and download the datasheet here:

And even an entry at Wikipedia…

Happy Raspberry Year to all!

Michael avatar


Jongoleur avatar

WOM is also an architectural feature of HEX in Terry Pratchetts “Hogfather” :-)

Mezo avatar

Wish i could afford that kinda money, i suspect it will be case manufacturers all bidding on the first ones & true collectors bidding on #01, as long as its going to a good cause that’s the main thing.

Wonder how many of the 100 testers have sold them secrets or knocked up there own cases? this whole project is going to be a roaring success.


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Eaglewarrior avatar

I will not be bidding (although I’d like to) because I’m on a fixed income and all the crap that goes with that, but please hurry up with your regular production as I’m badly in need of some really inexpensive, but useful toys to play with. I was really bad last year and Santa didn’t bring me what I really wanted (or they were out of Flux Capacitors, whatever)

JamesH avatar

End of Jan is planned release.

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BlueClogger avatar

It’s good watching the bid prices – all out of my league, though. A nice New Year bonus for the Foundation. I don’t know what you were expecting for the boards but I’m fairly sure your hopes are being exceeded.
I’m happy to wait until Jan/Feb for a board. In the meantime I’ve ordered a new motherboard to go with some old parts to make a Linux machine to brush up on. The cheapest M/B I could get still cost more than a complete Raspi.
Also ordered a couple of Class 10 32GB SDs so I can try different OSs when Raspi does arrive.

Stuart Learmonth avatar

Glad to see that the betas are getting such strong bids – let’s keep our fingers crossed that these are genuine bids, not just idiots putting in fake bids.

It’s too rich for me to bid on, but an excellent way of raising some funds for cash flow, while giving those with the desire and the resources, a chance to get hold of something rare and unique which I believe could set the PC world on fire :)

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Elias Zacharopoulos avatar

£1,750.00 preposterous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[…] Vía | SlashGear &raquo Al Sutton Más información | Raspberry Pi […]

JoeStrout avatar

Great news! The boards are currently going for over 1700 GBP, and I’m happy to see it. This board is a great invention, and you guys deserve the money. Maybe you’ll be able to use it to put a bit of extra polish on the docs, or clear whatever legal issues is holding up the software, or who-knows-what… I’m sure you’ll find some good use for it! My hat goes off to you, and to the eBay bidders who recognize the value of what you’ve accomplished.

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[…] chip capable of using Quake III, ubiquitous sales will start in around a month according to the Raspberry Pi foundation, definition early-adopters are peaceful to compensate a large mark-up to squeeze one of a initial […]

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Lawrence avatar

Do not forget to ask UK buyers for a giftaid declaration, thats another 20% or better..

[…] Vía | SlashGear &raquo Al Sutton Más información | Raspberry Pi […]

[…] Vía | SlashGear &raquo Al Sutton Más información | Raspberry Pi […]

Rob avatar

Amazing and joyous news – you must all be chuffed to bits. W̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶r̶a̶f̶f̶l̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶?̶ a quick search indicates many loops and hoops … hey ho

Michael avatar

Just got back from touring the Mayan archaeological zones in southern Mexico. Their thinking is actually that 12/12/2012 will begin the next ~25,000 year cycle of human civilization, in the same way the sun rises each morning to begin the cycle of a new day. Raspbery Pi is exactly the kind of thing the ancient Mayans would be celebrating this year because it extends access to computing tools to many, many people with the potential to unlock untapped human creativity and potential. Great work!

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[…] Vía | SlashGear &raquo Al Sutton Más información | Raspberry Pi […]

[…] empresa tras el Rasckberry Pi, que así es como se llama el pequeñín, ha puesto algunos modelos a la venta en eBay UK y alguno de ellos ya va superando los 2000€. Todo el dinero recaudado será dada a la fundación […]

mike avatar

Happy New Year! I love what you are doing, and while I can’t afford to be involved in the auctions, I give thanks to the awesome people putting significant money into this great project. I will buy one of the productions models when they are released as a contribution. Well done everyone involved!

roglio avatar

When regular PIs will be available?

Michael avatar

End of January or early February with luck.

generalenthu avatar

Why is board #10 going for twice the price of board #9. Is it because it is the first board to be auctioned off.


QuantumLeaper avatar

10 is a binary number!

Gary Patterson avatar

Probably people thinking in binary – it’s board#2 to them, so it must be better to have.

LaeMing avatar

Board 10 is the first publicly-sold board (board 1 will be the 10th), and so board 10 is a good fallback in case one isn’t successful in the bidding on board 1. ???

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How my lord, have you seen the eBay price so far. #09 is at £930 and #10 is at £1,850. That’s pretty amazing, although as others have said, I’ll wait to the retail versions go into production.

Congrats guys, you’ve done an amazing job.

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I think the Raspberry Pi is a wonderful idea, but putting your beta units up for sale on ebay, aren’t you afraid that these will just be in a Chinese electronics lab within 24 hours of the auction close being copied???

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If they (the Chinese knock-offs) can beat the price and maintain quality… Surely that’s a net win for everybody? The aim of the RasPi being to get computing into every child’s hands.

Lot of ifs there. I’m doubtful anybody else (except a SOC manufacturer) could hold such a low price without making a loss though.

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At this moment, the bidder of the nr 10 could have bought 85 rasberry-pi’s, if only he had waited about a month. I envy that person.

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Happy new year to everyone.

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Unbelievable – I think the people behind Pi did not expect to get >9200 pounds out of the auction :)

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Is too expansive !

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The boards will retail for $25 and $35. I hope that isn’t too expensive!

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