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Hi folks, Rob from The MagPi here. While we’re working on the next issue of The MagPi, we’re very aware that we’re almost at issue 75!

Rob didn’t give Alex an image to put here so she made one

To celebrate this milestone, we’re doing another countdown of projects. We ranked 50 projects for issue 50 of The MagPi, and this time we’re ranking 75 of the greatest Raspberry Pi projects — and we need your help to do that!

Vote for your favourite

You folks in the community never stop amazing us with the things you make, so our list will be full of the outstanding projects you’ve made since we released issue 50 for October 2016! Like last time, you can vote for your favourites, but we’re upping the ante: we want you to choose the top 50 projects from the list of 75 we’ve compiled.

Want to know more about the projects before you vote? Visit our blog post detailing all the options.

Make sure to choose your favourites before Tuesday 2 October! Clicking on a project name casts your vote for that project.

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MrWheeliebin avatar

“Huston, we have a dead link.”

MrWheeliebin avatar

“Houston” of course.

Alex Bate avatar

Hold on, I’ll fix it. And then I’ll fire Rob.

Tyrone avatar

This is bad site design, I clicked on this expecting a description to show up, At minimum a confirmation that this is what I wanted to pick and all of the sudden, boom you voted.
I am not impressed.

On a side note, this is a interesting project, but not my first choice

Chris avatar

Same happened to me.

chr avatar

same here

Fede avatar

Same ?

Paul avatar

Yep, same.

Just wanted to a quick read on the project but no. Boom. Vote taken!!

Michel avatar

The voting table isn’t optimal, I thought I was gonna see project details by clicking on one but it sent a vote.

Jane avatar

I did the exact same thing for the same reason. Only after that did I see the “Want more details? Visit this blog post” link. :/

Daniel Donohue avatar

Yeah I did the same exact thing

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Unfortunately the poll software doesn’t support that – it’s why we pointed people towards our blog for the full details of each project!

Kevin avatar

Well, then use a better polling platform.

Per Krills avatar

My god that was a horrible voting “function”.
No project specifications at all, and no undo-vote.

Honestly, now I do not care about any project in the list — will probably find my own favorite somewhere else.

Chris avatar

I suspect that the first project on the list will get the most votes due to inadvertent clicking to get project details. I have no idea who I voted for.

Aula avatar

Robotics Projects with the Robot Operating System (ROS)

Chad F. avatar

I hope you didn’t want to do anything meaningful with the results, because the voting system sucks. I’m calling that most votes will go to the first five listed projects because people will click them looking for more information. To the people of this poll is not emblematic of your usual exceptional work.

PCWii avatar

My vote goes to picroft. Ah wait it’s not listed.

Paul Fearnley avatar

So now I have voted for something (not even sure what – it doesn’t tell me anywhere) and only now have I realised that there is a separate link to view the details of each project. Sorry, but the results of this survey will be totally meaningless if the comments are anything to go by. I really hope you pull this now and rethink it.

Disenfranchised Mis-voter avatar

Tragic poll.

Please, discard the data, redesign the page, and restart the poll.

Due to VERY poor page and poll design, your data is useless.

romg avatar

Oh my god, I should have read comments before voting … too late !

Otto avatar

What a garbage voting system xD

maur avatar

Oups…I clicked randomly on a project and I can not see now the other projects :-(((

Robert avatar

Worked fine for me. Sure the interface isn’t friendly and leaves a lot to be desired, but voting is under way …

Georg avatar

Same for me. Wanted details, but just voted for it.
Is this how the Brexit vote result happened? ;-)

Some guy avatar


StevenP avatar

Pointless poll since the results will be invalid due to bad polling software. My last ‘totally confused’ comment 2 weeks ago was not published for some reason.

Dave Conlan avatar

:D Guess what I did? Yup, I’ve voted for something when just trying to find out details of the project. I wonder if the winner will be the one with the most curious name and picture that got people to click to see more about it.

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