The Official Projects Book volume 3 — out now

Hey folks, Rob from The MagPi here with some very exciting news! The third volume of the Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book is out right this second, and we’ve packed its 200 pages with the very best Raspberry Pi projects and guides!

Cover of The Official Projects Book volume 3

A peek inside the projects book

We start you off with a neat beginners guide to programming in Python,  walking you from the very basics all the way through to building the classic videogame Pong from scratch!

Table of contents of The Official Projects Book volume 3

Check out what’s inside!

Then we showcase some of the most inspiring projects from around the community, such as a camera for taking photos of the moon, a smart art installation, amazing arcade machines, and much more.

An article about the Apollo Pi project in The Official Projects Book volume 3

Emulate the Apollo mission computers on the Raspberry Pi

Next, we ease you into a series of tutorials that will help you get the most out of your Raspberry Pi. Among other things, you’ll be learning how to sync your Pi to Dropbox, use it to create a waterproof camera, and even emulate an Amiga.

We’ve also assembled a load of reviews to let you know what you should be buying if you want to extend your Pi experience.

A review of the Pimoroni Enviro pHAT in The Official Projects Book volume 3

Learn more about Pimoroni’s Enviro pHAT

I am extremely proud of what the entire MagPi team has put together here, and I know you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

How to get yours

In the UK, you can get your copy of the new Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book at WHSmith and all good newsagents today. In the US, print copies will be available in stores such as Barnes & Noble very soon.

Or order a copy from the Raspberry Pi Press store — before the end of Sunday 26 November, you can use the code BLACKFRIDAY to get 10% off your purchase!

There’s also the digital version, which you can get via The MagPi Android and iOS apps. And, as always, there’s a free PDF, which is available here.

We think this new projects book is the perfect stocking filler, although we may be just a tad biased. Anyway, I hope you’ll love it!

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Rob Zwetsloot avatar
Azhar Motiwala avatar

No PDF available?i live in India so can’t buy one…the shipping charges are outrageous!

Alex Bate avatar

Here you go:

Rob forgot to add the link in today’s post. I’ll punish him accordingly.

Scott Bridges avatar

Does the rpipress shop not ship to the U.S? I’m trying to purchase but no shipping option is available to my location.

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Scott. Can you try again? It should ship everywhere so I’m not sure why it’s saying otherwise. If you have the issue again, please email a screenshot to Rob at [email protected].

Scott Bridges avatar

Thanks Alex,

I still haven’t had any success, so I grabbed a screenshot and sent it to Rob. Thanks!

Michael avatar

I want to show my project At the Raspberry Pi. Perhaps he will interest you. How to do it?

Helen Lynn avatar

Hey Michael – you can share your Pi project with us on Twitter by tagging @Raspberry_Pi, on Instagram by tagging @raspberrypifoundation, or you can post on our Facebook page or in our Google+ community. If it’s a build you think other people might like to recreate, you could write up a tutorial on a site like Hackster or Instructables. People share hundreds of Pi projects every week, so we can’t check out absolutely everything, but we do try to look at as much as we can!

Olof B avatar

Oh no! Or Oh Yes!
I can now get a 1201 and 1202 program alarm on my RasPi.
Maybe I’ll need to get a “SCE to AUX” switch as well?

Victor Juarez avatar

saludos comunidad raspberry, su revista puede conseguirse en español? se vende en mexico? por su tiempo gracias.

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