Twelve Pis of Christmas: Farnell

Another day, another auction. Today’s Raspberry Pi pre-production Model A bundle is being auctioned for our distributor Premier Farnell/element14’s choice of charity, Take Heart. Take Heart is very special to Farnell – it’s a small local charity very close to their headquarters in Leeds, founded by former patients of the Yorkshire Heart Centre at Leeds General Infirmary and St James Hospital, which raises money to benefit current patients, relatives and staff at the YHC.

Take Heart’s stall at the Leeds General Infimary: click to bid on their Pi!

Today’s auction looks a little different from the previous ones because Take Heart is not listed with Missionfish, eBay’s nonprofit fundraising centre. (A couple of the other organisations we’re going to be donating to aren’t either.) Every penny raised will still be going to the charity.

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