Build your own mobile Pi-to-go

Over in Austin, Texas, Nathan Morgan has managed to stay distracted from the barbecue, waterskiing, sunshine and live music (Austin’s one of my favourite cities – I have no idea how anyone who lives there manages to focus on anything) for long enough to turn a Raspberry Pi into a natty little mobile computer, complete with screen and keyboard, 64GB SSD, bluetooth and wireless. There’s an integral touchpad, mounted with the LCD screen in a 3D printed case, in which batteries enough for ten hours of uptime, a powered hub and the Pi are hidden. In essence, what Nathan’s made here is a really, really tiny Linux laptop.

Raspbian running on mobile Pi

Nathan comes to this from a career repairing and refurbing Dell laptops; he’s got a lot of experience in portable computing and how things fit together cleanly. This project is a really slick, professional-looking piece of work, and we’re very grateful to him for making all the information necessary to make your own available to the community. He’s published a complete how-to guide, including a priced parts list, 3D printer SDL files so you can make a case, and a schematic diagram, so you can build your own.

Pi to go case open: storage, Pi, dongles

Head over to Nathan’s blog for instructions and more photographs (or just click on the pictures here). Let us know if you decide to make your own Pi-to-go as a Christmas holiday project!


J Ashfield avatar

What can I say?
Good work!

Ravenous avatar

That is a really impressive piece of work. (I’ll go and hang my head in shame now.)

ukscone avatar

that is really kinda cool

liz avatar

Beautifully done, isn’t it? We’re going to be getting an office 3D printer soon, so we can play with this sort of thing – what larks!

Ravenous avatar

A 3D printer in the office – are you going to go into production making these Raspberry Bricks?

liz avatar

No; it’ll be Pi-powered, and entirely for internal use/showing off to journalists. (We like showing off.)

Knickers avatar

Now that you’ve spilled the beans Liz. We all want to know more details about this 3D printer your’e getting! What kind(brand) is it? What things do you have planned to print with it? Who is going to be setting it up for you? You should definitely make a post about it when it comes!

lucho avatar

maybe will sound like a joke, but i dreamed exactly of THIS since i know about Raspi project.

It´s simply awesome, and it has 3D printing too, wich is awesome too haha.

Ken MacIver avatar

That’s not a laptop.. That’s a single kneecap top..
But absolutety awesome ..
Extend it with a Gertboard and you could create a mobile analyzer or the ultimate Hollywood gadget to contol anything…

Ravenous avatar

Too small for a lap top – maybe a sporran top?

Anonymous avatar

Someone should sell these online already built.

james avatar

I’d buy it.

harald avatar


Pi Fan avatar

Very, very, neat !
I am sure other people will make similar set ups too.

CrizZ avatar

Really nice idea!

Htet Aung Shine avatar

This Computer is Linux OS 25$ hope lar

BobGinCO avatar

I thought everything was bigger in Texas? Where’s the 10.1″ touch screen?

Awesome PiBox!

Clement Yuan avatar

It’s amazing awesome. Especially with SSD.
WoW, there is a light at night. Unbelievable!

Daria avatar

This is incredible. The inventor of this has his head on straight! Cant wait to purchase!!!!!!!!!!

Castriff Pi avatar

If anyone’s done this project and thinks they can help me out with some issues, come to this forum topic:

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