The MagPi Issue 34 – out now!

Welcome to another edition of the official Raspberry Pi magazine! As always, The MagPi is free to download, and comes brimming with project ideas, tutorials, news, and much, much more.


My favourites this month? The clock hack, the 0.25 scale, Pi-powered racing car (that gets up to 150kmph despite its adorable teenyness), and best of all, Mike’s Safari Park Challenge, in which Mike Cook has you building a mathematical puzzle that makes zebra noises.

With lots of material for everybody from raw beginners to Pi veterans, what are you waiting for? Head over to the MagPi page to download this month’s issue.



Peter Jones avatar


Will it continue to be a free download when you start selling in WH Smiths, or will this stop?


Russell Barnes avatar

We have no plans to change the current Creative Commons license, so the magazine will still be free to download.

ColinD avatar

The best issue of the new-look MagPi yet. Well done :)

Vivian avatar

If you would make it available in epub format as well as pdf, that would be great.

Yvan T. avatar

You can use the free and open source Calibre software to convert it into many e-book format.
Available for windows, Linux, OSX

BookCaptain avatar

Try to this to convert from pdf to epub
calibre – E-book management Open source…

MOB avatar

When I try to view the video in this article in the default web browser Epiphany on a Raspberry Pi 2 B, Epiphany hangs and is difficult to close. I have the most updated Raspbian. GPU-memory is 128MB. Is there an alternative way to view the video on a Raspberry Pi 2?

Purbeck Stem. avatar

Great issue. We put together a little how-to for STEM clubs interested in controlling the meArm reviewed in this issue and controlling it with ScratchGPIO:

Ronnie James avatar

I’m very pleased to read in the current issue that you’ll be offering printed copies of the magazine from issue 36 onwards. That’s fantastic! What about back issues? Will printed copies of issues 31 -> 35 become available for those interested?

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