Hollywood, now with added Pi

We had mail this morning suggesting we watch the trailer for the new Point Break reboot closely. (Keep your eyes peeled at 1:23.)

When we started the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2012, we thought we’d just be teaching kids to code. It’s kind of discombobulating to find that we’ve been making movie props too. (If that clip makes you crave a tiny TFT screen for your own Pi, you can find the ones the film-makers used at Adafruit.)

We’ve found a couple of other recent appearances of the Pi in odd places. Here is a Pi which, we’re told, has been used to do awful, villainous things to a subway train and a rollercoaster in the new CSI: Cyber.



Looking at those mangled GPIO pins gives me the yips.

Best of all, though, is this still that somebody captured from Big Hero 6 and sent to us. Look closely at what’s in the background of the shot.


Hollywood, we salute your fabulous taste. Keep it up.



pbat avatar

My sympathies for the mangled GPIO pins.

Gosh, those Hollywood crews are really barbaric… !
“No RPIs were harmed” disclaimer, anyone?

Steve Foster avatar

I guess they have all got Pi 2/B+ now, so they didn’t need their B models anymore. I’m afraid to say though this does put the Pi-Tay Popper project in the shade.

Tzarls avatar

It´s nice to find that the props guys know about the RPi and decide to use it as a high tech hacking tool for their heroes/villains. But what I find amazing is that for Big Hero 6 somebody actually took the time to model the whole thing to include it in the movie instead of just using some generic looking board.

You´ve got some fans in hollywood…

JBeale avatar

I’m pretty sure there are 3D models of the RPi boards available for download; they might not have modeled it themselves for the purpose. See, for example https://grabcad.com/library/raspberry-pi-a

Doug Wyman avatar

Plenty of 2D sketchup models of Raspberry Pi in the Sketchup warehouse

Cody Erekson avatar

I love that the explosives are connected to the audio out.

“When Body hits that righteous power chord after the guitar solo, the bomb’s gonna go!”

Cody Erekson avatar

I forgot to mention, I once saw a Pi used in the NBC TV series Revolution:


Liz Upton avatar

I’d forgotten about that too – I think it was the first example of this kind of thing that we ever came across!

Liz Upton avatar

Phat bass.

Andrew avatar

They forgot to plug in the SD card! Brilliant plan foiled by a rookie mistake!

Andrew avatar

The Point Break director probably said “Get me those computers Jason Statham is always talking about”


Augusto avatar

I saw one in person of interest too (i’ll dig about the pic)…

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Yay, Raspberry Pi is not only a computer but now a star in Hollywood! Next it may be Bollywood?

Well done Raspberry Pi

Russell Barnes avatar

I know a man that could write a really fun feature about this in a certain Raspberry Pi magazine… Yoink!

Anyone got any other recent Pi sightings on the big (or little) screen?

Liz Upton avatar

There was Electionwipe a few weeks back (possibly my proudest Pi moment so far): https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=109690&p=753755

Lorna avatar

You know you’ve arrived when Charlie Brooker throws your hardware across the table in disgust…

Russell Barnes avatar

That’s right – added to the list!

Ahmad Hanif avatar

Woah !! Man i am just crazy about pi. Bought it a month back. I am totally in love with, there is so much you can do with it. And Hollywood seems to tell us more of its uses.
I wish i can buy few more and donate it to a local school. Hopefully soon when i’ll be earning more. Thanks a lot everyone at raspberry pi.

S. Watterott avatar

It looks not like a Adafruit screen, because they do not fit in a Tek-Berry enclosure.
Take a look at: https://github.com/watterott/RPi-Display anf here is the enclosure: http://www.watterott.com/en/TEK-BERRY-Enclosure-clear-v12

Mac Rutan avatar

There’s also news about Raspberry Pi and the Ant-Man Micro-Tech challenge I’m seeing here:


Yet another fantastic opportunity!

Michi avatar

There was also a Raspi in Marvels Argent of Shield and in the television-series Revolution it even played an important role of the story!

Liz Upton avatar


Screengrabs please!

Leon avatar

That Pi is da bomb.

Robert avatar

It seems that the studios aren’t requiring advertising dollars to use the PI. That’s good. Hopefully they make some sort of donation to the Foundation. (backwards I know but in the spirit of support)

Andrea avatar

Wow! Pi’s having a real Hollywood career. Love it!

Jim Manley avatar

Well, you know what’s next … massive drug and alcohol abuse, hitting Skid Row, and going through celebrity rehab … and then there’s the Pi itself, of course. I was talking about the Foundation staff! :D We kid with love, but not kid gloves ;)

Alberto avatar

Another one for the list: Sense8, the new TV show from the Wachowskis. Episode 11. 9′ 41” :)

John Jeffers avatar

Just about every prop timer for the B*m* timers seems to use the Sparkfun defusable timer. And yes I saw the sadly evil looking pi on CSI-Cyber one of the few realistic props beside the mandatory Sparkfun timer on the show.

So yes the Blue and Red wires both work! Kind of nice to see Sparkfun’s ad of something for an artist to hack on coming true.

jesterod avatar

it is also in the show MR. Robot
any one els notice how they removed the lan port on the csi cyber pi because there’s 2 usb ports on that pi

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