Sonic Dreams with Meta-eX and Sonic Pi

Dr Sam Aaron is the creator of our musical programming environment, Sonic Pi, and a researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab by day. By night he’s something else altogether. The music from this video by his band, Meta-eX, was all composed on a Raspberry Pi using Sonic Pi.

Sam’s hoping to make a making-of video – we’ll feature it here when he does. In the meantime, dim the nights, put on some headphones and enjoy.

Have you checked out our Sonic Pi competition? Your UK school can win a half-day workshop with Sam and Juneau Projects, Raspberry Pis, and more. You’ve got until January 9 to enter – learn more here!


ukscone avatar

As mentioned to Ben on twitter the foundation really needs to have their own record label.

Richard Drake avatar

I was great to meet Sam at the London Ruby User Group the other day. The most acoustically interesting LRUG I’ve experienced came with one of the most stimulating visions of how programming is going to be taught in future I’ve seen/heard. The competition has got my thinking again about some folk I know working in schools. Good reminder. All the best with this effort.

Andy avatar

Reminds me of my yoof at Thames OB garage – pointing a Marconi Mk7 at a monitor, attaching various bits of audio test kit to the scan-coils and the tube supplies.
Never quite that good, though.

SiriusHardware avatar

My goodness, overtones of early period Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk with visuals like Cabaret Voltaire. (None of which are necessarily a bad thing).

Rolf Erikson avatar

My grandchildren really likes it. Stavning was not a problem but how do we do when loading a filé. We could not figure it out.


Hey, good stuff!!

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