Rendering camera images in Minecraft in real time

Ferran Fabregas worked out a couple of months ago how to render .jpg images in the Minecraft world using Minecraft Pi Edition. Our logo seemed an obvious place to start.


And Ferran has just made that good idea an absolutely fantastic idea, by adapting it to render images captured in real time from a Pi Camera.

Here’s his face, in all its pixellated, Minecrafty glory.


This is a really, really simple project to replicate at home – all the code you’ll need is on Ferran’s website, so if you’ve got a Raspberry Pi camera, you’re ready to go. Links to screenshots of your own in the comments below, please!


Mac Rutan avatar

We’ll be using Ferran’s code to try this at our Jam later this month. What a great process! Thanks Ferran, for sharing this!

ferran avatar

Thanks to you to use it!!!! I’m glad you like it!!!

Jim Peacock avatar

Plenty awesome, this looks like the quick win I need to get my daughter into pi! Thanks Ferran

ferran avatar

The main idea is to keep things easy but amazing

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I did something close to this about two years ago. The code is on the Minecraft Forums site. It uses different blocks to represent colours from images. The images were kept to about 50×50 pixels so that the edges of the images did not bleed into the mist.

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If you want to get rid of this size limitation take a look at:

The idea is use a comercial minecraft client to improve the performance, using the pi scripts with Raspberry Juice code.

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