Simple 3D-printed Halloween decorations

Everybody panic. There is only one weekend left before Halloween. [There are, in fact, TWO weekends left before Halloween, and we’re busy trying to calm Ash down right now – Ed.] You haven’t made anything scary or zeitgeisty to display. You are a disgrace to the maker and to the Halloween enthusiast communities. But don’t worry, we’re still friends, and what do friends do? They help each other. So here are a few super easy ideas to help you 3D-print your way out of a Halloween decor dearth.

3D-printed Jumpy Ghost

3d printed ghost bright white on a black background being held by a human hand for scale

Jumpy Ghost is a 3D-printed pocket-sized spooker. It gets its name thanks to a 3D-printed spring that allows it to jump up and down. Just press down, let go, and watch it pop up in the air. Jumpy Ghost was featured during Adafruit’s latest ASK AN ENGINEER livestream. If you haven’t time to watch the whole thing, jump (LOL) to the 40-minute mark.

3D-printed Halloween decorations

3d printed halloween decorations by The Cellar Nerd spider and web and green zombie hand

The Cellar Nerd knocked up some simple, yet effective, Halloween decorations on their 3D printer. There’s a spiderweb they made themselves, with an accompanying nice juicy massive spider from Printables, as well as a lurid green version of this zombie hand.

Miniature desk ghosts

David Tobin 3D printed halloween ghosts

We saw these cutesy ghosts on the desk of David Tobin on Instagram. The 3D-printed design is courtesy of zou3d. You could switch out the colours of the shoes to match your other decor. Print tons of them and have a tiny ghost army trooping over your Halloween tablescape. What do you mean you don’t do a special Halloween tablescape? What do you mean you don’t know what a tablescape is?

Pico-powered costumes

You might have noticed a couple of Raspberry Pi Pico-powered costumes on the blog last week. Rob from The MagPi magazine made a Poltergust G-00 vacuum to make his Luigi costume pop. And our Maker in Residence Toby jazzed up a custom-made Arc Reactor with infinity LEDs. These two builds are a bit more involved than the 3D-printed options above, but keep them in mind for future cosplay ideas. If you wanted to make your own Arc Reactor, Toby created a whole step-by-step tutorial to make it easier for you.

Share your 3D print links

Be a dear and drop a link in the comments to other appropriately Halloweeny 3D prints you’ve seen. We’re all best ghoul friends around here.


Ashley Whittaker avatar
Ashley Whittaker avatar

Spiderweb files now on Printables too:

(Thanks to the maker The Cellar Nerd)

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