Gameboy Halloween costume

The good people at Adafruit pointed us at this video. Besides the fact that the costume is driven by a Raspberry Pi, we don’t know much about the build (or the guy who made it – he goes by MikeHandidate on YouTube, but we suspect that’s not actually his name) – good though, isn’t it?

More Halloween goodies to come tomorrow. Are you using a Pi in your costume or house decorations this year?


dan3008 avatar

I’ve seen this done before, and the previous guy didnt reviel his name either…

AndrewS avatar


Can’t help thinking it must be boring for the guy inside the costume, as he’s the only one who can’t see what’s happening on the screen!

daniel avatar

Thats the one :)

So true so true…

Donald avatar

Saw this “Scary Porch” video by Cabe Atwell on youtube a bit ago!

Ed avatar

Emulator, costume, board with two data points and cheap lcd screen, Viola! of course easier said than done.

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