RS availability and purchasing info update

This has just landed in my mailbox from the guys at RS Components, and needs sharing:

Hi Liz! I wanted to give you a quick update on some progress we have made with simplifying the international ordering process for Raspberry Pi’s from RS.  This is in addition to the universal worldwide pricing info shared recently, and we believe that it will provide help for RS customers all over the world.

We will be opening up a bespoke Online Raspberry Pi Store for customers to order their Raspberry Pi Model B boards and all associated accessories.  The store will be opened up to customers who have registered with RS, in sequence, according to the time that they registered their interest with us.  Our new Raspberry Pi Store has been designed to support private individuals wishing to purchase Raspberry Pi’s and has a number of advantages for customers:

  • The current RS websites do not support PayPal but the new RS Raspberry Pi Store will accept orders via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.  (I know there has been some questions about this!)
  • Customers will be able to select between payment currencies of GBP£, Euro€ or USD$.
  • We are no longer restricted from selling to private individuals in Austria, so we are able to support all countries unless we are legally prohibited by trade restrictions.

If you have any questions please leave them below, and I’ll try to get someone from RS to come along later and answer them. I know some of you are waiting on an update on CE marking; I hope we’ll have something for you before the end of today, so keep your eyes on the blog.

Update, 14:27: RS just emailed me to say:

[Conversation about Liz’s knee redacted.]

…Please reassure everyone that RS have not removed ANYONE from our queue of registrants and that we will be inviting people into the Raspberry Pi Store just as soon as we can get a fix on the compliance implications!  We are unable to respond to individual enquires from registrants for now, but we are issuing weekly updates via email to everyone who has registered with RS.  If people are not yet receiving our weekly emails then it’s possible that the wrong email address may have been entered at the time of registration.  In this case, we would strongly recommend that people re-register with RS Components as soon as possible.


toxibunny avatar

First! ;D

walney avatar

Second! (In a cheaty, queue-jumpy kind of way.)

Stuart Lea avatar

Excellent news……….now let’s keep the momentum going.

Steve avatar

Will any of the accessories that RS sells contribute directly to the RPi foundation? I’m lucky enough to be in the first batch, so I’m just waiting on their store to open. I haven’t picked up an SD card, power adapter, etc. yet because I know the Raspberry Pi guys were planning on selling some themselves and I figured there was no harm in waiting until that. If RS’s sale of these accessories contributes to you guys, I’ll happily order it from them. If not, I’ll probably shop around for cheaper/better deals.

liz avatar

No, but we won’t be selling those things ourselves (it’s part of the agreement we made with them). If you buy a Raspberry Pi, *that* will contribute directly to the Foundation. And the webstore here will be reopening (hopefully next week) with t-shirts and other merchandise; that also contributes directly to us. Once the devices are actually going out to people, we’ll also be hosting a donate button here.

Steve avatar

Ahh fair enough. Thanks for the reply, Liz! I’ll scour HUKD for some cheap non-class-10 SD cards, then =)

John Sousa avatar

Try Amazon or Play everything there should be at least half price compared to RS.

Sean Clitheroe avatar

I sourced all my bits via Ebay for £30 inc. usb wifi dongle… I bought early as I figure there will be a rush on these parts soon… or a shortage! ;)

Grumpyoldgit avatar

This also news to me. It might be worth making this information more prominent. I think quite a few people have been expecting to buy kit from the Ye Olde Pi Shop.

Jorge Amodio avatar

I guess you mean “availability” of RS ordering, any word about product “availability?”

Abishur avatar

Nope, when there is it will be included in the updates ;-)

Alex avatar

Look forward to that email landing in my inbox!

mtrx avatar

I would like to know why RS removed me from their mailing list after I updated my contact/shipping info when they requested it on the “you belong to first batch” email. I tried asking their support, but I only received a generic reply about the device availability from them. I’m worried I’ve been moved out of the first batch list. :(

Peter avatar

The same thing happened to me too! I too e-mailed RS and got some canned response which had no relation to my question. Any one know what’s going on with that? I hope I didn’t get removed from the first batch for doing what they asked.

Robert Davidson avatar

This also happened to me, I have e-mailed RS on countless address’s and was also given an e-mail address from one of there support team but have never received a reply, generated or otherwise from any. Please Liz can you look into this, otherwise that very early morning start getting to register in the first place as all been in vain.

Sebastian avatar

Me too! Hope that congratulation email was not the last one… I’m (was) so happy to belong to the first batch… still waiting… confused… end of march? pretty soon!

Marty avatar

Why do you guys think you have been removed? I haven’t heard anything since the ‘congrats, complete your details’ email.

liz avatar

I’ve just had a response to this from RS, which I’ve put in the main post. I’ll repeat it here:

…please reassure everyone that RS have not removed ANYONE from our queue of registrants and that we will be inviting people into the Raspberry Pi Store just as soon as we can get a fix on the compliance implications! We are unable to respond to individual enquires from registrants for now, but we are issuing weekly updates via email to everyone who has registered with RS. If people are not yet receiving our weekly emails then it’s possible that the wrong email address may have been entered at the time of registration. In this case, we would strongly recommend that people re-register with RS Components as soon as possible.

mtrx avatar

Thanks for the update on this Liz, but something unfortunately doesn’t add up. I (aswell as other people in the first batch) never received the compliance testing update from RS. First time I heard about it was when I read it here, that’s what got me alarmed in the first place about not receiving any more updates from RS since updating the contact info. Quite confusing.

Kalash avatar

i’m on the same boat. i know a guy who registered 3 days later, and got the compliance testing email where i only got upto the congratulations email.

Richard Wooding avatar

I also *thought* I didn’t get the compliance testing email, and then I found it in my spam folder.

SimonH avatar

I eventually found the last few RS updates in my gmail spam folder. First few didn’t go in, not sure why google suddenly started classing them as spam….

Zaloc avatar

Same as me. I registered with RS on March 9 and received an email but never heard back since. And with Newark I registered my interest on the day the boards went for sale and hadn’t been emailed telling me I can now preorder even though the canadian website now has a preorder button. I wonder if I am even in a queue with them. I emailed them back last week (Newark) asking them this specifically and had never even heard back from them.

m.gates avatar

I still don’t get it. I have had three emails from RS, the first “Thank you…” email, the “Congratulations….” email and another “Thank you…..” email (after completing the second online form) . So how can they say that “the wrong email address may have been entered”?. I haven’t had any email updates since 9th March. (and I have checked my spam box)

mtrx avatar

Same here, no more updates after 9th March (updated my contact info like they requested back then).

Marty avatar

same here too – and now I am worried.

Tass avatar

Spam. None of my earlier RS emails were marked as spam but my compliance email was.

Matthew Lowden avatar

I have received no email at all from RS after registering with them on launch day. Now given up on them, and joined the back of the queue with Farnell. :(

foxt avatar

After I updated my contact info as requested on March 9th, I did receive one more email (also on March 9). That last email was the “thanks for registering, we have huge demand, we’ll be in touch” email that confused those of us who had gotten the “you are in the first batch email”. Haven’t heard anything after March 9, and there are no RS emails in my spam folder.

damienp avatar

I’d strongly question the validity of their “weekly” emails. I’m in the same boat you all are. I received the “You’re in the first batch” e-mail on March 9th. I updated my info and got a “Thank you” e-mail response. Not a word since then.

Topher Brink avatar

I am in the first batch but DID receive the compliance update ~5 days ago (which unlike the others, gmail had marked as spam). At this point I wouldn’t even care too much about the delays if they’d. Just. Let. Me. Order.

mole125 avatar

I’m on the same boat, I think I’m in the first batch, updated my details, got an email confirming the updates, added RS to my address book to make sure I don’t miss the all important email, but still didn’t get the compliance email.

m.gates avatar

:o) just received a raspberry pi update from RS. Makes me feel better knowing that I haven’t been forgotten.

Tom avatar

I really hope that someone at RS has seen this list of people. I have had exactly the same issue as all of you, but now just received an email from RS (“We’ve had a lot of questions about when you will be able to place orders for a Raspberry Pi from RS. When the Raspberry Pi was launched we decided not to take orders….”) However, this does not reassure me that i am on their list of people in the first batch order queue. Hope to hear some news soon!

Adam Thomas avatar

I’m SO glad that I’m not the only one in this large, seemingly sinking boat. The fact that there are many of us who experienced the same situation with regards to the “Congratulations….enter more details” e-mail (and lack of anything since) gives me confidence that they will not be able to ignore our submerging vessel, and that it is simply an administrative setback that won’t interfere with our orders . We shall soon see.

JamesH avatar

What sinking ship?

Adam Thomas avatar

The one that everyone is in a panic to escape from. Drowning in the proverbial sinking boat was a bad attempt to reference how I’d feel if our successful registrations were to go astray. At the moment we’re all getting our feet wet hoping to be rescued!

Tass avatar

That’s great news! The main question that I’m sure everyone will be asking (sorry that I have to be the one to ask it) is when are RS plan on putting this live?

stevepdp avatar

They will probably post an update to one of their Twitter feeds:!/RSElectronics

Stuart Lea avatar

Nah, when would we expect to get them in our grubby mitts is the main question! If in first batch, we would expect them leaving us by……..

zuma avatar

So when can I place my order?

Abishur avatar

When they information pertaining to that question they’ll release it ;-) (I hope the people under you who all asked the exact same question see this response)

Topher Brink avatar


Oliver avatar

“If you have any questions please leave them below”

…still the only question – WHEN???? (-;

pintpint avatar

when???? cuando?? please???

Deane avatar

More importantly – if we’ve ordered already, is there any likelihood of units being delivered yet, in other words – have any actually left the factory in China?

liz avatar

We can’t give you a date until the compliance stuff (see is sorted. We’ll be posting something about that later today.

Stuart Lea avatar

I’ve not heard of any Trans-Siberian plane crashes…….ah, what? the 1,950 went by donkey????

bob_binz avatar

Hi Liz, is this the news your hoping to post yesterday, or is there still more to come?

liz avatar

There’s definitely more to come.

Tass avatar


Stuart Lea avatar

Hurrah (now people, say it out loud in the voice of the Prince Regent from Blackadder III).

Lincoln Castle Academy avatar

We are interested in the Raspberry pi’s when available.

Lee Dowling avatar

Aren’t we all?

Λ l є x avatar

Liz I see you talked about the store on here.
Good to know its coming for the next week.
Going to sell any type of cases? :)

Simon Edwards avatar

I have jusr received a notice from element14 to say that they have a 143 day lead time on Raspberry Pi this seems amazing as the release was in Feb. Do RS have any better lead times on the board ?

JamesH avatar

I don’t think so. I’m not sure exactly about the manufacturing, but both companies are ramping as fast as possible, so I would expect their lead times to be approximately the same.

MartyG avatar

Why would they be ramping up at all until the compliance testing is passed?

JamesH avatar

Parts can be purchased etc, and we don’t expect the compliance testing to need much if any changes to the board design.

MartyG avatar

Fair enough, but even small changes in big numbers cost lots of money – so ramping up production simply doesn’t make financial sense to RPi, RS or Farnel, particularly at small margin profit.

Gibbio avatar

yeah in sequence? Are you sure? If i was in queue and i don’t reply to you? The next one in queue will wait until Christmas? Funny.

Stuart Lea avatar

I guess you’ll have a “window of opportunity” before they move on. Let’s all hope it’s a few days.

bwoodbury avatar

And does any of this affect orders from the US and Canada that were placed via Allied Electronics the RS affiliate for North America

aditsu avatar

I registered my interest with RS within the first 5 minutes after 6 am on the 29th. Haven’t received ANYTHING AT ALL from them. Can they at least send a confirmation email within the next 3 months or so?
Also, your password verification never works on the first try.

Abishur avatar

Unfortunately, if that’s the case and you don’t have anything in your junk mail folder, odds are that your expression got lost amid the site crashes. I fear the same thing happened to me :-( though only time will tell.

aditsu avatar

Yeah, unless the subject of their email was something along the lines of “add 3 inches to your manhood”, I didn’t get anything. I also guess my request ended up somewhere in /dev/null.
I did order from element14 though (but that’s a whole different can of worms)

João Reis avatar

Same here, registered myself that morning for nothing in that insane morning. Now have an order in Farnel, already paid, and the estimate for shiping is … August :(

Kate Wilkins avatar

Just a word of warning on the R&S emails, I’ve just found out that GMail has been dumping my R&S update emails in the Spam folder, so if you registered and haven’t heard then check your spam folder!!

Stuart Lea avatar

And do it quickly as it automatically gets deleted after 30 days.

quitequick avatar

Thanks for that! I just found an RS update in my google spam.

Robert in Canada avatar

Are there any firm shipping dates on product?
I ordered my Raspberry Pi via Newark/Element14 on Feb 29.
The expected ship date was May 10, then it was changed to March 30 and last night it was changed to Aug 16, yet their website says for new orders is May 15.

JamesH avatar

No. News to follow.

foxt avatar

My order with Newark has gone through the same series of date changes – now showing Aug 16. That is a bit odd as compared to the dates being given for new orders, but the status has been like a yo-yo so maybe we’ll see another update with an improved date.

bobbintb avatar

exact same thing for me. ive be been checking every day this week hoping it will say “shipped” but instead it got pushed back 5 months. im pretty sure it wont take that long.

Tass avatar

So how *IS* your knee Liz?

Kate Wilkins avatar

Liz took and arrow to the knee?

Tass avatar

Oh, I know that – I’m just wondering how it is now, what with the redaction in the RS email…

adbburn avatar

so my back order status just updated. It previously said my order would ship March 30th, but now it says August 16th. Wish I knew what on earth was going on…

JamesH avatar

Me too. Hopefully all will be revealed.

Darren in Canada avatar

I suggest anyone who placed their order with Newark/element14 take a close look at their backorder. My “Expected Ship Date” just changed from March 30 to August 16. !! I’m in Canada and placed my order February 29. What happened??

jamodio avatar

I believe that many people are getting the same Aug 16 date, me too.

Wonder if the issue is sourcing the parts, I’d hope that sooner or later RPF comes with a clear and concrete explanation on what happened and what is the plan now and set the right expectations.

JamesH avatar

Well, demand is much much higher than anticipated, so there are a lot of parts that need to be sourced over and above the expected quantities. I don’t know if that is a problem. When the foundation has something they can publish, they will do as, as they hsve always done.

jamodio avatar

So if you don’t know it that’s the problem, and RPF will make public a response when they are able to, what your response contributes ?

liz avatar

Jamodio: Jamesh is actually rather better informed than the rest of you are – as a volunteer for the Foundation and someone I talk to regularly, Jamesh knows what the holdup in my being able to post about this is. He is trying to be helpful. Unlike some I could mention.

I’ve been a bit dismayed by your tone here on previous occasions, not just today. Please be polite to people you speak to here; I’ve had a few of the things you’ve come out with reported to me on the forums, and I haven’t done anything yet because I consider them borderline, but I’m not liking the pattern here. We simply don’t like rudeness here: discussion (and you’re absolutely allowed to disagree with us, just do it in the sort of way you’d do it to our faces) we are happy with; rudeness, no. Persisting with your bad attitude will get you banned.

Λ l є x avatar

Ho man… That date was for the people who could get the 1 ones… I only pre-order some days after… maybe december…

JennyPeters avatar

We’d like to apologise to all customers who placed orders with Newark element14 and have seen their acknowledged delivery date suddenly change on our website’s order backlog to August 2012.
At present, as already communicated by Raspberry Pi, all deliveries are on hold awaiting the outcome of the compliance testing currently taking place.
To avoid misleading people while the compliance testing takes place, our system auto-generated the August date, which has clearly caused confusion. We’re sorry!
We can absolutely commit that our orders will be shipped in the order they were originally received and that no-one has lost their place in the ‘queue’ as a result of this latest change.
Once the compliance testing is complete we will then have a clearer idea about our future deliveries and we will confirm accurate delivery dates to our many thousands of customers.
Apologies again for any confusion this action has caused. We firmly believe delivery will be much sooner than August.

Mike Beeson avatar

Same here. Email on the 9th to say I’m in the first batch, then nothing since. I’m on Gmail and have no emails from RS in my spam folder… Definitely don’t have any weekly update emails!

Andrew avatar

Hello, dear Liz. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Ukraine. Raspberry Pi is my only chance to have computer at home because I have no money for casual, Midi-Tower computer:(. I very want to get Pi as soon as possible:). I’m writing to you from my friend’s computer. And when I saw on my school’s computer in news “$25 computer is ready for sold out” I thought “Oh my godness! That my only chance to have computer at home”. I pre-ordered it a month ago – and now I see i won’t get it soon:'(. Can you do something? Please:). I’m very waiting for your request.
Best regards,
P.s If there any mistakes in my comment, I’m so sorry, because I learn English at school, and I’m only in 7th grade
P.P.S I wrote this letter without help of any vocalubaries or dictionaries.

JamesH avatar

First let me congratulate you on your command of English – that is a very well written post.

As to speeding up delivery, I am afraid there isn’t much we can do. The boards need to be built and that takes time, and a lot of other people are also waiting. Sorry!


MartyG avatar

And yet we send perfectly serviceable midi-tower systems along with their monitors to landfill in third world countries.

JennyPeters avatar

Hi Andrew. I work for element14 and one of my colleagues has seen your post. He has already ordered his Raspberry Pi and has quite an early delivery date. He would like to donate his original order to you when it arrives. (employees have to pay the same price and wait in the queue just like everyone else). If you’d like to take up the offer please confirm your details privately to the team at Raspberry Pi and we will arrange to ship his order to you (he has also offered to pay the shipping cost to Ukraine). We can’t confirm delivery date yet but hope this helps a little. jenny

liz avatar

Jenny’s just emailed me about this, and it is a genuine offer, so please get in touch – you can get my email address off the contacts page above. (And before you think of it, everyone else, I already have a log of Andrew’s email address, so please don’t try impersonating him!)

Andrew avatar

I’ve sent you a messege on [email protected]) THANKS THANKS THANKS)))))))
Waiting for you reply, Andrew

John Sousa avatar

I registered with RS during the the very first minutes but only got two emails from them so far (none on the Spam box either), on March 3 and 9, so the “weekly e-mail” thing isn’t really true, at least for not everyone.

Hope my registration hasn’t disappeared in the meantime.

AnthonyC avatar

I too got the Congratulations(9th Mar) and the thanks for registering(oth Mar) emails from RS and since then nothing? Spam folder checked regularily. Seems to be a very common problem.

Alien/ST-CNX avatar

We wouldn’t all be waiting if Eben had shipped his first Atmel prototype. It would have run Linux, albeit a bit slowly. Damn perfectionist! ;-)

Gareth avatar


Quick intro as first post, but I have the site / forum for some time and as a teacher in the UK (KS3/4 and 5) I am very excited about the Pi and having waited this long am not to fussed about waiting another month or two (marking etc will fill the gap !).

Like others here I too received the email from RS on the 1st March thanking me for my interest and then another on the 9th saying I was in the first batch and to provide my details which I did(I also received another thanking me for my interest on the 9th, but understand this was sent en masse by RS to everyone). However, since then I have had nothing and see that some people have emailed RS, does anyone have an email address I can contact them on.

Thanks, Keep up the good work and hopefully not long now !



Phil Norton avatar

Same here – nothing from RS since being asked to give further registrations details.

MarkV avatar

I’m also in the same boat as most of the people in this list. I use Gmail. I registered with RS within a few minutes on the 29th Feb. Got an email on the 2nd March saying “thanks for the registration”. Got an email on 10th March saying “congratulations you are in the first batch”

I then confirmed my details immediately, got one more email confirmation (also 10th March), then nothing at all. Nothing in spam folder.

Very annoyed about the lack of updates from RS.

Winston avatar

One wonders why this approach was not adopted in the first place, communicating by (the original) email registration to inform those registering an interest that a portal was open for order with passcode to enter. Well there we are.

I see talk about delivery dates being moved and the explaination given about demand. However, surely those with delivery dates *have* an order placed, one of the 10k made. Theres a delay for the NIC replacement, then the compliance… are they into August now? Does that take so long? Does that mean the rest of us shouldn’t expect to general sales until after the first batch is distributed? Confusing.

So what would be really usful infomation, for those not recieving any delivery date having only registerd and manage to place an order, is: when does RS/Farnell anticipate rolling production and delivery?

Tim Lewis avatar

I wish RS would stop trying to mollify me with generic “weekly email updates” and simply tell me when they will deign to grant me the honour of actually being permitted to place an order!

Abishur avatar

I think I agree. I would rather have a single update when something happens (like letting us know about the CE delay) rather than an e-mail every week that is basically rehashing the same information.

Topher Brink avatar

Second. This is literally all I want out of them.

Nick avatar

Gmail seems to be a common theme. I registered at 6.10 and never received anything. I then tried a further 3 times over a few days and still nothing. Then I tried a different address and got a confirmation email straight away. Nothing in my spam folder either I thought of that straight away and was regularly checking it. RS online customer support couldn’t have cared less. I’m not bothered about it, Farnell got my order instead, just sharing my experiences. I do feel like the foundation have sold their soul though

Aidy avatar

I received a “Thank you for your registration” email on March 9th .
So they do have my email.
Not received any more email since then.
Im I in the queue or not?

Richard S avatar

To keep assembly costs and time frames down and rely almost exclusively on automated processes for manufacturing and possibly some of the certifications if the product was sold as a kit? Such as, leave the easily solder-able thru hole connectors off, just supply them in a bag? I was planning on removing the Video and audio connector anyways since HDMI can handle both.

Semtex avatar

I’m in a different boat. It’s not the “sinking ship”… it’s the “slow boat to China”! I registered my interest with RS at 6:10am and I’ve received all the email updates, but I did not get the “your in the first batch” email that others have referred to. (That also means RS “sold” their 5000 quota within 10 minutes at an average rate of 9 orders every second!)

So RS do know about me and I am definitely going to get my RasPi at some point… it will just be later rather than sooner.

Semtex avatar

Maybe that should be “the slow boat FROM China” :-)

Montala avatar

I have just (literally!) received an update from RS components saying:

Welcome to the latest Raspberry Pi update from RS!

We’ve had a lot of questions about when you will be able to place orders for a Raspberry Pi from RS. When the Raspberry Pi was launched we decided not to take orders and payment up front until we knew when stock would be available and be in a position to give you accurate delivery information. With the first batch of boards due to arrive into RS warehouses soon, we’ve started to contact the people who are at the front of our queue, so they know they are first in line to get a Raspberry Pi board. They will shortly be invited to place their order on our dedicated RS Raspberry Pi store, and will be despatched to customers on a first-come, first-served basis in line with customer registrations.

As we receive delivery dates for the following batches we will contact those next in line to let them know when they can place an order. This way, you know that when you purchase your Raspberry Pi from RS, we have the stock coming shortly to fulfill your order. When placing an order for the Raspberry Pi, payment and delivery details will be taken, and we’ll let you know when you can expect to receive your Raspberry Pi. An email will then notify you when it has been despatched, along with a tracking number for you to check the status of your delivery.

If you haven’t already visited please take a look – you’ll find lots of Raspberry Pi related info from the latest FAQs to blogs and video tutorials.

(Apologies if this has already been posted!)

Jack avatar

As I understand it, CE compliance is required to sell consumer goods in the EU.
Is the compliance debacle holding up international sales?

Mike@RS avatar

An update on the mailing list questions asked by many people – particularly those people saying they haven’t heard anything from RS since receiving an email from us telling them they were at the front of our queue sent earlier in March.

We’ve been looking into this. What’s happened is that those people who responded to the invitation to Add More Details were tagged in our database so we can send them order information as soon as our online store opens. However, that flag was then mistakenly used as an exclusion filter on our general weekly email updates to everyone who’s registered for a Raspberry Pi. We’re really sorry about this, and the confusion it’s caused.

The filter has now been fixed for this week’s email and subsequent updates, and as stated in the update sent to Liz, no-one has been removed from the queue.

Mattias avatar

I’ve recieved 3!?! confirmation emails from RS that I’m on the list for pre-order interest, but no weekly updates. Bit funny that they hve my email-adress 3 times correct but only for the first “thank you for your interest”-mail!

I’m pretty pissed off at this point because this is below any kind of standard that I can think of!


JamesH avatar

I dunno. I just found out the house insurance I cancelled in a phone call just over a year ago wasn’t cancelled, so I’ve been paying for it, unnoticed, each month for the last year. £1200 over the year. Thought I was a bit short of cash each month, but it was hidden amongst other charges to the same place. I will get the money back, eventually, but in the meantime, it’s illegal to have two lots of house insurance…..
Now that, surely, is a lower standard that yours!

IbanezJem avatar

I may be a little late in registering for the first 10k available, but what is the process with RS for the second lot? The reason I ask is my Dad and I applied for tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion thing a few years ago. Failed on the first wave, but my Dad got an email for the second batch, reply in 48 hours to or miss out. He was in China at the time, no email, and we missed out! Is there a window I have to respond in, or join the back of the queue again? And can I order other stuff at the same time and save on UK postage?

Richard Klassen avatar

Could I be placed on a list to purchase a few of the Raspberry Pi computers?

Lynbarn avatar

Yes, just sign up with RS or Farnell (see links on the home page) oh, and be patient! :)

Brian avatar

I received an email from [email protected] on the 3/4/12 saying
I was able to order the Raspberry Pi so I clicked on the link and was directed to a webpage on which I was able to order the Pi so I put in all my details and clicked Place Your Order I was then redirected to the element14 site. I have not yet received any order confirmation email and my MasterCard has not been charged so I am wondering if I will receive my Raspberry. I have emailed Raspberry Pi and I have not yet received a reply.

Steve avatar

I have a confirmation e-mail from RS that I’ve registered, dated 30th March. That was 12 days ago, and no sign of the aforementioned “weekly e-mail”…

So, have they lost my reg data or stopped the weekly e-mail? That is the question!

Scott avatar

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding contribution and hard work for the betterment of mankind. These kids of activities are what we are meant to do with our lives. All too often humanity takes a wrong turn and the price of a good idea ends up costing too much. I am have a sincere admiration for you all and hope that you will not stop your altruism.

Thanks for the update as well.

liz avatar

Thank you, Scott. That’s a really lovely comment – we really appreciate the compliment!

Michael Lerman avatar

We would like to resale this product in our website do you encourage resale of this product?

liz avatar

Yes, but please email us first so we can discuss licensing terms with you! (There’s a contacts link at the top of the page.)

jefferson avatar

wanted to know when we can buy raspberrypi
I am here in Brazil wanting to buy one!

George avatar

Hey Liz,

Like everyone else, how do I get on the list to purchase four Raspberry (B) computers?

Scott Moseley avatar

I just got conf of my order from RS. looking closly at the e-mail, it says “will ship in 5 WEEKS!!!” WTF?

Shivam avatar

When will it launch n India……????

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How can I purchase a Raspberry Pi?

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I and a Media Rescources at Lewisham Community Centre

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