Pricing matrix update from element14/Premier Farnell

The folks at element14 have just emailed me to ask me to let you know about an update to the pricing table for the Raspberry Pi they put out a couple of weeks ago. The update addresses a couple of errors in the previous version, in particular the slip-ups (they said I should call these “unforgivable”, which is awfully nice of them, but given some of the mistakes I make round here from time to time, I think we’ll let it slide) where Italy was left out, and the delivery charges which were being made in error in Australia. They’ve asked me to pass on their apologies, and to say that they commit that all orders will be charged at the price shown here, unless the previous price you ordered at was lower, in which case that price will be honoured. There are also sales tax updates on the grid where relevant.

There are also a few changes and clarifications in response to specific questions some of you raised here on the forums:

  • Greece and Southern Cyprus are classified as EU (VAT rates differ according to which countries they’re VAT registered for).
  • Element14/Premier Farnell will be able to take consumer credit card orders from all European countries from tomorrow morning, Wednesday 28th March
    [[Liz edit, 8pm Mar 27 – Our friend J from element14 just emailed to say:  It seems that the system will go live but initially access will be restricted to the thousands and thousands of customers who have registered interest and have waited patiently to place their orders so it will be next week before its open access to all. I have seriously upset our IT department…]] when their new Export website goes live (the new Export website will be at the same URL as the current site). This means an end to the sales to businesses only.
  • They will be handling all consumer transactions through their UK business, and this means the card transactions will be taken in £GBP, constrained by their current card processing capability. This means that the price is shown in the currency in which you’ll be charged (i.e. £ GPB and not € Euros.) You will then see the transaction on your card statement in the appropriate currency, as worked out by your card company.

Here’s the whole grid (click to enlarge) – WordPress and Word don’t play nicely together when it comes to tables, so I’ve had to take a screengrab:

Element14/Premier Farnell pricing matrix

Element14/Premier Farnell pricing matrix


Marcin avatar

Me and my friends were planning to make a bigger order together to save on shipping. Will it be possible to save on delivery when multiple items will be ordered? If yes, how much will be per item in EU and how much per overall shipping?

liz avatar

It will, but you won’t be able to do that until they’ve cleared their order backlog. I’m afraid I don’t have any data at the moment on bulk shipping costs, but I do know that you can make very big savings on shipping by making bulk orders.

dave avatar

any idea when are they going to clear their order backlog?

JamesH avatar

Not at this stage.

rew avatar

As in… I have the impression that they are still gettin in orders more quickly than they can get manufactured.

dave avatar

i’m very keen to order, but not before they clear their backlog, as i dont want to preorder – and then wait for ages

JamesH avatar

I’m not sure what the problem is. If you predorder now, you will get you Pi before you would if you wait for the backlog to get to zero. Either one requires waiting for a while. Note that you won’t be charged until the device ships.

Andre avatar

USA 40$
Canada 47$
?? Canadian dollar is nearly equal to US dollar. So why that 20% difference about ?

bodgy avatar

The text did mention that all prices are converted from GBP, which might account for the Canadian/US difference plus I imagine taxes are different.

Abishur avatar

This is only speculation, but it’s possible that Farnell doesn’t have a physical presence in Canada, if that were true they would have to ship it to the closest distributor in USA then ship it across the boarder which would explain the extra cost. Or maybe they do have a physical presence but Canada chargers more on imports?

But like I said, that’s all speculation and since I doubt even Liz is privy to the details of Farnell’s pricing chart, it’s probably a question best asked to Farnell directly ;-)

bwoodbury avatar

They do have a couple of sales offices in Canada but I haven’t seen any warehouse locations. My purchase order shows the shipping method as Standard Delivery UPS Air.
The UPS website shows the following info.

Use the chart below to calculate the customs brokerage fee for your inbound shipments.
Note: Rates do not include applicable duties or taxes.
Entry Preparation Charges
Value for Duty
CAD UPS Standard Service
$0.00 to $20.00 $ –
$20.01 to $40.00 $7.00

Abishur avatar

Thanks bwoodbury!

JennyPeters avatar

The Raspberry Pi is the same price in USA, Canda and Mexico -its the shipping and duty charges that cause the price variance. product will be shipped from our US warehouses. Hope that clarifies the situation

liz avatar

Welcome, Jenny! Jenny works for element14 – you can regard her word as final on these things.

holeysocks avatar

$40 Shipped? Correct?

Jessie avatar

Try asking Farnell.

Apulio avatar

Would you like to buy in Italy? It sums up to over 35 Euros…

Simon avatar

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was wondering where I could find the estimated delivery date for the RPi I ordered. I ordered through the New Zealand element14 store, and do not have a ship date or any other information regarding the ETA on the order page or in my emails. Looking on the product page the advisability says “Please Call” and that “Supplier lead time” is 143 days.

liz avatar

This isn’t the right place, I’m afraid; they’re being built not by us, but by element14 and RS. Your best bet is to telephone them. My understanding is that those lead times are deliberately pessimistic; it *could* take that long, but they’re doing everything to ensure it doesn’t.

SorenF avatar

Are you still expecting to try and give them a call to clear up what is going on with the production issues, the 10,000 pcs first batch and the second batch arrival time?

We can call all we want, but we are not going to get usefull/credible information. I am guessing you have contacts with the two distrubitors that might have better information.

rew avatar


Farnell called today. How pleased I am with my first order at Farnell and if they could do anything for me…..

So I asked them (again) when my RPI would ship.

I got transferred to another person, and she told me to expect things in june, july something like that.

Anyway, in the end they told me to contact farnell UK. Farnell UK doesn’t list any internationally reachable telephone numbers on their site. So I called Farnell -NL again and asked them for the telephone number. 0044-8701200208 in case you need it…..

There they told me to send an Email. Sigh.

Tulio Adriano C Muniz avatar

This is good news.
But however, I wish to emphasize some important points, I do not know if I’m wrong thinking or lack of time did not seek the answer on the subject which I shall refer to the forum, and I apologize if I’m being rude to my words.
Well, since when the Raspberry Pi was creating in its prototype version, waiting anxiously for the sale of the same, I was very happy with the news release, so much that I keep updating my browser for news on the site Raspberry Pi. But despite all these nice news, and I recognize the enormous team effort Raspberry Pi, but my anxiety because I’m getting impatient because I reside in Latin America, specifically in Brazil, and I see no information on imports into developing countries and poor, since the project idea Raspberry Pi is for needy children, by what I see, only companies and people are more favored adiquirindo the long-awaited computer. And when the poor children of the rest of the world, there are many that have an international credit card or no, explain to me about what they are taking the solution to this problem, and sorry for my ignorance.

I thank you,

– Tulio.

liz avatar

I think you didn’t see it in the forum. It is there. This first release has never been aimed at children; we will be having a separate educational release later in the year. This is because we need the community to help build a software stack, come up with kid-friendly applications and so on; releasing to the wider community first means a better experience for kids later on. There are also a number of books and other learning materials that people are working on at the moment, but obviously they need hardware before their work can be completed. This all means that it’s sensible to have an educational/kids’ release later, and separate from, our main consumer release.

We’ve been talking to other charities, NGOs, governments, universities and schools about getting units to the developing world markets you’re talking about here. We’re only at the start of a very long and tough period for the Foundation at the moment – please understand that reaching all our charitable goals takes some time, so you won’t see instant results!

Tulio Adriano C Muniz avatar

Thanks for the clarification, Liz. Thank you very much.
Excuse me, I needed this information, as I said, I recognize the enormous team effort Raspberry Pi, but I am Professor of Computer Science, lover of GNU / Linux, and I’m also developing my own GNU / Linux from scratch, and I am in great expectation and your hands on one of these beauties, I can only develop and test my tools in a Virtual Machine ARM, while awaiting the release for the rest of the world.


Milho avatar

Dear Liz,

Despite Tulio’s misinformation, he has a point: what about the shipment price to Brazil?
I mean, it’s a big Country, and there are lots of developers who would love to make something on RaspberryPi.

Could you, please, ask Farnell (again) about Brazil in the pricing matrix?

We would be very thankfull.

Eduardo Colares avatar

Exactly! There are 190M people living here and Raspberry Pi features fits perfectly well in Brazil scenario. We have a lot of people with computer skills, and much much more people with needs for affordable computers. Besides that, Brazil already have a Farnell representative, that can make things easier.

Daniel Ferreira avatar

I second that ! An official Farnell answer regarding local distribution in Brazil would be appreciated. The potential market here is *very* significant and Farnell should be smart and leverage the fact that they are the only option with a local presence here…

FredVermejo avatar

Ask to your Minister of Science and Technology
about the taxes over those boards to hit Brazil.
Those taxes are forbidden!

Marcin avatar

Polish VAT is 23%, so the sales tax should be 6.27, while the sales tax for Poland in the matrix is 7.36 which makes 27%. What makes the additional 4%?

Marcin avatar

Ignore my question – it was in the previous HTML table layout. On the screen grab it is fine. Probably some rows were shifted.

Alex avatar

Why is there sales tax for Australia? Australian sales tax, GST, is only collected for purchases within Australia. UK online stores do not need to collect Australian GST.

JamesH avatar

I believe you will be buying from RS or Farnell but they do have presence in Australia, so you need to pay tax. I could be wrong.

bodgy avatar

Whenever I purchase something from RS or Farnell in Australia, even if the product is sent from the UK, I pay 10% GST because the order was placed via RS/Element14 Australia.

JennyPeters avatar

Product will be shipped from element14 directly and not from the UK – hope that clarifies and explains why sales tax is chargeable.

Jorge Amodio avatar

Does this mean that base price for Model A will not longer be $25 and Model B $35 ?

liz avatar


Jorge Amodio avatar

Then something is wrong with that table, at the current exchange rate USD 35 is about 22 pounds, table shows 24.55 pounds for UK and USD 40 for the US.

John Sousa avatar

The price includes delivery, so I guess their accounting for about £2.5 for UK delivery and $5 for US.

Jorge Amodio avatar

You are right, I thought they were planning to charge shipping based on final destination per order not per region. Thanks for the clarification.

rew avatar

Well… That’s a first. Someone who shows understanding after being explained how things work.
Congrats to Jorge!

RaTTuS avatar

the price points have always been before tax and shipping

holeysocks avatar

Read the grid again,,It says shipping included and taxes excluded, this is causing the confussion

JimmyZ avatar

that means the one per one limit is gone? it’s still listed in the FAQ page.

liz avatar

Not yet – that limit will be gone when both companies have cleared their backlogs.

João Reis avatar

Since my estimate was August, this backlog must be long…

JamesH avatar

Very VERY long.

TehTux avatar

My estimate (element14, Australia) was October.

Jason Ozolins avatar

AU Elephant14 seem to have an order from me from around 08:00 GMT on the launch day; BTW the price on the item I ordered was the same $38+GST price they are now quoting as the official Australian price. But for some reason they have never sent me email to advise me of an ETA, or for that matter listed one on my order web page.

Not that I’m complaining, I’m sure that they’ll send one eventually, or refund my money; patience is a virtue, and boredom is for the unimaginative. Pick a different project to work on in the meantime – for instance, buy a $4.30 MSP430 dev board from TI and do some really low level hacking!

Ken avatar

I’d really like to know why there is a $7 price difference between the US and Canada. More specifically, why we are paying $7 more than the US when our dollar is and has been ~par for a long time now.

Wouter avatar

Both US and Canada prices include brokerage charge and duty. Maybe those differ between the US and Canada?

Jack Reacher avatar

Apparently element14 does not have a distributor located geographically in Canada. If you order the board from Canada it will be through which is located in the U.S. People who order the board in the U.S. are paying $35 for the board plus $5 shipping, and then there may be state taxes involved. It’s not the exchange rate that you are being penalized for but the various duty & brokerage fees that your Government is charging to have the item delivered to you from the U.S.. This is not uncommon.

Abishur avatar

This is also a question that would be more appropriately asked to Farnell I as doubt they’ve let Liz or Eben in on the reasoning for every cent for every tax or shipping charge in every country ;-)

bwoodbury avatar

Their shipping method from the US to Canada is by Standard Shipping UPS Air and according to the UPS website that triggers a $7 brokerage fee

Ken avatar

UPS…that explains it, though $7 for brokerage from those thieves is low. Guess I’ll be avoiding ordering one until there is a different method available.

Ken avatar

That $7 actually only appears to be duty, which is to be expected…but anyone else here who is from Canada, knows very well the BS UPS pulls with cross-border shipments, and there’ll be actual brokerage fees and other fees they’ll tack on most likely. I don’t do business with anyone outside Canada that uses UPS…so I guess I’ll be waiting.

Pithonica avatar

It’s not the Canadian gov’t so much as how the carriers charge for the brokerage the gov’t requires. Would not be so bad if the sellers would collect the GST and ship via the US Postal Service. In that scenario I’ve never seen Canada Post actually ask for their $5 brokerage fee.

Could be worse though. When UPS and Fedex ship ground they charge way more for brokerage than the fee built into their air shipments to Canada.

Lukas avatar

What if i don’t have credit card? Can i pay with just bank transfer?

bodgyuk avatar

Whilst this doesn’t effect me, it would be interesting to find out what happened to RS’s definite statement they would be accepting PayPal (ref: DesignSpark and on the website) and I think I recall Farnell mentioning somewhere they would as well (can’t find the reference at the moment).

The Australian RS website does mention bank transfer under their terms page and Element14 (Australia) mention it on their invoices along with bank details.

rm avatar

Dear Farnell,

[[Liz – obscenities deleted]]

Russia, Israel.

liz avatar

Now, you see; that’s just the sort of thing that’s going to get you banned. And I do not have a light touch with the banhammer. Please don’t let the door hit you etc. etc.

roberto avatar

it is appreciable to have all these news on forum, but could you dedicate also sometime to your inbox and reply me?.

liz avatar

Eben has received your email and will reply to it when he is able to. As for “dedicate also sometime to your inbox” – I wish you could see what it’s like here at the moment. I dedicate so much time to my inbox that I do not get to bed before midnight (and I work in the evenings as well as during the day), I hardly ever get to see my family, and my friends all think I’m dead. We get rather a lot of email here.

MarshallBanana avatar

it is appreciable to have all these news on forum, but could you dedicate also sometime to your family and friends, and also take a nice relaxing sleep from time to time? eben as well?

guru avatar

Who gets a hug? YOU get a hug! \o/

roberto avatar

Thanks for reply. I was worry my mail gone in junk/spam folder. I will wait.

Montala avatar

Reading between the lines on some of the comments made in the replies from Liz, I get the distinct impression that she know rather more than she is saying (or probably is allowed to say) about the current availability and delivery dates of the Raspberry Pi.
Bearing in mind that a lot of customers were given an estimated despatch date some time during the last week of March (which we are now in) and have still not received a revised date, can we hope that an official announcement to clarify the position will be shortly forthcoming?
Revised prices are all very well, but I think it is the actual availability which will be of more interest to most readers on here.

liz avatar

Well read.

Stuart Lea avatar

Sadly, I’m a “glass half empty guy” and don’t read anything good in that comment.

roberto avatar

well, a glass is a “container”, so it can be ONLY full, full in different degree from 0% to 100%, but always full. Can you misure how much °cold° is an object? no, you can misure only the temperature, up from 0 kelvin. To summaryze: you can ONLY be a “glass half full guy”, because “glass half empty guy” CANNOT exist :D
All in all, I also see that some activities was not done as they should do, they are entusiastic beginners, so we must bear in mind they are not trained to face this BIIIIIG number of requests. Not easy to move from “Hobbystic” level to “Multinational” level in one step. So, lets us have a beer an read a comix waiting for….

Brian avatar

My original delivery date from Farnell / Element 14 was week commencing 12 March. It is now well over a week past then and I have received absolutely no direct communication from them. I keep up-to-date on the news from Liz and Eben (and thank you for that) but Farnell have said nothing to me directly about missing the original estimated delivery date.
Basically; don’t hold your breath for any ‘official announcement to clarify the position’.

Sergey avatar

For Russia, the highest price, unfortunately I can not afford to buy :(

Tom West avatar

The Canadian price – am I right in assuming it includes the federal sales tax (5%) but excludes any provincial sales tax? Or does it exclude both?

bwoodbury avatar

As per the table the price excludes taxes in Canada. How much the tax is depends on what Province you live in. For BC we have HST so its 14% (assuming its taxable). As your Province doesn’t appear to have the blended HST tax the issue of how much, if any, Provincial tax is payable will depend on your tax rules

Tom West avatar

The table says it exludes “local” taxes. I didn’t know whether a national tax counted as local or not.

Michael avatar

I’d suggest asking that question of Farnell

Christophe C. avatar

Any chance we can get a table one of those days with something like : I ordered this date, then I should expect a delivery this date … ? That would be so great.
I ordered through element14 and I’m completely confused between the first confirmation, the email, the FAQ answer, the following email and all the rumours.
it would be so great to have a reference table where we can have an expected date (+/- 1 or 2 weeks).

Abishur avatar

I fear that until the distributors actually start distributing the things such a table is impossible. But hopefully soon all these glitches, hiccups and tests will get wrapped up and the distributors will be able to provide such information (which, I’m sure, will be replicated here in short order ;-))

TehTux avatar

+1 to this, I think ballpark Months should be listed as I think this will manage the expectations of your customers.

If I new my order was going to take 7 months (ordered 13th of March, latest estimate is October) I might not have gone through the effort.

Abishur avatar

Try to take those estimates with a grain of salt. I *believe* the distributors are exaggerating the time time frame so once things get under way they can do an e-mail that says you’re getting it sooner, rather than keep sending out “it’s been delayed” e-mails while this launch business get’s all the details smoothed out.

Also I get the feeling that Farnell is *way* swamped with requests since for some unfathomable reason RS is *still* refusing to take anything but your interest. Once they actually start accepting real pre-orders I have the feeling that people at the back of the queue will be canceling orders with Farnell and things will balance out between the two distributors.

Yze avatar

I just ordered from element14 in Australia, and they added $12.95 shipping on that did not show up until after I confirmed?!?
I have emailed them, so hopefully they sort it out, but seems a bit strange as I ordered after seeing the pricing matrix above.

Abishur avatar

They’ve seemed to have had this glitch for just about every country so far! Keep contacting them and they should straighten things out. I don’t suppose you had more than one shipping option? I’m in the USA and we had several options, but the advertised 5 dollars (well 5.29 for me) was only on one of the shipping options, if I had chosen one of the faster options I would have ended up paying more than price shown in the matrix.

Yze avatar

Well, yes, there were 3 options, with no indication of pricing or difference.
I just chose the one that would normally be the cheapest in Australia, no signature req’d etc, maybe that was my downfall…

Abishur avatar

When I did it, it showed the total cost of everything as the last step before I hit the final confirmation. It was fairly annoying as I had to go back several times to get a price that wasn’t exorbitant. In this day and age it really doesn’t make sense to not show the shipping costs on the same page where you choose your shipping method. Not only is it a courtesy to your clients, it would avoid needless frustrations like this :-(

rew avatar

As they have promised again and again to keep to the lowest price offered, just “click OK”, and start waiting for your ‘PI. When/after your ‘PI arrives, make sure that you are charged the right amount. Make sure to make a backup/screenshot of the pricing table as it is now, to make sure that you know what you are supposed to be charged.

When they end up charging more than you expected, tell them so, ask them to refund you and if neccessary file a dispute with your credit card company.

On the other hand, I have the impression they are doing everything they can to make sure that the price at shipping/charging time will be corrected.
(I have the impression they have created a

wpw avatar

For US-based customers, once Element 14 or Farnell (my order is in with Element 14) accepted the order, a clock began to tick. It’s called the “30-day rule” and it governs the relationship between a mail-order vendor and the customer.

My read on the situation is that the delays noted are “worst-case scenarios” and that fulfillment is in fact expected within 30 to 60 days. Revising the pricing schedules are necessary preparation for when the deluge begins.

Or this could be whistlin’ in the dark.

Rek avatar

Unfortunately the ’30 day rule’ just states that if they are unable to ship within 30 days (of the date they quoted you, not your order date) they must give you the option of agreeing to the delay or canceling your order and getting a ‘prompt’ refund (and going to the back of the line).

tufty avatar

And, as usual, Farnell are talking crap.

Price quoted by Farnell for France – 32.70 GBP, amounts to ~39 EUR according to

Screenshot from Farnell France taken about 30 seconds ago :

Price according to Farnell – 44.82 EUR.

JennyPeters avatar

Apologies for any confusion – in some cases systems have not all been updated with the unique selling conditions of raspberry pi. We have rechecked the full backlog in Europe as a result of your comment and whatever the system told you we will charge as per the matrix above for credit card orders unless your original order price was lower (in which case we w ill honour it). This will mean in France the price is £32.70 inclusive of delivery and tax. (c.39.24 euros).

tufty avatar

Thanks for the update, even if it’s my personal belief that taking a month to get pricing close to straight is a worrying sign of ‘hoping we’ll get away with overcharging’. Still, shows element14 are listening.


jraff1 avatar

Word can output in HTML to any file.
Grab the HTML … and plop it into the WordPress page.

tufty avatar

Have you seen, or tried to work with, the “HTML” that word outputs?

liz avatar

There’s actually a button in WordPress which removes some of the extraneous markup that Word outputs – it never gets it all, though. And once you’re trying to deal with something like a table, you may as well just…give up and use a screenshot instead!

Casalor avatar

And for later editions of word theres also a ‘save as’ >’web page, filtered’ option in the drop down list which does remove a lot (most) of MS generated guff. I use as just one way of exporting tables to wikimedia.

abc_harold avatar

When will they be back in stock though?!

Thomas avatar

And what about the cases? Do the cased models come soon?

stevepdp avatar

Cases are not yet officially available, but here is a case maker which gives 5% of each sale back to the RaspberryPi Foundation:

bobbintb avatar

that will be later this year. this question has been asked numerous times and is in the faq.

Marc O. Chouinard avatar

The 7$ more than the US price is frustrating from them, especially since the dollar is at parity right now.

Marc O. Chouinard avatar

I was talking about the Canadian versus US pricing

bwoodbury avatar

The $7 is a UPS brokerage fee to ship it across the border from the US.

devboard-buyer avatar

Australia and New Zealand get the same price, why is Canada $7 more than USA?

JennyPeters avatar

As many others have said its shipping and brokerage charges. The raspberry Pi’s themselves are the same price for USA, Canada and mexico – just delivery charges that vary. Hope that clarifies

Jarrod avatar

What would the total price be for South Africa? – a rought estimate would be fine for now

Broloks avatar

Yes, I would also like to know price for South Africa?

Local RS websites still has the following:

“Price: Raspberry Pi Model B = £21.60
+ Shipping Charge = £4.95”

JennyPeters avatar

the element14 price for South Africa is £38.65 including delivery. This excludes any tax applicable at customs or other local taxes.

Broloks avatar

Can you give a breakdown of those costs? Wondering why it is so expensive with regards to other countries (feeling your pain Russia, Isreal). What are the delivery costs?

Our taxes on imported goods (this will probably be classified as a “luxury item”) are very high.

Semtex avatar

Re: Canada vs USA pricing, that is always a sore point but it is due to Element14 shipping to Canada via USA. It will also increase delivery time for Canadian orders.

My plan B is my “expressed interest” with RS who will ship all orders direct from the UK for one flat fee.

…at least that the theory :-)

bwoodbury avatar

Nice plan but RS UK is not the supplier in Canada (which is my home country) or the US. Their affiliate here is Allied Electric (button on the RasPi homepage). While they show the price at $35 (actually $36.23 CAN if you order) there is no info from them about cost for shipping

Ens avatar

For my country it will cost 67$ + unknown VAT
its not cool
so i think i cant buy it
it was a good idea, but the price killed the beauty of this device

zeuf avatar

Sorry to say… But Guys, you should do your own selling business OR work with really serious people to do so. I tried to use Farnell to buy one : almost 10€ from the first web page order (where it is said : everything included) to the last… Is that serious ?
I am a customer, right ? Don’t care about VAT, shipping, or I don’t know what. Sell your thing 50€ all included if you want (it is worthing it anyway) for all countries (and keep the change. Really ? We don’t care if it is more expansive in Australia than inside UK. We are agree to pay the australian shipping way even if we are in the Great London… Don’t you get that ? You did a great and special work, we are ok to pay it, to be with you… We don’t buy a RPI, we buy the future, we buy your dreams – and ours, we buy things that worth much much much more than 50€) but make thing EASIER, SIMPLER, without surprise if you know what I mean. If you don’t, keep building Raspberry PI, you do it well. We will manage.
Anyhow don’t just revolution the computer, revolution the world, the net, the e-commerce too !
Good luck guys !

JamesH avatar

If the foundation did their own manufacture and selling, you wouldn’t get one until next year, basically because RS and Farnell can afford to make in much larger quantities. There are teething problems with the sites – they will get better. And you will get product this side of doomsday.
If you look below you will see some people cannot afford it even at $35 (plus whatever), so I think you statement that we should sell at $50 ‘because its worth it’ doesn’t really hold water.

Kevin Mulder avatar

As we like to order 1000s of units later on, 1 EUR change _does_ make a change. Any special discount on larger orders, btw?

liz avatar

No, but you will get a discount on shipping.

Paris avatar

In France, farnell apply a delivery taxe 12€ so the total price is:
Raspberry pi. 33.07€
Delivery. 12. €
Vat. 8.83€
Total: 53.90€ (45£)
When i read this mail I have thought that Farnell had made a mistake with the delivery cost.
I called Farnell. They answered that was the standard delivery cost!
What do you think about that ?

cieciu avatar

Liz: I’m banning this guy for using obscenities and bringing an incivility we do not welcome to the proceedings, but I think his reading of things may be quite common, so I want to address it. See my response below this post. Now over to Cieciu and his angry fingers:

Change your slogan You liars “An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!” 35 pound != $25. Poland
Difference = 40%
[Liz: NAUGHTY WORD removed – please watch it, guys. There are kids here.] joke

liz avatar

As most everybody here realises, $25 (Model A) and $35 (Model B) are the base prices, without tax or duty. Sadly, some areas have to pay more sales tax (to their governments, not to us!), duty and other taxes than others.

Edwin avatar

It was very noble for Eben to price the Pi at $35. The BeagleboardXm is $149 and I bought one and one of the 1st Pi’s. A more feasible price would be $50 and many would pay that. Supply and demand should be used here. After there are no stock issues reduce the price. Element14 told me if I purchased another one I’m looking for and August or September delivery. Keep up the great work at Raspberry Pi and please give Eben and Liz some breathing room.

Abishur avatar

Several (several) people had suggested doing this, in the end the RPF decided that such a price hike would have people calling foul and doing so quite appropriately. I mean, there’s enough of a stink going on because people can’t grasp that shipping and tax aren’t included in the base price. It makes me giggle when I think about these people going to McDonald’s and demanding to speak to the manager because their 99 cent menu item is 1.07 after tax. “Your sign says 99 cents but you charged me tax! That’s false advertising! You should change the sign!”

Soapbox sarcasm aside, the $25 dollar price for the model A and the $35 dollar price for the model B has been a firm decision since the beginning. The supply issue is a momentary one (though it feels like forever as we wait for it). Since they’re using distributors who can directly manufacture the boards things will rapidly pick up the pace… just as soon as the RPF can stop getting waylaid by last minute changes forced upon them ;-)

Peter Green avatar

“I think about these people going to McDonald’s and demanding to speak to the manager because their 99 cent menu item is 1.07 after tax”
Be aware that expectations on whether tax is included in advertised prices or not vary round the world. In particular in the UK (and I believe most of europe) the normal expectation is that prices advertised to consumers DO include VAT.

Stuart Lea avatar

Agreed….But of all the development boards that I’ve bought that have been advertised as, say, $99 on TI, Microchip or Atmel websites, I’ve always considered them to be priced before tax and shipping. And that’s what they’ve been.

The whole crux of the production delays at the moment (compliance testing) is that a board that was initially conceived as a development board, for the first 10k, morphed into a small computer for the masses. On the launch day I didn’t see any mention of the first boards being only for developers. One can only assume that was the reason why RS and Farnell got so rattled.

An unfortunate turn of events, but astoundingly good nonetheless.

jojopi avatar

This post is lamentably incromulent; you misspelled “embiggen”.

stan the man avatar

Word?? Come on, Liz. I expected better from you. LibreOffice writer at least…

lemio avatar

I wanted to say the same thing :D, Google Docs also works nice ;) But that also means he is using Windows… sad man…

liz avatar

I’m not using Windows, and I’m not a man. That’s an appalling hit rate per sentence you’re managing there.

Cesare Montresor avatar

Hey there, it’s 1.48 am of the 28th and the shop it’s open yet… :)

Abishur avatar

I believe you meant to say the shop “isn’t” open yet. The shop will be down until at least next week, but with things right now, it all depends on what other surprises lay around the corner that might waylay the process ;-)

Cesare Montresor avatar

ops, late night mistakes… so you think I shouldn’t spend my night in refreshing the page… or it’s because you want get it before me ? :P

Lynbarn avatar

IT won’t be the Raspberry Pi. When the shop on this website reopens, it will only be selling RPF Merchandise. The Raspberry Pi can only be obtained (when it is available) from the two appointed distributors, RS and Farnell (and their local operations worldwide).

BazukaJoe avatar

Spoke to the Element14 reps at their booth today at ESC San Jose. ETA is July, Very sad…

lux_interior avatar

They’ve also forgotten Luxembourg from the list of EU countries

JennyPeters avatar

you’re right – we’ll add in the next version but its £32.70 incl tax and delivery, just so you’re clear. My geography is getting better every day

Stuart Lea avatar

Is it normal for the timestamp of comments to be in GMT and have not changed to BST? It suggests that I got into work at 6:50am for my most recent entry…..I’ve only ever got in work that early when I’ve been trying to order a ………..(probably best not to go there!)

Henry00³ avatar

Will PayPal be accepted? I searched on all the sites but I could find no trace of PayPal payment options. Since I only have PayPal… I won’t be able to buy Raspberry Pi?

Stuart Lea avatar

I strongly suspect that a good number of people who receive one in the first batch will not put the time and effort in to read up of how to get the OS installed on a SD card and they’ll appear on eBay quite soon after that….I also expect that their expectations will be far higher than a $35 board could ever deliver. I hope I’m wrong, but I know of a number of people who have ordered them who have only ever been spoon fed by Jobs and Gates and don’t actually want to learn….They want the latest toy/gadget and will always be consumers rather than creators.

So, I’d keep and eye on eBay after the launch and I’m sure you may find a few. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

John Sousa avatar

Wow what a snobbish comment.

So you label people “consumers” just because they don’t share your enthusiasm for jumping through hoops (and bugs) to install a ready made Linux distribution? I hope you have written your own operating system for the Pi.

Maybe you’ll also find many of those people spoon feed you other things you have no interest in learning about yourself – or are you completely self sufficient?

I do agree that many will be disappointed, but quite frankly that’s all due to the intense pre-launch marketing and wild claims that were being made in the media and forums about the Pi’s capabilities.

Even now the slogan “An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25” is inaccurate since there’s no $25 version yet and no box either.

Stuart Lea avatar

I just see a distinction between “developers” and “consumers”.

Developers enjoy the hoop jumping and, in my experience, consumers don’t.

Yes, the RPi will become a consumer product – eventually, but only after the vast swathes of “developers” get their hands on the first 10k to iron out the creases that the majority of consumers won’t want to do. Without this, there won’t be a consumer product for the masses.

If that’s snobbish, then so be it.

Stuart Lea avatar

I don’t see anything wrong with the term “Linux box” referring to an unboxed board. I read “Linux box” as “Linux platform” not whether it’s boxed or not.

Abishur avatar

Back to the original question, the answer is RS has just announced that you’ll be able to purchase from them using paypal

th.e. avatar

Hello. Thanks to element14 for including Cyprus in their EU related charges. Please refrain from using the term “Southern Cyprus” to identify the EU controlled part of Cyprus, from the territory that is still under Turkish Army occupation. Such naming it only enhances the status quo and strengthens the military regime in the occupied area.

JamesH avatar

Fair point, but you will need to approach Farnell/Element14 as they are the responsible party.

JennyPeters avatar

Please accept our apologies for any offence cause by the description. However theVAT treatment and shipping charges are different when selling to the North and South of Cyprus and our descriptor was intended to help make that clear to customers.

Southern Cyprus is within the EU for VAT purposes and we have to charge UK VAT (at 20%) when we ship from UK as in this instance.

Northern Cyprus is controlled by Turkey and as such regarded as outside the EU. This means that we treat sales to Northern Cyprus as an Export when shipping from the UK and so although exempt from UK VAT, customers may be liable for import tax when it arrives in country.

Also, our logistics partners advise that we can ship directly to Southern Cyprus, but for deliveries to Northern Cyprus we have to ship through Turkey. The charges for shipping to the two areas are therefore also different.

JohnK avatar

Dear Jenny,

The reason for differentiating is indeed valid and will help avoiding any misunderstandings, but please consider rephrasing by making a special note for Northern Cyprus, instead of calling Cyprus “Southern Cyprus”… There is no recognized country by that name!
An alternative idea would be to replace Ireland to “Southern Ireland”, to differentiating with Northern Ireland, since as I see in the price table both the price and the tax for RPi are different there! :-) :-)

Peter Illes avatar

Just finished a call from a Farnell rep. My 0th day order seems to be delayed from the original April 16 timeframe to May-June :( And they cannot accept any new orders (only expressions of interest:)

On the bright side, they are speaking of hundreds of thousands of orders :)

Howado avatar

“when their new Export website goes live (the new Export website will be at the same URL as the current site). This means an end to the sales to businesses only.”

I wonder, how on earth they are going to cope with the demand tsunami if they want to open in just one week for regular non preregistered customers as well?
Does it mean they have significantly ramped up the manufacturing capacity for this product? Can someone in the loop confirm?

JamesH avatar

Manufacturing is ramping as fast as possible. There are a lot of backlog orders to fulfil.

Olafur Osvaldsson avatar

No Iceland there yet, are we not in Europe? :(

Stuart Lea avatar

We all had a vote and after your volcano barfed all over us we decided to ask you to leave. Didn’t you get the memo?

Olafur Osvaldsson avatar

You might want to rethink that…I have the remote for the volcano right here on my desk…

walney avatar

…best come back :)

walney avatar

“We all had a vote and after your volcano barfed all over us we decided to ask you to leave. Didn’t you get the memo?”

LOL – best put down of the day…

phillip avatar

So much for keeping it cheap for children to afford.

the price has gone from $25 to $50

No doubt alot of profit is being made for liz to pay for her weekly holidays.

Stuart Lea avatar

Note to RPF:

Calm, deep breaths and retire to your quiet place.

liz avatar

I’m trying. Really I am.

JamesH avatar

Give it a rest. Liz is unpaid. Eben is unpaid. If you think they are making any money out of this you are sadly mistaken. They are spending lots, not making any! The price is STILL $25 and $35 before shipping and tax.

Abishur avatar

You got them, they actually get 100% of the cost of shipping and, despite it being impossible, they get the VAT charge and the local taxes get rerouted to them.

Or I suppose we could use the barest level of intelligence, realize that they’ll see none of the shipping, VAT, or tax charges and grasp the fact that it’s still only a $25/$35 board and in shipping and vat/tax is something you have to deal with on all online orders. (well maybe not tax sometimes depending on the local laws of your state/country)

John Sousa avatar

Most electronics shopping sites in China actually offer free international shipping. The post office there actually offer a dirt cheap International post service “by the bag” (combined weight of all packages) – so I think it’s natural some people are confused by the figures.

RPF should consider moving to China, it would solve the extra costs and certification issues in one go :-)

JamesH avatar

Well, the cost of shipping has to be paid by someone. In those Chinese cases, it’s paid for by increasing the price of the product. They just tell you its free shipping. It isn’t.

John Sousa avatar

I’m well aware of China Post bulk prices and I can confirm they cost peanuts. We’re talking 20p at most for a small light package via airmail.

To further confirm this those sites have plenty of items under £1 also with free shipping.

Farnell et al seem to be adding $5 for a similar priviledge.

Divide by Zero avatar

Great job keeping us updated guys!
I know you’re all volunteers so THANK YOU!!!!
Your effort is making an impact. Just look at the AMAZING INTEREST you guys have now, sure its going to be hard, but its not meaningless, your effort is making something happen, even if its not in quite the way you expected ;).

FredVermejo avatar

Mine was expected to be shipped April, 3th. Now it was changed to end of August.
This is an epic fail!!!!!

Howado avatar

Well, the times are changing rather quickly, recently was announced full spec android/ubuntu HDMI dongle, wifi capable, usb powered, 1GHz, 512-1Gb ram, for roughly 50-70$ USD. I guess the future path for linux/android micro devices is clear ahead. The interest in Raspberry Pi will quickly wash off before Q3/4 2012..

John Sousa avatar

Indeed, there’s also ARM CPUs like the Allwinner A10 coming out at ridiculous prices (quoted at $7)

To make it even better people have well and truly reversed engineered the GPU driver for that one. There’s code out already:

I’ve already pre-ordered this one too, let’s see which one comes first :)

Howado avatar

Thanks for the hint, hopefully there won’t be any serious faults in HDMI implementation etc. You know what I mean, after all those years even major brands still release somewhat crippled hardware not working properly either in sound, video, powe management you name it (nor driver updated)..

JamesH avatar

Just FYI, there are no problems with the VideoCore HDMI implementation, and I’m a bit dubious about the Allwinners power management (that’s where a lot of IP is on the Videocore). Otherwise, seems a decent enough device. Think you have to buy a lot to get a decent price on it though (100k+)

JamesH avatar

I don’t think the Allwinner GPU was reverse engineered – it’s either (ish) already, or is actually closed – can’t remember which. Reverse engineering a GPU is 1000 man year task.

Howado avatar

There are nowadays $150 android 1-1.5GHz tablets even with IPS 7″ screen, quality hdmi output implementation (no stretching on 1080p TV etc.) You add keybord and mouse..

Now, the links for the linux drivers he linked above show that tablet KDE gui is in the development (almost ready), so full size linux machine in such package is a dream com true.

John Sousa avatar

The Allwinner GPU is a Mali 400 and as the link I included show the reverse engineering has progressed quite well to the point that it’s already useful.

The other advantage of the Mali GPU is there already are Android drivers for it, it’s used in several phones/tablets.

Licaon_Kter avatar

@Liz: can you ask the element14/Premier Farnell guys to decide the VAT for Romania already? It’s either UK ( no idea ) or Local ( 24% )?

JimmyZ avatar

I don’t know if this had beend mentioned already since there are too many comments, but the final price here in China is RMB 310.05 instead of 304.95 in the chart, not a big deal but I wonder why there is a difference.

Thomas avatar

just recieved my email from element14 that i can order my pi…

atleast i could if i would have a creditcard….

Helen Neely avatar

In as much I like to have this device, I think the waiting time is just too much. I placed an order a while ago and only recently got an email that shipments are now leaving their warehouse in China. I hope I don’t lose interest by the time it arrives.

JamesH avatar

Apologies for the delays – these sort of things happen to most products – but because the Foundation is quite open you have heard about all the problems. Also, the huge number of orders means a long waiting time.

Nathan Long avatar

Wow, the charges just came through on my Farnell order. $62.84 to the US? Somehow, I’m guessing VAT wasn’t %64. What gives? I guess I’ll have to give Farnell a call.

Eli B avatar

I got charged $62.72 on the same day. I emailed them about this and they are asserting taxes of 14GBP, which is greater than 50%. I’m still emailing them so let’s see, but this looks like highway robbery. No state in the nation charges that much in sales taxes and import duties in this country cannot be nearly that punitive at any level – not for cheap computing equipment anyway!

Eli B avatar

They have still not replied to my queries about this tax. It wasn’t shipping mislabeled as taxes either, since it was just shipped by regular royal airmail, not ups or anything. (On the plus side…my rPi finally arrived today!)

Abdullah avatar

How much it’ll cost me to place an order for Pakistan?

Michael Dyer avatar

Farnel have sent an e-mail that I can now order, but when I get to their website, I type country ‘United Kingdom’, from where I am directed to ‘Export’, because I am a ‘consumer’. I click ‘Order’ and get a page with many European countries, but NOT UK. What is going on? Have they lost the plot?

I hope you can make sense of this, because I feel that I am making no sense at all :(

LED Signage avatar

Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic butt it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
Superb choice of colors!

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