RasPlex: Plex for your Pi

If you’re a media centre user of the Raspberry Pi, you might want to check out this new port of Plex to the Pi. RasPlex is a open, platform-independent home entertainment system (so you can play media from any of the machines you have cluttering up the house using the RasPlex media server. Great news for people like me who just can’t shake an iTunes addiction).

RasPlex is currently in Beta, but plans are in place to support Plex channels – which means that eventually, you should be able to use Netflix, Hulu and all that good stuff on your Pi. We’ll be watching progress very closely. Click the image above, or visit the RasPlex site to learn more.



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Cool! We’ll try to have it up and running at our Silicon Valley Jam this afternoon as yet-another demo.

Thanks, Plexters!

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That’s great news, I have Plex running on a Mac Mini, I like Plex over XBMC.

I tried various XBMC’s on the Pi but I really can’t stand it’s extra options side menu, tiny playback controller icons, too many things that require keyboard shortcuts & 12 places to change settings. I know it can be themed, but that is a job in itself.

Plex is simpler & a little more streamlined, I’m looking forward to try it out later :)

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Cheapest Plex client in the world now. I bought a Roku just for Plex, but a Pi is half the price!

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Thanks for the post!

@Jim Manley Thanks for the publicity. Visibility has really increased since we got on engadget

I currently use RasPlex 0.1.27 for my every day media center usage.

I love XBMC, on which Plex is built, and have been using it for years. I think, however, than Plex and the Raspberry Pi is a natural pairing, since the Plex server can handle any decoding that the client cannot. I also love the rich media experience Plex provides.

Currently the UI can be a bit laggy, especially on the first run (RasPlex has to cache a lot of metadata, pictures, etc from the server – I have a solution to make this more smooth, but haven’t had time to implement it yet). So, don’t get discouraged if things are a bit shaky at first – my advice is to force caching by scrolling through “All Movies” and “All TV Shows”. It looks like this after caching.

We are in the process of making a Qt based “one click” GUI installer, that we hope to roll out within the week.

There is also a very affordable case with some nice goodies on the way (plan on donating a portion of the proceeds back to Raspberry Pi foundation, but first batch won’t be ready until mid-late April).

Please direct any inquiries to [email protected] (I have [email protected], but have to wait a week to set it up because of google silliness).

Thanks again everyone for your interest in RasPlex!

More goodies to come : )

-Dale Hamel (Creator, lead developer).

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+1 for all the work that’s gone in to this!

Well, +1,000 really.

Having a single Plex server and multiple Plex clients for all the family members around the house is by far the best media solution. I can start watching a show on the big TV, stop it, the resume where I left off in a different room on a different device.

Now I can do this for £25 quid on every TV in the house?! Bargain!!

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Personally I think Plex is probably the best Media Center product out there that I have used and there has been quite a few.

I do however love how there are quite a few themes for XBMC, wish this was available for Plex, however it isn’t something that they appear to be focusing on.

As stated by Rich, If we could have one of these units for each of the TV’s in the house (with a descent remote) then it would be superb.



Drew avatar

Plex has skins.

I’m not sure how many are compatible with the current RasPlex version. Confluence & Mediasteam appear to be installed in /usr/share/xbmc/addons, it seems to be read only for me at the moment.

Gb160 avatar

For all those asking,the xbmc official remote app for iOS works really well with rasplex,so u can use iPhone or ipad/iPod as a really cool remote.
If u already have the plex app on iOS, just select rasplex as the player,works really well as a remote too.

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Small question, do I have to serve the media from an external computer or can I just hook up a harddrive to the Pi and load my movies etc. directly from there in Plex?



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