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:-) What more can I say? Just :-)

liz avatar

That grin right at the end is just the best thing I’ve seen all week. Well done Lincoln!

Michael Rollins avatar

Best thing on the internet? I think so. Well done Lincoln!

Kevin Hughes avatar

Love it :-) great to see kids involved using the pi, well done Lincoln :-)

PhillyNJ avatar

My Son is going to be 4 years old and he is not allowed near my Pi. Even if he knows how to shove the plugs in the ports :) – Somethings a man needs to protect.

William H. Bell avatar

Our three year old son is quite quick with Childsplay and Tuxpaint on the Pi. He also requested minecraft recently, but this was probably due to watching older brothers…

Robert_M avatar

That is the absolute sweetest Raspberry Pi demo I’ve seen. :-)

I’m gonna go watch it again. :-D

Pat avatar

It’s cute how he can barely grip the cables, but still manages to attach them.

Andrew Scheller avatar

It also shows how “robust” the Raspberry Pi’s ports must be :-)

Mark Symons avatar

:-) Fatastic! Another little programmer in the making!

John Knight avatar

What county are you guys from? :)

Bernie avatar

Ok I was thinking about getting one for my 11 year old daughter to learn on but was afraid she might not get it if Lincoln can I am sure she can thanks Lincoln you just sold a pi

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