Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 computer

Of all the things we do at Raspberry Pi, driving down the cost of computer hardware remains one of the most important. Even in the developed world, a programmable computer is a luxury item for a lot of people, and every extra dollar that we ask someone to spend decreases the chance that they’ll choose to get involved.

The original Raspberry Pi Model B and its successors put a programmable computer within reach of anyone with $20-35 to spend. Since 2012, millions of people have used a Raspberry Pi to get their first experience of programming, but we still meet people for whom cost remains a barrier to entry. At the start of this year, we began work on an even cheaper Raspberry Pi to help these people take the plunge.

Four fathers!?!??

Four fathers!?!??

Today, I’m pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of Raspberry Pi Zero, made in Wales and priced at just $5. Zero is a full-fledged member of the Raspberry Pi family, featuring:

  • A Broadcom BCM2835 application processor
    • 1GHz ARM11 core (40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1)
  • 512MB of LPDDR2 SDRAM
  • A micro-SD card slot
  • A mini-HDMI socket for 1080p60 video output
  • Micro-USB sockets for data and power
  • An unpopulated 40-pin GPIO header
    • Identical pinout to Model A+/B+/2B
  • An unpopulated composite video header
  • Our smallest ever form factor, at 65mm x 30mm x 5mm

Raspberry Pi Zero runs Raspbian and all your favourite applications, including Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi. It is available today in the UK from our friends at The Pi Hut and Pimoroni, and in the US from Adafruit and in-store at your local branch of Micro Center. We’ve built several tens of thousands of units so far, and are building more, but we expect demand to outstrip supply for the next little while.

One more thing: because the only thing better than a $5 computer is a free computer, we are giving away a free Raspberry Pi Zero on the front of each copy of the December issue of The MagPi, which arrives in UK stores today. Russell, Rob and the team have been killing themselves putting this together, and we’re very pleased with how it’s turned out. The issue is jam-packed with everything you need to know about Zero, including a heap of project ideas, and an interview with Mike Stimson, who designed the board.

MagPi #40 in all its glory

MagPi #40 in all its glory

If you’re looking for cables to go with your free Zero, head over to the newly revamped Swag Store, where we’re offering a bundle comprising a mini-HDMI and a micro-USB adapter for just £4, or alternatively subscribe and we’ll send you them for free.


Happy hacking!​


The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Simply awesome news! I had a look at the brand new Raspberry Pi Zero in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFFQmdUc5Vg&feature=youtu.be&a Watch for a full tour!


Kelly avatar

$5 in England….

In North America, it’s $30.. Gotta love that 400% markup on things.

Darrin avatar

It is $5 here in the US, not $30. The PI Model 2 is $30.


pi_fan avatar

good luck finding one for $5 for just the board. newark wants $23, microcenter will only sell you one for $5. adafruit’s “budget pack” is $30 filled with parts any pi owner already has.

i want a reseller to sell them for a reasonable price, $5 plus a nominal shipping fee (stuff it in a bubble envelope and postage).

nice $5 computer in theory, but certainly not in practice.

ukscone avatar

not sure why their website stated the 2+ at $9 but when I checked my local microcenter i had the clerk run thru the price for buying multiples and whether he scanned 1,2, 3 or more at once each was only $5+local sales tax. reserving would only let you reserve one but in person in the store (the one i checked myself and others i heard about anecdotally) would let you buy multiples. So as far as I am concerned (before they sold out) the PiZero is definitely a $5 computer at microcenter at least

Scott Prive avatar

Come on… it’s the FIRST batch and it’s right before holiday time. When I got my first Raspberry Pi, it was in the first batch that sold out within HOURS and everyone else had to wait forever (and complain).

YES, they are $5. YES, they’re sold out. YES, Adafruit isn’t selling bare boards (yet, and might not ever if the markup is too slim). When stock re-appears you will get your $5 version. Just not in time to make PiPlay throwies/gifts this year…

Liz Upton avatar

Adafruit have been selling bare boards (another 64 went on their site and vanished within about ninety seconds – before I had time to tweet about it from the Raspberry Pi account – a couple of days ago) and will be again when they get stock; what you’re seeing is that they’ve chosen to reserve some of their stock to bundle as well, and those bundles are not selling as quickly as the bare boards.

Jon avatar

pi zero at Adafruit http://www.adafruit.com/products/2885
looks like it’s 5.00 to me. There is also a 29 budget pack. But neither of these are in stock yet.

Andrea avatar

I’m not sure why. I went yesterday to the local Microcenter here in St Louis Mo and I was able to purchase two for a total of $10.96. Then went to a local electronic store and purchased my HDMI and USB adapters for less then $ 8.

James avatar

Kind of hard to take a complaint about localized pricing from an American seriously, basically everything else is priced in your favor.

Pete avatar

Maybe you should spend less time playing with your Raspberry and understand basic economics and the market Place. This is a $5 dollar computer, What microcenter chooses to bundle it with or The post office decides to charge for shipping is out of the hands of Raspberry. If you truly want it for $5, then go to Wales and buy one. Other then that, live with the rest of the world that understands the cost of doing business (i.e. Margins, fuel, shipping, warehouses, labor, etc….). THANNK YOU RASPBERRY for making a very affordable computer for the next generation of kids to learn on. Granted some of them need to go back to school :)

adam avatar

It’s just supply&demand at this point – with the very limited release there is more demand, so people will pay more. It will drop to the advertised $5 eventually, once the supply recovers.

Peter avatar

Very helpful!

sergei glimis avatar

i cant get my hands on one of these things there suppose to be so damn cheep i want to build robots with them because there pretty much as cheap as the arduous now 5.00 (from china arduous)
i need help get me one.

Ted avatar

Micro Center is in store pickup only. The nearest one to me is 98 miles away and they are sold out…

Paul avatar

The nearest one to me is one miles away…

Paul avatar

The nearest one to me is one miles away… so…

Michael avatar

No kidding.

Andy avatar

At microcenter.com/product/457746/Raspberry_Pi_Zero
-> 0 in Stock !

Jonathan L Clark avatar

-The Raspberri Pi Zero is only $5.00 if you buy it at the Micro Center store, but you have to be near a store to do it as they don’t sell it online.

-If you buy it from Adafruit the shipping is $10, so now your Pi Zero is $15.00; three times the price it is supposed to be.

-The pi hut and pimoroni.com never have it in stock, unless you buy a kit (which is more than $5.00).

Ultimately I think the Pi Zero is a failure, there is a lot of hype about it but unless you live in a few very specific places in the US, you are never going to get it for $5.00.

I give raspberry pi an A for effort, but the Pi Zero has FAILED to deliver a cheap, small embedded computer system to the world. I am sorry but you guys did not meet your objective in this project. Unless you can produce a LOT more of these, most people will never be able to get one without paying more than $5, and at that point I would just buy a different embedded computer system, a different Raspberri pi or one of the TI boards, that $5 is the key feature of the zero pi but it is a theoretical-only feature.

Sleepwalker3 avatar

Are you serious? I hear some pretty stupid FWP’s (First World Problems) from people, but I think this has got to go up in the FWP Hall of fame.

Nonmouse avatar

No. It’s $5 in the US, which is about £3.30. It’s £4 in the UK, which is about $6. Pi Zero ≠ Pi 2.

Richard avatar

Not true, Micro Center has it for $5

Igor avatar

Like any good “dealer” ;-) MicroCenter is selling the FIRST one for $5. Two or more are $10 each. But they’re out of stock anyway, so the point is kind of moot…

AI avatar

You just need to give it a little time. There isn’t enough of a supply right now so prices are pushed up.

mk avatar


No love for people who don’t bother to read what they are responding to.

Mark avatar

Give ‘im a break… not like he’d ever be able to use one anyways. He’s just here to read some news and troll.

Jaack avatar

Rethinking my project;
I’ll buy Rasp Pi model B+ for much much less than a Pi Zero. I wanted to do a diversity receiver project using ADS-B dongles running ethernet cable(powered) connected to what was supposed to be $5 computers. ADS-B Dongle, computer and antenna would be put on roof with only ethernet cable coming down to server that would act as a diversity radio receiver. US authorized outlet Micro Center has limit of 1 per customer, AND only in store sale, no web sales, no mail sales!
Worst of human greed shown by so many Pi Zero sellers.

James avatar

You mean 600% markup? Wow. Not only did you look up the price for the wrong board, but you also can’t do basic math… Let’s hope you keep the calculator installed in Raspbian. :)

Mark du Preez avatar

Actually James, it’s a 500% markup. The claimed price is 600% of the advertised price, which makes the markup 500%. 100% markup is double the price, 200% markup is three times the price… 500% markup is six times the price. Get it?

Raspberry Pi Fan avatar

It’s $20 here in Australia

c min avatar

hi there im in Australia where can i get one and which is the best?

Dran avatar

It’s actually $5 in the US, too

Cat Meow Meow avatar

30 / 5 = 6

6 = 600%

Go to 5th grade!

ProfessorK avatar

He’s right.
You’re wrong.

The magic word is “markup”. Look it up.

Mikey avatar

@Cat Meow Meow, at 0% markup it would be $5.00 at a 100% it would be $10.00, ect., ect. It is simple math and word recognition any 5th grader could do, at least in the 70’s.

George avatar

You mean it’s $5 in America and about £2/3 in England

Jj avatar

that would be a 600% markup

Anthony avatar

It is a shame this needs to be done

$5 0% Markup
$10 100% Markup
$15 200% Markup
$20 300% Markup
$25 400% Markup
$30 500% Markup
$35 600% Markup
$40 700% Markup

james avatar

I cant stand it

faheem ahmed avatar

I wish I could buy one! can anyone donate it to me I cant afford and its not available in my area.please

mark avatar

Why? Silly design. Why was a wifi chip not added to board? Who would ever use this without a wifi dongle? too much clutter with cables and adapters. i have some powered iot projects where this would have been an alternative to an arduino esp8266 board. what a shame…

ChayD avatar

There may be some situations (e.g. an embedded project) that doesn’t need internet connectivity, but does require a GUI and extra processing power. Of for another example one used by schools for training Python programming or using as a word processor but without having to buy PCs for the purpose. Better still, giving a Zero to each student for working on and storing their projects. I can see your point though, what with the cost of WiFi chips being negligible, it would only add a few dollars to the price. I guess the idea was to make it below the magic $5 value.

LilBilly avatar

LOL, I’m working on a project right now where we are deploying lots of Pi’s in our customers environment. ALL connected by POE. WiFi has lots of problems; unsecure, jammable, and the huge issue of everyone and everything trying to use it.

That being said I really do wish that the OS (raspbian or any of the others) would have more robust network development. Every damn time i sit down to play with it I’m always having to configure something related to network connectivity, LAN and or WAN. Yes, in many cases my issues would be solved by using their dongle but I dont want to to be vendor locked like that.

John avatar

I have done dozens of projects, most of which did not use wifi. You will not find another 5 dollar board that can do what this one can do. Just be appreciate what it is and what it can do for the price.

Rosie avatar

These are an amazing idea! I am a teacher and do not have computers in my classroom, such a shame in this day and age. Although I do have iPads, these would be a great addition for my students. Unfortunately, they are all sold out everywhere! Will keep checking. Thank you for the innovation!

dobra-dobra avatar

And once again you are amazing. Great job!

Winkleink avatar

Holy smoking madness.
Not 1st April. Check

This is amazing

EverPi avatar

OMG OMG OMG! Awesome!!!

Andy avatar

Raspberry Pi new products are SO good they make me think it’s an April fool. Too good to be true. Well done The Foundation! I will be putting in an order for several – are they going to be available in China through EGOMAN in due course?

Liz Upton avatar

We’re expecting element14 to make them available in China, but not immediately.

Mahesh avatar

Element14 is selling Pi Zero for INR 1123 in India. It’s more than $15 USD. This is outrageous :(

Pi 2 sells for about $45 (INR 3050)!!

Ashwin avatar

Due to the current Rupee/Dollar conversion it is the correct price. Please calculate the price after taxes and see they are actually selling it a lil lower. Kudos Element14.

Rajneesh avatar

current price $5.
USD value let’s day Rs 68
so cost is Rs 340 only. Difference 1123 – 340 = Rs 783 Don;t think shipping + taxes will be twice the actual cost.

Alok avatar

Please check your calculations: 1123 INR = 16.804 USD as of now. Element14 gets zero kudos

amin seraj avatar

congratulation .
this is very nice.

Nathan avatar

Another incredible piece of hardware at a breathtaking price.


Stewart Watkiss avatar

Amazing – not only a $5 computer, but you can get it for free with a magazine. I keep pinching myself to make sure I’ve actually woken up this morning.

It’s not even 1st April!

bogdan avatar

too bad, it’s not free for MagPi online subscriptions also :)

Liz Upton avatar

It is. If you’ve got a MagPi coming in the post, it’ll have a Zero on the front. (And if you subscribe today, you can opt to get this month’s issue.)

Misc avatar

That’s what he’s saying, it’s not free for readers who have subscribed to the digital edition

Daniel Andrews avatar

What about those who subscribe via the Android app? Will we be able to claim one?

Liz Upton avatar

Afraid it’s physical copy only.

Scollay Petry avatar

Come on peoples…it’s $5.00! I’d be happy to pay $10.00 and donate one to a kid.

Simon Birrell avatar

Amazing! They keep surprising us.

Guillermo Amaral avatar

element14 not sell it in the US? I’m unable to purchase anything from Adafruit due to them blacklisting shipping addresses.

Supra avatar

Yeah! Pi-hut is selling black-listing on ebay.
But no available in US/CANADA

Michael Harpe avatar

Newwark/Element14 has them listed on their site for $23.17. What’s up with that?

Michael Meissner avatar

In the USA, Adafruit.com and Microcenter.com are carrying the Pi zero. My local Microcenter (Boston/Cambridge) claims to have at least 10 in stock.

Adafruit is also selling the Zero in budget/starter packs, and has a protector case.

Since today (November 26) is a USA holiday (Thanksgiving) there might be a delay before other USA distributors come on line.

Liz Upton avatar

The MagPi arrives in the US three weeks after the UK publication date – you’ll be able to pick up copies with the free Pi Zero on the front in Barnes & Noble and in Microcenter.

Mike S. avatar

I checked MULTIPLE locations in London today and they didn’t have issue #40 anywhere. It wasn’t sold out, it just never got there in the first place. Why is that?

Kevin Davies avatar

Liz, have they found an Australia publisher for the MagPi? I can tell you they would sell a thousand or more here easily.

John Wal avatar

Does the MagPi is available in France?

Anonymous avatar

Does it decode video on the hardware level?

Anonymous avatar

It’s the same BCM2835 as in the first RPi models, so yes, it’ll decode video in hardware.

Jim Manley avatar





CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THESE ON BALLOONS AND ROCKETS GALORE – Not sure how the camera modules will be integrated as there is no CSI nor DSI ports, but the Adafruit Kippah provides a way to get 1080p60 native to an LCD panel via almost all of the GPIO pins. Perhaps something similar can be done for the camera modules.




Dave Akerman avatar

Yes, it’ll be on a balloon soon!

Shame about the lack of camera interface, but a USB webcam should work.

Henry avatar

I would assume that Windows IOT will still work here ?

Ben Nuttall avatar

No – Windows 10 IoT only supports Raspberry Pi 2. Pi Zero contains the Raspberry Pi 1 chip.

veritanuda avatar

> I would assume that Windows IOT will still work here ?

No, but Linux IOT will work fine :)

mlotfy avatar

No it wont, Windows 10 IoT requires ARMv7 at least, this chip is BCM2835 ARM11 which is identical to RaspberryPi 1.

Nico avatar

Will RS also stock it?

Liz Upton avatar

Not initially, but we hope they will be doing later.

B Alan Eisen avatar

I wanted a Zero. Truck it, now. I will shoehorn a Pi 2 (or 3)
B+ into my project.

Tom Kirby-Green avatar

Congrats chaps, computing just moved much closer to being ‘material’. Kudos to all involved!

Steve Richards avatar

I thought it was pretty cool that I could lend out our 120 or so pis from our old CS network to every year 9 who picks GCSE Computer Science on long term loan but with this we can give every child in the school a computer !
Thats just 0 degrees K cool!

Dutch_Master avatar

Kelvin doesn’t come in degrees ;-) It’s 0 (as in: zero) K, nothing more.

/pedantic mode off ;-P

Jim Manley avatar

Ummm, yes Kelvin does come in degrees. 273.15° K is 0° Celsius, or 491.67° Rankine, or 32° Fahrenheit. See, we can learn STEM right here in the blog by using a Pi to look that sort of thing up! :D

woytaz avatar

Nope. It’s zero kelvin, not zero degrees kelvin (0 K, not 0 °K). Feel free to check the wikipedia article on it.

Bethany Corcoran avatar

Nay – Celsius and Fahrenheit are both written and said as degrees, but Kelvin is just Kelvin. 273.15 K, three-hundred Kelvin, etc.

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin

Fernando Lichtschein avatar

You are right, Kelvins are Kelvins, just K.
Famous for his balls https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MuseeMarine-compas-p1000468.jpg#/media/File:MuseeMarine-compas-p1000468.jpg

Also known as William Thompson.

Alan(UK) avatar

The SI unit of temperature is the kelvin. It is used in the same way as most other SI units: it is the name of an actual person (Lord Kelvin) so the unit is written with a lower case initial letter (kelvin) while its symbol is upper case (K with a space between the number and the unit) and its plural is kelvins.

UoM avatar

To convert Kelvin to Celcius or Fahrenheit and vice versa, you may run JSR 363 (Units of Measurement API) on every Raspberry Pi, including the Zero ;-)

UoM avatar

Sorry, it was of course Celsius;-)

More on https://github.com/unitsofmeasurement

Paul Webster avatar

What a great surprise. Now to find something I can hide one in.

Jim Manley avatar

Uh-ohhhh – Newark is saying no stock until December 14th and the unit price will be $23.17 – WHAAAA??? 500+ will be $16.72 HIGHWAY ROBBERY, I SAY! Version with NOOBS card also not in stock and $5.00 more in unit quantities.

MCM and Allied don’t list it yet.

Ohhhh, Foundaaaaationnnnn – “Houston we have a problem … ” :(

Michelle avatar

Well done and thank you to Raspberry Pi team got one on the way from our local online shop


Luke avatar

At $22 that’s almost 4 times the amount that it’s supposed to cost.

dean avatar

Don’t forget, that’s $22 AU, that’s $15.95 USD, or 10.58 quid

so, it’s only just under 3 times the cost!

Add to that, the $10 shipping,

Element 14 comes to around $40 AUD for the Pi2, order over $45 and free shipping.

So, zero Pi is around 1/2 the price of Pi 2, and about the same as an A+

Summary – Auzzies always pay a premium, especially so for ‘local stock’ and stuff that’s freshly released.
wait a few months and it’ll come dowm in price

Luke avatar

Yeah, just over 3 times at the current exchange rate ($6.90), assuming you can find someone in the US to sell it to you for $5 (with stock).

I ended up paying AUD$15.80 including shipping from PiHut in the UK.

So lets call it roughly double that price when you include the additional shipping from the referenced JiffyShop or Pi Australia makes it roughly $30 to buy in Australia.

Jonathan Pallant avatar

Astonishing. This is cheaper than most Arduino Micro clones. Hell, you’re selling this for less than most people charge for postage on an Arduino clone! You really have excelled yourselves. And Made In Britain.

How long until support is added to the Arduino IDE I wonder. The processing it could perform…

Superb stuff guys. See you on Saturday?

Michael Lush avatar

Gobsmacked! Just when I thought your were working on the Pi 3 with a dull bit more of this and slightly interesting bit more of that and you come up with this! Wow.

Its a obvious candidate for battery powered projects (1) how much power does it use?

(1) Where the computer costs less than the power supply!

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Around the 160mA mark (0.5/0.7W!). More information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFFQmdUc5Vg

edwinj85 avatar

Really? That’s MUCH less than the original model B right?

Wowzer. Such low power usage may unlock so many different possibilities. For £4 a pop I can replace both my media player and home server Pis and make the money back on my power bill in a year or three, basically making it a “free” upgrade!

Fredrik avatar

Amazing job!!!!! 5+ for this for sure.
Guess I will try to buy a few :)

Ben avatar

What’s the power consumption like? I’m guessing it’s worse than the A+? (or are you actual wizards)

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Quoted to be around the 160mA mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFFQmdUc5Vg

Robert M avatar

Dang… I turn my back for a second and look what you get up to…

Well done!

This price point makes it an even more hackable computer for the unemployed Evil Genius than before. A distracted minion blows up your Pi while aligning Goldeneye? No prob, Bob. For less than the price of lunch out you’re back in business.

Very impressive!

Leo White avatar

I stopped off at my local Tesco’s this morning to pick up a copy of the MagPi… My guess of a cardboard, pop-out build your own case was well off (Although still a good idea for a future issue :) )

Looks like they had twice as many copies out on the shelf than they normally do, so I picked up one… and then another..

I’m tempted to replace the A+ on my PiWars robot with this, but I did just add a camera last night.. So maybe for next year! So many choices!

Now my only problem is I don’t think I have any Micro-SD cards at the office…. So can’t have a proper play until tonight.

Well done to you all! especially at keeping it secret!

Simeon avatar

How much does the Mag Pi 40 go for?

Liz Upton avatar


arek avatar

No stock or limits 1 unit per order :-(

RaspberryStore avatar

Wow!! Awesome news! Cannot wait until I get one!

Steve Richards avatar

Great timing too.
You are just about convergent with the big BBC microbit giveaway to all year 7s.
Working at 3 v logic and with a host of on board sensors it will be GPIO directly plug-in-able to this new pi. That is also really rather good.

Brian Williams avatar

Better than convergent with the Microbit, it’s stolen the march by several months!

I was amused to see the dear old BBC Micro in the video. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to rub it in… :)

I’m sure the original BBC Computer Literacy team would have involved the Pi Foundation. What hubris!

Don avatar

Which part of pumping out a loss leader device that is likely to be picked up mostly by middle aged geeks helps to teach kids to code? I doubt plans for this product existed before the $9 CHIP threatened to take the crown as a hacker’s best friend.

Jim Manley avatar

The C.H.I.P. doesn’t even come close to an A+, let alone the Pi Zero, after you add the OPTIONAL VGA or HDMI add-on interface, it has an inferior GPU, and unless you plunked down $150 + shipping for an alpha (well, two alphas now, plus five regular C.H.I.P.s later), you’re not going to see it until May 2016 … maybe. The C.H.I.P. does have on-board WiFi and Bluetooth, which would have been nice on a Pi by now, but trade-offs have to be made.

James Hughes avatar

Well done Don. How you managed to find such negativity in this launch is very impressive. Plans change as markets change, welcome to the world. ANd what makes you think this is a loss leader? More to the point, why would the Pi people feel the need to have a loss leader? They have already sold 7M Pi’s. It’s not like they need to lose money.

Noel avatar

Wow, I was having tea reading this amazing news with all the amazing comments, one or two from teachers, thinking to myself “wow, you could give every kid in the country a Pi and start a new generation of coders” and you come alone with a very negative comment.

This isn’t a supermarket, there is no need for this to be a loss leader, its just a group doing an amazing job of offering a product they believe in to those who otherwise couldnt afford it. And yes middle aged geeks play a part but for every middle aged geek there is a child learning what goes on behind the wizard’s GUI curtain for less than the cost of a Happy Meal.

Congrats Guys on the amazing product.

Brian Williams avatar

What is a CHIP? I guess that question says it all…

Marzogh avatar

Any idea if they’ll be available for a reasonable price from elemnt14 in Australia? They’re comparatively far too expensive at the moment… :(

Alan Mc avatar


Gilbert Laurel avatar


Wow, finally this is what we are waiting for, I remember sending you guys a letter “wishing” if you can make us a Raspberry Pi A- “A minus”

:) this is it, we already ordered 300 Raspberry Pi A+ from Element14 for our project, I’ll switch to Raspberry Pi Zero on our next order.

Thank you, more power to all and congratulations.

RPi user from the Philippines :)

Remco Hosman avatar

I wish USB would be also available on pins instead of a connector. would make it a lot easier to truely embed.

Ben Nuttall avatar

You can always desolder it yourself!

Remco Hosman avatar

the point would be that you can mount the Pi with a single connector for power, data and everything onto another board

Gavin Higham avatar

Isn’t that the point of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module?

Dave avatar

I agree with OP. Having true power (vie fuse) and USB on a header would take this from a 10 out of 10 to a 100 out of 10.

Desoldering and soldering on to those micro USB pads isn’t viable beyond 1 or 2 boards.

Great product all the same!!!

Remco Hosman avatar

Correct, but the compute module is ‘expensive’ compared to the Zero, by far not as common and SO-dimm connectors are fine-pitched.

mahjongg avatar

Its a bit soon to say definitely but AFAIK there will be test-pads on the bottom you can use to get at the D+ and D- USB signals, so you do not have to unsolder the micro-USB connector. Same probably goes for +5V (before the fuse) and GND. It will be quite easy to solder wires to these test-pads.

Marco Barrios avatar

Couldn’t agree more! But very interesting product never the less.

Alan Mc avatar

Merry Christmas !

Sonia Uppal avatar

Wow, simply amazing!
At this price point, for every $100 I can build five or even more education kits for teaching programming.
A thanksgiving treat!!

Dmitri avatar

And what about network?

Leo White avatar

I didn’t even notice it was missing :D

To used to playing with the Model A(+) I guess, which also doesn’t have a network port.

Supra avatar

U don’t needed network. U simply build robot, car, etc

Greg Jameson avatar

Network is required, this isn’t the 1980s.

Matija avatar

It’s not 2000 either. Just plug in USB wifi of your choice (for $1.95 on ebay or whatever) if your project needs it. Not *all* general purpose computer are used for casual users surfing the net…

Tobias K avatar

This would be ideal to use in conjunction with IOT except for thelack of networking. Is any sort of add-on board possible/available/planned?

Tobias K avatar

Added note: As others point out, a USB-based network option is possible for $10-$15 but because there are only 2 USB ports on-board — and you need one for a mouse, one for a keyboard — that also requires the extra cost of a USB hub, so another $5-$10 (or a USB hub/Ethernet expansion combo for around $20 or so). Bottom line: around $15 – $25 to get networking. For that total cost, you’re within $5-15 of what the Pi2 costs.

Greg Jameson avatar

Consider a server configuration in which you can just ssh into the pi IFF you have networking going. So you don’t need the mouse/keyboard, bringing the adjusted price to $15-$20.

James Hughes avatar

If you want a Pi with networking, buy a B2!!!! Putting it on the Zero would increase the price a lot.

James avatar

There are keyboards that have external USB ports for a mouse. So, you plug in the keyboard and plug the mouse into the keyboard and only use one USB port. The SIIG premium aluminum keyboard with USB hub.

geoff avatar

Even if you don’t have an ethernet port, what would be great is if it were possible to provide a jumper where an ethernet port can be connected. That might satisfy the low-cost applications that don’t need ethernet but at the same time satisfy the users who need ethernet.

mahjongg avatar

That jumper exists, its the GPIO Header, probably very low cost Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth adapter PCB’s for the GPIO will appear very soon, low cost meaning something like $4.

Stephen avatar

hmmmm element14 saying $19.95

Liz Upton avatar

Link please! We’ll get that sorted. That makes sense if they’re selling it with a kit, but the bare board should be USD $5.

Piotr avatar

It seems like promoting USA market. Produced in EU.

Markus Stehr avatar

Please see:


Marzogh avatar

Element14 Australia is selling it for $19.38 :(


Aleksandr Motsjonov avatar

Yeah, Australia is $20 basically =((

Dean Boulding avatar

Element14 at $30, MCM at $15. Link: http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-79263?ICID=hp-pizero-ban (You will need to click on the “Buy Now” button.)

Stephen avatar

Element14 in Australia doesn’t appear to be selling the bare bones board, only the kit

Denis Moreaux avatar

Downside : it has video composite but I don’t see sound output… So, basically, if we want sound, we have to stick to HDMI.

The lack of network interface is also a little sad… onboard Wifi would only be 1-2$ more and could fill the gap…

Maybe good addition for the zero V2

mahjongg avatar

NO! You can have analog sound with just a few resistors and capacitors, and a small software change to redirect the Audio PWM driver to the PWM output on the GPIO header.

Brad avatar

Can you provide some more information on how to do that?

mahjongg avatar

The forum has a discussion about it, mainly it just means you reconfigure the extra GPIO functions so PWM goes to the GPIO pins, instead of to the audio converter of the older PI’s. No extra software driver is needed.
Stereo is possible!

David avatar

i2s works great on the old model A as well as new, just use gpio and compatible soundcard

Erland Lewin avatar

You can always use a USB audio DAC. But that might cost more than the Pi Zero. On the other hand, the onboard audio signal from the other Pi models is quite poor, so for many applications you’ll want an external DAC anyway.

Which will require a USB hub, if you want network at the same time as audio. Finding a good USB hub to match the Zero to will be important, I think, with only one usable USB port.

Liz Upton avatar

This DAC is landing shortly: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/phat-dac

Arunkumar avatar

Amazing job! Could you guys give me an idea of when and how it will reach India? It’d be really helpful.

fdufnews avatar

What a pity!! I was in UK yesterday for work. Too bad that my journey has not been shifted by one day.

Alexandro Todeschini avatar

Multicore is an ABSOLUTE !! no way single core

LT avatar

Multicore has never been mandatory for multitasking, so why it must be an absolute ?

Sam Colak avatar

Amazing news!!! Pi keeps getting refined! Keep up the great work guys!

brylleorito avatar

Will this be available in the Philippines?

Markus Stehr avatar

Umm, E14 is asking 12.80€, a bit off from 5$… :3

Alexandru Vasilescu avatar

Nice, BUT…no wired network?! Kinda holds it back, don’t you think?

James Hughes avatar

Did you miss the bit about it being $5. There are limits to what you can actually build for $5, and just an ethernet connector would push the price up by a large percentage.

If you want ethernet, buy a B.

David avatar

How much would it cost to add a jumper-style pinout for Ethernet, without a full-blown RJ45 socket??

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Add $20 and buy a Pi

mahjongg avatar

NO! Not just jumpers, you would ALSO need the LAN9512 chip and the Ethernet transformer, for Ethernet, which would double the price of the PI-zero.

If you need Ethernet add a $5 WiFi dongle, or an USB Ethernet adapter.

Bananeiro foo avatar

I would prefer to spend $10 on a Pi Zero that had ethernet built-in instead of having to use a dongle.

mahjongg avatar

Probably very soon someone will launch a small PCB with a Microchip SPI ethernet IC on it mounted on (part of) the GPIO pin’s which will add Ethernet for just a few dollars, its not rocket science.

7up avatar

Also, USB-Ethernet-Adapters should work, shouldn’t they? So you could also use a wifi-stick or whatever… Also a RJ-45-Jack would look ridiculous on the small board. :-D

Alain Geenrits avatar

Super ! But how can I get this issue with RaspberryPi zero in Belgium ??

Paul Ward avatar

Yet again the UK market will support the product, it is $5 for the US market which equates to £3.31 on today’s exchange rate on EX. But what a surprise I went to element 14 site and the cost of the PI ZERO for the UK market is £11.88 and the Pi Hut is £16.00.

So if the PI is $5 Element 14’s price pays for three and the PI hut is close on the price for 5. It is fantastic saying you have a $5 PI so why are you not selling it for $5 or £5 that would be something.

Awesome even though the pricing is a bit confusing.

Liz Upton avatar

Right folks: from what I can make out, e14 are advertising the Zero WITH A CABLE BUNDLE on their front pages. The Zero on its own IS available for $5, but you’ll have to dig around their site a bit to find it.

Rich Steed avatar

Could you post the board only link – been searching on e14 and can only find the bundles

Stephen avatar

Ditto! can’t find link to board only

Michael Horne avatar

The Pi Hut is offering a bundle of Zero + Essentials Kit + SD card for £16. The Zero by itself is still £4

Paul avatar

I guess our £4 includes tax, whereas I don’t think the $5 prices does as local tax is usually applied during the purchase.

John W avatar

Just ordered one from Pimoroni for £4. A reasonable parallel, given the curse of VAT.

Roger avatar

Shame you couldn’t have got the UK price down to £3.14 :)

Remi avatar

I see what you did there 3.14 ;)

Mohsin avatar

I hope this comes to India soon. i’ve got some ideas for automating my house so it would be nice to have one of these baby’s in each room.

Nx avatar

Very very good job ! This is a giant step toward education !

Wutipong Wongsakuldej avatar

I wish there’s one more USB data port though. Is it possible to connect a device into the power port ? or it’s only used for getting power only.

Liz Upton avatar

You can use a USB hub if you want more slots.

Liam Kennedy avatar

This is just simply a mind-blowing product. WOW.

Ordered mine via Adafruit. Can’t wait to try it out.

I’m also even more inspired to check out that “custom build” option you announced via Farnell last month.

If I could have a version with built-in WiFi (and this is not any criticism at ALL for the Pi Zero – that truly is a game-changer in what is possible)

Ken MacIver avatar

A $5 Pi !!!, That’s the price of an enormous cup of Xmas themed coffee (I ‘m thinking gingerbread mocha). Just like the best coffee shops is there any way I can buy one and suspend one..? I’d gladly pay double to get one and gift one.

Daza avatar

That is impressive for the power and form factor not to mention the price.. i will buy one just for the sake of trying this little beauty out

could there be another model in the pipe line opposite to this where a new PI is more powerful has more hardware functionality?

i know there are many PI fans and users here who would happily pay out a bit more for a higher proc/ram, USB3, wifi module, built in optical/amp… just a future though!

maybe do a poll on what users would like.. give them an idea on what could be possible and commit payment to it like kickstarter!

Adi avatar

THis is wonderful. However, I wish if Rasberry community launches a cheaper Wifi enabled version of RP so that is can be used to develop IoT applications. Presently the wifi adapter itself comes over 10$.

Ed Harding avatar

If you’re thinking IoT, then start thinking about a $5 Pi Zero plus a $2 ESP8266, and get your best pair of hacking boots on!

Norbert avatar

Yes you can but that will be 160 mA of current consumption for the Zero + 240 mA for the ESP which is complicated on batteries.

Ed Harding avatar

…and that’s the art of knowing how often, and how deeply, you put your ESP8266 into a current-sipping sleep mode vs. running it 24/7 in full-on heat-the-planet mode.

Obviously, your battery mileage may vary, but my take on the IoT is that energy-prudent Things need to know when to be seen and not heard, when to be heard and not seen, and when to have a nice quiet snooze.

Retroclinic avatar

Farnell are charging £11.88+VAT. That’s not $5? Also out of stock, so we can’t buy today. Can’t help the stick thing, but why the difference in UK price?

Michael Horne avatar

Try The Pi Hut – they had plenty in stock when I last checked.

smartroad avatar

I wish that you had put a normal USB and HDMI. It is hardly a £4 computer when you have to have another £8 worth of dongles attached to it.

It is an amazing board though just wonder if making it a few mm bigger could have allowed for normal sized ports.

Will there be a Pi Zero+ with the Pi2 processor on? would be awesome for a very small (thinking built into a controller) emulator platform!

James Hughes avatar

Are you thinking about the Model A+ or B2+? Remember, if you want lots of features, they have to be paid for somehow!

Mike Redrobe avatar

Ideally would have liked a full size USB socket, and the camera socket


smartroad avatar

I was just wondering if adding a full sized USB and HDMI ports would have added to the cost as much as having to buy converters to use along with it?

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing device for £4! I have brought one and have an idea for a project to use it in, it just would be more convenient to have normal ports.

aremvee avatar

think of it as a Compute module with connectivity options

Shon Brennan avatar

This is an obvious answer to the C.H.I.P., the specs are identical except half the cost and doesn’t have the built in wi-fi and bluetooth.

Lee Wilkin avatar

… Absolutely Astonishing Acheivement! (AAA+++++) … would definitely buy from again (hang on a minute, I’m not on EBay and I have a MagPi subscription) … guess that means I’ll be taking delivery of a brand new computer that is completely FREE!!! :-O

Two questions:-

1. Do kids (and big kids like me) know how lucky they are to have you guys rocking their Geeky socks off?

2. How on earth have you done this?! :-O (you must have just broken Reality with your awesome hack)

I’ve said it once, I’m going to say it again (for FREE):- Absolutely Astonishing Acheivement! (AAA+++++)

Lee Wilkin avatar

Sorry, I know this isn’t cool (asking a question and then answering it with a reply in my own comment) but the answer for Q.1 (for some people) is obviously “No” – reading the negative comments in this blog post … it’s a sad fact that some people will never be pleased … shrug off the trolls, you awesome guys! :-)

Dedy Yasriady avatar

wow…. breathtaking price for IoT/Embedded geek!! When will be available worldwide, Indonesia is now waiting…

wahyu avatar

sing sabar lan tawakal ya om :P

Andy Baker avatar

I have 5 on the way from various sources including cables, 3 way USB hubs and uSD cards to give away at the @CotswoldJam on Saturday – I hope the postal system can hold up and get them to me tomorrow. http://www.cotswoldjam.org

Suresh avatar

What an amazing holidays gift idea for the kids :) This will create a revoltuion in coding, since it’s cutting down the price barrier.

Merry Christmas to Raspberry pi team.

The Merkle avatar

With the release of the Pi Zero now running a bitcoin node just got cheaper! Now instead of spending $50-$100 on a brand new Raspberry Pi 2 and an SD card you can get the same functionality out of $15 plus shipping.

Read more:


Ali Sözkesen avatar

Is there a audio out module or pins?
If so, it will be a great client for the baby monitor that I did with raspberry pi 2. I can run it as it’s embedded on my old tv.

Michael Horne avatar

No. But Pimoroni are doing a DAC mini-HAT if you want audio. Alternatively see if you can get it out of the HDMI.

mahjongg avatar

Well, the original PI’s analog audio was never more than two PWM outputs plus a couple of cheap passive components and a connector, the GPIO carries one of these PWM outputs so I assume that with the same few passive components you could get at least mono audio out of it. You can look at the schematics of the PI for details.

Ideal if you want to build your own gaming rig with it.

So yes, it DOES have analog sound output!

Jenny List avatar

Well done! My order is in the post :)

Could I lodge a plea for a mechanical spec for Pi Zero Hats when your launch traffic has died down?

John W avatar

I wonder whether I could find a 4-8 port USB hub with enough space to fit one of these inside? Then I could have just the hub sitting on a desk, with no apparent computer.

Ian Hodgetts avatar

LOVE this idea! I “need” to do this now :-D

MarkP avatar

Check out ModMyPi – they make a “naked 7 port usb hub – you could easily fit a PiZero into that footprint. Of course you would have to hack your own case, but that is half the fun. (There is a 3D printed case design linked)

Mesut Piskin avatar

its great
he is like jason statham :D

mohhope avatar

Wow that’s Cool i like the new raspberry pi zero

arjoonn sharma avatar

Is this available in India? The only reason my school does not have computers is they are expensive. This could be affordable at last.

Rich Steed avatar

Awesome – might actually be able to afford a class set now and do proper Python instead of having to use a dodgy Virtual Machine!

Also cheap enough that I can get them doing some signs and displays around school too I hope

Will have to pop into Tesco on the way home and see if I can get a copy of the mag :)

Nigel Kendrick avatar

Just picked up two on the walk into work. Good stuff. Shoild make a great IoT platform/Mesh device with an ESP8266 doing the connectivity.

Vineeth Raj avatar

I was looking at the prices of the Raspberry Pi at element14, only dealer shipping to India; and it costs INR 1198 (~USD 18), *excluding* tax and shipping.

Can you guys figure out a way to make this priced uniformly worldwide (excluding shipping)?

Jeremy avatar

Well, element14 here in Australia wants to charge us AUD$20 instead of AU$7, and that’s the bare board only


It’s cheaper to import it from a UK store myself…

Seb avatar

Little bird has the kit for au$25, they don’t know yet if the kit has the sd card.

mahjongg avatar

No! the $19.20 price is including a cable set, not just the board alone.
AFAIK the cable set consists of a microHDMI to HDMI adapter cable, a MicroUSB to USB cable and a 40 pole pinheader. All easily worth $10.
Its also including taxes and shipping.

rocket-dog avatar

I have wanted a box just for MAME and emulation of retro PCs for a while now. Thanks RPi team. :)

dendad avatar

I am very interested in this “$5” Pi.
Odd ‘tho, when I look on Element14, $5 becomes $19+
That is a bit of a pity.

Rob Jansen avatar

Yep, same over here in the Netherlands.
$5 becomes 17 EUR at farnell and even 18,95 at sossolutions.nl

I’m taking the Ferry to the UK to pick up a few MagPi issues at the nearest Tesco – cheaper than buying one over here ;-)

RaspberryStore avatar

Jup, Farnell is making money big time! Latest price was 14 euro for 50 Zero’s. Buying a single piece + shipping is cheaper than Farnell.
Great product, but now the challenge to get one for the official price…

Mukund avatar

When will we get it in India for the same low price? The model B sells for 85$.

LT avatar

Some questions up there :

– Is there a risk of blowing something, by plugging power to micro USB data instead of micro USB power (since they are the same connector) ?
I suppose both 5V lines are connected and there is no risk.

– I understand that connector price are very important in a such low price design, but is there a chance to retreive DSI or CSI signals from anywhere in the board ?

– Is there a chance to see an official micro USB to Ethernet or micro ISB WiFi device available ?

Ben avatar

There’s an official microUSB to USB connector, and an official USB WiFi dongle, so I suppose you have an official microUSB to WiFi solution already :-)

Dave KZN avatar

This is fantastic! I have a gazillion uses for this little marvel. My only caveat is the lack of analog audio, which I use in some of my projects for text-to-voice and sound effects. Is there maybe a simple (read: cheap) way to add it, with say a couple of resistors and capacitors? A full blown audio hat might be overkill. But other than that tiny niggle, I can’t wait to get my hands on a few dozen of these!

Dave avatar

There are USB sound adaptors for £1 or pennies more on Amazon/eBay that might work. I’m not sure about compatibility with Linux/other but at that price it is worth a try. I have a little project in mind that was going to use a Pi which this smaller+cheaper form might be better for if I can sort some convenient audio output without completely undoing the convenience of the smaller form+price.

Dave KZN avatar

I will check them out. I did find what looks like the audio circuitry of the original Pi’s, which takes two PWM outputs from the Broadcom chip and filters and decouples them with 2 resistors and 2 capacitors per channel. If these outputs are accessible on the Pi Zero, I could try this. Of course the eBay audio adapters might be cheaper…

Seb avatar

Very very cool, would have been nice to have a more modern cpu, but for us$5, thank you pi team.

Ian McAlpine avatar

Just incredible… and the BBC Micro Bit still isn’t available!

Will international subscribers (ie Canada) of The MagPi also receive a Pi Zero and does the cable offer for new subscribers also apply for intenational readers?

Excellent job!

Liz Upton avatar

Yes to both of your questions. :)

Ian McAlpine avatar

Wonderfull… absolutely wonderfull.

Thank you Liz & Eben.

Peter Hickman avatar

I just rushed out to WHSmiths and made the guy look through all the stock they had yet to put on display so I could buy a copy of MagPI.

The zero looks amazing, can we say *CLUSTER*

Kurinando avatar

What about CM2… any news?

Ioannis avatar

Just Perfect !!!

Zeke avatar


I suscribed to the online version. Will i get a rasberry pi zero with the online version of december issue together with the free cables prior to my subscription?

Furkan Aşık avatar

its great,
Congratulation .
this is very nice.

Neil Hastings avatar

It’s way too expensive for me :(

kneekoo avatar

Then ask your parents to buy you one.

ResearchIT avatar

for 5$, it’s amazing!
Still, I would have voted for a 7$ version with LAN (or WIFI). In the era of connectivity, I can hardly find any fun in something not connected.
Or maybe the hdmi is the one that accepts LAN connectivity?

Tim Richardson avatar

I thought the A+ was cute, but the Zero!

Well done all at the Foundation and Trading for keeping this so quiet – almost feels like an Apple launch!

Dougie avatar

Wow, just wow!

artesea avatar

Picked up two MagPi’s at WHSmiths this morning, I saw the purchase as two Pi Zeros, plus two bonus magazines with zero delivery costs and instant availablitiy for £11.98. Cheapest option by far.

Anna J avatar

Once again you pleased us with amazing Christmas prize.
Thanks a lot

Amir avatar

How do you plug keyboard? and how about getting online?

Gavin Smith avatar

Checked local Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys in NI, got someone to check in each shop, but not a single issue. Boooo :(

ZombieWorm avatar

So where in NI can we check these?

The lack of WHSmiths is astonishing, is there an alternative stockist?

Liz Upton avatar

Turns out Tesco HAD them, but couldn’t get them to scan – so they sent them back! We’re trying to sort it out, so hopefully they should appear in a Tesco near you in the next few days.

Steve B avatar

Awesome news….can we go pick one up in Pencoed?? :D I work literally 5 mins from there lol

Paul avatar

If I subscribed today would I be able to obtain the December issue and of course the PiZero I have Pi 2 running as a media, file server and developmental webserver.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Yes if you subscribe you’ll get the Pi Zero with your subscription

anon avatar

Does this have i2c bus?

mahjongg avatar

YES! It has all the interfaces on the GPIO bus, so I2C, I2S, SPI, PWM and UART (serial) are all available.
And of course all the normal GPIO’s.
Its also HAT compatible.

Brasso avatar

I read about this and immediately left my desk to get one from WHSmith. I resisted buying 2 thinking that they need to be shared around, but a guy behind me lifted every copy on the shelf and bought the entire stock.

Anyway, looks like a dream, I will be getting me an ESP8266 today and doing some fun hacking.
This spec appeals to me more than my Pi2Bs and is a bit of a slap in the nuts for BBC Micro-Bit.

Steve Lee avatar

I just rushed into town to get mine.

Thanks for listening to the big guy from Google :)

Alan Mc avatar

It’s true ES did make a “recommendation” about that ;o) +1

Misia Anto avatar

I never thought I would see the day that a computer could be sold for $5. This will definitely allow a lot of folk to join the computer science community. I hope there will be sufficient supply within the next few months.

Chris avatar


Though it isn’t really available immediately from UK outlets, and its not really $5 when you get there… (its more like $18, from Farnell)


However, it IS small and cute :-)

ukscone avatar

Pi Hut and Pimoroni at least have stock for shipping today (if you hurry)

Chris avatar

Right, but Element14 never had any (as per the announcement) and ts not $5 whenyou get there (as per the announcement).

Getting one is easy enough, I’ll pick up a copy of MapPi, but thats not the point I was making…

Brasso avatar

As Liz commented above, the E14/CPC offer includes a cables bundle.

Brasso avatar

Some WHSmiths still have some stock if you hurry. And you get a free magazine with it.

Alan Mc avatar

Pour votre information, en France Kubii.fr have just put the #PiZero up on their site for €8,90 TTC {http://www.kubii.fr/nano-ordinateurs-raspberry-pi/1401-raspberry-pi-zero-.html}…just waiting on stock… ;o)

Gary avatar

“…several tens of thousands…” Why not tens of millions!? Excellent news!

mahjongg avatar

Tens of millions takes a year or so to fabricate, but my guess is that they will sell as fast as they can produce them. Which should be faster than previous PI’s, I can tell you that!

gordon77 avatar

Great for $5, well done !!

…. but it seems to cost £11.88 + vat etc at Farnell, and more at CPC with adapters.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

I think even at Farnell it includes the connectors

Vlad avatar

That’s amazing job! All the basic functions available for such a price! However back to reality, the real price for people will be very different. Charity or not, distributor’s CEO needs new Porsche… Did actually anybody see selling Pi Zero for advertised price ( + VAT )?

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Some retailers are selling for £4. After converting to pounds and adding VAT – it works out about 2 pence more, so that’s pretty close.

Sportsnapper avatar

Amazing – Merry Christmas to me – but the SWAG store is sold out already :-(

I do find it amazing how many negative comments this announcement has got though – it surely is a “Good thing”. the Pi has already transformed a number of things for me – this can only add to that. And made in Wales too :-)

Andy avatar

Is networking possible via that micro USB connector + adaptor + USB Wifi?

mahjongg avatar


Jim Manley avatar

Yes! It’s just like on the A+, which this apparently is replacing, with double the DRAM and a 40% increase in speed. A micro-USB-to-USB-A OTG (On The Go) adapter can be had for about $1.50 and then you can plug a WiFi, Bluetooth, or RF keyboard/trackpad in and run it from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy recliner or equivalent, via SSH, VNC, RDC, etc.

I’ve already done this with a Logitech K400 RF keyboard/trackpad, which is now $19.99, down from $26.99 in Walmart. There’s apparently a newer K400 model out at the higher price and they’re clearing out the old model, which is functionally identical, it’s just a cosmetic change.

ednl avatar

Well, not replacing the A+ exactly, at least not if you want to use a CSI camera or DSI display; no flatcable connectors.

Beverly Howard avatar

Amazon has a variety of otg adapters, including OTG hubs… including this 3 pack with free shipping for $1.80


Just search for OTG

Hope that this information is helpful
Beverly Howard

Siddharth Jha avatar

People at Pi foundation, you have my respect! Thanks a lot for being there!

Miro avatar

It is amazing!!I love it.
Does anyone know the working temperature range?
Thank you.

mahjongg avatar

Should be the same as the Broadcom SoC, so -40°C to 85°C.
Indeed previous PI’s worked well from the antarctic to the deserts.

Anthony avatar

Hi there, sorry for the stupid noob post, but my other half has just got the magazine with the Pi Zero on it for me. Now this is the VERY FIRST PI I have owned and can’t wait to play with it!
Question is, if I buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter, can I use it on this Pi Zero via the micro USB connector? Or would it work via a 4 port USB Hub?

Sorry for the dumb questions but as I say this is the very first Pi I have owned!

Brasso avatar

There will be more than one way of getting the Pi on line. Guaranteed somebody will put details on the web about getting the Pi Zero working with an ESP8266 which can be had for a couple of quid on Ebay.

Anthony avatar

Thanks for the reply Brasso, much appreciated.

Looks like I am in for quite a ride learning all about these Pi’s, and I’m so looking forward to it now!!

exartemarte avatar

Lots of us use USB wi-fi adapters with Raspberry Pi’s. They have standard USB connectors so you will need an an adapter cable to connect the wi-fi to the Pi Zero’s micro-usb port. These are available from the suppliers of the Pi Zero, including the Swag Shop, Pi Hut, Pimoroni, etc.

Anthony avatar

Thanks for that exartemarte, just ordered one. Now all I have to do is wait!

Andreas avatar

Thank you Raspberry Pi! Vielen Dank. Ihr seid wunderbar!v Just orderen 12 Pi Zeros in Total. Finally I can do all the little projects with the Kids in my Pi Club I always wanted to do and do not have to wait until the parents get out their wallets.

zoel avatar

its great,
Congratulation …..but for Indonesia it will come January :-)

Ian H avatar

We need to get a network to this thing, without a mess of USB adapters. Any chance the Swag shop will source an SPI-connected (think ENC28J60) wired or wireless Ethernet adapter which will go on the GPIO headers?

Anton avatar

I apologize for stupid comment in advance but……..WHAAAAAAT?

This is extraordinary! This is most extraordinary! THANK YOU!

Please, I have to questions: is Zero going to be mass-produced similarly to other models and what does the introduction of Zero means for Model A? I mean, will Zero be available just for this Christmas or are you intending to produce millions of them, if there is demand and I very much like Model A but Zero seems to give me everything A does, what are the differences between these?

Again, thank you so much, I immediately asked my friend in UK to buy one of the magazines!

Ben avatar

I’m not from the foundation so can’t say for sure, but I’d be VERY surprised if it was discontinued – I mean, you can still get “original” (well, 512MB) model B boards (http://uk.farnell.com/raspberry-pi/raspbrry-modb-512m/sbc-raspberry-pi-model-b-512mb/dp/2434669?ost=2434669&selectedCategoryId=)…

Moonchild avatar

Awesome ! But i’m still waiting for a Pi 2 model A with an intermediate size, full-size connectics and a camera port :) Any news about it ?

Sergi avatar

Where can I buy it in Spain?

Huw avatar

Excellent news!

It’s really cool to see “Made in Wales”.

I just popped in to the WHSmiths near my place of work – MagPi sold out. :-(

Brasso avatar

They’ve been selling out quickly in WHSmith, because of people buying several copies, I saw one person clear out all the remaining stock in my local Smiths.

Huw avatar

They got another ten copies in this morning – all gone.

Myg avatar

Is Pi Zero available in Spain?

Szymon Życiński avatar

How to get it into Poland?! On swag out of stock …. any idea?

fanoush avatar

pimoroni shop has them for 4GBP and shipped to CZ for another 4GPB – total 8GBP, already got shipping confirmation

richard avatar

OMG!!!! Just OMG!!! You are incredible!

Dr Jochen L Leidner avatar

Fantastic, congratulations!

As you say, you’ve reached a state where price is no longer a barrier to entry.

Therefore, the next step of the Raspberry movement should
focus on making it easier to set it up (hardware, software) and to develop educational programmes targeting different age groups (very young children, children, teenagers, youn adults, adults, seniors) and backgrounds (cultural localization of the materials, gender localization etc.).

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards

dobra-dobra avatar

Is there any reference list what is in or what is out in Raspbian Lite?

Gvaitarnonsense avatar

I don’t get it how is £11.88+VAT $5?

Liz Upton avatar

That’s a bundle with cables – if you dig deeper into that website you should be able to find the board on its own.

Richard Brooksby avatar

I called them. It’s only available as a bundle. So Farnell at least are not selling it at $5.

Gvaitarnonsense avatar

OK, thanks, shame E14 are letting the side down a bit by not actually selling it on its own. Well done though for what will inevitably be a very useful new board.

N avatar

Magpie issue 40

I have download the file and some of the pages can not be viewed from the downloaded file. Some of pages can not be view online either.

Is anyone else having problems with this !

Richard Brooksby avatar

Farnell want £11.88 + VAT, not $5. That’s not a big deal for me, but somewhat against your stated aims. Hopefully you’ll be having a word?

don isenstadt avatar

MCM electronics sold out – but again they won’t sell the pizero by itself.. bundle it with power supply … see link

J avatar

$5? Not at element14 and The Pi Hut. Why exactly are they being listed as trusted suppliers when they’re so blatantly overcharging?

exartemarte avatar

The Zero is available without extras on Pi Hut for £4.00 plus postage. You just have to look.

Greg Macaree avatar

Pi Hut have them at £4.00 if you say no to cables and no SD Card. I just bought one as none of my local newsagents (checked 4) or supermarkets carry the MagPi!


Jurva-Markus Vehasmaa avatar

Wish i could actually buy this anywhere close to 5$ in my country.

ValentinJesse avatar

It’s incredible to see cpu/ram/hdmi/usb ports and the rest implemented into a $5 board. And you have to wonder how cheaper it can get, considering that these will be sold at a profit. Too bad that the rest of the hardware is still as expensive. You now have a computer that it’s cheaper than the cheapest keyboard, mouse and almost every piece of hardware that you can find on the market at this moment. I was feeling bad for spending $35 at a restaurant instead of buying a raspberry, imagine now :)). Incredible job, guys.

don isenstadt avatar

I can’t believe it… just amazing! Will work great on robots, Iot … anything … WOW! Where does the A+ fit now? This seems to be an A+ replacement?Thanks again … you guys never cease to amaze me! :-)

Abhisek avatar

This is just an awesome news, too excited to try the same, I hope it wont be too low in term of performance as compare to pi2. A request to pi maker, please make it available in India soon.

Scott avatar

I can’t believe it, this is the best thing to happen this year!!!

I honestly kept thinking this was a prank and checked other sites… I’m going to be hunting high and low for that magazine.

Things like this are what make Britain Great!

Beli avatar

Good job!
Would there be a Zero 2 version based on ARMv7 like the RPi2?

Dave avatar

Will this work with Gert’s VGA adapater?
Because there are a ton of older LCD’s out there for free/beer which would go tremendously with this device for a low cost video solution. Especially those with built in hubs!! :)
£1.50 for a USB wifi card, or about the same for a microUSB hub from a well know auction house.
I get why its’ micro USB, but the necessity of an adapter, verses a full size socket for much greater support I do think would have been a better bet.
It’s not putting me off buying a few and deploying them as projects by any means, just food for thought.

What are the various test points, JTAG? and other jumper spaces on the underside of the board for/connected to ?
Can’t wait to figure it out :)

dom avatar

Yes, Gert’s VGA adaptor should work if you solder on the GPIO header.

Kaniska avatar

Great News :-)

Thanks Raspberrypi Foundation.

prioryjim avatar

It would be better with a wired network and no HDMI !

Stewart Watkiss avatar

No HDMI would make it very hard for school children to get started programming. Also video capability is included on the CPU (so just the cost of the physical connector) whereas networking would add to the cost.

Vlad avatar

I’m with you. No need of HDMI. But if you add Ethernet, I’m game!

Brasso avatar

Did the mods miss the comment at: 26th Nov 2015 at 11:02 am


Pete Stevens avatar

Zapped. Our more aggressive caching setup might make it slightly harder to moderate, but the website so far is staying up.

Ilya Zarembsky avatar

Holy moly.

I feel privileged to be witnessing this moment in history.

Chris Evans avatar

Great work :-)
Nipped to my local newsagents and now have one!
It seems to allow backpowering! Is that officially supported?
p.s. It also will run RISC OS (Needs fairly recent firmware)

dd avatar

I miss a cheap network connection!
Maybe they can take care of it and complete the “Zero+” with soldering one of the cheapest WLAN stick chips directly on the board.

Of course it will inc the price to something about 8-9$ but than this PI would be a complete and real KILLER for the IOT-World.

Steve Breve avatar

Just checked with 6 local MagPi suppliers in Horsham – all sold out. Interestingly enough, others have called inquiring the same. Which one of you was it?

Lee avatar

Got mine today and would love to know, do I need to use the official Micro USB adapter or can I just use an OTG adapter??

Howard Beakman avatar

I applaud The Foundation for their Global Stewardship of not including native networking. With networking capabilities, think what will happen when the number of Pi Zero’s reaches critical mass and they all begin to communicate with each other… Who will then have Pi in their face :)

Ned the Nerd avatar

A £4 media player – good news – Rasplex of course!

Christian avatar

Are the Micro-USB sockets OTG compatible (work as host and slave)? Then one could establish an IP connection to a PC via usbnet. Would be great.

Frank Rasmussen avatar

If usbnet is available a Raspberry Pi cluster could be build for peanuts….

Droner avatar

Anyone plan on getting raspberrypi0.com ?

naqeeb avatar

what about germany?

exartemarte avatar

Alas, the inevitable bleating about how it’s not really a $5 computer. While there might be problems elsewhere, in the UK both Pi Hut and Pimoroni, at least, have the bare-bones Zero available at £4.00 plus postage – you just have to look. Of course, they’ve probably sold out by now …

Stewart Watkiss avatar

As far as I can tell both have just sold out within the last hour or so.

japaneseSamurai avatar


Is the name inspired from the famed Japanese fighter A6M0 ?
Small and Nimble.

Drake avatar

I wonder how they make it for 5USD.

Paolo Bisighin avatar

Wow! Finally with Chinese prices an excellent European project.
I predict that Raspberry PI Zero will split the market. I can not wait that it is available also in Italy!

Anonymous avatar

This is amazing work, affordable computing for everyone … the country is advertising STEM education, now for the schools to use this as a learning tool early (middle school) and watch the number of STEM graduates get a booster shot :)

Rob avatar

This is the best Xmas present ever ….

Alex Holden avatar

Surprising number of commenters are peering into the gift-horse’s mouth with a magnifying glass.

Well done, Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Sadly my local Smith’s hadn’t received copies of the magazine.

Berry Win avatar

At first glance this is awesome. But then I realized it has no network connection. What a bummer!

James Hughes avatar

It’s $5…..you cannot have everything.

Brandlin avatar

I think I just bought the last one from the pi hut.
And yes it was available at £4 without cables.

paddyg avatar


3.3 GBP is less than pretty much anything.

The publicity and marketing (for the importance of coding in education) arising from this must be worth many millions.

Jonas avatar

So Farnell refuses to sell them as they are, they’re trying to convince resellers to pay them $14 for the Zero and two cables instead.
Aren’t they supposed to be an official distributor? Ridiculous.

James Hughes avatar

Plenty of other places to buy them from….use them.

Jonas avatar

Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote. I wrote “they’re trying to convince resellers”. If you want to buy a single unit buying somewhere else is no problem, but there aren’t that many distributors that resellers can buy from and Farnell acting like this is nothing short of outrageous.

Sudhir Brahma avatar

I would rather have the next version of Raspberry pi to have more cores and more RAM (at least 3 GB) and the camera to be abt 20 Megapixel

David avatar

#PIZERO. It changes everything…

H. Scholten avatar

A computer that can come for free with a magazine…

You did it again.

David Ferguson avatar

I’m confused. It’s not April the 1st. How can this be?

Jongoleur avatar


In days of yore, electronics mags would give away a small cover-mounted circuit board for free, allowing readers to build a featured project, but I think this must be the first time EVER that a mag has mounted a complete computer!

Popped into WHS this morning and got a couple. Playtime!

And its more or less what the Foundation demoed to Rory Cellan-Jones all those years ago; a tiny finger of a board that can do amazing things.

Jagmills avatar

Fantastic news! Fortunately picked up a copy of the MagPi this morning.

Any news on what J5 on the back of the board and the unpopulated U13 will do? :)

Albert avatar

J5 is a debugging header.
Unless you want to get into the reading the registers on the Broadcom chip it’s not something that will need a connection.

Casper avatar

Awesome work guys. Is there any shops in South Africa which will stock it?

Philip avatar

Microcenter link gives a 404, and search gives me nothing. Is this an in-store only?

Vicheaux.com avatar

i really really really miss any network connection , i still would buy it, thou :D

Robert Wiltshire (astrotutor) avatar

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get the PiZero to boot from two SD cards. The answer is a completely fresh NOOBS SD card. In my case anyway. New image is writing as I write this on the PiZero.
I can’t wait to show it off. Well done everyone.

Scott avatar

Does anyone know if there is CSI access hidden somewhere or perhaps an add-on? I use A+ boards with cameras and the Zero would be a fantastic upgrade if camera use is possible. Nice holiday surprise!

J. Michael Henneberg avatar

Will the the December issue of The MagPi be sold in Germany?
Expecially with the Raspberry Pi Zero?
And if the answer is yes, where would it be sold?
Thank you so much…

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

You can always buy a subscription and opt for the December issue you’ll be guaranteed one then

Nackybear avatar


Kip avatar

A pic with some British currency, for us people who don’t have have dollars to compare the size with please ? :)

Marc Cote avatar

Good morning,

I have been talking about the bic computer, a throw away machine so inexpensive you wouldn’t think twice.

Bloody heck, this one is even cheaper than my actual pen !!!

Congrats, now we have to hack in an ethernet port ;-) I guess we could add a usb to ethernet or go wifi. hummm. silly me.

Rolinger avatar

Brilliant, this is an amazing product! Just thinking what I’d have felt like if I’d bought Spectrum User in the 80’s and got a free Spectrum- amazing!!
Not surprisingly out of stock everywhere! Will there be more stock on the way in time for Santa to deliver, for those of us who didn’t get the news in time to sweep the shelves at our local newsagents :-) ?

ColinD avatar


I remember the interview with Ebon in which he mentioned the boss of Google challenging the Foundation to get as close to free as possible.

I’m seriously impressed. Packing the 40-pin GPIO onto the board is a genius decision as it enables people to learn and play with both s/w and h/w at a higher risk : reward ratio. There are some things I won’t try with my current Pi’s as frying a £20-£30 board gets expensive if you do it a dozen times. Fry a $/£5(ish with VAT) board and you can just get another.

One thought, taking the above into consideration: it would be great to see a multi-board bundle on sale. If you could sell, say 10 of them in a blister-pack for, say $40 USD then you’ve dropped the price a further dollar and the scenario I outline above starts to become achievable at the class-level rather than just the individual.

A second thought: to get that price down below $5 per board have you thought about sponsorship, open to individuals and small businesses?

So what am I going to do with mine… well, I’ve been toying with building a decent cluster to learn about parallel computing, but at ~£20 per A+ as a minimum anything larger than ~5 units starts to chew through real money. At £5ish per board + a few squid for a USB NIC I can go nuts.

Very nice, even. Maximum Kudos points today to you.

V. Coelho avatar

That’s really cool, but I think this has the same problem of the previous Raspberrys, which it’s not its price, but the availbility in other countries than US or UK. Here in Brazil, reseller actually make a profit selling Raspberrys for double the price, and in the end, it becomes a product only for enthusiasts who can spend a fair amount of money on it.

Probably the Rasp Zero will cost the price that it oughta be the price of the 35$ Raspeberry here.

greg avatar

Doesn’t Brazil have insane import taxes, like some other southern American countries? A friend once told me even standard PC hardware is prohibitively expensive there.

I know it doesn’t help you, but in most of Europe, the Raspberry Pi seems to be available with good pricing. For instance, I can get a Raspberry Pi for 38 EUR here in Germany. Which is basically 35 USD converted to EUR with the sales tax (19%) on top.

I guess the only solution for Brazil and some other countries would be to produce Raspberry Pis locally under license, or something like that.

Fabio Buda avatar

Great work guys, you are bringing micro-information-technology light years ahead ;)

greg avatar

What are the pads on the bottom of the board connected to? Can we get a detailed pinout? It would be great to have e.g. USB available on those pads, to save the bulky and costly USB-OTG adapter.

Eliane avatar

Congratulations. It is great news, well done to all the Raspberry Pi team

Samuel Emmanuel avatar

Hello! Can We Use Kali Linux On Raspberry Pi Zero?

HeecheeBre avatar

In Germany just Pi Zero board – 9.90€ + P&P :(
that’s just to far off 5$ , you can buy 2 for the same money…


Richard Spitz avatar

Not wanting to rain on your parade, but let’s do a realistic calculation:
To be of any real use for “education”, you have to be able to connect monitor, keyboard, mouse and network. So you have to add a USB hub, an ethernet USB dongle and a HDMI-to-MicroHDMI adapter to the base $5. How much is a Pi B+ these days that has all these onboard?

HeecheeBre avatar

In Germany price is 9.90€
you can buy there 2 for the same price :(


greg avatar

It’s early days. Many merchants want to make some extra buck with these bundles and/or inflated prices. The prices will certainly stabilize and lower over time. It wasn’t any different with earlier models.

That said, please don’t forget taxes. A realistic price in Germany with minimal profit is about like 6-7 EURs.

Paul Johnson avatar

Congratulations. You are changing the world. You must be very proud.

NIck avatar

$5? Try telling Element14 that! (more like $15) – and they don’t have any.
Can’t get a copy of MagPi anywhere, either.

Lovely idea, never mind – reminds of the hype over the original Pi introduction….

James Hughes avatar

So, 100k sold already? Hype? Not really. Just a good product at a good price, selling well.

The PiSL guy avatar

Guys, pi zeros are available at https://www.pi-supply.com
You’ll be able to buy one if you are lucky! :P

Gavin Williams avatar

Just picked up The MagPi at lunchtime. the Zero is STUNNINGLY small!

For those interested in retro handheld gaming conversions, tablets etc (like me) – this is THE form factor to use!

I just can’t get over it :-D

Just Another Retro Gamer / daSilva_UK

Alessandro avatar

Thanks to fill my days with a lot of funny!!
A new raspberry, can change the humor of the day!

Peter Meyer avatar

Well done!! Congratulations!


jihed avatar

really nice !!

Brian Williams avatar

NB if you are going to buy more than one set of connectors from the swag shop, buy them one at a time. It appears that shipping for one is £1, but shipping for two is £3 !

Probably Royal Mail insanity, who knows.

Phil Lewis avatar

I keep trying to download issue 40 and it keeps saying the file is damaged. Is the model zero getting caught in the internet?

Liz Upton avatar

The MagPi subsite doesn’t have quite as much in the way of optimisation as this site does, so it’s struggling a bit today under all the traffic. Try again later!

Pete Stevens avatar

Try again now – we should be back on stable instead of struggling. Todays code has been a victory for pragmatism and speed over beauty and quality.

Fredy Caballero avatar

It would be nice to have a version with built-in WiFi for $1 or $2 more, I would be fine and would be ready device IoT. looks great


This is a good version for a kid like me who use whole the pocket money to buy stuff like the raspberry pi and arduino and also its accessories

bluecar1 avatar

great new toy, free mag or free PiZero depending which way you look at it just looked on fleabay micro hdmi adapter for $0.99

local tesco sold out, 1st smiths sold out, 2nd smiths got last two for myself and son in law

i assume this has come out of the development of the compute module looking at the form factor and minimal IO, a Pi2Zero would be awesome as you really could use it for embedded systems running win10 IoT

Dale avatar

Are there any power consumption specs on these yet?

Looks like the perfect little unit for doing weather station stuff and almost keep in your pocket, be nice to know how much juice it’ll drink when out in the field.

good work Pipeeps :)

Anton avatar

According to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFFQmdUc5Vg it draws 160mA when running (at 100% CPU?) and 80mA while idling.

John avatar

How many GB of storage does it have? Or is that a separate component?

Dale avatar

Its the same as a Raspberry Pi model A in effect, but more stripped down. So no integrated storage but a microSD card slot.

The thing is 5$/£4 its shocking it can be rolled out at this price to be honest!

Jason avatar

I just cleared out three magazines from my local WHSmith.
Two opened are dead. Nothing. No I’m not stupid. They are dead, and now trying the third? It’s dead too. No led comes on, no load on the psu – as it’s led keeps glowing when unplugged form the AC. I have about 5 old pi’s used happily for things around the house, so I’m no noob to this.

That’s pretty bad. How do I return these, with their receipts
and the magazines of course. This is a let down.

thanks… I guess.
Anyone else receive dead units on magazines?

Setup: HDMI monitor, and 5V in, no other devices attached.

bluecar1 avatar

silly question you have put a prepared microSD card in the slot?, nothing happens else as there will be no operating system to load and drive the lights

Jason avatar

Fair question, but the part about familarity with PI’s should be a clue. It’s got a late new SanDisk class 10 8gb chip in it, and switching the psu + ‘chip’ to another normal Pi, the
activity led blinks, then comes on. And given the distro pointed to in the magazine is the same for all of these class (same soc) of machines, I’m kinda resigned to this. But, if there’s some new binaries in the boot partition that have been included in the later images to support these, it would be nice of there was some documentation to indicate such. So far? nothing.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

You need to update your firmware / OS if you haven’t in the last few days.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Helen Lynn avatar

The top couple of things we’d suggest are to double-check that you’re connecting power to the correct micro-USB port, and to try with one of the known-good power supplies from your other Raspberry Pis, if you haven’t already.

Beyond that, your best bet is the Troubleshooting section of our forums: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=28. All of these are tested before they leave the factory, and any boards that don’t pass are not released.

Jason avatar

Well it’s nothing to do with apt-get update if it’s not booting. But I must apologise, and issue a humble thanks to Helen Lynn for her time in replying. It was bluecar1’s comment reminding me that the activity led is soft, not a power + activity led; Loading on a stock distro, it boots. I have been using the minibian distribution for ages, and of course, it’s not got the additional files in the first partition the official distros have (from ras pi found.) to support this particular SOC device! bahhh. I’m a hasty fool. I should have “RTF(kin)M” first. Thank you for the replies. Now to pack the other two back up for gifts. Ulp.
So much for my ‘experienced’ bit!

André Claudino avatar

I would like yo have the Raspberry Pi Zero Schematics. Where can I Find it?

James Hughes avatar

Not available. However, the GPIO pinout is the same as the B2.

babyphish avatar

you guys are awesome. I hope to see this appear in the developing countries and combine with the other technologies like free wifi

mobluse avatar

I was stunned by the low price.

Does the microUSB-port also work like slave port, e.g. can it emulate an USB-keyboard and mouse like Arduino Leonardo, or HDD and serial-port like Duinomite?

Is it possible to connect analog sound?

Jon Smirl avatar

A PI Zero+ should incorporate an Espressif ESP31. ESP31 will add 2.4Ghz wifi and BT4.0/BLE for $1. ESP31 is sampling currently and will be in full production early Q1.

ESP31 is the peripheral version. ESP32 is the standalone SOC version. This is next gen of the ESP8089/ESP8266 chips. http://www.espressif.com

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

You forgot add £100K of EMC / Safety testing and another 200K in development time

James Hughes avatar

Odd how people always forget that bit.

Jon Smirl avatar

You grossly over estimate the cost. FCC/CE certification can be done for $2-3K at Chinese labs. These are legitimate labs and you can look up their license to do certifications at fcc.gov.

The engineering is simple. If you have trouble with it Espressif technical support will probably do it for you.

BTW, I build this kind of stuff so I know what the costs are.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Yes, CE/FCC certifications for EMC emissions and immunity I would agree are cheap. Although you do get what you pay for if you go to China, I had an FCC accredited lab test a product that I also tested in the UK and the difference was 12dB… It is quite clear that they are just cheating

Jon Smirl avatar

You can look up the labs that are authorized here:

If you used a lab on that list that cheated, please report it and their certification will be revoked.

Jon Smirl avatar

Here is an extremely detailed report on the ESP8266. Over 100 pages of test results.

Espressif will have the same report for the ESP31/ESP32 in a few weeks. The ESP31/ESP32 adds BT4.0 for about the same price.

I can put you in touch with the CEO of Espressif if you are interested.

Jon Smirl avatar

If you question whether this can be done, consider the ESP12 module based on the Espressif ESP8266. Here is the fcc test:

You can buy them here for $2.03 shipped.

This module can be used with the RaspPi via the UART and AT commands.

Alex Ellis avatar

I managed to get one of these at WH Smiths at 9AM – I went back later in the day and apparently the other 5 they had were stolen! Good luck getting one… if you haven’t already. Will the Mag Pi December issue be re-stocked??

Liz Upton avatar

Ugh – that’s unpleasant. I’m glad you managed to get one.

Alex Ellis avatar

This is beyond awesome – which I didn’t say on my previous comment. Micro USB female connector though – I bet almost nobody has an OTG cable hanging around. I think I’ll be doing some soldering tonight to splice a USB extension and a ‘phone cable’. I know it’s late in the day but hopefully we will see some of these at PI wars too!

Leo White avatar

Amusingly enough I had several USB OTG cables and gender changers in the office, but no micro SD cards :(

Got mine at 6:45am and didn’t manage to power it up until 12 hours later!

Marc avatar

i think i will wait til the price comes down a bit first, i haven’t got that kind of money to spend.. oh well, off to the chippy :)

cpslashm avatar

So, develop an embedded Pi project on a Zero with the cable bundle. Remove cables and close the case. Get another Zero and micro SD copy. I can see this making a dent in Computing Module sales…

Abraham.IE avatar

In Mexico available for $35 in newwark pff :/ here developers have really bad luck talking about tecnology

Luckyboy avatar

How can I buy it? I live in Vietnam

Shea Silverman avatar

Amazing! Eben, Liz, and the rest of the Raspberry Pi foundation, you rock! Keep up the great work.

Chris Bruner avatar

This $5 computer is over $30 in Canada. Quite the markup. Suddenly not so interested.

Dutch_Master avatar

Just 25 bucks to ship it half-way round the world? That’s a bargain! Earlier this year I purchased something from the US: shipping was more then the value of the order!

A Chap avatar

Oh boo hoo. It just came out today. Ya’ll are funny to watch, I have to restrain my own urge to sign up for the magazine just to get one perhaps three weeks from now. Sit tight, it’s the same day it came out for the love of all that is nerdy.

Jim avatar

RPI, What were you thinking when you made this ?
What a disappointment…
No emmc, No access to USB through i/o pins. HDMI, Really? what would be the point to have HDMI on something like this.
All you had to do is lop off the micro power and USB connectors add more 0.1″ headers to get access to them. Remove the HDMI and SD card slot, and replace them with eMMC. Then you would really have something good here.

James Hughes avatar

They were thinking – education. Which needs HDMI.

Evlo avatar

Does libcec work with it?

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Yes, as with any version of the Raspberry Pi

Blaise Kal avatar

Can this Raspberry Pi Zero safely be overclocked 20% or more, similar to the Raspberry B+?

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

The overclock on the Zero isn’t going to go much above 1GHz, they’ve already been bled dry!


DS avatar

I’m speechless…and in awe at what you’ve accomplished.
As a teen my first computer was also a BBC micro. That was the last computer really experimented with (e.g. using the A-D port to add a device that measured the fraction of a second times of old mechanical camera shutters, learning assembler and a little statistics in the process – yes it was a long time ago!).

30 years on, now with kids, you’ve given me the inspiration to get a Pi and see if they love computing as much as I did….maybe it’ll rekindle my interest.

Kudos…amazing work folks.

Alex avatar

A bit disappointed in the use of mini-HDMI instead of Micro-HDMI. Micro-HDMI cables are common due to their use in smartphones and cameras now. Mini-HDMI is far more uncommon.

Computer itself is cheap, but by offsetting the cost to required accessories…

mobluse avatar

I agree that microHDMI-adapters are more common, and I don’t see the advantage of miniHDMI, but maybe there is some.

ednl avatar

Agreed. I bet it was a cost decision like everything else at this *amazing* price, but still disappointed I can’t reuse my camera & phone micro-hdmi cable.

saole avatar

I’m curious why they prefer miniHDMI to microHDMI.
The latter is more common and smaller.
It seems there is no reason to choose the former now.

James Bowen avatar

Very excited about this guys!

Dan Kaminsky avatar

Heh, this is great! Could you post the BOM by any chance?

David Ferguson avatar

Can someone tell me the board version from /proc/cpuinfo for the Pi Zero?

Zoltan avatar

Congratulations for this achievement!

I can see that people are really excited.. My RPi applications would require a little bit different downsizing: I could happily live without video and even usb ports, but would badly need the Ethernet connection for IoT applications. Do you entertain such idea anytime in the near future?

I saw the comments on Ethernet before me: I would not like to use a USB Ethernet adaptor. I am using model Bs at the moment, as it was suggested by others. But if we take IoT seriously perhaps this networked low cost version would also make sense.. Even if it is not $5 but $8-10…

Dale avatar

Pretty sure on the normal Pi, the Ethernet is actually part of the USB bus, in the same way that on the model A you just have 1 usb port that goes directly to chip, but all B models the USB out from the main chip goes to effectively a Hub, giving you 2/4 ports and the Ethernet. Also the ethernet port would make it alot taller.

I’m not sure the Zero is primarily aimed at IOT, but theres a need for a Pi thats smaller to stick in other things like weather stations, off grid data loggers etc, which I think this makes it perfect for!

Zoltan avatar

You are right Dale: the Ethernet controller is sitting on the USB bus (at least I checked the Rpi A rev 2 schematics: the LAN9512 is indeed a USB hub and an Ethernet controller). Anyways I guess if I need to attach an external USB Ethernet adapter, then I am better off using the model B, which is so far the best for my applications.

Might get a Zero though if my village Sainsbury’s has got the MagPi :)

Chris avatar

WOW, I was just about to sign up for a subscription to the printed version, but it is already sold out!

Helen Lynn avatar

All is not lost! We’re awaiting new stock, so either join The MagPi’s mailing list at magpi.cc (sign-up box in the sidebar and the footer) or call our subs hotline (find numbers at https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/subscribe/) and leave your details.

Ioannis avatar


Maybe it would be good idea to have the OTG usb size bigger, just to simple plug the 3G sticks. But, also with the piggy cable it is fine. On my opinion you are perfect !!!
Warmest Regards

Eric avatar

Is it possible to purchase The MagPi from the United States?

Ben Nuttall avatar

It will arrive in Barnes & Noble in a few weeks.

Liz Upton avatar

We print in the UK and freight via ocean, so it usually hits newsstands about 3 weeks after the UK publication date. Barnes and Noble and Microcenter carry it.

Francisco Calderon avatar

Congratulations this is a very important achievement, I live in Colombia, and use the raspberry as a very important tool in teaching.

Thank you for make the difference!!!

Efjay avatar

I sort of welled up with tears. A computer free on a magazine. It’s blown my mind, a $5(USD) Linux computer is astonishing, I can’t wait to get hold of SOME!!

I hope the Queen is being advised to give out some honours for services to the computer industry, because you lot are amazing!

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What a thing to wake up to! Happy Thanksgiving indeed!
You guys keep doing it, amazing and impressing. Can’t wait to get my hands on one (or ten) of these little beauties!

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Does this have a hardware RNG in it, or would I need to add one?

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Yes, it does.

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Well, that pushed me from admiring to buying. Thanks for all the hard work!

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Will be (hopefully) snapping one of these up very soon!

I’m a 30 year old who has never done a day of coding or computer jiggery-pokery in my life (save from switching up components in pc’s and printers) so learning all about the Pi will be wonderful, really excited for this! Thank you to the Foundation and MagPi!!!!

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Hello. First of all, this is pretty amazing! :D

Now, I was thinking of subscribing for a year of the MagPI Magazine. But the issue #40 is Sold Out and if I want a subscription it will only start at issue #41. But I’m a little affraid that there’ll be a restock of the issue #40 with a PiZero.

Are you thinking about restocking the issue #40 or do you know if there’ll be another surprise on issues after this one?

Thank you.

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We’ll be restocking next week. If you sign up to the newsletter on the MagPi site, you’ll get a mail telling you when it’s available.

Maio avatar

Thank you very much. I’ll keep an eye on it.

But this is only for buying the single magazine right? New subscriptions don’t count?

Thank you once more.

Liz Upton avatar

Yes, new subs do count. You can select which issue you get as your first when you subscribe – but hold off until the newsletter tells you issue 40 is back in stock!

Maio avatar

Thank you very much. :D

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When I subsribe now on the webiste with the 6 Months EU options, will I still get the PI zero? It says the subscription starts with #41

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Ridiculously excited about this! So much so that I immediately rang WH Smith for them to put a copy of Mag Pi #40 to one side (which they did – thanks Colwyn Bay WHS!!).
I got two in the end but was careful not to take them all :)
One I’ll keep in the wrapper to commemorate it’s world-first-computer-free-with-a-mag credentials.
Well done to the Foundation and huge thanks :)

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you rocks!!!1

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Awesome news!

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Great – but all sold out everywhere already. When will you restock?

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Hi, this is at least as astonishing as the Pi 2 with in each case the need to check it isn’t April 1st!
In the Magpi there is mention of a 3D-printed case for the Zero but the link doesn’t seem to work – magpi.cc doesn’t seem to exist any more – so maybe you could post a working version?

Liz Upton avatar

It’s suffering from the HUGE amount of traffic (the MagPi sites aren’t as optimised as this one is – we’re seeing more than 10,000 of you load this blog at once at the moment, but a lot of work goes into keeping things running under load). Pop back tomorrow; it’ll likely be working then.

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Thanks Liz
It’s very nostalgic to see the level of activity on the blog again after having gone a bit quiet in recent months.

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Not sure if this is the one cited in the MagPi, as the upload is only 5 hours old, but there is a case designed by someone at Adafruit on Thingiverse (not yet an official Adafruit upload though…)


I suspect I won’t be the only one printing that this evening!

Ed Harding avatar

…and for completeness, the design mentioned in the MagPi is here:


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Be nice if I could find somewhere that has stock of any case for the Zero, managed to grab my Zero from WHS with The MagPI but now everywhere is sold out of cases!

Liz Upton avatar

I’m guessing you already tried Pimoroni (who have a super-cute case). Hold on for a little bit – it’s only come out today, so a lot of the case designers are working on something right now.

Lee avatar

Yes Pimoroni had the Pibow case in stock earlier but I didn’t want to order it and then have it sat there with no Zero for it, pity because it looks pretty good and I feel I’m now going to be looking at my Zero in a lesser light until I get the Pibow for it.

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Ten years from now, you will probably remember, or will be allerted to, this particular date (26-11-2015) because of the paradigm shift in computing, or education, or hobby markets. Another term would be a game-changer event, literally. So remember were you were when you read about a $5 computer, or you lucky basterds, where you got your first. Make a note, you may get asked!

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Pretty good, the amount of RAM and and ability to run linux with display makes it really nice.

Unfortunately, there’s no communication module :/. maybe they upped couple of bucks in price and added a WiFi chip like ESP8266 on same board. This is really a missed opportunity here, almost perfect.

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Please add on board Wi-fi also on it to make it just awsum!

me avatar

When will there be stock available for UK? Is another batch coming?

Reubyn avatar

hello i was wondering will you still be able to emulate games up 16 or 32bit graphics with playable speeds?

Paul avatar

Please please make this available in India soon for the same price…

Fahad Uddin avatar

How can I get them in Pakistan?

David Esquivel avatar

I can’t find any site where the price is $5, on Adafruit’s site is $59, but iit’s a mega pack i don’t want.

in pi-supply is only £10 (like $16 USD). Where can i find it at, let’s say, $10?


Tom Stratton avatar

Seems sad that the £4 / $5 dollar computer can’t be bought in the UK for this amount. Seems to be priced between £10 and £18 (with various included items).

Why is this??

Liz Upton avatar

It can – Pi Hut, our Swag Store, Pimoroni, Pi Supply are all doing (they’re currently sold out but should be restocking some time next week) – I think some other outlets will bring the price in line as things calm down. It’s been a hell of a day.

rose coll avatar

Liz when will you be stocking at the online stores in the UK please? Everywhere sold out.

Liz Upton avatar

Should be within the next week or so, all being well.

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The “5” dollars computer costs on element14 about 17 euros (about 20 usd I think). So… Who is misleading who? In Romania five dollars are about 20, maybe 25 lei! Farnell element14 charges 75 lei fpr one raspberry pi zero! This is three times the price!

Szymon Życiński avatar

In Poland Farnell wants 12 pounds …. Hope Pi Hut will send my order as it was made before 11AM… If i would have to buy it in PL it will be expensive while in Farnell only companies can buy, so soon some “wise” guys will sell them on auctions for 20 pounds. Easy money make people don’t care about open hardware and software ideas and rules.

stan avatar

You can thank Europe for all that taxation.

Mihai Nimenescu avatar

5$ = 20.75 lei
+ 22% TVA (4.56 lei)
Total = 25.31 lei
In Romania it can be sale with 45.00 Lei by Robofun but Element14 offers exclusivity to 3 stores. Because of that they can sell at whatever price they want.

George Hayes avatar

It seems every place selling the PI zero wants to force its customers to buy more than just it. I would love to see a place that sells it alone. They keep turning your so called $5 computer into $27 or more.

Hmmm avatar

Why do you permit element14 to sell it only bundled with overpriced cables when your main goal is to make a cheap computer that is accessible to all?

Letting people know they need certain cables to use it is fine, but allowing your distributors to profit from overpriced cables is not.

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Is it able to play android???

Nick avatar

Very cool to see a new cheaper version of the Raspberry Pi, I’ve ordered a couple in the past and will order this new one too. In fact, I wrote about it on my blog:

Most Epic Stuff

Amit avatar

I want it here in India.

Dark Legacy avatar


Szymon Życiński avatar

OK. So does rPi zero support USB Back Power like it was in original A and B models?

mahjongg avatar


Szymon Życiński avatar

So it is very wise idea to back to this way of powering rPi. One cable less from usb hub ;-)

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People are asking where to get this for under $10. If you are in the UK, make your way to your local tesco (not tesco metro) and they are there for £5.99 with a free MagPi magazine (or vice versa, whatever way you want to look at it). I just bought two copies, one for me and one for a friend. This is amazing and will change the world! Thank you raspberry Pi foundation!

John avatar

This is just epic. It will so many applications. Where are the $9 computer guys…

EricL avatar

I love this! Now, what I’m still waiting for is a SATA connector on a RPI. Give us that, and you have conquered low cost computing.

Edc avatar

Would love to see this with ethernet for a few bucks more.

Liz Upton avatar

You can – it’s called a Model B+!

D Wills avatar

Public Speaking Grade: F

“Um” Grade: YIKES!

Someone at this company should invest in a role of gaffer’s tape, or maybe a lip stapler.

xalixo avatar

Everyone is asking how to get this at less than $10. If you live in the UK, make your way to your local Tesco (not Tesco Metro) and you can get it for £5.99 with a free MagPi magazine (or vice versa, whatever way you want to look at it.) There were loads of copies still at my local store, the general public still haven’t got any idea that there is an actual computer there for £5.99. This will change the world! Thank you Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Dave Hazeldean avatar

No whinging from me…I’m SO excited to get my hands on a Pi Zero!

Massive kudos and credit to all those involved for their efforts in bringing this to the world, and a heartfelt thanks for all the joy, pleasure and interest that the Raspberry Pi has brought me so far. Keep up the great work! :)

rats avatar

Hell, if Jason Statham recommends it, then I’m buying it!

raymundo dionicio flores siordia avatar

Congratulations to RaspBerryPi Foundation on this new foundational achievement :)

Only commenting that form factors should be stressed following ISO216 standard. Maybe through double boards.

Why? this will make easy in the future to ‘stack’ those modules, When multi-computing get a firmer grip.

Meanwhile, we should not let that ‘impossible’ steps [in the immediate future] disallow us from making ‘possible’ steps [at the present], on that direction.

Rakesh Tripathi avatar


Can I know if there are any authorized resellers of Pi in India and if not, when would you plan to launch in India?


Yasir Tanveer avatar

Hello I Want to Purchase raspberry pi zero. I am From Pakistan.
Please Help me How i can Purchase this Item?

John Russell avatar

How come there is no place actually selling these for $5 bucks other than walk-ins to the Microcenter which is several hundred miles away?

I don’t need a full kit because I already have adapters and power supplies and SD cards …..

Sorry but it feels like a bait and switch to me

Liz Upton avatar

Pretty much everywhere that sells it online sold out several hours ago – it’s been VERY popular. Please keep an eye out; more stock should be arriving next week.

Nic avatar

Do you also call it bait and switch when you can’t buy a new iPhone on the afternoon of the day it is announced?

Napster avatar

Big thumbs up from modern third world (Algeria), as always Raspberrypi foundation is the best in cheap computers field, and I expect more in the future from them cause who did a great job will do better than the the last one, so congrats !
UNFORTUNATELY i can’t get one in my country!

gay_wrongs_activist avatar

This is the most amazing thing for people in the developing world. The original RPi was great, but too expensive. This hits the sweet spot and will be much loved. Just don’t hand them all out to people in Europe and America!

Adam avatar

Did someone at the Pi foundation buy stock in an adapter company?

Kevin Davies avatar

Is that Jony Ives long lost half brother? Great tech but seriously the presentation video could do with some work. Its a bit informal. Fantastic product however you’ll need to get element14 to toe the line. They are point blank refusing to sell the item without bundling their junk and bumping up the price therefore making the low cost entirely pointless.

Nepa avatar

Where on earth can I buy the MagPi?
I’ve been to WHSmith and they do not have it on their shelves … would like to get one first thing tommorow morning.

EmilFR avatar

Oh well,, now we need an even cheaper case for this little baby???

Archie Roques avatar

Wow. £4. This changes everything! I have a recurring compulsion to just order 100 (when the one-per-person limit is lifted) and just put them everywhere. In the lights, in the oven, in the stereo….

The one issue I have is the camera and display ports, but I can see why that compromise has been made. Will there be a GPIO-driven adapter for the RPi Display (it’s theoretically possible), or camera? This would mean that it could be used for an easy drone camera, which it would be ideal for as it’s so small.

Jonno Fowler avatar

Fantastic work RPi! … legendary foresight ;-)

k0nsl avatar

Everywhere I looked it’s consistently out of stock, so it must be selling quite well!

I will get one as soon as my store of choice re-stocks it.

Best wishes,

Chris A avatar

Quick question, does the Pi Zero SoC use a die shrink at all?

Just wondering where the power savings and performance improvements are coming from.

Craig Lockwood avatar

Got mine and am in awe.

I wrote about it here: http://www.craiglockwood.co.uk/blog/we-have-come-a-long-way-baby

I wonder Liz Upton, I also run the http://www.madein.wales site, I would love to come to the factory for a look around so i can feature the Pi Zero on the site – could this happen?

Liz Upton avatar

Drop me an email: liz (at) raspberrypi.org

Jamie Whitehorn avatar

WOW – can NOT believe that you guys have managed to do it AGAIN. £4 for a computer – it’s insane.
Was lucky enough to snag one from Pimoroni at 8:05am, £4 + £2.50 P&P. Hopefully be here tomorrow :-D


Don isenstadt avatar

How many of the pi0s did you make? Whatever the number Not enough!
Use all 8 lines @ SONY.
Going to print the 3D case from the
Magpi while waiting. Great projects in the magpi #40..GREAT WORK.

Leo avatar

So, obviously I want twenty, but how do you get network on those things? Will the wifi dongle work?

I don’t think the glib “Just buy a B+” answer works.

First, if you find a retailer in France that’ll sell a B+ without gouging you on shipping or restocking fees, I will buy you it and a couple beers.

Second, after including the price of accessories, a B+ or 2B is a serious investment, good for a main pi. The zero is the reason I now think in terms of “main” and not “only”.

Peter C avatar


Have you realised that the Postage Cost will probably be More than the Pi Zero itself :)

Rv avatar

Fyi în Romania costs $25 at local seller – not the bundle, not the kit. Just the SBC. I was onestly expecting be more than $5 because of the shipping costs and profit of the seller. But not 5x the original price. Hope to see it cheaper soon.

Nic avatar

Why does the Foundation keep releasing new stuff, but we never hear any news about the official display. This is all cool and I can understand the enthusiasm but really, will the display remain a rumour forever? It is too bad, I can’t wait and I am just going to have to buy someone else’s product.

Nic avatar

Sorry Liz! Your comment formatting threw away my sarcasm disclaimer.

Elfen avatar

This is like – “WOW!!!”

Great work guys! Can’t wait for this to reach the states in a couple of weeks!

stubright avatar

For anyone who’s missed out on the magpi with free pi, ebay has one for £49 and one for £99, free delivery so it must be a bargain lol. I haven’t posted a link but I’m sure you can find them.

Hans Lepoeter avatar

That’s fantastic.

Farnell lists the board at 17 euro. That’s more than fair i think if you can easily aford one. However i hope that it is available for the 5 usd in the less developed part of the world.

It would be great to have a very cheap display as well. Thats hard i guess.

ValentinJesse avatar

In the less developed countries, where the salaries are 10 times lower, the price for a pi is usually up to 2-3x more expensive. Life is unfair.

Hans Lepoeter avatar

thnx for the comment. That’s horrible. What good is 5 usd if the ones for which it would make a difference can’t buy one …….

Tzj avatar

Shame i got up so bloody late but i accept my fate. At least i only have to wait around a week before i get another chance!

Anywhoo… glad to see a spare change pi on sale, cant wait to get my hands on one!…

And once more distributors (there needs to be more, lots more!) sell the board at at least close to the £4 price point… a million would be sold in no time… a billion? Maybe.

Brian Haynes avatar

Today’s MagPi launch clearly created the desired frenzy, shame that there wasn’t sufficient supplies to meet demand. Not sure that they actually made it onto the shelves in my local store! Popped over to Coventry to try and get one; where my daughter and I were nearly knocked to the floor by some rude guy barging in to snatch the last one from infront of us.
Poor planning and bad business to create a demand and then not have enough product to service it.

Jon B. Iliscupidez avatar

Awesome, but I wish it would have a Wifi or LAN connection.

Luke Wren avatar

How on earth is it running faster than a Pi 1 with the decoupling on the wrong side? Did you short the core voltage to 3v3??

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Turns out you can get away with it (and by a considerable margin!)

It’s awesome!

tzj avatar

mmm… margin as in attempt to replace the 3.3v reg with a variable voltage one?

Jacoby Yarrow avatar

What about a Pi Camera slot?

Semaf Electronics avatar

Hey Liz,

Why are the Stores limited to UK and USA? We in middle Europe (Vienna, Austria) would like to offer Raspberry Pi Zero to our Region.

Buying Raspberry Pi from Farnell or RS-Components is another challenge.

Would be happy for a reply. Cheers

Liz Upton avatar

Limited stock to begin with (as always) – we had a few tens of thousands, which didn’t go far. You should be able to get them via Farnell/RS when things have calmed down a little.

Semaf Electronics avatar

Thanks a lot for your reply. But if we look at the Price of Farnell (€ 12,80 excl. Tax) or RS, than we get the Question why in UK or USA (Pimoroni, Adafruit) is $5 ?

Really to say I am asking the Question to why we are paying 157% more (excl. Tax) than UK Retail.

It would be a honor for us to be listed as preferred Store Raspberry Products like Pimoroni or Adafruit in Vienna.

charlie brown avatar

is it the drugs or his voice has several volumes, i feel confused

Liz Upton avatar

Lousy recording equipment, I’m afraid. We’re sourcing some new stuff for next year.

k0nsl avatar

That man speaks in such a manner, particularly “lengthier” sentences.


Adam avatar

Well I wanted issue 40 so I tried to buy it – sold out. And scumbags on eBay are trying to sell it for around 10 times the cover price of course – you should reprint and pull the rug out from under them, hope they bought many copies!

So I subscribed. Adding the cable bundle for subscribers made this an easy choice. Well done. I was hoping for built-in WiFi/Bluetooth but it will do.