Did you get a Raspberry Pi Zero?

We gave away something free with our magazine, The MagPi, yesterday.

MagPi issue 40 in all its glory

Who’s a pretty boy, then?

The magazine industry has a concept called “technical sellout”, where more than 80% of copies are bought.

You swarmed over UK newsagents and achieved that with The MagPi in less than 12 hours. As far as we know, the last time that happened was with the female version of Playboy in the 1970s. So, as Carrie Anne says, we’ve served up a victory for gender equality, and a free computer.

You’ll find a map of all the places carrying the MagPi in the UK and Ireland on the MagPi website – there are still a few copies out there, so it might be worth your while ringing the outlets closest to you to see if they still have stock.

Clive's Goblin Tinkerer

Clive’s Goblin Tinkerer

If you’re in Ireland or Northern Ireland: it appears there was a bit of a SNAFU yesterday. MagPis were meant to be going into Tesco stores across both Ireland and Northern Ireland, but the tills hadn’t been programmed correctly (this was the first month they were carrying the MagPi, and we think a crucial button didn’t get pressed), so the magazine didn’t scan. Tesco’s response was to order shops to return all the magazines to the warehouse.

We’re talking to the distributors now, and we heard ten minutes ago that the magazines will be going back to the stores at the start of next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook – we’ll let you know as soon as we hear they’ve hit the ground, so you can all go and do the swarm of locusts thing at your local Tesco.

If you’re in the United States: At the time of writing, Micro Center still has stock of the Zero itself, at $5. You can reserve online but you’ll have to visit a store in person: while we’re still in shortage they’re not selling online. We think all other online outlets are sold out now. The magazine with a free Zero on the cover will land in Barnes&Noble and Micro Center in about three weeks. (We print in the UK and ocean freight the magazine to the USA to keep costs down, which takes a little while.) Again, we’ll let you know on Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll make sure that there’s a note at the top of the blog here on the day as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 13.49.11

Wherever you are in the world: you can still get your hands on Issue 40 with the free Raspberry Pi Zero if you subscribe (you’ll also get a free cable bundle). We’re waiting on a second print run at the moment for subscribers only; if you’d like to get your hands on one, you can find out how to subscribe at the MagPi website. Subs to the physical magazine start at just £12.99.

We’ve been enjoying seeing what the community’s been getting up to with their Pi Zeros.

This was unquestionably the best tweet of the day:

And watching you all on Twitter has been an absolute blast:




Some of you have started incorporating the Zero into builds already.

Meanwhile, even though Pi Zero has only been out for a day, add-on boards and cases are already appearing in the wild. Here’s Pimoroni’s gorgeous PiBow Zero case:


Considerably larger than actual size

They’re also making a range of what they’re calling pHATs – not true HATs (no EEPROM), but teeny add-ons for the Pi Zero, like this very pretty scrolling LED beast, which is £10:


You’ll find more pHATs (including a DAC) and other accessories at Pimoroni.

Adafruit have made an impossibly inexpensive, and awfully cute, little Zero Protector for only $3.95. The only Zeros they have left at the moment are in more expensive bundles with accessories, but we hope they’ll be getting some more in soon.


C4Labs in the USA have a BEAUTIFUL little wooden case (my favourite case so far), and a very nifty wooden prototyping setup available to buy. The Zebra Zero case is $4.99, and Zebra Zero Plus! prototyping kit is $9.99


The folks from Bare Conductive, who do amazing things with capacitive touch, are already working on the Touch Board Pi Cap, which we’re really excited about – it’ll be available very soon, and will turn your Zero into a polyphonic music maker (just add bananas), empower you to turn all kinds of things around the house into buttons and switches, and much more. You can learn more over at Bare Conductive.


In answer to a frequently asked question: yes, we will continue to make Zeros for as long as you guys want them. It looks like demand will continue to outstrip supply for a while if yesterday’s rush is anything to go by, but we’re doing our very best to keep channels open, and we advise you not to buy from scalpers on eBay, because…karma. The Pi Hut and Pimoroni in the UK, and Adafruit in the US should be restocking soon, so keep an eye on them.

If you’re doing something fun with a Zero, please let us know – we’d love to feature you here or in the MagPi!



pakt avatar

Sweden here… Just picked up The MagPi from my mail box with a *computer* stuck on the cover. Wow, historic :)

Kevin avatar

Hi There
Congratulations on another excellent product – however I can not understand why you have made so few???

Liz Upton avatar

They didn’t sell out because we didn’t make many. They sold out because everybody and their mother wanted (and bought) one!

Carolann Quinn avatar

Unfortunately, it sold out because the scalpers wanted to make a quick buck. They are selling at $150 each on eBay. People like me who want to try using it from programming and IT work can’t ever get one! :(

exartemarte avatar

That’s ridiculous. It looks like a great product and the (proper) price is amazing. But $150????!!!!

Dave KZN avatar

That is hilarious – why buy from scalpers on eBay? I don’t know when I will get my Zeroes, but I’m working on prototypes right now using a spare model A+. When I eventually do have them, it will require very little effort to switch over.

Mike Kelly avatar

We did not even know about it until they were already gone! So we ended up buying a few at $40 on ebay so we could prototype an SSD shield for the zero. I figured we would need to show folks it was actually running on a zero! Ours was a bit unique circumstance though. Otherwise if they deliver more soon enough the scalpers will be left holding a whole bunch of $5 coasters!

by eck avatar

Whilst I am always eager to support the Foundation I have to say I am left wondering if there is in fact much difference between the ebay opportunists and Select Publishing (who I understand are acting for the Foundation). Select were sitting on 3500 Zeros, while MagPi 40 was being reprinted eventually to be available only as part of a subscription. Meanwhile we were all chasing around for scotch mist. It is interesting to see how the major suppliers are reacting as well with Farnell Element 14 (last time I looked) currently listing the item as no longer stocked (but expecting to fulfill my Nov back orders in February) and CPC (also a Farnell company) who clearly along with the smaller sellers do not have a clue if or when they will see stock. I realise getting it spot on may be impossible but I have to disagree with the dismissal from Liz inferring that the chaos was totally out of the Foundations control. The market could have been tested by accepting pre-orders rather than the ‘now you see it – now you don’t’ unveiling that was the chosen method. It will all come out in the wash but I am left with the view that it needn’t have been made so difficult. I also wonder how many of the new MasgPi subscriptions will continue beyond the first quarter?

Liz Upton avatar

The MagPi is published by the Raspberry Pi Press, part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation (like our other books and magbooks), not Select Publishing.

Unusually for a Raspberry Pi product, the Foundation is manufacturing all the Zeros; you’ll see that a large number are coming into shops again on Monday. Farnell and RS are not building them, and won’t be stocking them for a while (they are a very low-margin product); you may want to look at other suppliers. And yes, the demand was (we’re very pleased to note) much higher than expected; preorders would not have been a smart move, though, as we were limited in how many we could produce for the first run by some upstream pipeline issues with component suppliers.

rose :( sad girl avatar

i hated not gettng one i hade a progected lined up for it and every thing but theres nothing in the size i need under 500 dolers :(

Kevin avatar

Hi Liz, my point was that you made so few considering that you must have realised what was going to happen?
Previous launches have also sold out. I think you both underestimated have brilliant your kit is!! :-)
Two quick questions – when is the next batch due, and are you going to re-issue MagPi issue 40?
Nothing anywhere in Gloucester – despite location maps and searching!
Best regards – keep it up and make 4 x your estimate next time! lol

Adam Jones avatar

Just subbed to MagPi and it reckoned December 11th.

Peter Green avatar

With something like this it can be difficult to predict demand. Making too many is generally more of a problem for the seller than making too few.

Kratos avatar

Biting my nails until they are in stock…

bluecar1 avatar

got mine yesterday, but got to wait now until i can get a mini to normal size HDMI convertor :(

John Young avatar

I couldn’t get download of 3D printing instructions for Zero case from the magpi magazine was the url reference wrong !!!

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

http://magpi.cc/ZeroCase ?

It’s working for us!

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

If you’re still having trouble, here’s the direct link:


Paul Fearnley avatar

Managed to buy one this morning at my local Tesco Extra – they were only just putting them on the shelves, so there are a few still out there!

John Young avatar

Thank you worked fine with the github reference

Robin Newman avatar

Just arrived by post….installing now to see how Sonic Pi performs on it…

exartemarte avatar

I thought it didn’t do sound. Have I misunderstood something?

SimonFD avatar

Sound output on unmodified board is via HDMI.

solar3000 avatar

I just got one at 8am at MICROCENTER in the USA.

There was a long line at the door and a long line inside to ask for help because they hide it inside away from public.

And its ONE per household.

Josh avatar

Did you find it on their site, and if so how?

Jason K avatar

As noted above, “If you’re in the United States: At the time of writing, Micro Center still has stock of the Zero itself, at $5. You can reserve online but you’ll have to visit a store in person,” hence the long line at the door.

Pete avatar

Wasted my time trawling 4 Tesco stores (40 miles round trip) only to come home and read that Tesco in N.I. have returned all copies of the magazine due to a computer error :(

cdu13a avatar

Impatiently waiting, until I can get one that doesn’t cost more then the last b+ I bought. Only source I have for a pi zero in Canada is Newark/Element14 and they want $30.54 for one.

bertwert avatar

HAvn’t got one yet, hope to get a few soon.

Marek avatar

Fine for you guys. I can only lick monitor screen here in Warsaw :-( .Hate to be in a grey end……
Ofcors-congratulation on deploying this project :D
All best

Fester Bestertester avatar

New Zealand has at least three nation-wide chains of booksellers/stationers, but I haven’t seen a MagPi yet :(

Whit avatar


Being in California, I’m trying to find any way to get a Pi Zero.
Does anyone know when the Pi Zero will be back in stock?

Congratulations to the entire Pi foundation! The Pi Zero is an obvious success already!

Happy thoughts from the states,

Daddy Pig avatar

I travelled to every asda, tesco and sainsbury in my area with no luck, asked in whsmith and the lady laughed and said they sold out within 2 hours, she said she’s never seen a magazine sell out so fast. Anyway, didn’t get one :( My Christmas is ruined and over.

AndrewS avatar

In the post above Liz says all the regular web-shops should be restocking “soon”, so maybe it’s a bit early to give up on Christmas already?

alex avatar

How do I get one? :)
I am in Austrlia! :)

Please help me.


Dominic avatar

Hello there from Albuquerque New Mexico!! I drove to every book store that I could think of today in hopes of finding a #40 issue of the MagPi. No luck, we still have the Sept issue on the stands here in the US. On the upside I was able to order a Pi Zero from adafrut. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

Best To All,


ukscone avatar

it should hit barnes & nobles and microcenter in the united states in 3 weeks

ukscone avatar

oh although most microcenters are still showing stock for the pizero sans magazine

m_pan avatar

I had one reserved for this morning at MicroCenter but they cancelled my order… before they even opened for business.

I think an employee wanted the last one so they cancelled mine. #PrettyEffinPissed

TechCowboy avatar

Canadian’s are getting screwed. They want over $30 for a pi zero at Newark

stefkeb avatar

Was traveling today. Picked one up at the Glasgow Airport and then another at Heathrow. And I’m not even from UK. I was lucky. Or my kids will be at Christmas.

Karl avatar

Where can I buy the magazine in Northern california?

ukscone avatar

it should be available in barnes and nobel & microcenter in 3 weeks

Pi Enthusiast avatar

In the U.S. here. I am going to go absolutely INSANE waiting for three weeks until the Pi Zero gets in stores. I love my small model B, and now that this cheap, tiny version came out, I’m really amazed at the pi foundation’s work. Awesome job to the pi foundation. I really can’t wait until the MagPi is in store!

ianB avatar

Got mine from WH Smith at Mcr airport yesterday :-) Quite a challenge getting keyboard, mouse and network over a single usb
All running so much faster and ARRIVED so much faster than the model B I ordered on Feb 29th 2012

Alan Mc avatar

Was feeling a bit low arriving home late from work on a dark, bitterly wintry, windy southern-French evening…until I noticed an airmail envelope from the UK peeking out of the letterbox at me.

Lo and behold, the Zero has landed (with the Magpi attatched to it and all the accessories I need to get up and coding !)

I still can believe how quick it got here! Thank you all. (I can firmly recommend the subscription and delivery service for the MagPi – so glad now I took some wise advice a few months back ;o)

Robert Copelan avatar

Congratulations Liz, Eben and the Foundation. Not only have you set a new standard for low cost FULL computer devices but you have done so with class. You stay true to the original mission and acknowledge by your actions that profit (Foundation benefit) comes from not letting greed take over but rather sticking to your plan and letting volume work for you. Not only have you done this but you have developed multiple new devices and launched them w/o the public finding out until you were ready. You have a truly loyal network of business partners. If there were a “Steve Jobs” award for Innovation and delivering what the customer wants before the customer knows he wants it then y’all would win it hands down.

khelan mehta avatar

Hello Guys,

Its awesome thing that i came across and that is 5$ small computer. I am working on a project regarding IoT Application, I want to connect RPi Zero to internet using WiFi dongle. But i think there is only one USB so that either I can connect keyboard and mouse / WiFi dongle. How i can make connection using single USB? Because we need to enter password for the same at same time. Can Anyone guide me How can I connect it to the internet?

AndrewS avatar

Use a USB hub.

Zakaria avatar

Now, if only raspberry could make an usb dongle that could function as wifi and wireless keyboard and mouse receiver (and make it plug in micro USB port), my dream tv computer will came true.

Jeff Findley avatar

Or do what I did, mount a Raspberry Pi 2 to the back of the TV. There is plenty of space behind a TV to hide a Pi 2. No need for a Pi Zero for this application.

Tzj avatar

I really hope high street retailers sell the zero on it’s own in time (and not years down the line of course), and not with over priced kits like maplin, just the board for £4. Why? The principle of the thing. £2.50+ for delivery when you can get one with a mag for 51p less… am pretty sure i know what i’d pick (hence the snatch and grab attitude).

Which leads to the most obvious question… these are small enough to fit in a standard envolope, won’t that make these cheaper to post?

surahman avatar

ahh so many people from eropa.. how about in asia ? i’am from Indonesia.. how can i get one in indonesia ?

Evan avatar

You can bet that as soon as they send out the message that it’s at Barnes and Noble I’ll be racing there at 90mph.

smartroad avatar

Just waiting for the postman for my copy! :D

David A avatar

Grrrrrrrrrrr!! Lucky you. I now wish I had taken out a subscription earlier! ☹️

John Lally avatar

Seem to have been sold out before 10 am in Reading yesterday.. did they make it on to the shelves at all?

As for ebay auctions selling them for silly money.. if people don’t bid and the touts get their fingers burned it will discourage this sort of thing.

Mulder avatar

Hi Liz, would be nice if the organization would stop neglecting “the Continent”.. All communication is about UK and US… But there are also fans in your neighbor country a few miles east of you. For example, I’d love to subscribe to Magpi, (I did order #38 & 39 lately) but subscription is almost twice the price for “Europe: £122,-” as for “Great Britain: £55,-” (as if the UK is not Europe anymore. Let’s await the referendum first). Having to buy a Pi Zero in a Dutch webshop quadruples the price to 18 euro. I asked a UK friend to buy a MagPi, but it was already sold-out on Thursday in his area. Having 3 boys dying to have a Pi Zero……. Thanks Liz.

Voorstad avatar

Hi Liz, received the Pi Zero update mail “there is a limited stock of subscriber copies available for pre-Christmas delivery. Subscribe today from £12.99 per quarter (call +44 (0)1202 586 848 for this option) or $37.50 in the USA (you can also call toll free on 800 428 3003).”

But in Europe (NL), minimum subscription is 6 issues, €62……. Can you explain?

Russell Barnes avatar

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer three month subs in Europe and the rest of the world at the moment due to paper and postage costs. We’re working on changing that, but sorry for your disappointment!

Voorstad avatar

Hi Russel, thanks for the clarification. I think the disappointment is:
1) that in the notification mail only UK and US is mentioned, ignoring the rest of the world.
2) that you find out only later you can’t order what is offered.
3) that UK is not part of Europe anymore (“rest of Europe would do”).

(Ordered the 6-pack)

peter avatar


“Eben Upton admitted that the follow-up to the original $35 Pi was originally going to be a more powerful model, whose higher-performing internals would have put the price somewhere between $50 and $60.”

Can anyone comment on this? I still would like to have such a more powerful Raspberry Pi. The Pi Zero is a great idea, but not for my use cases…

Roy avatar

How long does it take to create a spark? My spark was an $18,000 PDP-8 with 4K x 12 bit mag core memory, the price of a brand new house in 1965. My folks refused to get me one! Eventually my Altair 8800 – w/ 256 BYTES was $439 with peripherals for a total of $2478 = $ 11,200 today. That was the price of a starter system. I sparked one young man from a life of drugs and homelessness (his teachers said he was stupid) to an honours student (COBOL) programmer with a great career at a bank. Give me a $5 computer any day.

Darren Townsend avatar

Haven’t hot one yet but waiting patiently……in the meantime, loving that Zebra Zero case with breadboard (shipping to UK is not bad at $10) but it would look better in glorious Pibow plastic, especially if it had GPIO labels etched next to the pins.

NikH avatar

Didn’t find out about this till Friday. Checked WHsmith in Temple meads station – Nothing. Have been cycling around Bristol today in hope of finding one – Sainsbury Ashton gate – nope . Tesco by Ikea – Nope . WHSmith galleries – nope, Tesco Brislington – Nope Temple meads again – nope. Legs aching – went and had a coffee to recuperate – called the other stores in Bristol and the region – Asda – sold out – whsmith – sold out – tesco – sold out . Huge disappointment. Will the magazine be available in the shops again, or is it game over?

tzj avatar

Doubt it by the sounds of things… so saving that 50p from postage when the zero is back in stock… unless they get into gear with high street retailers.

Mac Rutan avatar

I broke my tradition of NOT shopping on Black Friday (another strange/wonderful cultural behavior in the U.S.) for the only event in the universe that could possibly insert an interrupt to my usually good sense: The possibility of finding a Raspberry Pi Zero at the local Barnes and Noble. When the manager at the first store told me to check back next week, I smiled and drove to the next store. Knowing it was futile and that phone calls to managers wouldn’t satisfy my need to check the shelves, I checked 4 stores in all. I searched online for “magazine stores” that would possibly carry the MagPi, but eventually came to my senses and realized I’d have to wait it out.
Thanks, for posting the information about so many possible ways to get our hands on the MagPi and an RPZ. I’m hoping to have a good number of these at our December Raspberry Jam. Today’s Jam will be dedicated to Jesse and Audio.
Congratulations and Thanks to the team that developed this wonder of a board. I see it filling a huge space for developers that the compute module initialized. I see it giving the RP platform an edge in accessibility to more schools on a global level, and infinite possibilities with makers.
I look forward to working with the zero. It’s inspirational!

elon avatar

I have use raspberry B+ diy something more than 2 years, now want try the new product from raspberry Zero……………………………..

gordon77 avatar

No Magpi’s around here :(

Gerard in Dublin avatar

VERY pleased to hear it is planned to make the magazine available in IRELAND as well as Northern Ireland. I have been checking each month but had to make do with PDF version. Absolutely nothing wrong with PDF but I would like to feel I was helping the Foundation in some little way. And I prefer instalment payments rather than one big up-front payment. Cant wait !

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Also all tesco stores across England have recalled all of their stock.

Liz Upton avatar

For values of “recalled”, read “sold out of”.

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Liz could it be because of the Ireland issue is that why tesco have taken their mag ois off the shelf to the warehouse. I spoke to them and they are going to get them back. Yay. Still a chance for me

alan buxey avatar

visited local Tescos (plural) and they both had MagPi – just issue 39 (last months!) and not 40. go figure.

Nick avatar

I was wondering what the weekly production rate of the Pi Zero is?


jack day avatar

got my pi yesterday need to wait a week for the mini hdmi to hdmi cant wait

Gregg avatar

Oddly enough all of the Micro Center stores I frequent are indeed sold out. And the helpful desk person does not know when more will land there.

As for the magazine option, I’ll probably visit Barnes and Noble for a book, mystery novel, tomorrow and check and see if they have something of a sort.

exartemarte avatar

So, if I were to solder in a female gpio connector, then turn the board over and plug it directly into an Adafruit breakout board , would that work?

exartemarte avatar

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this and studying the layout of the breakout board, and realised that the answer to my question is “No” because the top and bottom rows of pins would be reversed. It would be necessary to solder the GPIO connector to the underside and have the board (and its cables) overlapping the breakout board and the breadboard, which is possible but hardly convenient, so I think I’ll just stick to using a cable.

AndrewS avatar
exartemarte avatar

Possibly …

While I hesitate to criticise the great and the good, it looks to me as though Adafruit’s picture showing a horizontal Zero plugged into a T-Cobbler has Zero pin 1 connected to T-Cobbler pin 40. Which won’t work. It will be okay if the Zero is rotated through 180deg, but then the board and any cables connected to it will lie over the T-Cobbler and the breadboard.

exartemarte avatar

There again – I’ve now found pictures on line of what seem to to be different versions of the 40-pin cobbler pcb: one shows pin 1 at bottom left and the other shows pin 1 at top right.

I give up.

James in Minnesota (JIM) avatar

I picked mine up for $5 from my local Micro Center in Minnesota yesterday morning. It was the perfect birthday present, and I am going to challenge myself to learn how to code over the next year. But first, I need to figure out what else to do with it. May have to stock up on some components!

Aussie avatar

Was a bit upset to see Element14 in Australia listing these for AUD $19.20 each (US$13.81 at the time of writing).

Hopefully once production ramps up and demand flattens the price might drop to AUD $12 (US$8.63 at the time of writing).

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

Bart Haddock avatar

they are all scalped… the same thing happened with the Pi2 when it came out.


bert avatar

It is time to invent auto-destruct packaging for items like this and Lego Sets. If you don’t open it in a year, some acid sap will be released inside.

Jikumunya harada avatar

my order from Element14 SG for Pi Zero is Cancel…and discontinued status..hmmm…., does Element 14 sell it like other version?

Ashley avatar

I’m from South Africa and I need the pi zero computer, how can I get one?

Tswelopele avatar

Wow, Y’all Americans are lucky to get it for $5, back here in South Africa, it’s R235 ==> $16, and I could only find ONE! website that sells them here, and it’s anyways out of stock :'(

ulix avatar

No I didn’t get one :-(

Two questiosn, will there be schematics available? for the Zero and the 2 B?

Texy avatar

Why do you need them? I wouldn’t count on building anything yourself….

Andrew Gale avatar

I don’t think it’s just about *needing* them, it’s for interest, too! (I’ve read hundreds of articles in electronics magazine with no intention of building the project but still find it interesting / educational to study the schematics).

ulix avatar

Yes, I want to integrate the raspberry pi in a difficult measuring circuit, so I would need it…. And it makes it easier and faster if I would have the schematic. (not every body is a plug and play type of a guy…) I always thought you wnated to see the raspberry in projects, but why don’t give the people the resources?
I don’t understand why no one from the foundation says about this anything. Say no or say yes… but nothing?

foonix avatar

Nope :(

As soon as I saw the news on reddit, the thing had already sold out everywhere except our local supplier (Partco) who don’t even list it. Now I’m waiting for another production run…

si avatar

A cheap Pi with WLAN integrated could be the next step. I really love the idea behind the Pi. For WLAN inspiration look here: http://hackaday.com/2015/11/28/first-raspberry-pi-zero-hack-piggy-back-wifi/

Kind regards!!!

mahjongg avatar

That would use up the single USB port the PI has, a better idea would be to add a small PCB to the GPIO containing either a WiFi adapter, a Ethernet adapter, or Bluetooth for connectivity. These can use the SPI (or USART) interfaces. such adapters can also be very cheap, like $4.

Richard Brooksby avatar

Mail from your official suppliers, Farnell, says the Raspberry Pi Zero is now “discontinued”. It was £11+VAT from them, and now it’s (average) £40 on eBay, so although it’s all very exciting, I’m not sure this is a triumph for the “$5 computer”.

Liz Upton avatar

Farnell aren’t carrying it past the first shipment; this, unlike other Pis, is not one they’re making under licence. We build the Zeros ourselves, and PLENTY are coming off the line, but it’s not selling via that particular route. You’ll be able to find them via Adafruit, the Swag Store, the Pi Hut, Pimoroni, and more sellers. More should be in stock next week.

Jim Manley avatar

VERY interesting, Liz! Huh, I suppose that helped keep the price at $5.00. Does this mean the Foundation officers are back to the plan to lick stamps and stick address labels on bubble packs at their kitchen tables, each stuffed with a Zero bought through the Swag Store? Ah, the good ol’ days, eh? I still smile at the thought of you and Eben sitting in your crappy kitchen doing that in March of 2012 … and you’d still be doing it today trying to fulfill the first deluge of orders for Original Flavor 256 MB Model Bs! I’ll bet it’s even still the same crappy kitchen! :D

Luke avatar

Is there any idea when the next production run is?
Xmas is coming up and me and the misses don’t have the funds for expensive presents. This would be the ideal present for me. Yes, money is that tight.

Liz Upton avatar

We’ll be making approx 10k this week.

ulix avatar

Two questiosn, will there be schematics available? for the Zero and the 2 B?

Artur36 avatar

This new batch is for sold directly in swag shop? There is a prevision when do they get in stock in swag shop?

David A avatar

That’s obviously not going to satisfy the demand. Hopefully this can be increased to 10,000 per week, or even much more than that. I’ve already seen MagPi issue 40 on eBay for £89 which is ridiculous!

Liz Upton avatar

Yes. That’s the plan.

David A avatar


I’ve actually just subscribed to MagPi on a quarterly basis, and will be receiving issue 40 in mid-December.

I recommend anyone else wanting this issue do the same thing, as it may take some time to satisfy everyone.

David avatar

Hi Liz!

Please tell me these will be available soon! I bought my better half a bearded dragon as an early Christmas present and am desperate to get hold of a Pi Zero to build an automated climate control system for the vivarium.

(I live in Cardiff and I’m sorely tempted to pop down to Pencoed to see if I can bribe a production employee to smuggle one out for me!)



andre avatar

None over here in Guernsey… looks to be ouit of stock.

Alex avatar

Will element14 sell the Raspberry Pi Zero WITHOUT HDMI- and USB adapter-wires?

David A avatar

If you subscribe to MagPi today (30th November) will you receive a copy of issue 40 with the Zero on the cover?

Gábor Barta avatar

Hi guys.
I managed to order the MagPi issue #40 on the day of release from the swag store. Will I get a free Zero with it, even if I didn’t subscribe to the magazine?

Also when I placed the order, I didn’t receive any confirmation email, but the price was charged from my bank card. Is my order ok?

Võ Tiến An avatar

Hi all,
I am a developer in VietNam.
I’m really love this computer, but when i go to shop everything is out of stock.
I want to buy one device to development for some IoT project.
I want to ask: When i can buy new device?

Dungcoicon avatar

me too. ^_^

Eamonn Bias avatar

I was lucky enough to get one the morning the mag hit the shops. However, as I got mine, another guy grabbed the remaining copies, and made comment as to how he was going to make some serious money selling them to ‘desperate yanks’! One retailer nearby put a limit if one per customer. I have since discovered my wife has got me a Pi 2 B+ for Christmas, so, I have given my Zero to a friend.

RoyS avatar

I just printed out a colour actual size image of a PiZero and stuck it to the top case of a 3 year old Pi. Now I have a virtual $5 system and it feels like a brand new machine. Guys, don’t fret about delivery, wanting the latest toy is natural but there is a world of learning you can be doing in preparation for your new toy.

WallyWare avatar

Sold out at my Microcenter :-(
But, good things come to those who wait.
Can I assume that the two mounting hole on either side of the 40-pin connector are in the same locations as the current RPI?

AndrewS avatar

Yes, which allows all existing HATs to be used with it.

Dave Walker avatar

Mine’s theoretically winging its way from the PiHut to my house as we speak :o) Can’t wait!

Dan Marsham avatar

I got hold of one with an essentials kit, and have to say for my first venture into the world of Pi, i am astounded by it!

What a great product for bettering the world, yet I am using it for emulating games from my childhood!

Well done RPi :)

MAWSR avatar

What would be greta is a post/tweet the day before. Not the day of…

Liz Upton avatar

We won’t hear from them until the day, sadly.

Customer avatar

why is the raspberry pi zero only with HDMI and USB cable available? I don’t need that!
And I want to buy a hand full of the zeros, I don’t need a hand full of adapter cables….

BasementTroll avatar

You guys at the RasPi Foundation are truly amazing. I thought that it was enough when you had the internet explode with the release of the raspberry pi 2. However, only 9 months later and you’ve done it again. I can’t wait till this thing is back in stock in places (hopefully after xmas :D) so I can buy 20 of them lol. A few to use for projects, the rest just so that, when people ask how many computers i own, I can say ‘somewhere around 40.’

…..I also need to pick up a few more Pi 2s to use for my home network……Raspberry Pi’s are addicting…..what are you putting in them that makes me need 1000000000 of them?! lol

Jude avatar

Where can i get one in county Clare?

perrodingoo avatar

Hello Raspberry Pi creators and community.
Is the production cost $5 or the selling price for dealers? I haven’t found Pi Zero for less than 16 Euro without the shipping cost. Can you explain the price situation? Is all about marketing? Can someone point me were I could find the new RPi Zero for $5 without the shipping cost? I am very interested in this new Pi, but if the cost will be about $12 (shipping cost included). If the price is higher it is interesting for other people, but not me :(

Dave KZN avatar

One of many strokes of genius was leaving out the GPIO pins. Not only did this make manufacturing cheaper, and made it flat enough to stick on a magazine cover, but the end users now have a choice of using male or female connectors, and facing them up, down or out at a 90 degree angle. The holes can even serve as a female connector as-is with the right sort of pins, so that the board can be mounted on a motherboard, without needing anything soldered to it. I wonder what other possibilities this has created?

Ben avatar

I agree. With standalone projects too, we can solder just what we need straight to the board and keep it super compact. Looking forward to seeing some tiny IoT projects and maybe one or two of my own.

Manish Kumar avatar

when magagine will be available in india
I am sure
it will be widely sold here

Prisma Try Laksana avatar

I want to have it :(

feather avatar

how can chinese students to get one?

Gerard in Dublin avatar

Just wondering if anyone in Ireland got a copy (with or without cover attachment). I had already visited 3 Tescos within walking distance, and could have visited another 3, before Liz confirmed delivery and locations. So I drove to DunLaoghaire and found shelves devoid of MagPi. Enquired at “Customer Service” and was told girl who puts out magazine was gone since 11, so try again this morning. I did and same result, so I drove down to Naas, same result. No joy. We need the serious distributors (Easons/Newspread) to make MagPi available nationwide.
I e-mailed Tesco on Nov 30 explaining the situation and am still awaiting a reply.

PriceWatcher avatar

Rather than this being touted by the foundation as a US$5 device, can we have it (and the other Pis) as the MRRP?

From reading all of these comments it looks like the US$35, US$25 and now the US$5 Pis are much more than that in the stores.

Maybe we can have a wiki page somewhere that lists the various countries and the cheapest prices for Pis in their local currency.

Love your work though maybe price expectations can be managed better?

Or am I being too precious?

James Hughes avatar

This is covered extensively in the forums – remember to add tax and P&P costs to prices, and also remember supply and demand ecomonics. As supply increases, prices will drop closer to the recommended price.

AndrewS avatar

And there’s also the $20 Model A+ price-point :-)

Igor avatar

Nothing in Dublin!!! No Magazine at all!!!

Hayden James avatar

Got my hands on one! This is the best Pi yet and I think give us a peek into the direction of the Pi 3. No? :)

don isenstadt avatar

I just printed out the magpi case .. it fits great but no room for the GPIO pins .. another thing I noticed was that the micro SD card holder does not have a “spring”. You can’t push in and have the card release.. Is this on all pi0s? If so was it a cost saving move? By the way I can get it out without removing the top by using a coffee stick with a zot on the end …

dendad avatar

Will the Raspberry Pi Zero ever be available just by itself? Element 14 no longer list it and here in Australia post may be a killer anyway to get it from OS.
When will the next Big Run of boards take place?

Gerard Spierin avatar

I wonder whatever happened to all the copies that were supposed to have shipped to Ireland. Very strange that they should just disappear.

Liz Upton avatar

They haven’t disappeared – they sold out as soon as they hit the stores earlier this week. If you look back at Twitter earlier this week, you’ll see plenty of people managed to get their hands on them!

Richard Sierakowski avatar

Great news for those requiring a USB to Ethernet dongle and can access UK based Maplin’s offering:


ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772A – USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter as this, for me, works with all my RasPi Bs – B256/512, B+, B2 and the Zero with and without RasPi powered USB hub.

RASPBIAN JESSIE has all the drivers it needs.

Artur36 avatar

There are any news regarding a esconde batch of PI zero?

Matthew Huntley avatar

Still trying to find a copy of MagPi #40 here in Southern California. I did call my local Microcenter this morning to ask when they would be available. I was told that they did not carry it. This is even though they have had MagPi #38 on the shelf.
When I pointed that out, I was told that they would not carry it anymore…
I think another visit to the store is in order on the way home tonight.

Johny C avatar

I have been trying to get hold of one (in the UK) since they where announced, no luck, I hope more are being produced so I can eventually get my hands on one…..

raj narain avatar

when will be the rapspberry pi available in india (element14 site).Looking forward to buy.

Matt Thomason avatar

Did a three-month subscription in order to get mine from the second printing run and it just arrived today (along with the free subscriber cable set), so anyone else in the same boat should be receiving them very soon!

Adam Jones avatar

Got my first MagPi today – issue 40 with the Zero and with cables. Can’t wait to get home and try it!

Adam Jones avatar

PS: The Pi Zero was tucked in the magazine, not in a blister pack on the front. The thing’s so small, I thought they’d forgotten to include it at first. I’ve seen the pics, but you have to see the size of the Pi Zero to believe it. :o)

Efjay avatar

Still trying to get one!!

CFY avatar

Received my issue 40 in the US, but guess what was missing. Someone with USPS stole my Pi Zero :(

Liz Upton avatar

Could you email russell (at) raspberrypi.org, please? Thanks!

WF avatar

My pi was stolen as well. The package arrived open. The pi was missing but the cable was present. I am beyond annoyed.

CFY are you in the San Francisco area?

plasmafire avatar

So how is the compute module supposed to compete with the zero? As soon as you guys figure out how to produce in quantity, the compute module is finished. There isn’t a single thing that it can do that the zero can’t do better.

Clive Beale avatar

“There isn’t a single thing that it can do that the zero can’t do better.”

Run 2 cameras? Store stuff in 4Gb eMMC Flash? Have only the connectors you require? Etc.

weilai avatar

Where can i get one in Melbourne? I’ve everywhere and i’ve only seen $80 pi zeroes on ebay…. i should of gotten a budget pack off adafruit, i saw one in stock…

Conundrum avatar

Compute module does have the advantage of a standard interface pinout (ie same as DDR2) so the connectors are very cheap and bad/failing units can be easily changed.
Also for something like a Beowulf cluster where you want hundreds of them in a small box with Al finger cooling having all the pins on one side is quite beneficial.

I had some thoughts about using the HDMI output as a direct GPU computational pipeline for doing specialized tasks like database searches but the problem is the sheer number of connectors (10+ per Pi0) which would be non trivial to connect.

Ziegler Gerhard avatar

ich suche dringend Raspberry Pi® Zero 512 MB zu kaufen.
Bin aus Austria.
Bitte um Hilfe.

Bert avatar

So, where in the world (literally) can I buy a zero? Seems a bit like vaporPI to me.

Rodrigo avatar

In 3rd world it is more lokely to find a unicorn than a raspberry pi. If we find anything, it is at the price of a complete x64 computer board set. The movement is elitist.

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Rodrigo

I see you’re in Brazil. Unfortunately, the Brazilian government charges very, very high tariffs on electronics import, which are outside our control.

Bob Dowell avatar

Though I did not receive MagPi Issue #40 through my subscription (I subscribed too late) I was able to purchase the magazine with Pi Zero attached at my local Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA on January 16, 2016. We are two months behind newsstand availability in Great Britain so I was very surprised we were able to get the combo on newsstands here. I haven’t used it yet since I am still acquiring parts to put together a Raspberry Pi 2 B project. My first computer was homebuilt in 1979 that was programmed using binary through eight toggle switches. Thanks to all who have helped develop the Pi.

Jonathan Kayne avatar

The pi zero came out how many months ago?
It is rather sad that it is still out of stock after being released for so long. I really want to get my hands on one to do some experimenting with…

Felipe avatar

Why all raspberry pi products are sold out so fast? Amazing how hard is to find these products in the marketing… (and I’m no talking only about the Pi, but its accessories like the 7” touchscreen)

That make some sellers raise the price so much…

In my opinion you should see this as a major problem… that kind of problem that can make the raspberry pi project fail… :'(

Kevin Haworth avatar

Please tell us what you are doing to meet the constant demand for Pi Zero’s? It has been months now and still no stock anywhere, the ‘wait until supply meets demand’ is not working. A great product being let down by your supply issues, that are not being addressed. Please think again about the users that do not yet have one, instead of ‘look what the lucky few are doing’. I am still a dedicated fan, but very exasperated!

Al Manja avatar

I ordered one few days after they run out of stock. I’m still waiting….

GaryD avatar

I bought two copies of issue no 40 of RasPi at an Australian newsagency today, The magazines were behind other Raspberry Pi publications and the Raspberry Pi Zeroes were still there.

Damian avatar

New Raspberry Pi 3 but when you start massive production Raspberry Pi Zero ??????????

Ian Hollis avatar

Weren’t so many years ago that a 512MB PC took up the better part of a whole std sized desk. Think Windows 95 era. Now with Pi-0 it’s LESS space than a credit card.

Of course the peripherals still take up a lot of space, but this tiny PC is one micro mini computer. Not only that but the Raspbian OS is far more stable than in days of yore.

Beaming smile from a retired kid.

Antonio Sanhueza avatar

Raspberry Pi Zero on stock again in Pi Hut!!

James avatar

Are Raspberry Pi Zero’s procured through Alibaba bootlegs?!?

Li Li avatar

I’m so desperately looking to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero but they are all sold out.

Anyone knows anywhere still has stock or the earliest date the product will become available again?

Thank you so much for your help.

Alberto Macedo avatar

Please, when we´ll have rasp zero to buy?

Batuhan Topbaş avatar

I live in Turkey and i want to buy raspberry pi zero. I have a project based raspi zero (small size and cheap price). But i dont have any of this zero model. I waiting stock for mounths… If this 5 dollar price very problem for seller make price 7,5 and sell 10dollar. I want to buy but i see ebay and other platforms price very expensive. Starting 50 dollar!?

shafin avatar

How do I get one?
I am in india!

Please help me.

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