Price cut! Raspberry Pi Model B+ now only $25

When we announced the Raspberry Pi 2 back in February, we said that we’d continue to support its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Model B+. Since then, we’ve sold well over a million units of Raspberry Pi 2, but Model B+ has also continued to sell very well, despite also costing $35.

$10 cheaper, but just as much fun

$10 cheaper, but just as much fun

A side effect of the production optimizations that allowed us to hit the $35 target price for Raspberry Pi 2 is that the Model B+ is now much cheaper to manufacture than it was when it was introduced. With this in mind, we’ve decided to drop its list price to $25. If you’re looking for a Raspberry Pi with networking and multiple USB ports, and don’t need the extra performance or memory that the Raspberry Pi 2 brings, you might want to check it out.

The Raspberry Pi product line now stretches from the Model A+ at $20, via the Model B+ at $25, to the top-of-the-range Raspberry Pi 2 at $35. The new pricing will take effect across our partners’ websites over the next few days, but right now RS Components in the UK and MCM Electronics in North America look like your best bet.


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Awesome news! Thanks all who made it happen.

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Cool !


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wow, sounds unbelievable, side effect that shaves $10 off? I hope it does not mean it is going to be EOL soon. If not then please apply some part of it also to model a+ ;-)

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No, we’ve got absolutely no plans to EOL it – it’s still a very popular option for a lot of you.

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any news on the DSIPi touchscreen????

lots of people have been waiting ages to know a progress update since you mentioned it “could” be released 2nd quarter this year

thank you

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Its cool, great! But I am wondering what is going on with the pi display module…. I had seen some video with eben holding it. As far as I can remember compliance testing was yet to be done. Many of the pi users like me would love the display to be out soon…..:)

Also one more thing, pricing. As far as I understand import of laptops to India for personal use are free of customs duty. Can the raspberry pi foundation work with the government or element14 representives to reduce the price of the pi?

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Sounds awesome

Do you think they will also go down in price in the rest of the EU? And do you think the official adapters will become available in the Netherlands? That should save people a lot of money.

In NL they are now $32 (A+) and $45 (2B) + shipping + between $10 and $21 for a proper adapter.

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Excellent. 90% of the phenomenon of Raspberrism follows from the fact that it’s so *cheap*.

If you could drop the A to $15 is would shake things up even more impressively!

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Rather than cutting the A+, if cost saving are enough, bump the memory to 512MB and keep the $20 price.

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The Raspberry Pi: the little computer that keeps on giving.

Thank you Foundation. That’ll do nicely, that will :)

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Great news.
But I don’t think the calls for other price cuts would be helpful. All three models are exceptional value anything less would be too low! “That which costs us little we do not esteem” i.e too cheap and things are not valued. Anyway Cables, SD card, Mouse, keyboard and display are likely to cost a multiple of the Pi,

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Saw that.
Bottom of Page in Alternatives sections (for me) had A+ at £15.50

Have a feeling the £15.50 to £16.00 price difference is so small that the B+ will look a lot more appealing.

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Remember that £16 is before VAT so really £19.20. On the other hand it appears to include free delivery so more impressive still.

Also interesting is to compare the (pre-VAT) prices for other Raspberry Pi models on that website. The model B2 is £26.60 so the end-user B+ price is actually much less than B2 – more than the above headline would suggest.

More interesting still is that the A+ is £15.50. So, unless you desperately need the reduced power consumption, it is hard to see why anyone would buy an A+ from RS. The extra memory alone must be worth the additional 50p.

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I think a lot of A+ buyers are buying them for their smaller footprint and height. I suspect the extra RAM will not be be missed.

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The price HAS ALWAYS been without Taxes and P&P

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Great work. It also makes all the accessories seem overpriced by comparison, but in fact it’s just the Pi is an amazing value.

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And, once again, the RPF delivers on its promise of a “Linux computer for $25.” Well done. Going to drive any competition nuts.

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Nice one.

Keep us posted on the news of new hardware :D

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amazing news! I already have 1 B rev2 & 3 b+ operating around the house on a network media system and now a B+ 2 as my experimenter board. It runs a lot of overhead hence the RAM & CPU were a great choice but i’m hoping to release a product powered by PI at the end of the day and the B+ fits the final design brilliantly.

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Given the cost efficiencies that the Pi 2B(+?) has made possible, could you drop the price of the B+ to $25 … oh, wait, never mind! :D

Thanks, as always! Just got another swing at some federal Perkins grant money, so we can get closer to 1:1 computer-to-student ratio. I will be attempting to match that with a Foundation grant as soon as teaching school is over with in a few weeks and I can add another eight hours to my computing days … most of which I will spend goofing off with Pii, of course! ;)

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Incredible. One question though: How many people / companies use it for industrial 27/7 applications?

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If your question is for whether it can be used 24/7, I can say the answer is yes.

I have some B+ running digital signage, 24/7 without any problems – rocksteady.

But I recommend that you use heatsinks, and that you make a temporary filesystem for files frequently changed, and only do logging to ram, to reduce wear on the SD card.

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I think by “industrial” he/she meant, probably, mission or safety critical. While advertising may be misison critical to you, it probably doesn’t quite fit the intent.

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you guys use american dollars? not english pounds?

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The reason it is priced in $$$ is because that is the International Currency for buying components and manufacturing..

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you’ll need to step it up a notch for the rpi 2 b+ , because there’s something on kickstarter called C.H.I.P. (don’t ask me about what it stands for, i think it’s just a style) that costs $9 (when it launches in december) has a qaud core 1ghz allwinner tech chip, built in bluetooth and wifi, and VGA for all us with a monitor that does not have a HDMI port (one of my biggest gripes of my 1st gen model b). so, yeah. oh, and usb type c is the new standard (mainly because apple and google backed it, now monoprice and asus back it) so yeah, hopefully you won’t suddenly go out of business next year.

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Fact check here: the C.H.I.P, from the vague initial specifications that Next Thing provide, is based around an Allwinner-A13 SoC. This is a SoC equipped with a single-core Cortex A8 processor.

You will also need to purchase an add-on board to use VGA with the device.

We’re following the Kickstarter with interest.

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Close but not quite. If you dig into the Q&A details, you’ll find that CHIP is using an Allwinner R8, which is “based on the A13”. No one seems to know any details about the R8, other than being a single core Cortex-A8 device.

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That is $9 *without* VGA support. $19 including a VGA adapter, or $24 including an HDMI adapter.

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The C.H.I.P. uses a single core Allwinner-A13, an ARM Cortex A8 CPU, comparable to the CPU of the Beaglebone Black.

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This C.H.I.P. board looks really interesting and shows there is a real market ($1.2m pledged so far) for small cheap computers that aren’t all singing and dancing.
Means you can have dedicated computers for each task rather than requiring 1 bigger computer to handle multiple tasks.

On the VGA. I bought an HDMI to VGA Adapter for less than £3.00 ( and it worked flawlessly and did not require external power.
I’ve heard of others having problems and even met someone at the last Egham Jam with an adapter that did not work. The most obvious difference was that their adapter had audio while mine was HDMI-VGA only. Maybe the audio circuitry needs additional power and so does not work with the Raspberry Pi as standard.

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oh yeah… i use US dollars too.

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WOW! … that price cut is a phenomenal achievement, congratulations! :-)

I’m going to purchase RP1-B+ purely for headerless projects, connected to my home router. The total cost will be *incredibly* low. Your product range and value continues to impress us all. Well done to all those involved in this latest delivery of awesome-ness to the Raspberry Pi community! :-)

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Thanks Lee. Still feels incredible to be offering a much-upgraded Model B at the price we originally struggled to fit the Model A into.

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how do i by with us dollars?

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I always love to see a price cut but unfortunately there is only one reason I can see to buy anymore pi in the near future. I was considering setting up some security cameras in the summer so maybe someone could get farnell or rs to do some sort of piB+ and camera module bundle (they were doing A+ and camera bundles for £25), if I could get them at less than £30 I maybe would buy 3 more. Please make it so asap then I can place my order.

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cool,thinks all who made this happen +1

Ben avatar

Good stuff!

What about the compute module? (specs are similar)

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Great. When can I buy it? Your distributors are still showing the old pricing. It’d be nice if you could post on fb when the price takes effect. It’d be my first pi :)

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I only see that discount on UK RS store. Unfortunately in RS Spain stills shows previous price. So 35€ + VATs + sending fees : 48,76 €!

This far from your price. There’s any plans to extend that price to other countries?

nex avatar

how do I order for one here in Nigeria? :(

mahjongg avatar

Farnell sells them in the Netherlands for €21,76, probably in other countries they are a bit slow to react to the news.

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Congratulation!!!! RPI foundation for obtaining Optimization in production via popularity and best demanded SBC in market!!!
The reduction in price will make me buy couple of B+’s, as soon as price cut will be effective in India.
Hope RPI foundation soon launches RaspberryPi 2 A+, with onboard wifi and bluetooth.

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Price has dropped in € too =o) That makes it only €20,67 from RS in France! Daft – making it even more accessible. Playing with the basics with the kids we don’t always need the “full-power” of the “2” and at that price no excuses ;o) Merci.

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I think this may have to do more with the chip $9 computer that is being funded on kickstarter.

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Business doesn’t work like that – you don’t make global price cuts like that overnight or on a whim. (And if we had dropped our prices every time “the next Pi killer” or “Pi rival” had been announced in the last few years we’d be paying you to take them away ;)). If you’re interested, have a look at the forum discussion here

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Also, the CHIP won’t be available for many months, so what would be the point of dropping the price now?

andy avatar

It’s not the CHIP or the others (Beagle, whatever) that’s the problem.
It’s the uphill journey that the CHIP etc. guys – surely – realise that Pi has 3 years of fanatical support.
You aint gonna whack that in a hurry!
Look, if I can get a coherent answer from an 11-year-old “Minion-the-Minx” (Hope You don’t mind, Katie!), yet I’m an old bloke, not afraid of criticism…
We learn. Learnt.

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OMG I got mine for 32$. No fair

Jakub Urbanec avatar

This is absolutely fantastic news. Not for the simple fact of the list price, but for the whole community – there is a great product with a superb community and it does not have to be with the hefty price tag.
I own 4 B’s and two B+, and I love them ;-)
There is a fast growing RasPI community in Czech republic and we have a big thanks for you, Mister Eben Upton.
My personal commitment:
Whenever you come to Czech republic, let me know, I pay for every beer you drink. Promise!

Eben Upton avatar

You should be careful making promises like that. Could get pricey :)

Jakub Urbanec avatar

I have no doubts about my promise:

Let me know when you go to .CZ Once again: I pay for every beer you drink. It is way cheaper than coke or juice ;-)

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In Australia the Pi2 has gone up in price from AUD$38 to $44.50, while the B+ is still $38. I thought they were supposed to be the same price (until the recent price drop on the B+ which still hasn’t arrived down south).

I’m trying to use these devices in a school classroom, but these increases in the costs are making it hard to justify.

Peter Green avatar

“In Australia the Pi2 has gone up in price from AUD$38 to $44.50”
That’s because the AUD isn’t worth as much as it used to be. AIUI the dollar sign in the headline always reffered to USD.

Google tells me that 44.40 AUD is 35.11 USD. That is pretty close to equal to the headline price.

“I thought they were supposed to be the same price”
That is what the RPF told us but the reality on the ground in the UK was that the B+ was selling significantly below headline price starting a week or so before the Pi2 release.

“(until the recent price drop on the B+ which still hasn’t arrived down south).”
According to google 38 AUD is 29.98 USD. That is substantially below the old headline price (though substantially above the new headline price announced in this post)

“I’m trying to use these devices in a school classroom, but these increases in the costs are making it hard to justify.”
Having your currency drop in value sucks but there really isn’t much the rpf can do about it.

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good news. certainly part of what we pay for is all of what Ebon and RPF put in to the Pi ? with all of the knowledge diseminated herein, anyone of us could develop the next big thing..

Peter Green avatar

“Model B+ has also continued to sell very well, despite also costing $35.”
While the headline price may have been the same the real prices (at least in the UK) were not. Ever since a few weeks before the Pi2 was released the B+ has been selling at a steep discount.

I suspect if they were really selling at the same price sales of the B+ would have been much lower.

Paul Smith avatar

Both RS and Farnell UK are out of stock of the A+, both reporting back in stock end of June

I do hope we’ll see a price reduction on the A+. Currently 50p (+vat) price difference.

Sandy avatar

At least in Amazon, looks like this is already less than $35!!

Raspberry Pi B+



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i wish i could get one of these. seems impossible to get one here in Patagonia, Argentina

Dozie Dozzyjean avatar

How can i order these product, cause i stay in Nigeria, i am very much interested to make payment with my credit card or perfect money account, please give me option on how to buy.

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Model B+ for sale for only 20 EUR!
3.45 EUR for international shipping

Contact me for a package deal including also SD card and case

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Now, projects that don’t need the power of the new Pi 2 cost even less! Awesome!

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