The MagPi 55 is out, with plenty about the Pi Zero W

Rob from The MagPi here! We’re still incredibly excited about the brand-new, wireless-enabled Raspberry Pi Zero W, and it’s in our latest issue, out now. Here’s a video of me talking about it.

We have not just one, but two big articles about the Raspberry Pi Zero W in issue 55 of The MagPi. Our Big Build feature teaches you how to make a modified PiGRRL handheld retro console, and you’ll also find a full ten-page breakdown of everything that’s cool and new with the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

As usual, we have loads of other excellent articles in the magazine, from tutorials on how to create an Amazon Alexa-powered robot to reviews of the brand-new version of Kodi.

Pi Zero W, backups, advanced GPIO, 3D modelling, and more. We think issue 55 is fabulous!

Get your copy
You can grab a copy of The MagPi 55 in stores now at WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. Alternatively, you can order your copy online, or get it digitally via our app on Android and iOS. There’s even a free PDF of it as well.

We also have a new subscription offer to celebrate the new Raspberry Pi Zero W: grab a twelve-month subscription and you’ll get a Raspberry Pi Zero W absolutely free, along with a free official case and a bundle of adapter cables. Get yours online right now!

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Free Creative Commons download
As always, you can download your copy of The MagPi completely free. Grab it straight from the issue page for The MagPi 55.

Don’t forget, though, that as with sales of the Raspberry Pi itself, all proceeds from the print and digital editions of the magazine go to help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve its charitable goals. Help us democratise computing!

Lastly, here’s a full zip of the code from this issue, to help you get off to a flying start with your projects. We hope you enjoy it!


Richard avatar

I really like the style of the mag, takes me back to the days of Sinclair User and Crash. :)

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Thank you!

Richard avatar


My copy was waiting in my post box when I got home last night. Had a nice relaxing even reading it, the interview with the
Ruiz Brothers was really good.

Jim Sturdivant avatar

The Sinclare is what started it all for me.

Jamie Adams avatar

Can’t wait for the Pi Zero W to arrive still!

solar3000 avatar

thank you. can’t wait to read it.

cjan avatar

BTW, Patrick Stewart now visit TW for film Logan.

moisemust avatar

Got it yesterday in my mail here in Paris, France. Can’t wait to be able to get my hands on a Pi zero W!!!

nauman avatar

does it include pi zero w in magpi issue-55 like pi zero first version…..

Russell Barnes avatar

Afraid not, but if you subscribe for a year you get a Raspberry Pi Zero W and accessories as explained above.

Blake avatar

Heh. If they did that this time around, there would most likely be fierce fisticuffs at magazine racks everywhere. And I believe the Foundation is trying to promote peaceful learning here so…

Tom Kirby-Green avatar

Got my Zero W from those jolly pirates at Pimoroni, it’s running their super cute new ScrollBot in my daughters bedroom. The Zero W is fab, like all PIs I wish it had like four times the RAM, but fingers crossed that will come in time.

Dante avatar

in the 3d printed case for the pigrrl 3, you can leave a hole for the HDMI port. Just plug it in to a tv/monitor and it’s sort of like the nintendo switch!

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