Video: Five Years of Pi

Matthew “Raspberry Pi Guy” Timmons-Brown puts together a video of what the Raspberry Pi community has achieved every year. He’s just published 2017’s update, and it’s a doozy: have a look, and see how many of these projects and people you recognise!

We’re going to be celebrating the community that comes up with this amazing stuff all this weekend at our fifth Big Birthday Weekend, here in Cambridge. Tickets (£5 for over-16s, free for people under 16) are sold out for Saturday, but there are still some left for Sunday: grab them while they’re hot! You’ll see some of the projects featured in this video, discover some completely new ones, have the chance to attend drop-in sessions on digital making, robotics and more, meet with hundreds of like-minded Pi fans, and hang out with the team that makes your Raspberry Pi.

There will also be cake. See you there!


Frederick Vandenbosch avatar

Great video! So many awesome projects!

See you all very soon! :D *excited*

toto avatar

Raspberry pi 4 for the five years ??

MHadi avatar

Or perhaps skip the 4 go for Pi Five?

W. H. Heydt avatar

Long since stated as a categorical No.

I do hold out a glimmer of hope for the Pi3A for the 5th Anniversary, though.

Nate avatar

Maybe a Pi 3.14 ???

ShiningFirewall avatar

So I can buy a 3B tomorrow and sure that 4 won’t be released just after that? BTW, I asked about it in December 2016, and anons have adviced me to wait.

kneekoo avatar

I would forever regret if Raspberry Pi 3.14 would never be released. I mean I’m nostalgic about my old PCs, but a Raspberry Pi 3.14 would become my best PC ever! :D

Pi3 is already great, so what could be get without (much) redesign?
– RAM upgrade?
– improved wifi+bt?
– coloured GPIO mask/plastic (I don’t know the name :P)?
– the Pi Greek letter on the board?

What else? :)

W. H. Heydt avatar

Increased RAM would take a full chip redesign.

Sue avatar

Great video, amazing to see all the fabulous projects. Students will be thrilled to see themselves again!
See you all at the party! ^_^

solar3000 avatar

Potty trained and ready for kindergarten!
Happy Birthday!
Feels likes its been only four years and twelve months.

Andos avatar

The cake is a lie ^^

Happy Birthday

Liz Upton avatar

With every passing year, it takes someone a little longer to come up with that comment (which is the correct comment). This saddens me.

Hove avatar

Cotswold Jammers now calling me Andy “Firestarter” Baker as a result :-) Sadly can’t attend this year’s Birthday Party to amend for my mistake.

Liz Upton avatar

Oh rats, that’s a shame! I was really looking forward to see how you’d top last year’s conflagration!

Hove avatar

You and Eben are more than welcome to attend the CotswoldJam at the end of May where I hope to demonstrate her bigger sister GPS tracking flights. Tickets are free! Until then, you’ll have to put up with this:

Larry avatar

…and still looking for a decent starter projects book for my nippers!

Helen Lynn avatar

Adventures in Raspberry Pi not to your/their liking?

Elfen avatar

Its been a great 5 years…. been there in 4 of those 5 years since it hit the USA.

Leodrive avatar

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and I love it! Congratulations from Argentina!

kneekoo avatar

Happy Birthday, and long live Raspberry Pi! :D

Bilal avatar

Awesome! keep going

Alex avatar

I have a Pi 3 model B and I love that thing! I also consider buying Zero W, but I’m afraid it will be out of stock everywhere when I’ll need one.

Nuno avatar

Please consider at least a 3+ version with sma connector for external wifi antenna… internal wifi is very bad (or even impossible to use on metal cases) :(

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