The Raspberry Pi Guy Interviews Clive & Gordon

Last month we put out a call for questions for our education and engineering teams. Matt Timmons-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guywas given the chance to interview Clive Beale who heads up our education team; and Gordon Hollingworth who heads up software engineering.

We hope you find that fills a few gaps and enjoyed hearing from us at Pi Towers. Thanks to Matt for filming and a great job editing.


Dougie avatar

Next time someone interviews Clive, can they ask more about Minecraft? The current version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (from which we got the Pi version) is getting a bit long in the tooth. When are we going to get an update with some new features, new blocks, new mob creatures, better graphics, etc.?

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We just got over the hurdle of getting it packaged (apt-get install minecraft-pi) and licensed to be pre-installed in Raspbian. We’ve also been working on a proposal for a future edition, particularly enhancements which will benefit its use in education. Watch this space. Or do something else, whatever.

clive avatar

We love Minecraft on the Pi and it’s one of our educational focuses, there’s lots going on and we have lots of plans — just can’t talk about all of them at the moment. So yes – watch this space!

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Good updates (or at least hints) from both, thanks to The Guy for posting.

Also it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone answer one of those “Desert island” questions properly! Typical engineers…

MarkTheMorose avatar

Interesting, but constantly distracted by the interviewer and interviewee both being afflicted with the ‘So…’ disease, whereby they start almost every sentence with the word ‘So’.


Ben Nuttall avatar


Well he’s 15 years old so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

And as for Gordon… he’s an engineer. Not used to talking to people.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

As problems go it isn’t really the biggest one is it?

You’ll find that I don’t talk like that normally – I just think that it was the nature of the interview.

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Ravenous avatar

Heh I think the “So…” disease is a newer version of the “Erm…” disease which afflicts my own speaking. Don’t fight it, let it take you :)

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So what?

Oops… done it myself!

Scot avatar

So how will microsoft buying mojang influence minecraft on pi?

Ben Nuttall avatar

It’s too early to say for sure, but we imagine it won’t affect our free edition.

AndrewS avatar

600-page documentation sounds fairly hefty!

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