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Nice overview video.

“You have to learn basic programming just to turn it on” – umm? ;)

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Yes, some slightly incorrect statements in there, but on the whole, a nice article.

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Flash Player upgrade required

Please download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

RPi no Flash Player !!!!!!!!

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I second that. Shouldn’t it be in the spirit of the RPI to move away from big evil companies towards an open web and open technologies (HTML5)?

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On my Android Tablet it offers a Mobile browser Version of the Video, but CNET so will have to work out a way for Web (Epiphany) Web Browser to pretend it is a Mobile Web Browser

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You’d have to address that to CNET, since they are the ones who made the video….the RPI cannot say what format people use, that would be too much like those ‘evil’ companies….

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My point is that CNET actually have a different website for Mobile Devices aka no Flash, so no reason to use Flash whatsoever !

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Our mission is to educate the world. Should we only use news media that use free software and open technologies? How would that help? We need to get our message across to the mainstream and reach as many people as possible.

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I am sure everyone is tired of this debate right now, but I feel the need to play devils advocate for Flash. I wish I had the requisite skills, so that I could port Lightspark to the Pi. For all of it’s apparent evils there are two things that have to be considered. 1. There is a lot of content out there in the wild. I mean a lot. Even great learning resources like Computers4Kids here in South Africa have whole curriculums based on Flash content. 2. It is a prerequisite on some very important sites, like for instance my country’s Revenue Service. In a perfect world, everything should be open and based on standards, but content creators have put man(sorry person) decades into designing and producing this stuff, and until someone invents a straightforward Flash to HTML5 converter, as apposed to having to recreate all of that from scratch, it will still be relevant and important to some people. Here ends my 2 cents.

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Did they mention anything on the documentation?

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