The Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide is out now (and it’s huge!)

The Raspberry Pi Press has been hard at work of late, producing new issues of The MagPi, HackSpace magazine, and our latest publication, Wireframe. But that hasn’t slowed us down, and this week, we’re pleased to announce the release of The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide, a 244-page book that will help get you well on your way to Raspberry Pi domination.

The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide front cover

The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide

We’ve roped in Gareth Halfacree, full-time technology journalist and technical author, and the wonderful Sam Alder, illustrator of our incredible cartoons and animations, to put together the only guide you need to help you get started with the Raspberry Pi.

inside the Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide

From setting up your Raspberry Pi on day 1, to taking your first steps into writing coding, digital making, and computing, The Official Raspberry Beginner’s Guide is great for users from age 7 to 107! It’s available now in the Raspberry Pi Press store, with free international delivery.

inside the Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide

As always, we have also released the guide as a free PDF, and you’ll soon be seeing physical copies on the shelves of Waterstones, Foyles, and other good bookshops.

Code Club Book of Scratch

And that’s not all! This week we also launched the brand-new Code Club Book of Scratch, the first-ever print publication from the team at Code Club.

Code Club Book of Scratch Volume 1

You can learn more about the book on the Code Club blog, and you’ll also find it in the Raspberry Pi Press store, and in bookstores alongside The Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide. You can download the free PDF here, but the print version of the Code Club Book of Scratch is rather special. As well as being stuffed full of amazing Scratch projects to try down at your local Code Club, it also comes with magic glasses that reveal secret hints in some of the guides. It’s spiral bound, so it always lays flat, and there are 24 exclusive Code Club stickers as well! The pictures here don’t really do it justice – it’s a wonderful book, even if I am a bit biased.


Abu Abdullah avatar

Well done. This is what i like most in raspberry pi. The documentation

Elfen avatar

Excellent! A+!

Sylvain avatar

What would be a good age for kids to get started with this?

Alex Bate avatar

While Code Clubs officially caters for those aged nine and above, so long as you’re there to work through the book with them, you can start younger.

Sylvain avatar

Thanks Alex that is very helpful!

Shivani Kapoor avatar

Hi, I am an engineering student from Indore. I am new to Raspberry Pi. I have been using Arduino and NodeMCU for my engineering projects. My seniors suggested me to start learning Pi as it has more options to connect various peripherals without going for any external connections like display or camera. Can someone suggest where I can get Raspberry Pi and its add-ons at a good price?

Liz Upton avatar

If you go to our products page (link at top of page) and click on the product you want, you’ll be directed to one of our authorised resellers in your part of the world. We make sure they always carry the Raspberry Pi at the best price.

Shivani Kapoor avatar

Hey Liz thanks a lot, I ordered Raspberry Pi Kit from today. They offered me a really cool discount. My kit has everything I needed to practice. Can’t wait to receive it ! :D

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