Raspberry Pi 5: available now!

Three weeks ago, we unveiled the latest generation of our flagship product: Raspberry Pi 5. Since then, we’ve shared insights into the overall architecture of the platform, the RP1 I/O controller, the software stack, the image signal processor, and some of our official accessories, including the case, and the forthcoming updated PoE+ HAT.

Raspberry Pi 5 on a black background with orange, yellow, green , pink and turqouise swirls, circles, patterns exploding from behind it

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard with our friends at the Sony UK Technology Centre in Wales (where your Pi is baked) to ramp up the manufacturing and production test processes. Things have gone a little faster than expected, and we’re happy to announce that the first mass-production units will ship to customers this week. As promised, we’ll be starting with subscribers to The MagPi and HackSpace magazines, who have taken advantage of the Priority Boarding promotion.

By the end of next week, all existing Priority Boarding orders will have shipped, and every Approved Reseller in a country where our compliance paperwork has been signed off by the authorities will have received initial stock of both 4GB and 8GB variants, so those of you who have pre-ordered will start to see parcels arriving in your mailboxes. We are continuing to increase our production rate, with the aim of fulfilling all backorders, and getting Raspberry Pi in stock at all our Approved Resellers, by the end of the year – by then we expect you to be able to just buy one straight off the shelf.

Close up of RP1 silicon on a Raspberry Pi 5 board

We’ve been excited to see the response of early users to Raspberry Pi 5, and can’t wait to see what you do once you get your hands on it. Let us know when you start tinkering with yours!

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Mark Tomlin avatar

So, what are the number of units available on day one? Using the Priority Boarding access for both MagPi and HackSpace, I was told by the provider (PiShop.us) that they had sold out of the 8GB units and that was on the 2nd of this month. I don’t think there are enough fenced off supplies for priority boarding. That would be a shame, but also fairly predictable given the insatiable appetite for these boards.

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Akkiesoft avatar

We are also looking forward to Pi 5 release in Japan! ;)

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Chris Stagg avatar

Apparently Pimoroni has a delay (of a few days from today), curious as to why that is the case, but I assume it’s down to lack of shipmates to get the orders portside fast enough.

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Anders avatar

I would imagine that Pencoed is a busy place right now and resupply will be periodic.

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Adam avatar

This is like 5 birthdays rolled into one! And you’ve even included a picture with a black case – what a delight!

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nafanz avatar

When will the 16GB version be available? Some bloggers hinted at a short one.

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Marcello avatar

I’m interested in what cases would require so much RAM?

I would like to buy a Pi 5 as a desktop station, just to surf a little and write programs for the Pi Zero. Maybe 4GB is enough for me?!

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nafanz avatar

For example, to install Ubuntu. I tried this on RP4 with 8GB. It worked slowly. I mean watching videos and browsing. Perhaps it’s worth evaluating this again on the current version.

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Carlos Luna avatar

The PI 5 is faster, and feels way faster than the Pi 4 for the tasks you mention. A Pi 5 with 8gb of RAM makes a very usable desktop computer.16gb would be nice, but it is not essential IMHO.

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SleepyD avatar

This exactly.

Reijo Korhonen avatar

Yes, when 16GB will be available this model will be usable for all desktop duties like developing apps. It will be very ecologic solution. If keyboard in keyboard model is usable, what more your need? But this is for linux users.

Luke avatar

Sounds like you need a PC instead of SBC (Single Board Computer). If your requirement is to run multimedia desktop, browse the Internet and have 16GB then RPi is not for you. RPi 5 is already reaching 25W of power at load and costs $80. That’s neighborhood of used laptops/SFF PCs/thin clients/etc with x86 CPU, expandable RAM, way more PCI-e lanes and GPUs with excellent open source drivers and video decode acceleration (Intel, AMD/Radeon).

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Steve N Nordquist avatar

Lol why disqualify an Rpi if he isn’t even insisting on emulation of Android nn ? For more sata? I agree I need to see those heatsinks that make sense, and maybe nice ways to hinge the Rpi to a picture plate mounted behind a monitor, but you haven’t valorated your use case.

CooliPi avatar

When your software allocates that memory, it starts to swap RAM data to a swap media (SD card, USB stick, M.2 SSD). Slow as hell and destroys the media considerably. My 8GB RPI4 is kinda slow, but doesn’t swap. Usual browser memory allocation is around 5GB of RAM.

In other words, more RAM is a hedge against potential disk swap thrashing.

Sometimes it’s helful to run sudo fstrim -v / to release some unused blocks on your disk, might speed up swapping too.

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Pablo avatar

Ubuntu on my PC with Awesome WM sits at around 1.3 GB of ram usage when idle. With two tabs opened in Firefox as of right now, RAM consumption is 1.9 GB.

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barleyguy avatar

Using zram can make a big difference to the amount of swapping. What it does is perform the first layer of swapping to compressed RAM instead of to the disk. It’s especially effective with a browser because it the tabs you aren’t looking at can probably be compressed.

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Steve N Nordquist avatar

That’s fine, but it’s also a tuning option in Chrome so you stay under SSD cache size with the paging business if in fact you have allocated a swap volume or such. [Has 48 macro tabs open in Chrome…beta on Android on a phone with decent RAM.] Better to suggest SSDs with (maybe separate, but) appreciable cache RAM to them! Also…the 32 and 64 GB ecosystem members, other coping mechanisms in case you want to know what you’re getting when you’re running small 🦙 Llama AI or such on an Rpi.

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Jim Klimov avatar

My take would be a build node for a CI farm, to be sure Pi users are natively handled well. As this involves lots of discardable I/O, it is better to use RAM disks – faster and no SSD/flash wear with data useless long-term. Also caching of sources and `ccache` objects to not always hit the flash even for reads…

Also since there are many use-cases (OSes, HA plugins and whatnot), running ARM VMs or containers there would be neat – and would benefit from as much RAM as can be thrown at it. Got 32Gb versions? ;)

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Steve N Nordquist avatar

What RAM disks would you recommend for the Pi 5? 🤼🪩🤼

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astro sk avatar

blockchain node, is a good example to require 16GB. pi’s are very resilient to the elements and can see them as a powerful resource in a decentralized system vs. all running in AWS.

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Steve avatar

Hi. If your situation is light use,as you’ve described, then i would have thought the 4Gb version would be OK. Especially as getting an 8Gb version might involve a long wait. I only have the Pi 4 with 4Gb and don’t feel that I’m lacking RAM. More important for me is disk read write speed (i have an ssd). I’ll probably get a Pi 5 apart from the quicker processor, I like the idea of having a more integrated solution for the SSD storage.

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PhilE avatar

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet

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nafanz avatar

Yes, of course you are right, but I want to believe it. I hope that such a version is planned, but you are simply not ready to make an official announcement yet.

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Anders avatar

Judging by the silkscreen on the PCB, there maybe a 1GB and 2GB version possible, but there is no little jumper link for anything beyond 8GB.

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PhilE avatar

And before anybody tries it, moving the 0Ohm resistor won’t magically increase (or decrease) your RAM…

Anders avatar

Additional 8GB available for $3.99 per month subscription or $40 annually.

crumble avatar

I guess when the Pi gets a 64bit RAM bus. There are not many 16GByte chips with a 32 bit bus.

Licenses for 64 bit must be expensive. Otherwise this should be a really cheap way to double memory speed. I cannot see a good reason why someone buys a Pi5 and run a 32bit OS on it.

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Mikael avatar

Ah, I had hope the reseller would be able to start sending units out today. Looks like up to two more agonizing weeks of waiting before the parcel arrives then. :-D

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Steve avatar

Congratulations 🥳 hope the release goes well and people at Raspberry Pi get a chance to relax soon, I imagine it’s been a touch busy recently. I’m waiting patiently for mine to arrive.

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Liz Upton avatar

I imagine it’s been a touch busy recently


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Jeff Geerling avatar

You mean you haven’t all been on vacation the past few weeks just waiting for the boxes to arrive at the office this morning?

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Federico Del Giudice avatar

I never used a pi, but i have in mind a project in mind and i’m waiting for the pi 5, also, watching your videos i gained interest in this Little Big board

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Chivar Pilones avatar

ordered mine at pihut last 10/14, hope it gets shipped by november and not january 2024

Thanks from PH

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Tony Finch avatar

Great news! I just spotted the pun in “priority boarding” which gave me a good chuckle 🤓

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Paul Connor avatar

is it too inflammatory to say I have mine already?
Arrived Saturday from PiHut.
noticeably quicker then a 4.

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PhilE avatar

That’s great, but the “2 x quicker” may not always apply to delivery

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Ander D'nar avatar

Are you saying airfreighting a pallet of Pi 5’s WON’T allow the pilots to reach Mach 2-3?!

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John Ely avatar

When did you place the order for you Pi-5 and are you a subscriber to one of the magazines that gives shipping priority?

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Stewart Watkiss avatar

Great news. I received my “priority order” on Saturday. Pleasant surprise when it arrived before the launch date. I even updated my latest YouTube video so I could mention the update.

I remember back to the launch of the first Raspberry Pi, which felt like waiting forever, so it’s great to hear so many of the latest model being sent out.

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John avatar

Checked all approved retailers in Eastern Europe and none of them have the board in stock. Most of them say that the board will be available in early 2024…
Are there any alternatives in this area? Ordering from Pimoroni or other British retailers is obviously out of the question due to brexit issues…

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Roelen avatar

You could try at raspberrystore.nl that’s where i ordered mine and are extremely efficient and kind people.

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rclark avatar

Good news. But impatiently waiting :) . My new boot USB 3.0 SSD drive is all ready to go as I used a PI-4 to configure the PI OS 64bit Bookworm. So just need the RPI-5 8G (and 5V-5A plug, and heatsink+fan) to plug it into.

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barleyguy avatar

I also built a Bookworm image, as well as a ROM collection for Recalbox, in anticipation of when mine arrives. I’m in the first batch at Pimoroni, so hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks. :-)

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Edwin Jones avatar

I missed the first batch and am eagerly awaiting the 2nd. I’m hoping people who get it this/next week post a lot of content so I can obsess over it while waiting.

Thanks again everybody, looking forward to trying out all sorts on this.

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steve s avatar

absolutely delighted to be witting this on my band new Pi5 which arrived today

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Jonn Sandon avatar

Reserved an 8GB at the Pi Store in Cambridge at the beginning of the month. Drove up today to collect. Fabulous staff ready to assist!
Built and tested on a 150gb SSD usb3 adapter.
It’s absolutely fantastic, fast and slick with great graphic handling on a UHD display.
Network running full tilt @879 Mbs with fast.com
Snappy on the update.

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rclark avatar

Wahoo! Sounds like a winner. You put one question to bed for me, as there was no mention of booting off USB that I saw in all the hoopla about faster SD cards. I was/will going to try my brand new Samsung T7 on my RPI-5 anyway :) . Now to see how fast an RPI-5 make it across the pond all the way to Montana…

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barleyguy avatar

One caveat is that booting to USB may require a 5 amp PD power supply. (This is mentioned in the engineering interviews.)

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rclark avatar

That is why I ordered a 5V-5A power supply (and cooler) along with the RPI-5. Hoping now I can power ‘two’ external USB drives without a powered hub.

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Graham Jackson avatar

Nice to know shipments have started rolling out.
Are the 27W PSUs and Active Coolers also available to be shipped? I am expecting my Pi-5 board to be shipped together with these accessories.

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Jamie Whitehorn avatar

Yes, mine arrived from The Pi Hut on Saturday and arrived with the RPi5, the new case, the active cooler and the new 27W PSU all in the box as ordered 🎉

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Ashley Whittaker avatar

You’re on FIRE Jamie

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Graham Jackson avatar

Many thanks Jamie, good to know the accessories will not delay the Pi-5 shipments!

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Callum King-Underwood avatar

Aww, ordered mine at 7:08am on the launch day from pi hut, not arrived or had a shipment email yet :(

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nickmon68 avatar

Yep im the same i ordered mine at 7:10am…no news for me yet

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Aaron avatar

I got my Raspberry Pi 5 today! Already got some projects lined up.

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Ron Webb avatar

I made an order from PiShop.us and SparkFun for an 8GB and a 4GB model (respectively) on September 28. I got order confirmations from both that same day, so I logged in to each today, as the release day was yesterday. SparkFun still says it will ship when it arrives. PiShop shows absolutely NO information, despite originally giving me a confirmation in September; it does NOT show in my orders.

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rclark avatar

Ordered from pishop.us too. In the wait mode :) . No tracking numbers yet…

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Blast.FX avatar

I ordered from an official reseller a couple hours after the announcement and was placed in the first batch with expected delivery on 2023-10-25. Yesterday, I got an email from the reseller saying the delivery would be delayed by at least two weeks due to manufacturing delays on your side. Yet here, you claim manufacturing is running ahead of schedule.
So which one of you is lying?

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Liz Upton avatar

Can you let me know who that was? There are no manufacturing delays, but one of our partners did make the bizarre decision to send a large batch out to the US on a boat rather than on a plane – that’s probably what’s hit you.

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John Ely avatar

Can you tell me which supplier shipped early production to the USA by boat? I ordered in September, but I am being told a very vague time they will ship to me. It is the first time I have ordered from this rPi aproved firm.

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Blast.FX avatar
Liz Upton avatar

I’ve snipped your comment – I hope you don’t mind. What you were sent is not accurate and I don’t want it to spread further! All the ARs have been aware of the ramping schedule and the way we’re getting units out the door since early September, and there’s nothing unexpected here – there’s a lot of demand. I’m getting in touch with Michael in the morning.

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Rodrigo Adamshuk avatar

I’m looking forward to working on the Pi 5 here in Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷

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zonetuto avatar

That’s great news, I can’t wait to get mine and start testing!

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Duncan avatar

I’ve ordered from Pimoroni and have confirmation that my order is part of batch 1 but as yet no order delivery details which is disappointing. Their FAQ’s are indicating the delays are due to priority boarding


So unlikely to arrive this week.

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Ray avatar

Same here, still waiting for any information from Pimoroni on a preorder purchase!

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Danno avatar

I could really use a 16GB version. (hint. hint.) :D

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Nigello avatar

Sounds like RP5 is having a very successful debut. After all the pain of the chips shortage, and the gradual restoration of availability for customers in the hobbyist / maker community during this year, the announcement of a new Pi a few weeks came as a pleasant surprise, and has stimulated a lot pent-up demand. For all the irate talk of abandoning Raspberry Pi in favour of other manufacturers / buying second hand x64 machines /magical thinking about RISC V, it remains a platform with an unique value proposition, given the product quality, unrivalled software support and the active user communities. The Pi Foundation deserve congratulations, and also no small measure of respect for coming through a very challenging time for their business, and their customers, with their integrity and ambition intact. Now, with Pi’s starting to arrive in the hands of the priority purchasers, people just need to have a little more patience as inventory arrives and ships to customers and resellers around the world. After three years of Pi famine, uncertainty and frustration, everyone can be assured that they will soon have their delivery, and be able to buy as many as they like by the new year. So breathe deeply, and meditate on the folly of excessive attachment: anything good is with waiting just a little bit longer for.

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Liz Upton avatar

Thank you – we really appreciate that!

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Duncan Hill avatar

Liz, would it be possible to confirm if there’s been any delays in shipping devices to resellers? Pimoroni are saying there’s no updates since the 24th and they refer to Eben’s post.

Reply to Duncan Hill

Liz Upton avatar

No, you guys are just buying them very, very quickly! Keep holding on: they’re rolling off the line all the time (some tens of thousands going out today and tomorrow to resellers).

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Dale Cousins avatar

I think I was too eager and ordered from Pimoroni the day of pre-release bookings and then my backspace subscription came in the post the next day, I didn’t realise until I saw this post that I could have got it earlier as a subscriber, sad face Dale. I know it will be worth the wait.

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Graviton avatar

All resellers in Belgium have delivery dates set between late November up to January. What gives, there is such a pre-order craziness?

Reply to Graviton

Ashley Whittaker avatar

MUCH pre-order craziness

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Mikael avatar

Copying this from the forums, in case any fellow Swedes are wondering:

Just got word back from the Swedish authorized reseller: Apparently Raspberry Pi have not communicated any delivery date to them yet. Because of this, their official stance is that they hope to be able to start deliveries sometime in the coming month, but it could be that the start of delivery is pushed into December. While I understand that things can happen in mass production and distribution, I would rather have appreciated a bit more transparency from Eben Upton on this. Headlining with “Pi 5 now available” and proceding to say that they’re ahead of schedule sets some expectations and if there are caveats it’s probably better to be open about it.

Oh well, in the end this is hardly a life or death matter. :)

Reply to Mikael

Mikael avatar

To be honest, Eben did mention compliance paperwork potentially causing differences in delivery dates between countries, so that could be one reason.

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Kevin avatar

I ordered mine at the backend of last month and I’m told I won’t receive mine until next year ( no specific date) then I just read an article saying scalpers are selling them on ebay for double and triple the RRP. Why are people allowed to buy multiple pi’s at launch? it should be restricted to 1 per customer, so legit people like myself can get a hold of one shortly after launch, not several months later.

Reply to Kevin

Liz Upton avatar

None of the resellers are supposed to be selling multiples: if you see one who is, please let us know. There will always be some people who will try to sell on for a profit on eBay, but we’ve been keeping an eye out and there is nobody there who has been able to get more than one unit to sell – again, if you see someone who genuinely appears to have multiples, please let us know.

Reply to Liz Upton

Anthony Densley avatar

I’m not sure if your talking about your approved resellers but Sparkfun is offering 5 per customer. I ordered mine on the 28th just a few hours after the announcement and now they’re saying Q1 2024

Reply to Anthony Densley

Sunny Khatri avatar

I think there is no point using ARM for desktop computing.so they should release low-power & low-price (less then $25) IoT Linux-SOM.

Reply to Sunny Khatri

Steve N Nordquist avatar

Like, why? Also what is this ‘desktop’ I keep hearing of? The computer fits like 4 to a photo mounted on a monitor back, even more on a gypsy chair webbing, just tell me about how you compare HSF and power backup for these things. 🍿😶‍🌫️

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Ghost of Burner avatar

I use a Pi4 for java coding with Netbeans, some games (python_games) and Vivaldi and Evolution. Will the pi 5 do that, or should I stay with a Pi4?

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TecnoTom.com avatar

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Raspberry Pi 5 and start diving into some exciting projects! The improvements in performance and features have me eagerly anticipating all the innovative things I’ll be able to do with it. It’s going to be a fantastic addition to the world of DIY electronics and computing. Bring on the Raspberry Pi 5!

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Jeff avatar

What is the Raspberry PI foundation going to do about their “approved resellers” lying about the release date, allowing employees to purchase every single RPI5, and are now reselling them on Amazon for double? MicroCenter in Madison Hgts, MI even changed the release date on their website to Nov 3. As of November 1st they show “Sold Out” yet not one customer got to buy one.
This is unethical behavior from your “authorized resellers”.

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Helen Lynn avatar

A degree of cynicism is healthy but sheesh.

  • – AFAICT, and ICBW, but stock has not yet reached local Micro Center stores because logistics can sometimes be genuinely very challenging
  • – A Nov 3 “release date” probably just means that’s when the store people think the truck with the Pi 5s will show up
  • – The “sold out” indication on that and other store websites probably just means “not currently in stock” and the website doesn’t have a way to specify whether that’s “not here yet, might be later” or “was here, all gone now”
  • – If you’ve come across evidence that something really dodgy is going on you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page to tell us about it and we’ll take serious concerns seriously, but otherwise we’ll go on with the assumption that the staff at your local store are ordinary decent people trying to make a living, and not wicked scalpers

Reply to Helen Lynn

Adrebar avatar

Hi, this looks promising but i have some doubts about the Approved Resellers in Spain, are the expentacies of having Pi5 on stock by the end of the year? or how much is the expected delay for people who hasn’t preordered? Thank you everyone

Reply to Adrebar

Joselu avatar

I ordered my pi5 in october 4th in Spain and I don’t have any news about it, not a single tweet or news in page, and they are official resellers.
I don’t know if they have stock and slow sending or simply they don’t have any stock yet.
It’s very frustrating the lack of news about everything.

Reply to Joselu

Semi avatar

Same, all resellers in Germany are sold out and most likely wont ever get restocked cause there is no supply left, ironic.

Reply to Semi

Liz Upton avatar

Ironic if true.

(Not true.)

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Ritsu avatar

Can anyone give a hint on how production is going? I’ve checked multiple accredited resellers and all of them have gone out of stock. Some even say the ETA is early 2024. Is this true? (“and getting Raspberry Pi in stock at all our Approved Resellers, by the end of the year – by then we expect you to be able to just buy one straight off the shelf.”)

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Softlay avatar

The Pi Foundation deserve congratulations, and also no small measure of respect for coming through a very challenging time for their business, and their customers, with their integrity and ambition intact. Now, with Pi’s starting to arrive in the hands of the priority purchasers, people just need to have a little more patience as inventory arrives and ships to customers and resellers around the world.

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John M Ely avatar

Ordered an 8gb rPi-5, active cooler, and case on 28 Sep from Spark Fun because they are listed as a preferred supplier. I received my credit card statement today showing Spark Fun charged for the three items 30 Sep.
Other than confirming the order last September, I’ve had no information from SparkFun. Now, several places are selling 8 gb Pi-5s to walkin customers.
PLEASE, what is going on with the perferred suppliers?

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Liz Upton avatar

What did Sparkfun say when you contacted them about your order? Because this is like asking the farmer why your McDonald’s burger is late from Doordash.

Reply to Liz Upton

Def avatar

I’m in the same boat. I have sent them multiple messages but got no response at all. I decided to wait another 15 days to see if they would say anything, if not, request a refund, and if there’s still no response, file a PayPal dispute. I understand they don’t have stock, but not responding at all is not a good sign.

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John M Ely avatar

Hi Liz,
It was the first time I’ve ordered from SparkFun and I did it logged in as a guest (without opening an account). Later, on their web site I found I would need to log into my account to check the status of my order. However, when I placed the order their web said they expected deliveries in late October. Now, their web site says the don’t known when to expect deliveries. I do have an Email confirming my order, but nothing since.

Reply to John M Ely

Liz Upton avatar

I’ve asked our commercial team to find out what’s going on; we may be able to apply some pressure to stop them from taking people’s money when they don’t have stock. Did you order from then with the email address you used here?

Reply to Liz Upton

John M Ely avatar

Yes, I used the same Email address

Liz Upton avatar


Greg Messemer avatar

I to am in the same boat. I placed my order on September 28th 2023. I would have expected it to be shipped in the 1st round but I have seen and heard nothing. Again not responding at all is not a good sign. I am a returning customer there.

Reply to Greg Messemer

Matthew avatar

I preordered Pi5 too, and was hopeful i will spend some time with it during christmas vacation, but the ETA is half of January to official reseller in Czech republic :/ Hopefully it will come sooner, otherwise i might cancel my order

Reply to Matthew

CuteistCat avatar

Are you considering RISC-V? (if you do add it add atleast the multiplication and 64 bit floatiing point extebsions)(im wondering as having a risc v pi could help ith teaching people assembler)

Reply to CuteistCat

rclark avatar

What is wrong with teaching ARM64 assembly with the current RPIs? The gcc assembler works rather well :) and there are a lot of resources on-line to help you out as well as several books on the subject.

That is, unless you ‘need’ to learn RISC-V for some reason of course…

Reply to rclark

rclark avatar

My 8G RPI-5 (plus heat sink and 5V-5A walwart) was delivered 11/18/2023. From the PiShop.us web store. Wahoo. Fired it up with a USB Samsung T7 external drive and all is well. Boots quick. So now to start some testing to what works and what works better on this new board…. Always fun to have a ‘new’ SBC to play with!

Reply to rclark

John avatar

I ordered my RPi-5 back in November. At the time they said they didn’t have any info for preorders and I was fine with that. I just emailed today to find out if they had any update and they responded with a Nope no updates.
As a vendor your telling me you have not been provided with a fulfillment date by your supplier? I get if this was 1990 and i was placing an order but this is 2023 and your company isn’t able to get EVEN and estimated ship or fulfilment status from your supplier?
Anyone ever ordered from Vilros?
I’m about ready to cancel and just wait till these places actually have stock.

Reply to John

Viswanath C Pillai avatar

The RPI 5 is available in India, though limited in number. However it’s power supply is not easily available at all.

Reply to Viswanath C Pillai

Greg Messemer avatar

Not sure how so many other vendors were able to ship to their customers but I ordered from SparkFun on September 28, 2023 and I have still received nothing. Totally disappointed in SparkFun.

Reply to Greg Messemer

Matt avatar

Romania deliveries? (I can’t see deliveries coming to Romania, very bad 😠)

Reply to Matt

Ashley Whittaker avatar

“Rest of world” tab.

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