Transfer Summit, Oxford, 7-8 September – play with an alpha board! *UPDATED Aug 31*

If you’re in the UK and can make it to Oxford on September 7-8, you might like to come to the Transfer Summit at Keble College. We’ll have a stand there on the 7th (Wednesday) where you can come and demo a Raspberry Pi yourself.

Update, Aug 31: A speaking slot has opened up, so Eben will also be talking from 14.20 – 14.50 on Wed 7 about our relationship with open source.

Come and say hi – we’d love to see you.

We’ve more conferences in the pipeline, which I’ll announce as speaker lists are confirmed. Watch this space!

Update, Aug 31: Ross from the Transfer Summit says in the comments:

We have a few sponsored passes available for the conference. It includes accomodation, all sessions and all food (including the fabulous gala-dinner).

If you think you deserve a free pass mail me at rgardler .at. telling me why. If I’m convinced of the value you will bring to the conference and participants like Raspberry Pi we might be able to help you.

Ross is after a few lines from you explaining how you will contribute to open source, open hardware and open innovation moving forwards. I know a lot of you are very involved in the open source community – so get emailing!


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i only heard about this product a few days ago from techcrunch posting the q3 vid. but i CANNOT wait to order the ethernet equipped version and an archlinux install!! no question will be buying one of these. cheers from california!

i6 avatar

Only one?
I want at least two, depending on the final price, size, speed, video acceleration methods

Gabriel avatar

Unfortunatly I live in France :(

Alan Bell avatar

I will be going to the Transfer Summit, really looking forward to seeing it!

liz avatar

That’s great – it’ll be really good to meet in person.

MisterDBarton avatar

I was in England for 3 days back in March…best experience of my life. I may still be paying that trip off but it was definitely worth it. That said, pretty sure I won’t be able to go back for this :P I’ll gladly accept one being sent to me to play with :)

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Are there any conferences in the pipeline for the Midlands/Birmingham area?

liz avatar

Not at the moment, afaik.

Matt avatar

The company I work for….are just ecstatic about these amazing systems. We have been wanting when we first heard about them months ago. Too bad myself or any of you reps will be able to attend, due to the fact we are based out of Canada.

We will be buying a few of them for testing purposes. If they do what we intend to use them for…then we will definitely be by a lot of them.

Keep up the good work!

allex avatar

i from brazil. i love it. you will sell for Brazil? thanks

liz avatar

We most certainly will!

Andy avatar

Any plans for a webinar type demo where you can take live questions and maybe demonstrate the results on the spot? I’d have made the journey up from Somerset but being that it’s my 20th wedding anniversary on the 7th, I don’t think my good lady would be too pleased!! If I can just talk her into a day trip to Oxford…

liz avatar

I hear you – my schedule for Raspberry Pi means that I’m on planes most of the day on our wedding anniversary! No such plans at the moment, but if any emerge, you guys will be the first to know.

stephen pelling avatar

Hi I would have loved to have gone and was really excited looking at the events going on, until I saw the price! Unfortunately I think it’s a bit late for my phd to cover this conference. I love the product and would love to get involved.

liz avatar

It nearly gave me a heart attack too! Really sorry you can’t come.

Ross Gardler avatar

We have a few sponsored passes available for the conference. It includes accomodation, all sessions and all food (including the fabulous gala-dinner).

If you think you deserve a free pass mail me at rgardler .at. telling me why. If I’m convinced of the value you will bring to the conference and participants like Raspberry Pi we might be able to help you.

liz avatar

Thanks very much indeed, Ross – we really appreciate your support! I’ll highlight your offer in the post on the main page.

Your name sp avatar

I would like to commence dialogue with your company on the exclusive distributorship for my country. Iam already working with various state governments with specific thrust and objective of introducing least cost computing solutions to hundreds and thousands of government schools enabling under- privileged students with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education.Iam afraid i will not be able to catch the OXFORD schedule but am keen to attend the very next one. can you please publish your forthcoming programmes immediately. In the meantime will appreciate if you can guide me the way forward in initiating dialogues for distributorship.Thanks.SP

viktort avatar

I can´t come, becasue i live in sweden.

But you will ship to sweden when the board is done?:)

I will order like 5 of this pc when it´s done:)

jamesh avatar

We will ship worldwide.

bircoe avatar

I won’t be around for the summit, however you could just send me an alpha board, that way I won’t miss out :)

liz avatar

Only if you send me a big diamond bracelet. Fair swap?

bircoe avatar

Do they have to be real diamonds?

liz avatar

Yes. And I prefer platinum settings.

bircoe avatar

Sorry but I’m out, too expensive for my wage…

Simon Morgan avatar

Will you be there on the Thursday too?

liz avatar

At the moment, no, we won’t. (Fitting in the conference schedule around our day jobs is proving a bit of a challenge!)

Yld avatar

How lovely You are Liz \o/

jamesh avatar

So fair is she,
So far her face,
So fair her pulsing figure.
Not so fair,
The maniacal stare,
Of her husband,
Who’s much bigger

Spike Milligan.

Yld avatar

“fake it till you make it” :D

waiter avatar

I repeat, for sure one will be mine asap. Of course with Debian, no else distro deserve my attention (just a little flame, allow me please!).
What extra cost to have a raspberry 2usb/1nic powered with “memory SD slice” already impressed with Debian?
In general, how much it cost the distro?
Or better, maybe is possible to download for free a image to “dd” on my own “memory SD slice”?

liz avatar

We’ll have torrents here that you can put on your own SD card, or you’ll be able to buy pre-loaded cards here from us. We don’t have a price for you yet because we’re still negotiating to find good cards at an acceptable cost, but they’ll be available when the boards are.

waiter avatar

please consideer the follow:
prepare a minimal installation (no X, only Command Line Interface) that can be downloaded as http. It could be few megabytes. So i can download, unzip and then dd on my SD slice. After that I can apt-get upgrade and all extra part I need from debian repository.

bircoe avatar

sounds like a great idea… just a base distro, no bloat no garbage.

Alexander avatar


certainly you will have great success at this summit, with your demo board !

already many request; can you made a wish (order) list?
if so, put me in with 3 pcs. :)

liz avatar

No preorders, I’m afraid – but it’s very good to hear that so many of you are planning to buy more than one!

Jed avatar

Apparently it’s only the software that’s open; that’s too bad. Hope you are able to open the hardware as well at some point.

bircoe avatar

Can’t speak for the Raspberry Pi team but Broadcom probably made them sign an agreement stating they can’t do that.

Besides the skill required to solder boards like this is far beyond most DIYers and getting the boards them selves wouldn’t be cheap to have manufactured in small quantities… it would be cheaper to just buy it complete.

jamesh avatar

Much much cheaper just to buy the Raspi.

We’ve had a few comments on opening the HW, but for the life of me I can see no need for anyone to have the schematics. What can you do with them? Nothing. Same goes for open sourcing the GPU code – if you have it, what can you do with it? Nothing. (Unless you are another GPU manufacturer, and use it to figure out why it the VC4 is so good)

hordecore avatar

Seeing as I won’t be visiting the Event, would it be possible to have video of Eben’s talk put up on the site? The more I learn about the R-Pi, the more I learn about Linux and the more I seem to read on open software. Would be an interesting watch I think?

liz avatar

Hopefully, we should have some video from the conference – I’ll put it up here when it’s available.

terry avatar

I had this convergence idea of the best(open and energy efficient) devices which would involve designing something along the lines of a Ben Nanonote, A Raspberry Pi, an OLPC XO-1, and a PixelQi screen with a solar panel charger (like Samsung NC215S)- all in one. If the Raspberry Pi could include USB charging, it could power a 7-8″ Pixel Qi screen (<1w, B&W and Color switch), it could be solar charged and be powered in real-time instead of waiting 2 hours for 1 hour of usage like the current Samsung NC215 with a lightweight ARM or cedar trail 32nm x86 like the n2600 (3.5watts or later generation that's <1w), and it could be open source like the Ben NanoNote (and use their new 802.15.4 wifi+ mesh card that sips at 2mW with a 250kbps data rate: so each aspect can be energy efficient, modular and improved upon, including the battery size. If all of these can be developed towards a single platform, then many of these components can be fixed/replaced or upgraded in a scenario where one part needs servicing. the idea is to keep the costs low, and i know Pixel Qi is not cheap, but if costs were lowered like in the OLPC and tablets, then there would be more options and accesibility in the long term. so i'm thinking of a mobile atx (form factor) platform, in other words.

In summary:
-<1w x86 or ARM processor (64-bit preferred)
-<0.5w B&W and <2.5w color 7" Pixel Qi monitor or equiv
-<2mW 802.15.4 wifi+mesh (Ben NanoNote)
-solar panels (on back of LED/DLP monitor/motherboard)(Samsung NC215S and Eee Transformer- removeable)
-replaceable and rechargeable battery pack, non-proprietary adapter
-hand-crank charger like the OLPC
-linux software- debian, etc

possible? __ # of years away?

Dan avatar

When and where will it be available? Is there any plans to implement a serial port?

liz avatar

All these questions and more are answered in the FAQ at the top of the page.

Josh avatar

Darn. WHY DID I MISS THIS?? :( I’ll just have to wait till November.

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