Pedalumi – the illuminated pedalboard

We received an email a little while back from Christian Schwöbel in Germany. He’d found one of our blog posts from a couple of years back, about a guitar effects unit, and thought we might be interested in his project too.

It’s a light organ built into a guitar pedalboard, with LPD8806 strips to provide digitally addressable glowiness in a case made from lots of acrylic glass in an MDF frame, all controlled by a Raspberry Pi Model B. It visualises sounds using varying colour, brightness and pattern, and it’s also capable of functioning as a tuner or a visual metronome:

The woodwork, lighting, hardware and software aspects of this impressive project are all written up on the project site at, and you can find the source code at

Pedalumi - image by Christian Schwöbel

“Hope you like it!” Christian signs off his email. We really do, Christian; thank you for sharing it with us!


Michael Horne avatar

Such glowiness… PWETTY :-)

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thanks for the info and it was really useful.

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