New T-shirts (and women’s and kids’ sizes) – get them before Christmas!

You asked for more sizes and bigger logos, so we’ve just released the full colour on black and grey t-shirts you’ve been asking for, alongside women’s and kids’ cuts, and XXL and XXXL sizing. If you’re looking for something to wear around the Christmas turkey, you’ve just found it! Click on the pictures to go to an order page.

Grey shirt with Raspberry Pi logo

Black shirt with Raspberry Pi logo

As always, all profits go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a UK registered charity. We’ll be spending that money on outreach, education, and development, so your T-shirt won’t just look good; it’ll do good too. Head over to the store to pick one up.


ukscone avatar

When are you going to make T-shirts for cats? There are two chilly fashionista felines here who would like to look snazzy while demolishing the Christmas tree

liz avatar

We love ’em, but we’ve noticed that cats don’t form part of our core customer base, prefer being naked, and (possibly as a result of not having pockets) tend not to carry currency. Most don’t have PayPal accounts, either.

ukscone avatar

I guess that’s a no on t-shirts for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and goldfish as well then? Gizmo is currently composing an email to the Cat Protection League about bias against felines by the Foundation :)

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Stewart Watkiss avatar

How do the children’s sizes work? It says “Children’s cut” rather than “child size” – I’m not sure what the difference is or what the child sizes are.

Rob Bishop avatar

I’m just about to add a sizing guide to the product description…

tzj avatar

“Why am I imagining the possible exploits that people will get up to with the power of this version of the game… would there be an ability to add cameras? That would mean endless YouTube vids from a spectator point of view. Like red vs blue for example.”

I’m posting it here because it won’t let me post on the minecraft one.

Montekuri avatar

Time to a jingle music (Raspberry is the best):

liz avatar

If we ever do decide to take up a jingle, it’ll be this:

Useless Eater avatar

Quote “We’ll be spending that money on outreach, education, and development, so your T-shirt won’t just look good; it’ll do good too.”

Of course I want as much of my purchase price to go towards stripping and paving the planet as possible. That said, are these shirts being made by slave labor in a sweatshop with non-organic materials so as to maximize profits for future PiEaters?

liz avatar

Adorable kittens have been shaved in order to make them look like TINY UGLY HUMANS, and are knitting the shirts themselves with their widdle paws. In the dark. We don’t pay them. We just give them leftovers from the Pi Towers Sunday lunches, and expect those to last them for the week.

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Ashley Basil avatar

And ( women and kids)
Oh OK lets “THEM” have them too.
Come on we are in the 20th centenary.
Uck that yank spelling,
dislexiks ROOL.

liz avatar

“Color” is almost certainly Eben’s fault. He’s been programming for so long that he’s forgotten how to spell that word in English.

That and “centre”.

ukscone avatar

As long as his pint glass is a good honest British 20oz mug rather than the short-changing Yankee 16oz one then all is good with the world

eben avatar

Unhappy memories of programming for Symbian, which being British determinedly spelled those words “colour” and “centre”. Of course, if that had been the only thing wrong with Symbian, I’d have been a much happier puppy.

CloudHopper avatar

For some of the management types out here, can we look into sourcing polo shirts as well as T-shirts?

Rick avatar

I second the motion for Polo Shirts.

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