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That could be me! OMG is that how the world sees me :-)

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*cringes* It’s only funny because it’s true :-)

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Hmmm. They couldn’t shoehorn in any more clichés if they tried. The “shopping list” bit was particularly 1970s.

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Intriguing ad.
Envious of the shed, but not of the hair/mustache.

First thoughts.

Has a touch of the ‘He’s so money supermarket he doesn’t even though it’,. Except those ads were showing the everyday person. This ad most definitely is not starting an everyday man.
It doesn’t look like the kind of ad that would encourage non-technical people to try it out.
What he’s doing is interesting and fun. It just feels wrong.

Won’t stop me buying from RS, but then their products and service and my experience are what will decide that.

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I have to agree that it is funny, in a kind of cringing way. I honestly do not think that if I had to decide between an Arduino, a PIC, a BeagleBone black, or a Raspberry Pi, that the Ad would help me in any way. In fact it would make me question if I should not drop the idea altogether and just go out for a pint with some friends instead \o/.

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just awesome

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where can we get the plans, circuit diagrams and code :)

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Hold that thought :)

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It’ll just be a makey makey..

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That… is AWESOME!

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Very entertaining, though Ronald does seem one or two bananas short of a fruit shop.

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Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Wow… What a great way to break up my revision!!!
Amazing!! :-D

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“Oh Ronald, you wonderful little man” – how denigrating, how unmotivational, how demeaning to RS’ own customers.

First time I watched this I thought it fun, but the effect degrades rapidly to RS pouring scorn on their hobbyist customers – or perhaps I have a chip on my shoulder, can’t find it though?

Love what Ronald’s achieve in his OCD shed, loathe the way RS have belittled him for it by the narrator.

Sorry, complete sense of humour failure for me.

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Yes, I agree, a complete sense of humour failure.

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This morning I watched at this ad with my speakers turned off and thought it was quite funny. Now I´ve watched it again with the speakers on and I think this could be waaaaaay better if the thing he built actually made some sounds…. how great would it be to actually have him play the music score with those thing? I find it a little bit irritating to watch the video and listen to the music and find that they don´t sync…

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That……. is AWESOME! video raspberrypi makey makey ;-)

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Mum said: “Don’t play with food!”

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Mr. Bean meets Raspberry Pi.

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Nice ad, though a bit risky. If it were on TV, I’d probably tune out after the first few seconds because it is a bit too weird and stereotyped. But the end was wacky and funny.

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I wish that just once I could get a video at this place, to work- does anyone have a more direct link? I’m just seeing white blankness….

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Too bad I can’t order (from the Netherlands):

Dear Customer, Thank you for visiting the Pi Store. We are unable to provide this service until further notice and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

And in the store:
Thank you for choosing RS Components, unfortunately, this item is currently out of stock.

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Does anybody know what’s going on with RS Components and Raspberry Pi? Their Pi Store has been “down” for quite some time now.

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Working fine for me…

Better to post stuff like this on the forum – much more likely to get responses. Older blog posts get visited very infrequently.

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