OTTO: A hackable camera powered by Raspberry Pi

One of our goals in launching the Raspberry Pi Compute Module was to provide people with a way to take products they’ve prototyped with the Raspberry Pi and bring them to market quickly and easily. We know that historically there have been a lot of people out there with great ideas for electronic products that they can’t afford to produce economically, even with the help of crowdfunding, so we were very pleased to hear from Dave Rauchwerk and friends about their Kickstarter campaign for a hackable point-and-shoot camera based on the Compute Module.

OTTO and compute module

OTTO and compute module

We can’t wait to see how this one turns out, and hope it’s the first of many appearances of the Compute Module on Kickstarter.


mrpi64 avatar

Wow, the compute module is already proving it’s usefulness! Looks nice, too. Go to your friends – “Hey, can your digital camera run Quake?”.

SDD avatar

My reply: yep! It can also make calls and surf the web! (smart phone)

ric96 avatar

Yeah……But I bet it hasn’t gone 40.35 Km in the sky !!!!

sdd avatar

Which is why I love me some pi!

Rachel Rayns avatar

This is so crazy exciting.

another dave avatar

@mrpi64 mine can its point and shoot.

Ravenous avatar

(Very loud groan)

zoel avatar

goodsound!!!…..;-)it is so crazy exciting…..

Scott avatar

What OS? Very cool devices. Ben Franklin would pooh himself of possibilities.

dan3008 avatar

Cant wait to get my hands on a compute module or 2. thinking of making a nice rack for them, to have 2 together, one running my server, one my email server :)

Graham Toal avatar

Actually the Model B makes quite a nice camera and it’s not at all expensive to build…

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