A birthday gift: 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 now only $35

TL;DR: it’s our eighth birthday, and falling RAM prices have allowed us to cut the price of the 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 to $35. You can buy one here.

Happy birthday to us

In two days’ time, it will be our eighth birthday (or our second, depending on your point of view). Many of you set your alarms and got up early on the morning of 29 February 2012, to order your Raspberry Pi from our newly minted licensee partners, RS Components and Premier Farnell. In the years since, we’ve sold over 30 million Raspberry Pi computers; we’ve seen our products used in an incredible range of applications all over the world (and occasionally off it); and we’ve found our own place in a community of makers, hobbyists, engineers and educators who are changing the world, one project, or one student, at a time.

The first Raspberry Pi

When we first started talking about Raspberry Pi 1 Model B back in 2011, we were very clear about what we were trying to build: a desktop Linux PC with interfacing capabilities for $35. At the time, it seemed obvious that our low price point would come with compromises. Even though you could use your Raspberry Pi 1 to watch HD video, or play Quake 3, or compile the Linux kernel, or automate a factory, some things – like browsing modern, JavaScript-heavy websites – were out of reach.

Our very first website led with an early prototype running an Ubuntu 9.04 desktop

Improving performance

Every subsequent product – from quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 in 2015, to 64-bit Raspberry Pi 3 in 2016, to Raspberry Pi 3+ in 2018 – whittled down those compromises a little further. By offering steadily increasing processing power at a time when the performance of traditional PCs had begun to stagnate, we were gradually able to catch up with typical PC use cases. With each generation, more people were able to use a Raspberry Pi as their daily-driver PC.

The Raspberry Pi I’d buy for my parents

Until, in June of last year, we launched Raspberry Pi 4. Roughly forty times faster than the original Raspberry Pi, for the first time we have a no-compromises PC for the majority of users. I’ve described Raspberry Pi 4 as “the Raspberry Pi I’d buy for my parents”, and since I bought them a Desktop Kit for Christmas they’ve found it to be basically indistinguishable in performance and functionality from other PCs.

In a sense, this was a “mission accomplished” moment. But Raspberry Pi 4 brought its own compromises: for the first time we couldn’t fit as much memory as we wanted into the base product. While the $35 1GB device makes a great media player, home server, or embedded controller, to get the best desktop experience you need at least 2GB of RAM. At launch this would have cost you $45.

Dropping the price of 2GB

Which brings us to today’s announcement. The fall in RAM prices over the last year has allowed us to cut the price of the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 to $35. Effective immediately, you will be able to buy a no-compromises desktop PC for the same price as Raspberry Pi 1 in 2012. In comparison to that original machine, we offer:

  • 40× the CPU performance
  • 8× the memory
  • 10× the I/O bandwidth
  • 4× the number of pixels on screen
  • Two screens instead of one
  • Dual-band wireless networking

And of course, thanks to inflation, $35 in 2012 is equivalent to nearly $40 today. So effectively you’re getting all these improvements, and a $5 price cut.

We’re going to keep working to make Raspberry Pi a better desktop computer. But this feels like a great place to be, eight years in. We hope you’ve enjoyed the first eight years of our journey as much as we have: here’s to another eight!


Is this a permanent price cut?


What about the 1GB product?

In line with our commitment to long-term support, the 1GB product will remain available to industrial and commercial customers, at a list price of $35. As there is no price advantage over the 2GB product, we expect most users to opt for the larger-memory variant.

What about the 4GB product?

The 4GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 will remain on sale, priced at $55.


Max avatar

Congratulations on delivering consistently more performance each year :-)

coward avatar

Great news with the price cut!
Although it seems some sellers have not kept up yet..
https://raspberrypi.dk/en/product/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/?src=raspberrypi : €56,35
https://www.electrokit.com/en/product/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-2gb/?src=raspberrypi: €45.90

Helen Lynn avatar

Hang tight – if your favourite approved reseller hasn’t quite updated their website yet, they soon will.

Rui Carmo avatar

I would love to see a 3A+ with that amount of RAM – it’s the current sweet spot for performance, size and power drain, except for the piddling 512MB it comes with…

Eric_S avatar

The VC4 in the 3A+ only supports 1GB. But perhaps that’s what you meant? :)

Also, I wonder if there will be an 4 => 8GB bump once this whole Wuhan Corvir-19 thing dies down. I’m guessing with the arrival of vaccines, 6-12 months from now(?).

CooliPi avatar

I would love to have an 8GB version, but I doubt it’d be anytime soon (Mr. Eben has stated that VC6 can address 16GB). RPF has stated, that they don’t want to support 64bit version of raspbian. 64bit is necessary to let it compute something useful, because a bunch of 32bit programs won’t solve a problem that needs a lot of (flat) memory.

Even cutting my 7 minute video with OpenShot needed a 64bit system, because it allocated large amounts of memory during the export of the video.

I’ve reserved some space above the memory chip on our heatsink, because the (just hypothetical) 8GB version of Raspi might have a taller memory chip.

James Hughes avatar

|We have not stated anything of the sort. We currently do not have a 64 distro, but we have never said we won’t have one. It’s just a matter of time and necessity.

Geoff avatar

It will eventually become necessary to go 64 bit as 32 bit support starts to decline. For example, MongoDB has stopped 32 bit support. (Although MongoDB never had official 32 bit ARM support, it now has official 64 bit arm support.)
It would also be nice to see an 8GB Pi4.

Mike Bryant avatar

It’s already a necessity for many of us. 64bit gives so much more performance

Aaron Dewes avatar

64bit is possible with debian: https://paste.pics/87DB7.
I couldn’t compile everything, since some software is closed-source, but /opt/vc (libraspberrypi) is ARM64, i compiled rpi-userland.

thetoaster avatar

Not anytime soon? Todays the day, man. Just 1 day later. You are welcome.

Kevin avatar

If the price of memory has dropped and now the 2Gb is the same price as the old 1Gb model, are we likely to see a drop of price in the 4Gb (to take up the old price point of the 2Gb model)?

Max avatar

Hi Kevin,

as Eben stated in the post, the 4 GB model will be priced the same


fanoush avatar

Looks like maybe they ‘subsidize’ 2GB price cut from higher 4GB model profit? Makes sense somehow considering focus of the foundation, now anyone can get good desktop experience with lowest cost model. I wish this would continue in introducing 8GB premium model that would allow to push 4GB model price a bit down in a same way.

MW avatar

It Seems that Element14 UK state the 1GB version is no longer stocked, not a good policy ?

James Hughes avatar

Buy the 2GB for the same price?

Nicholas Murphy avatar


That’s what this website says as well.

Sean Harlow avatar

So? Why would you actually want to buy a 1GB model as a one-off?

I get that certain industrial users might have regulatory requirements that the BOM not change in the slightest, even if it’s a pure upgrade, but that’s why they’re still making the things for those users who can buy them directly in volume. There’s no good reason to want one as a normal person anymore.

If somehow your application only runs on 1GB models and breaks on 2GB, everyone responsible for that junk should be required to take some time off and think about how bad of a job they did.

Sizu avatar

Good News! And seems Seeed has updated their price: https://www.seeedstudio.com/Raspberry-Pi-4-Computer-Model-B-2GB-V1.2-p-4299.html

jessica avatar

Only found the latest price on Seeed.
Like this price and thanks to the gift and surprise from Raspberry Pi. Happy Birthday!

laurent avatar

Very nice, it’s not yet your birthday and we already have a gift ;)
I remember the very first Pi ordered the launch day, unfortunately my model didn’t work and I had to replace it with the reseller. It was quickly replaced with… an newer revision with the double amount of RAM for the same price ;)
(I didn’t returned the T-shirt though ^^)

Congratulations Pi folks, hope to celebrate again many leap-year-birthdays in the future.

Gordon77 avatar

Happy Birthday !!

Nice to see the price cut :)

Insodia avatar

Great news!

Anders avatar

As I’m aware now that there are Pi 4Bs being made with the USB C standards issue fixed, will the 2GB Pis currently being shipped be from older stock with the smart charger problem, or newer ones?

I guess that comes down to stock at individual resellers, but if anyone who has received a new Pi recently could let us know which one?

I have a stock of Pi 4B already, just waiting for the fixed ones before buying more.

Aaron Dewes avatar
Anders avatar

I know, that’s effectively what I said in the first line of my comment.

I’m interested to know if there is much back-stock of 1.1 and if I am likely to receive one or the other if I order some today.

Aaron Dewes avatar

I know, but the link I posted seems to be 1.2 only, so you’ll get it if you buy there.

Nick avatar

Awesome news! \o/ Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi! ❤️

Andrew avatar

Happy birthday for Saturday Raspberry Pi ! I was waiting that morning refreshing the shop section of the raspberrypi.org website. By the time I realised I was looking in the wrong place the RS and Farnell websites had ground to a virtual halt. Unsure if my order had actually completed I ended up accidentally getting one Pi from each ( and the free t-shirt ). They were both put to good use.

Good news about the new Pi 4B pricing. Now you can make a Pi 4A with a reduced BOM; 1 GB memory, remove 2 x USB 2.0, remove RJ45 jack, remove 2 x micro HDMI and replace with a single full size HDMI, slowest binned BCM2711 and sell it for less than $35. Something to sit in between the Pi Zero W and the 2 GB 4B in capability, price and specification.

CooliPi avatar

Consumption-wise, it’d be interesting if there were some kernel options to completely disable the ethernet PHY and the USB3 bridge. This way, we could decrease the power consumption for installations, where some of the interfaces aren’t necessary. Software stripped 4A ;-) No need to desolder the ICs.

And traditionally, underclocking may lead to interesting efficiency sweet spots.

Paul Milligan avatar

Excellent news as I’ve always thought the 2GB model was the sweet spot. Never sure about people who want 8GB or more as most of us have another computer for the heavy lifting apps.As someone old enough to have worked on a top end mainframe with 6MB of memory and big Sun servers with 32MB the great joy of the RPi is writing code that runs faster than I ever imagined. Never loose the focus on hobby / enthusiast users.

don isenstadt avatar

The Pi4 is my desktop. Thanks so much for all the great products .. keep up the great work.

RJBook avatar

Although the Raspberry Pi 4 is a huge improvement, and quite amazing; I heartily disagree that there are no compromises. Those compromises are well known. Also 35$ or 55$ gets you a bare board! For a functioning desktop system you are looking at 150-200$ depending on your choice, or about the same amount as an inexpensive, though less capable chromebook.

Gray avatar

I make it $190 using Amazon – but that’s assuming you don’t already have some of this stuff. Most people will have a HDMI TV. We’re down to $120. They might well have an old keyboard and mouse lying around – or be able to easily freecycle one. $100. If they’re an Android user, they probably have a few microsd cards – $90.

For a quad core A72, 4GB ram, USB3, dual-band wifi, BT5… even $120 is hard to beat. My cellphone is a Pi 3B with 4G and a crappy screen, and it’s easily $200 today.

Anders avatar

@RJBook not this again. The cost with new items is nowhere near your estimate and anyway, people generally re-use stuff they have already. These over-simplistic high cost BoMs are just not real world.

Go and try and fit one of the HATs to a Chromebook. Or build it into a robot or other project.

Colin Ames avatar

Happy Birthday, and thanks for the price drop.

Ashik avatar

How to buy from Bangladesh (South Asia)? At $ 35?

Max avatar

35 $ is a price excluding local taxes and shipping … if there are no approved resellers in Bangladesh, your best bet are either people who import it into Bangladesh and are fair about margins, or buying it from someone who will ship to you at reasonable prices.

ra avatar

does this price out end today?

Helen Lynn avatar

No – as the FAQ says, it’s a permanent price cut.

James Carroll avatar

My timing, as always, sucks. I just bought a 2GB board last week at the old price. Oh, well, you all are a charity after all so that makes me feel better about the extra $10.

Gray avatar

Has the current release of Raspbian added ZRAM to the base config yet? On a (x86 laptop) 4GB machine I use daily, Chromium’s terrible memory management used to lead to frequent total lockups on Ubuntu with the system thrashing the SSD. Activating zram (apparently, I forgot when I built it) was an instant fix.

Surely almost all users of a Pi would see a benefit?

Eddie avatar

Happy Bday!!

Loved the pi on day one, and continuing to love it now ( I have

1 – PI
2 – Pi 3
1 – Pi 4

But saying that is a no compromise I mean, when 720p ( or 1080p) youtube watching is a possibility out of the box , then I will give this to my parents or for me

Still love the boards of other projects

davidhq avatar

Happy birthday! PS: is there any possibility of foundation helping with this very important issue? https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=199775&p=1618750#p1618750

Supra avatar

Can we get tens dollars off Raspberry pi 4B with 4GB?

Phil Mordecai avatar

What about the 4GB product?

The 4GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 will remain on sale, priced at $55.

Lottery248 avatar

time to fix it lol.

great news, and luckily 1GB variant was not available much in Hong Kong.

J avatar

Are there any technical reasons to buy the “also $35 1G model”? Is the power draw in a battery powered application noticeably lower? Or is the 1G model now only useful for instructional buyers with some sort of qualifying process that the 2G model might not yet have passed?

(Also: cool! More Pi for less money!)

leo60228 avatar

Do you guys have any idea why Adafruit lowered the 1GB price to $30?

steve avatar

Probably for the same reason MicroCenter did — to clear out inventory. As far as I know (someone correct me if I’m wrong), the ONLY difference between the two models the amount of RAM, so there’s really no reason for most people to buy the 1GB model anymore (possibly some very specialized legacy issues, but I suspect that’s negligible). If you’re a retailer, nobody’s gonna buy that 1GB model if the 2GB is the same price, so it’ll sit there forever on the shelf.

Dave. avatar

Great news regarding the price cut but can someone explain please why so many ebay sellers are shipping the latest Pi models for upto £20 UK pounds below the approved sellers.
Surely they must be fake but the sellers are receiving 100% feedback so how are they getting away with it.



James Hughes avatar

No idea, they are making a loss if they are that much cheaper.

Jorge CASALOTTI avatar

Feliz Cumpleaños!
Many thanks for all this GREAT JOB.
This gift is really nice (even if I”ll go for the 4GB version).
Keep going this wonderfull project, a real gift to humanity.

Norman Dunbar avatar

I still have, and wear regularly, my free T shirt – anyone else?

Happy birthday Pi People. You’ve done wonderful things.


Victor Wachanga avatar

….and thanks for the fixing the USB-C power problem. i can’t wait to get hold of this versatile device.

Justin beaird avatar

If the 4gb version goes down to $45 I will definitely stock up on 4 or so

James Hughes avatar

Not in the plan so you are in for a long wait.

Murali avatar

Wow, you guys are doing awesome!!! I would like to grab one right now. I am in New Delhi – India, n your partner website are selling products (w/o SD Card) double what you are quoting, if i convert the price, its coming to 70 US $, can you help? Look fwd to your response.

Liz Upton avatar

Do you mean Silverline? They’ll be bringing the price down to the agreed level very soon if they haven’t already; there’s a bit of lag with some of the authorised resellers.

Hartl avatar

Nice, but the 2GB model is out of stock at RS Components in Austria, next delivery is scheduled for august 2020. Any recommendations for business customers in AT?

Helen Lynn avatar

Farnell also supply to businesses in Austria, and appear to have stock.

Christopher Self avatar

Some of us only want 512mb or 256mb of memory. Why are you foisting whole gigabytes on us? When was this decision (to discontinue smaller memory models) taken?

Liz Upton avatar

We have not discontinued older models, and have no plans to do so.

Christopher Self avatar

Boring answer. But when was the decision taken? Why hasn’t the 1G model had a price cut? And where are the smaller memory models that so many of us want?

sm4u avatar

dont get me wront but it is still available in 3100 which is not at all 35 dollars clearly the discount is not reaching the end buyer but someone in the middle

Liz Upton avatar

Could you please let us know where you’re seeing that price? Our Authorised Resellers are under contract to sell at the stated price (although they will have to add local taxes, so that may be what you’re seeing). There are resellers who aren’t Authorised Resellers, and they set their own prices. You may be seeing one of them.

Christopher Self avatar

Sorry to moither, but I really would like to know when the decision was taken to subsidise the 2GB version of the Pi 4.
You see, I was offered a deal on a 2GB Pi 4, but I turned it down saying I was actually interested in the 1GB version.
Then, it seemed to me, merely hours later, this “birthday” announcement was made; and it didn’t feel like a coincidence…
Also, am I the only person who can see this thread? Everyone else here is a committed sycophant and I seem to be the only naysayer…

Yassine avatar

Chill, man. Get a 2GB for $35. That’s how much a Pi has been sold for all from the beginning. What usage do you have for low RAM anyway?

tomer avatar

Prices in Israel, at the official approved reseller, for PI 4 are : $48 (1GB), 54$ (2GB), $76 (4GB), plus shipping. There is no tax for electronics in Israel. How is this possible?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hi tomer, I’ve asked our sales team and they’re looking into this for you. They’re not sure what has gone wrong here yet…

Winter avatar

Excuse me, but can you buy Raspberry Pi’s in stores, or only online? Would you be able to, say, get these at Wal-Mart? Thank you!

Ashley Whittaker avatar

If you go to the product pages on our site and select the country you’re in from the drop-down menu, you’ll see all the available Approved Resellers you can purchase online from.

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