New how-to animation – special guest star!

We’ve just taken delivery of another video from the lovely guys at Saladhouse Animation. This one’s for the new Quick Start page, to help out all those beginners who have asked which cables go where, and what they do.

UK readers over 30 or so might recognise the voice of our animated presenter.

Massive thanks, as always, to Sam Alder and Scott Lockhart at Saladhouse, who we love working with; they’re some of our favourite people. But the biggest thanks of all has to go to my childhood hero (he’s also the childhood hero of all the actual grown-ups in the office) – without this guy’s influence when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have ended up loving science, and I wouldn’t have ended up working on Raspberry Pi. Here he is at the recording session with Sam (mouth) and Scott (tall):


That’s the LEGENDARY Johnny Ball. Johnny donated his time and his voice talent to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and we couldn’t be more grateful: Johnny, please watch out for the postman next week, ‘cos we’re sending  you a present to say thanks.


Carrie Anne avatar

I love this so much! Almost as much as the photo of Sam with Jonny Ball. Great job!

Liz Upton avatar

The photo just clinches it for me: I’m dying to see if we can fit an egg in there.

Martin OHanlon avatar

O Johnny Ball. You certainly do know all.

MiniGirlGeek avatar

This is AWESOME :)

Thomas S avatar

Everything in two and a half minutes! Well done! Excellent graphics too, not to mention the voice :) .

Liz Upton avatar

The Saladhouse guys (not to mention Johnny Ball) are amazing, aren’t they?

Will Venn avatar

I really enjoyed the animation. I think it will be very useful for beginners!

Donald avatar

Quite impressed

Russell Barnes avatar

Jonny Ball is a living legend!

Another cracking video – congrats all involved.

Michael Horne avatar

Childhood hero right there! Donated his time as well? Top bloke! Love the video – says it all and makes you giggle at the same time :-)

AndrewS avatar

“Think of a (soft fruit and an irrational) number!” :-)

Liz Upton avatar

We’ve been watching a lot of Think of a Number on YouTube recently as a result of all this – this is a particularly good one. We were just saying in the office that we’d probably be accused of victimising kids by asking them multiplication questions under high pressure like that – it’s marvellous, and I remember loving this stuff when I was a kid.

AndrewS avatar

If they don’t answer your maths questions quick enough, you’ll throw TNT at them? ;-)

andrum99 avatar

One word – FANTASTIC! Johnny Ball is a total legend.

IanB avatar


Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

Excellent. Laughed out loud twice. Once when he smacked the robot in the face and again when he got bumped by the Pi logo.

Very nice. Well done all. :)

ColinD avatar

Johnny Ball got me more interested in science than anything else I can remember. I’m sure I got my (annoying) habit of asking “why?” to the nth degree from him :)


Liz Upton avatar

Same here – it’s why we asked him to do this video. Feeling very old now.

Ravenous avatar

My physics teacher once referred to “that awful Johnny Ball” character – that was when I knew I was going engineering instead of pure physics.

All hail The Ball!

Norman Dunbar avatar

Johnny Ball – oh, happy happy memories!


Martyn Jones avatar

Can someone please tell me how I watch this video on a Raspberry Pi – thanks.

Steve Gibson avatar

It would be good if the animation was subtitled so that Deaf people like me could follow the presentation.

Please, please!

Steve G.

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