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My favorite distro now updated with the latest Pi goodies – fantastic..
All that’s missing now is my Pi in the mail. But that should happen soon now that production is up and running :-)
The anticipation is making me feel like a small child again ;-) I have so many plans for this device; I can’t wait to get one (let alone 3, 5, 10)…

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The more, the merrier… keep ’em coming guys! :)

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Great news!! Also waiting for the upcoming OpenELEC for ARM. Should be easy to prepare the SD card for dual booting. Hope my Raspi will arrive sooner than later 8p (any guess on mass production calendar?)

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Working on openelec. It’s pretty sweet.
There are a couple of things that could be easier, need to discuss with the dev team.

But 1080p does warm the SoC a bit – not alot, but I can feel that it’s warm…

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Is it something you think may become a problem with heavy use?

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No, it won’t. The SoC is designed to run at full tilt inside a mobile phone. Any sort of case for a Raspi will have even less problems with cooling.

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I wonder how you want to prepare the card for dual booting?
It’s a feature I think is sadly missing.
You do know about renaming the right “***_boot.elf” file to “boot.elf” (to select the right version of the GPU firmware to get the right memory split? Should be 128/128MB for openelec (XMBC), but 64/192 for most other distro’s. How do you want to choose the partition you want to boot. There isn’t a boot manager AFAIK.

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Ouch!! My fault, relied on a boot loader when I thought it should be easy, as it is now on any x86 machine. Let’s see how all this evolves.

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Read on the FAQ:
How does it boot?
You have to boot from SD but a USB HD can “take over” after the initial boot. You cannot boot without an SD card.

How can a USB HD “take over”? Can it be conditional? Could the dual boot be implemented on the USB Boot phase? I think we need more technical detals.

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I assume you boot on SD and from some init level mount the mountpoints you need from the HD, shouldn’t be harder than that.

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I’m not sure there are any technical details – its technically feasible but no-one has ever tried it. You are welcome to try to get it to work – please post your results on the forum!

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D’oh! I downloaded the old image just a few hours ago. Might be a while before I get a Pi anyway.

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Don’t worry about DL’ing the old image Arch is easy to update. Just go to the command line and type as the above message states.

pacman -Syu

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pacman -Syyu might be better first time around. It refreshed the pacman database, which might have changed since the image was last created.

I think i might go with debian on the raspbery pi though…

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From pacman’s man page: “Passing two –refresh or -y flags will force a refresh of all package lists even if they appear to be up to date.”
So passing two ‘y’ shouldn’t be useful.

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Oh creamy goodness to have Ras-Pi and Arch married together. Ok, so I don’t have the Pi coming until August (yeah, wtf Element14, just a last month you showed April 14 for delivery!). Alas my time with Pi shall wait. But I’m happy for my fellow Pi’ers, enjoy being part of the “1%”!

And a tip of my hat to Eben and Liz, plus the team, for an absolutely balls-out job (Liz, I know you’ll understand…). Can’t wait!

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Congratulation to the Arch team and also to Debian for Squeeze. Puppy Linux will take a bit longer as the main developer is a bit of an idiot (did you guess: it is me) It took me two days to boot the Rpi. Another day to work out how to use use apt-get. Linux is for smart dogs and real Puppy developers will be creating a great distro, optimised for Rasberrians. Think of me as the boarding party. Talking of party’s:

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Wow ! Archlinux is the best linux distro for the small Pi.
Grate job…

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Arch Linux rocks my socks in perpetuity

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I really wanted to run with Arch Linux on my new Raspberry Pi, however I’m met with the following error on boot:

panic – not syncing no init found

I’ve tried two different sd cards. Now downloading debian squeeze…

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when i turn my rasberrypi on running arch-linux-arm it asks for rasberrypi password and username and i don’t know what they are

any ideas…


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