And the unboxings begin…

17.30, April 17: A lot of people are now posting their own first startup and unboxing pictures and videos in this thread on our forums – please drop by and join in!

There are unboxing pictures and videos all over the place at the moment, now some lucky folk’s Raspberry Pis have turned up on the doorstep. I’ve chosen a few at random, along with a couple of pictures of what people have been doing with their Raspberry Pi in the first few hours they’ve been running them. Now, I know some of you are driven mad with jealousy by these, if what you were saying on Twitter yesterday is anything to go by. So this will be our only unboxings post – make the most of it, everybody else!

First up, video from Tec Team Ltd. The game of rugby they play with the box at the start had me feeling queasy – thank God (or, alternatively, the good people at element14) for the padded packaging.

Alex Rathbone has Legends of Yore running on his Raspi already

101blog has a post-unboxing video and a desk that’s even messier than mine.

Simon Owen had SimCoupe, a SAM Coupe emulator, running on his Raspberry Pi within a very short time of getting his hands on it.

Some more unboxing on Tumblr (unembeddable, so you’ll have to follow the link to watch the video).

An unboxing picture set on Facebook.

A post from, a Raspberry Pi fansite.

And here are our very own Liam’s unboxing pics (which are really rather good, especially the one with the unmade bed in the background). ;)

On Twitter, @hobbsy discovers his Raspberry Pi will not fit in an Altoids tin. A chorus of "Didn't you read the FAQ?" ensues.


Montala avatar

Thanks for posting those… it is good to see some ‘action’ already!
As you say, it is just making those of us who are still waiting even more jealous though.
Still we can console ourselves with the thought that the OS’s will be even more ‘finely tuned’ by the time they do arrive.
Let’s just hope we receive some updates later this week.

Martin avatar

“There was a FAQ?” :P

Nice pictures. Patiently waiting until I can order one myself… I want one.

p4trykx avatar

Maybe Altoids should make new product: Raspberry Altoids ?

mrthom avatar

What’s the last Order number (date stamp) that has been delivered ?

Whoop John avatar

Thanks for posting the link to There’s a forum over there if people want to start contributing, make it their own, share experiences, whatever.

Typically work got in the way of my playing with the Pi yesterday.

I ordered a Samsung ATADU10UBE USB charger on Amazon. It says it is 700mA. But I got short changed with a 500mA alternative, so I am now waiting on a beefier PSU.

Meanwhile I am working on a laser acrylic case design. More news on that in due course.

Alex Langer avatar

I was thinking t’wards making a vid of my ununboxing as I got nothing to unbox right now. What could drive more traffic to YouTube than that?

wombat avatar

Good to see the LCD ribbon adaptor is on the board. Is there a LIST of Farnell or RS part codes of LCD displays that can be plugged in. IF possible can the LIST of compatible parts be placed in the FAQ as im looking to use that conector in several projects and was dreading soldering it onto the card.

JamesH avatar

At the moment there are no plug in and working LCD’s you can use. It’s still work in progress as it needs driver work and probably adapter boards to get working. Once the work is done, it should be plug and play.

Ruediger avatar

Cool, at 2:14 the raspberry pi booted in the upper video! You can hear it!

Eclipse avatar

Hooray, hopefully not long to wait now.

I noticed that RS Components was showing off the Pi at the Eleki-Jack forum in Akiba last week. Impress have a short article on it.

They had some other fun stuff at the show, including this example of creative PCB design.

turbo avatar

And here are our very own Liam’s unboxing pics (which are really rather good, especially the one with the unmade bed in the background).

His groupies had to leave in a hurry…

Liam Fraser avatar

Haha, I made it especially for the occasion. I suppose it does lt does look a bit unmade, but it’s out of focus so who cares :D!

mtrx avatar

Any news when the next batch arrives from the factory?

JamesH avatar

Production is now continuous rather than in batches. I believe that production is ramping up right now.

Matthew Rose avatar

Lots of pictures of Pi’s running sitting ontop of the conductive antistatic bags – never a good idea!

Martin avatar

And there are mutch of the first batch on ebay… verry sad i think…

Ashley Basil avatar

Very sad,, just counted 12, please do not buy, from the “PI TARTS!”

Salamander avatar

Liz is right, the Altoids case is a no-no. It’s crystal clear in the FAQ:

Will it fit in an Altoids tin?

Doesn’t quite work, I’m afraid – because we don’t round off the edges of the board, it’s a little too big to fit the tin.

Jay Bhagat avatar

Sooo, if we had some sandpaper, and no traces or components fell of the edges, we could force it to fit?

of course, we would have to insulate the inside to prevent shorts.

yungblood avatar

When do we get to see the first RS unboxing??

liz avatar

They’ve been arriving today, according to the Twitter hordes, so I’d hope to see some vid tomorrow.

Andreas Eriksson avatar

Lovely. So what is the next step for the foundation?

JamesH avatar

A moonshot.

AdeV avatar

Great, now I have a mental image of the RasPi team mooning in the general direction of a camera…


liz avatar

Just an ordinary Friday evening in these parts.

Topher Brink avatar

Pics or it didn’t happen etc etc.

Problemchild avatar

I see HP do an ARM based Superscalar server with 200 odd CPUS called Moonshot so maybe MoonPi could really be next ;)

Tom Deray avatar

I’ll post mine…in about 6 months probably ;)

Christian avatar

My element14 order still says the expected date is August 16th. I ordered one from the United States. When should I expect delivery?

JennyPeters avatar

before the end of June this year

Axel Lorente avatar

Why do they have the GPIO pins included in addition to be the first !?!?!?

Trevor b avatar

It’s good to see that some people bothered to unbox theirs before putting them up on Ebay!

16 currently for sale – a couple of them for £200+ “buy it now”. Parasites….

So – mine didn’t arrive; having filled in my details with RS components in response to their email, no sign of my order so I can only assume I ain’t getting one.

Ashley Basil avatar

“PI TRARTS” on ebay

Ashley Basil avatar

Dilxicks are out their !

Whoop John avatar

Actually, although I know this is probably not the right place to ask but I don’t where would be, I would like to know what the Pi Foundation’s policy is on donations.

I think a page outlining the aims might encourage people to be less selfish and to contribute.

So is the idea to maybe send out a Pi and an education pack to every UK school? To increase awareness and kick-start the clueing-up rather than dumbing down of kids for a change?

What are funds actually needed for and why?

Also, some guidelines to gift-aiding contributions would be helpful, to help with the tax break.

I’ve set up what I hope will be a community site up at and I hope soon to get some cases designed and ordered for those currently trying to stuff Altoid tins. I don’t want this to be seen as a profiteering exercise although I do want to make a little money out of iut and I would like to make a donation to the charity.

What do people think about appropriate behaviour? I can see all kinds of people wanting to cash in on the back of the Pi, but those who invest a lot of time might feel justified in charging for their little add-ons. There must be some sweet spot where everyone feels happy.

Problemchild avatar

Thanks Liz for noticing just how well packed my desk is ;).

Need to do another Vid with the nice acrylic case my mate in the local college knocked up on the laser cutter. Unfortunately I think we’ll need to re jig the sizes a bit …. Onwards and upwards

Jerry avatar

Anyone in the US get their RP yet?

Christian avatar

I’m waiting on one as well. It would be nice if element14 would send me emails that weren’t computer generated responses.

JamesH avatar

250k people on the waiting list. Personal replies to that lot would be rather timeconsuming….even only to those who email the disties…

Phil Rogers avatar

Ha ha! Altoids tins. Years ago it always used to be tobacco tins (which would accommodate a Raspi easily. I guess tobacco tins are few and far between, and not to be encouraged.
We need another source of tins!
Now where are those Travel Sweets…?

Mick Dann avatar

@Simon Owen – As anti-static bags are slightly conductive and the Raspi has no case, I’d be sitting it straight onto the desk instead of on the bag. Don’t want to short anything out :-)

Smulders avatar

I’ve been trying to place an order since February 29 06:00 GMT, but I’m still not able to. I’m checking the order pages every hour for the last couple of weeks. Seeing you guys unboxing makes me so jealous.

JamesH avatar

Just to double check – You are trying to order at either RS or Farnell? They are the only places you can get one from. The shop here won’t be selling them.

Smulders avatar

RS electronics, Farnell only does credit cards which are not very common in the Netherlands.

I wish I was British, it’s really frustrating to see people who didn’t even wake up early on February 29 get a Pi months before I do.

Dave avatar

If you wanted to go for ruggedness, you could get a metal electrical wall box and front plate and mount it with standoffs in that. for instance a Steel City 2G4D 1/2 3/4 Pre-Galvanized Steel Double Gang Square Box is about $5.

Guido avatar

Hello everybody,

I was wondering whether or not my order went right. I have ordered at Farnell, but I never received any ETA. All these people stating their estimated arrival dates :/..


Abishur avatar

Contact Farnell ;-)

Paul Asselin (@AsselinPaul) avatar

Some smart company should create an Altoids Tin that can accomodate a raspberry Pi.

Jeff Albertson, The CBG avatar

Dont worry about those filled with jealousy and envy, just let lt be know before the jump and they dont have to click on the videos.
Its really having fun seeing the unboxings and first time people turn it on.
I might not have one yet but almost every day I can come here or read some articles or see some new videos about the RasPi or visit the forums and I still feel part of it even without actually having one yet.
Ive already run the software, looked at making my own case, how I could get my nieces and nephews interested if I buy a few for them as Xmas Gifts (maybe not this year but next!!) and really have behaved just as if I had it in my hands so far as well.

Ive played with the Arduino and Beagle boards but like many other people feel particularly invested in this project like I havent since I first got interested in Linux and eventually contributed to it.

juanRIOT avatar

Man! I’m wallowing in envy.

I’m amused at how the video of Tec Team’s opening of Raspi perfectly timed to the reving up of somebody’s car engine. “Start your Raspi’s!”

softdrinkviking avatar

I wonder how long it will take someone to fabricate an altoids tin just big enough for the Pi?

Craig French avatar

The Raspberry Pi fits in the Altoids mint tin, the FAQ is wrong (at least for the Chinese model B I just received via element14). You have to drill holes for the connectors and SD card anyway, just use your same mad Dremel skills on the corner where you’re placing the ethernet port. Yes, the top will close nicely, see and . I placed a gift card underneath the Pi for insulation — works great.

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