Rick avatar

Perfect timing – mine just literally arrived :D

Mark B avatar

Lucky git ;o)

Mark B avatar

called Farnell this monring – they let me know that mine will be in the next batch once the know from the manufactures when they’ll be released!!! :)

Alex Langer avatar

I wish I was on that special island. But I guess we Germans have to be patient. And after some Farnell errors in their system on d-day I got demoted to last position in line.

That gives some time to try to get Gentoo running on my 55 lbs SGI Octane 2. I’m curious to find out which runs faster, MIPS R12000 @ 400 MHz or ARM11 @ 700 MHz…

Alex Langer avatar


One thing’s for sure: Pi won’t need a 747W “Cherokee” PSU.

Jens Kühnel avatar

@Alex: Good to know that I’m not alone. I ordered at 8:45 and only info from Farnell till know is End of August.
Greetings from Frankfurt

Alex Langer avatar

I’m wondering what happened to the promise of weekly updates @Farnell and @RS. No mail for quite a while.

Novocain avatar

And I thought i was alone, got no Email-Updates for weeks now. Niether RS oder Farnel.

Greets from the north of germany.

jo avatar

Hm ok…i ordered on 5th of april @ farnell with mastercard and still get no confirmation =( greetings from frankfurt

Dmytro avatar

I still hope to receive it earlier than on Farnell estimdated date – 22nd week is still so far!

Michael avatar

Farnell should be updating their systems with more accurate estimates, later this week with luck so stay tuned.

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Yes I can see why you’d find it funny, with music playing, he’s a bit like a funky Stan Laurel :)

Rek avatar

I was thinking Benny Hill.
Was hoping Liz would pop out and…..

stan the man avatar

I have a silly question, and reading the FAQ’s it’s not helping:

I thought that to reduce taxes, you were importing the pieces from China, and distributers like RS were not only distributing, but also “putting the pieces together”: things like soldering components, and all of that.

But on this video, it seems that RS is already reciveing the Rasps, fully finisehd, and that the only thing they’ll do is putting them into a package and deal with the delivery.

Is this correct? if not, what I’m missing?

RaTTuS avatar

that is the ones from the 1st delivery that got shipped to RPi HQ

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

raspberry pi is currently PCB-printed, assembled and packaged in China. It is sent to the UK, where they are given to RS and Farnell.

The next batch of raspberry pi might be distributed differently, but for now will be fully made in China

There is no way to avoid taxes. Raspi is manufactured in China to save on assembly costs (putting the components on the circuit boards).

Per avatar

The tax situation in the UK is actually the opposite. Import taxes are lower on assembled boards than on components, AFAIK.

Sander avatar

What kind of car does Eben drive? A VW Passat from around 2000?

eben avatar

VW Passat from 2004. It’s a glamorous life.

Ian Hartwell avatar

Great stuff, do we know how RS are shipping out? I was hoping to get mine today (even more excited when I saw a Rasp Pi at the gadget show yesterday!) but the post has been and no Pi, only hope now is courier!

Barry H avatar

The note at the bottom of my order confirmation from RS indicates they will email you when they are shipped. As I have had no further email from them I assume that they haven’t left their warehouse yet.
They also said it will be shipped at some point within 7 days.

Helpme1986 avatar

good point, suppose i should move away from my front door now and actually do some work!

Topher Brink avatar

Did anyone who has had their RPi delivered actually get a despatch-type email as noted? Just curious.

selsinork avatar

Yep… Farnell sent ‘Your Order has been Shipped’ mails out on Firday evening.
Haven’t seen a post from anyone saying they’ve had one delivered by RS as yet..

Barry H avatar

i read on a site about an hour ago that RS have said they have started dispatching today… no notification on shipment has made it to my mailbox yet.

Ian Hartwell avatar

Just got my confirmation of shipment, Parcel Force 24hr, the wife was meant to be going out but just cancelled her plans!

Montala avatar

Talk about ‘movers and shakers’! :)
Good to see some action there though… let’s just also hope that the back orders move as quickly as that !

Terry Sanders avatar

I am a little disappointed at the way this has all worked out.
I ordered mine on the first day from Farnell and was given a delivery date of 16th April (today).
One week later and this was pushed back to 14th May but you had a post saying this was a mistake and the original dates stood. (see http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/764)
I haven’t heard anything from Farnell since then so I contacted them last Thursday and they now tell me that it might possibly be June or July but they can not confirm that and it might be even later.
So what is going on? At this stage Farnell should have some clue as to how many they can manufacture per day/week/month, how many are in front of me in the queue and from that calculate when they can deliver it.

Matt Brunton avatar

Stories like this are what are preventing me purchasing a Pi until the dust settles, probably after the summer. I’d like to see firmer dates from suppliers before I place an order. I’m sure I’m not alone in this respect.

tadpole avatar

I’m having the same problem, and I find it uniquely frustrating. One of the first rules of customer service is to assist your customer in understanding the problems of a delay. Where the RPi team seems to be bending over backwards to explain what is going on, it never seems to translate into anything that the end user can to help calculate an actual, if not approximate, delivery date. All the emials I have recieved were very lacking when it came to any sort of usable information regarding delivery. Just knowing where I was in teh que and where they are now would help immensley. Isn’t it possible for them to send this out?

Cardz avatar

Me too! Place my order with Farnell on the 5/3/12 – emailed them last week asking if they had an ETA on the units as the RasPi site said they were going into distribution. Got an email back saying “NO ETA” basically. I want mah pi! :D

Jmarcelino avatar

Shame that the videos don’t work on the Raspberry Pi’s (Debian Squeeze) browser.

Adam avatar

That’ll be because there’s no flash for ARM. If you get something like the flash video replacer firefox add on you should be able to watch the video through a media player such as mplayer.

HybridAU avatar

If you go to youtube.com/html5 and click “join the trial” then you can watch it without flash

Marc O. Chouinard avatar

Maybe I missed something, but I see the headers are installed on all the video even the recent one on here. So will the header be pre-installed finally ?

DataSpree avatar

Yes. As has been reported elsewhere on this forum, Eben accidentally left headers on the BOM (bill of materials) he gave the manufacturer. By the time he discovered his error it was cheaper to leave them on then request a change in BOM.

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

They weren’t that expensive he also mentioned, will most likely be left on in the next batch

Luke avatar

I got my interest registered on RS at 6.04 on RPi-day. Today is my 21st birthday, and sadly, no order email from RS has arrived, not even in my spambox. Here’s hoping I’ll get one before my birthday next year!

gerryk avatar

Got mine!! Just fired it up with Fedora14 Remix.
Downloading Deb as we speak.

Asim avatar

Anyone in USA has received their Raspberry Pi yet ?

Alvaro Brandon avatar

I ordered mine on the first day. I was able to get through about 45 minutes after they went on sale. I just called Farnell and they said I can expect delivery sometime in August. Funny thing is they did place a charge (I think it was for a small amount like $2.00 or something like that) on my card on the day I placed the order. So it’s looking like 6 months from order to shipment for some of us.

loomi avatar

Posting from my PI which I got today. Already did learn where you guys like to have your @ on the Keyboard… :-)

It was a wild ride until now… thanks for the perseverance!

Greets from Switzerland

Barry H avatar

Just got confirmation of posting via parcel force from RS Components. Roll on tomorrow after work!!!!

Barry H avatar

I might have spoken too soon, it looks like its not been picked up from RS yet :(

Topher Brink avatar

I literally have just had an email with tracking number from RS/Parcelforce for Express 24 delivery of mine. *G*

Kamil Janku avatar

I “registered my interest”, got an e-mail confirmation and that’s it. They didnt even ask me for my adress. Will I get some more information later?

Simon H avatar

Looks like Farnell are more on the ball, RS got theirs Thursday and have only shipped Monday, Farnell got on Friday and Shipped Friday, Delivered today.

Rob avatar

I ordered lunchtime on launch date with Farnell. They told me today it’ll be with me “sometime within the next month”. I’ve not even had an invitation to order from RS yet, just the occasional where-we’re-up-to type email.

Alex Gibson avatar

Mmmm. Got Pi.

Michael avatar

Registered the day of launch (once the servers started working) Only thing I have heard from either company is “We will let you know”

Chris avatar

Just got notice from Newark14 that mine shipped out today, so they must have some here in the US now? Too soon to get tracking info from UPS. Shipping cost was a little over $6, much better than the $20 they were quoting initially.

Chris avatar

Tracking says it will be here Thursday – finally!

Paul Johnson avatar

Its just occured to me that the Rasberry Pi is just like the original BBC Micro. That too hit an amazing price/performance point, but delivery took rather longer than originally expected.

Never mind. I loved my Beeb, and it taught me a lot. Hopefully the Rasberry Pi is going to be just as great!

Tim avatar

We certainly have been here before – and well before the BBC micro! My comparison with the UK101 from 1979: http://www.tenpencepiece.net/blog/2012/03/03/the-launch-of-the-raspberry-pi-havent-we-been-here-before/

Jake avatar

The Raspberry Pi: Because Corby needs one redeeming feature.

Jim Manley avatar

Eben can definitely claim enough calories-burned points to earn a piece of chocolate cake … I suppose he’s pretty much pegged his palette meter on Raspberry flavored Pi to last him a lifetime! :D

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