Musically synced car windscreen wipers using Raspberry Pi

Hey there! I’ve just come back from a two-week vacation, Liz and Helen are both off sick, and I’m not 100% sure I remember how to do my job.

So, while I figure out how to social media and word write, here’s this absolutely wonderful video from Ian Charnas, showing how he hacked his car windscreen wipers to sync with his stereo.

Ian will be auctioning off the intellectual property rights to his dancing wipers on eBay, will all proceeds going to a charity supporting young makers.


Ian Charnas avatar

Alex, I love that gif you made! I think you got just the right moment in the video. Well done, and thank you for sharing :-)

Alex Bate avatar

Thank you. It took a lot of frame-by-frame edits to get it as close to seamless as possible!

Ian Charnas avatar

Alex – you are so right! Those things can be diabolically difficult to create. I am nominating you for a Giphy :-)

I hope it’s OK – I added your creation to my web page for this project, with proper credit of course:

Alex Bate avatar

No problem at all!

Arthur Fieldstone avatar

The obvious next step is to project a reactive visualizer onto the rear and/or side windows (windshield is probably too dangerous). Or add LEDs to the wiper blades. Or flash the headlights in time with the music. Or…

Ian Charnas avatar

Arthur, I like the way you think!

Ian Binnie avatar

A great contribution to road safety!

Bonzadog avatar

Just what we need…I don’t think! Perhaps a bit childish?

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