Plague at Pi Towers

Alex, Helen and I are all in our respective beds today with the plague. So your usual blog fodder won’t get served up today because none of us can look at a monitor for more than thirty seconds at a trot: instead I’m going to ask you to come up with some content for us. Let us know in the comments what you think we should be blogging about next, and also if you have any top sinus remedies.


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About Sinusitis:
Here in Germany is a saying that, without treatment, a sinusitis takes two weeks, while with treatment, it takes 14 days…
So just rest, and drink a nice cup of tea from time to tome, not only at 5pm. ;-)

About possible blog topics:
A short timelime regarding the new features of the Raspberry Pi 4 would be nice:
– USB and network boot,
– possible PCB update with second USB-C resistor,
– 64bit version of Raspbian,

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Yes I agree a timeline for what you asked especially the USB boot as it will be a lot faster than an SD card.

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Re: 64 bit Raspbian – quite a few developers have commented that it won’t happen anytime soon as no need for 64bit addressing and the headache it would involve maintaining 32bit and 64bit Raspbian

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A header on the RPI for the case fan would be nice, so the RPI can change the fan speed as the CPU gets hotter (faster) or colder (quieter).

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Heartily agree about having some updates on pending projects in the blog. I’m also intently interested in knowing the status of USB booting and the North American version of the TV hat.

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When I visited Australia 30-some years ago, they had a trick to clear the sinuses that worked quite well.

Start with a large bowl. Fill it with hot (as in at the boil) water. Pour in a small amount of eucalyptus oil. Put your head down over it, with a towel over your head, for about 10 minutes and just breathe in the hot, moist air laced with eucalyptus.

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I agree works great as I suffer with my sinuses when I have a cold and it works well for me.

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This one with the head over a bowl with a towel is in Hancock’s Half Hour BBC TV epsisode “The Cold” recorded in 1960. That’s where I first saw it (on a repeat, I’m not that old!)

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Sinusitis (viral form):
– Pivalone 1% (for pregnant womens => NO GO)
– Physiological salt solution
– Salt water (low percentage)

Improved Low Power Modes: Deep sleep / Hibernation

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For blogging, I’d like to see tiny c games highlighted, especially since it’s using SDL2.

For in depth article idea, I’d like to see video editing explored. From using kdenlive, mlt proxy, one shot video editor. Video acquisition using piCam + mic. To uploading to YT, Twitch, and other video sites.

I hope sinus problem clears up soon. That eucalyptus vaping treatment sounds very interesting!

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Found this:

Raspberry Pi microSD card performance comparison – 2019

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You need some Vic’s Vapour Rub (petroleum jelly with eucalyptus oil) rubbed on your chests.

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Hot Ribena toddy – and don’t skimp on the whiskey!

Doesn’t actually fix the cold but you won’t care as much… ;-)

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Alternatives to navigating a pi other than keyboard and mouse?

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Sorry to hear that the plague has struck! The worst part is the secondary symptoms after all the mucus has congealed. Using a Neti pot early in the cold progression can lessen the build-up dramatically. (I don’t know why people do not use this, it just makes perfect sense. I think big pharma just wants to sell more tissues and pills.)
After the crud has thickened, it has been shown that vibrating the sinus will help loosen the gunk. The PI could be programmed for that! Hook up some pager motors to a PWM drive. Add some microphones to detect the density of the gunk, then adjust the PWM to blast it loose.

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I would really like to have my gPodder podcast program start whenever my pi boots.
I tried the information on systemd but it still is not working.
A good article about systemd could help.

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I would like to see a node-red project interacting with an Amazon Echo to control external devices.

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