Merry Christmas!

Attention ESD Protected area

Eben and I are taking a couple of days away from the website, so we can spend some time with our family. There are a few new treats around the place for you this Christmas – have a look at the About page, play with our new forum software…and enjoy these new high-res pictures of the beta boards.

Raspberry Pi beta board

Raspberry Pi beta board, top. Click to enlarge.

Raspberry Pi beta board, back view

Raspberry Pi beta board, back view. Click to enlarge. (Note that the SD card reader hasn't been soldered into place yet on this one!)

The video I took on Friday at the factory hasn’t been edited yet because I’ve been busy database hacking all day, trying to get the new forum all peachy; it’ll be up after the holidays.

Have a great Christmas, everybody; we’ll see you in a few days.


max1zzz avatar

Nice, now i have something to keep me going over Christmas (apart from all the present’s etc :-) )

father christmas avatar

Marty christmas everyone!

Fred avatar

This is fantastic! :)

Chris avatar

you gonna tell us about that red wire? from where I’m standing it looks like your vreg isn’t grounding properly and it’s wired to another ground

SergeantFTC avatar

I was wondering the same thing.

TinWhisker avatar

If the VReg GND was iffy – why route ‘under’ the board, rather than to the other VReg?

The only spots I can really see is either for a beefier GPIO GND or the Composite out is a bit noisy.
Otherwise, the link is for pull-down reasons – maybe to disable/enable bits for testing.

Jann avatar

Well christmas wasn´t that good this year, but that´s some good news :D
Uhm, there is a SD Card Slot missing by the way ;D

Andy avatar

I notice R-Pi is back on the BBC news feed as nearing launch. Roll on launch day…

Montekuri avatar

Have a nice holiday and enjoy the family.
And a happy 2012 for all of you!

Oliver Beck avatar

A great (or little ;-) ) piece of hardware!

Neil Brown avatar

Thank you for all the updates. :-)
Have a good break!

hajj_3 avatar

Looks nice :) Hopefully in a few days maybe you could take photos from the side of the board so we can see the connectors.

David avatar

Fantastic work, well done and hope it does really well. Have a great seasonal break – you earned it!

Bill Cumming avatar

oooh! Like the pics
Can’t wait to get one!

Marry Xmas Raspberry-Pi’ers!! ^_^

Jack avatar

Can’t wait to order some (while in UK) and take them back to Australia to muck around with!

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

I do still wonder about the little bomb wire, the one showing in the latest video

nelson avatar

That is actually a fake bomb defuse wire, it instead triggers an instant 200 kilo raspberry explosion, truly dirty bomb style… not really just a workaround for a routing problem with the beta boards, you wont find it on the production model

Jamie avatar

Same here. What IS it??????

vladhed avatar

Thanks for the present! Wishing Liz and Eben and the rest of the team a blessed and restful holiday

greg jaskiewicz avatar

Weehee, can’t wait till I can order one (or 4) from the website !
In the mean time I’m playing with my own stuff, enjoy ;)

Adam avatar

The board is looking awesome I think the work you are doing is fantastic I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I hope you are getting tonnes of stock because I think you will be selling thousands and thousands of these

JamesH avatar

First batch is 10k, but next batch if demand is there can be produced very quickly.

JustACat avatar

Merry Christmas!

Jos avatar

Where are the MOUNTING HOLES? If you want to screw this PCB on something (a little case e.g.) how to do that?

JamesH avatar

No room for them on this first board – search the forum for more infrormation

Jessie avatar

You don’t, later revisions are supposed to have mounting holes. If you want to attach this to something your options right now are clips for the edge of the board, hot glue, or double sided adhesive tape.

Jeff avatar

I am really waiting for this board to be avail to purchase. Who is manufacturing the board, its very neat.

Petr avatar

the RasPI is just GREAT.
Best regards to Eben, Liz and all the team members.
Greetings from the Czech Republic.

meltwater avatar

The Czech Republic are always at the top of the list on Google Trends for the Raspberry Pi, must be very popular there.

Petr avatar

I am looking many times a day from different IP addresses. When new article is posted, I am sending the link to the RasPI site to my friends. So maybe this. Otherwise I do not see activities about RasPI around me…. Anyway, can’t wait to get RasPI on my desk.

RaTTuS avatar

merry [hic] christmas

richard clatworthy avatar

Merry Christmas to you all. This is the best Christmas present I could have in a virtual world – and the real one (this has been written on 25-Dec). I have been an IT professional since 1979 and this bit of kit has excited me like a schoolboy. I cannot wait to get one and try to port SuSE Linux to it so I can network the Raspberry to my other Linux boxes. All the best for 2012.

Rachelle avatar

Merry Christmas!
Very nice job!
When i can byu it?)

Lars T. Hansen avatar

At ( > Shop link in the menu bar redirects to

Lars T. Hansen avatar

Edit: Sorry! should had been

Mark Warner avatar

I am so excited about this and am going to order 3 as soon as they are released. I am going to network them and make lots of really cool things and stuff like that.

Mark (an inspired 50 and 3/4 year old)

Mathijs avatar

Merry Christmas to everyone at Raspberry Pi! You’re doing a great job, may everyone reading this have a lovely day.

caelow avatar

Ah looks great, very excited to get my hands on one of these.

hunternet93 avatar

One of my Christmas presents this year was mmmmoney for buying a RP model B. I’ve got plenty of good project ideas already!

Michael C. avatar

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ;D Please make the Raspberry PI fast finish.

(Sorry i,m from Germany and my English is bad.The Radio has make a News about the Computer.)

feuerrot avatar

Will you be at the 28C3?

Syzygy Kid avatar

what a great idea!

Harry avatar

The pictures are very blured….send me an sample, and I’ll make some real high-res-pictures for you ;)

p.s. great project!!!!


ProDigit avatar

Will these pins be available on the regular boards, and what can be done with them? (looks like a IDE harddrive connector)…

Roger Wolff avatar

What pins? Left top? Those are called the GPIO pins. Hobbyists can do various things with that. No pins will be provided on the board s that you buy.

The other pins are the JTAG connector. JTAG provides a debugging interface for programmers. I’m not sure if pins will be populated there.

SiR avatar

Good to see the pi fully decorated for Christmas!

Fernando Cassia avatar

The lack of a second Ethernet port kills it for ethernet router/wireless Pt-2-Pt link administration. PLEASE develop a Dual-Ethernet version!. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

eben avatar

You can always add a second Ethernet via the USB port. If we see enough demand, we may consider adding one as standard, but it’s a lot of effort for something that isn’t our core market.

John Benson avatar

It just looks so tinkertastic… I can’t wait to get one…

George Hong avatar


Where is the Broadcom chip?

liz avatar

It’s PoP, or package on package, which means that two chips are stacked together. Here, the Broadcom chip is stacked under the big chip in the middle that says Hynix – that’s the RAM. You can’t see the BCM2835 because it’s underneath, but I assure you it’s there!

George Hong avatar

Thank you Liz for the quick reply. Can’t wait to get some for my engineering team to play with.

Anthony avatar

Looks nice. Kudos to the team.

Still needs mounting holes though.

Stevep avatar

Try this mounting strip – looks as though it can be cut into small pieces

logar0 avatar

Where is the CPU? I only see a Hynix memory chip. Under it?

JamesH avatar

Under it. The memory is soldered on top of the CPU – called PoP. Package on package.

Esh avatar

Why does the USB port stand out from the board so much? Will it stay like that in the production version?

JamesH avatar

Difficulty in fitting it all in. And what you are seeing now is in effect the production board – or very close indeed.

[…] Merry Christmas! | Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi beta board, top. Click to enlarge. Eben and I are taking a couple of days away from the website, so we can spend some time with our family. There are a few new treats around the place for you this Christmas – have a look at the About page, play with our new forum software…and enjoy these new high-res pictures of the beta boards. […]

Rune Kyndal avatar

i understand that these boards are as bare bone as possible.
saving components, PCB space, layers and all that.

but seriously. what is the thinking behind having the plugs scattered all around the
board? looks to me like they could pretty easily have been place alongside the hdmi connector?
also no mounting holes?

im going to use at lease one board as media center.
im hoping for that XBMC project.
but looks like i will have to reposition ethernet and usb plugs
to make it fit nicely in a box?

great work though! im sure next version will be even better

take my money already!!! ;o)
happy new year


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