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Informative, maybe after the switch I will actually be able to post instead of getting invalid email address errors when I’m logged in and registered :S

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That sounds like our spam blocker rather than the forum software – I’ve just whitelisted you, so hopefully you won’t have that problem any more.

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Ah thanks for clearing this up, I promise I’m not a bot!

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Thanks … that explains the erratic behaviour …
Happy Christmas …

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Ah, now that would explain why my searches aren’t yielding any results…

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It is back!!!!

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You seem to have lost the names of the posters for the existing posts? All posts claim to be from ‘Guest’.

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It seems everything ok with user’s name on the forum.
But we do not see the more recent post on the front page.

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I know – I need a new plugin for that. Working on it!

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Ok I guess I was just a bit to quick to look at it before. Now the names are showing (when I posted the above every pre-existing post was from Guest).

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– I had to remake my signature.
– I like the zoom function on the pictures.
– Lost the “Edit” function on posts.

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I cant say that i like the new forum better..
the view is to narrow, i can fit it at-least 3 times more on my screen.
and the look doesn’t fit the rest of the site.
But the thing im missing the most is the new posts on the front-page

But it does run smoother

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I agree about the narrowness – that’s a pain.

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New posts is back, and I’ll try to fix the narrowness later on. Biggest problem at the moment is that old posts don’t have the username next to them, which may mean we have to redo the migration later on today if SQL fiddling doesn’t work.

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Probably also a part of the narrowness problem is text of posts on the RHS being lost ( Chrome, Firefox ). Not all pages but here’s one which doesn’t work for me …


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Also [s]….[/s] strike-throughs in posts are not rendering as strike through but as [s] and [/s] tags.

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Narrowness fixed.

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Thanks its much better :D

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But the thing im missing the most is the new posts on the front-page!!
Signed both hands under it.
Maybe I have just to get used to it.

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i thought; “there probably offline becaus there adding some cool features to the site regarding the R-Pi” but no! just a forum update! –‘

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There’s a new About page, too; and the contacts page is also new…

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I am getting a ton of database errors, mostly with the forums, but some with the main site too.

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That’s nothing to do with the new forum, unfortunately; it’s because we’re getting a simply amazing amount of traffic at the moment.

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Raspberry Pi is presently one of the two links under Technology on the BBC News page http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/

The traffic is to be expected…

Its going to be an interesting new year with this level of interest!

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The interface seems shiny indeed.. could it also be *wider* ? On my PC, the actual text uses up about 1/3 of the screen’s width, there are huge left and right margins

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Same problem here, at 1680×1050 the whole site/forum is just 1/3 of the screen’s width. Also don’t like much the new forum style, but who cares, I’m only interested in the hardware :)

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I really like the new forum! Especially the easier to apply account avatar!

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The new forum insists on logging me as ‘ads’. I’ve tried logging out, deleting all raspberrypi.org cookies, closing my browser, all of the above at once…

And it’s not just cosmetic too, if I request the list of the posts I started, I don’t get mine

Surely, this could be worse (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7DgXoUWWb4), but still.

PS in case the youtube link was not enough of a hint, I’m obarthelemy.

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I’ll have a poke. Noticed that earlier when reinstating you a an admin – most peculiar!

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OK – try again now and let me know what happens.

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Working even in Opera now, thanks.

Still some issues:
– search for “all the posts you started” with an empty search string yields only 4 results.
– I still find there’s too much left/right margin to my taste. Luckily Opera Mobile is quite good at trimming that, but even on the desktop it looks very wasteful.

What a strange project to tackle on Xmas day… don’t let the foie gras spoil ^^

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We’re doing it now because there isn’t likely to be a period quieter than this in the next few months. It’s still bleedin’ awful, though…

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OK, it’s working if I use Chrome, which I’ve never used before for raspberrypi, so it’s either a problem with Opera, or with a stray cookie not in the ‘raspberrypi’ category.

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Have some of the topics that were present before the migration been deleted ?
Are these older topics archived anywhere ?

liz avatar

We’ve lost some from General Discussion. They’re still in the database, and we’re trying to get them back at the moment. (Which is why if anybody else complains that they don’t like blue and want it changed, I shall ignore them; right now, retrieving those topics is top of the list.)

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I don’t really enjoy the new style for the forum, it has alot of potential but it does not scale for widescreen. Which the majority of us have therefor feels very cramped, ah well take what you got.

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What happened to the forum RSS feed?

All the links are borked, and I can’t seem to subscribe to anything but the main blog feed and the blog comment feed – the forum feed is nowhere to be found from the front page, this blog post and the top of the forum.

(WinXP FireFox 8.0)

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Merry Christmas :-)

Love your work, but unfortunately the new forums seem pretty much unreadable from iOS- post text often extends off the right side of the screen with no opportunity to scroll or zoom. Even when it is working, less than half the screen width is actually used for the post text, with the rest reserved for borders and the avatar column.

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A great product and I can’t wait to get one!

Regarding the forum width you can use some css along the lines of the below to make the forum take up a little more width.

body.page-id-445 .entry-content{

As for the forum not having a list of recent posts you can use a template tag to show recent posts http://wiki.simple-press.com/plugin-api/template-tags/list-template-tags/. Putting the below in your theme, in a sidebar or something, will show recent posts. I think 5 posts are default but you can pass arguments to the tag/function to extend that. It’s not an ideal solution as you’ll have to put the code in your php WordPress theme template but thats all Simple:Press gives you.

Liz: just give me a shout if you need any advice regarding any WordPress issues.

Once again, great product, I’ll be watching your progress.

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I’m very new to computers as I am 12. I cannot get the image onto my SD card using WIn32Disk imager on my Dad’s Win XP pc. Usually, I get this msg “An error occurred when attempting to write data from handle. Error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.” Sometimes I can get as far as 81% complete but then it stops and then gives the msg above.
Does anyone know why this is? My Dad thinks he’s been swindled and doesn’t like computers.

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