Make a Raspberry Pi-powered BMO Adventure Time console

If you’re a fan of the animated TV series Adventure Time, you’re already excited and scrolling to see how you can build your own Be MOre (BMO) console. And if you’re not: BMO is Adventure Time main characters Finn’s and Jake’s sentient video game system-cum-roomate.

See, you recognise it now, don’t you?

OK, but what does BMO do?

DIY enthusiast Lazuardi Rinaldi, an Electrical & Computer Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is behind this retrogaming build. Lazuardi notes that this build is for people with experience of working with electronic projects. You can recreate this project with whatever parts you have to hand, as the build-guide is open-ended, but Lazuardi lovingly built his using Raspberry Pi.

BMO is full of teeny boards and buttons

The ‘real’ BMO can do pretty much anything from making toast to playing detective, but this one was built especially to play RetroPie games on Raspberry Pi. So it’s even better than the original. Maybe.

Main parts

inside of handset showing raspberry pi trying to cram in with other components and wires
Tight fit


Laser-cut acrylic plexiglass sheets beautifully house the electronics. Everything had to be perfectly measured to fit Lazuardi’s custom-built controller; the buttons were individually soldered to the perfboard through the already-cut plexiglass.

BMO case being cut
Precision cutting gives BMO its professional finish

And the carefully-applied sticker sheets made the whole thing look just like the real BMO.

Who’s a pretty Beemo then?


Lazuardi plans to add some speakers so they can hear the game music as they play. We reckon making BMO’s legs robotic so it can come and find you when you haven’t played in a while would be a cool addition. Creepy, but cool.

Video of another cool Be MOre build we featured on the blog a few years back

By the way, all the brilliant images and GIFs you see here are from Lazuardi’s original instructable, and I loved them so I borrowed them. This is my fave…

Built with love inside

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geno Mastronardi avatar

I made one of these in 2018 for my daughter, i used a piTFT (adafruit, a company unfortunately has sided with ethnocentric favortism, thus reducing the resources for poor kids of all races to get into STEM programs), a pi zero, and my own PCB architecture.

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