Build a magic mirror in issue 54 of The MagPi

Hey there folks! It’s Rob from The MagPi again. Did you miss me? I missed you.

Anyway, I’m here today to tell you that we’ve finally gone and done it: we’ve got a build-your-own-magic-mirror feature in the magazine. Not only that, it’s our cover feature. This amazing project won the community vote in our top 50 Raspberry Pi projects poll, so we decided to go all out and worked closely with Michael Teeuw (the creator of the winning project) to put together this definitive guide.

magic mirror

The latest issue is packed with excellent content

We also have a follow-up to our beginner’s guide to coding from last issue, as Lucy Hattersley delves deeper into object-oriented programming by using examples in Scratch and Python. And we continue our popular Learn to code with C series from Simon Long, along with our usual selection of finely crafted tutorials, guides, project focus articles, and reviews.

As well as all that, we have a new regular extra for you: starting from this issue, you can grab all the code from the magazine in one handy zip from our website or from our GitHub page for each issue of the mag. We’ve started doing this after a reader request: if you have any ideas that would make The MagPi even better, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

The MagPi 54 is available in stores now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. Alternatively, you can buy The MagPi online or get it digitally via our app on Android and iOS. There’s even a free PDF of it as well.

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As always, you can download your copy of The MagPi completely free. Grab it straight from the issue page for The MagPi 54.

Don’t forget, though, that as with sales of the Raspberry Pi itself, all proceeds from the print and digital editions of the magazine go to help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve its charitable goals. Help us democratise computing!

We hope you enjoy this issue!


Norman Dunbar avatar

One of the book choices mentioned in the latest issue, “Raspberry Pi And The IoT In C”, looks interesting – to me anyway! I have ordered a paper copy from Amazon already. It’s the first paper based book I’ve ordered for at least a fortnight!

I ordered it based on a few chapters reading of the online version, which is at if anyone is thinking of getting this book.



Rich avatar

Got mine last night, will be giving the mirror project ago. Have an old 21″ lcd monitor in the loft just waiting to be used. :)

This is my favorite mag, maybe because it reminds me of the Sinclair User days. :)

ee31ag avatar

Sinclair User? Pah. Commodore User was much better!

Liz Upton avatar

Cough Micro User cough.

Not The Dude avatar

App crashes on my phone and Chromebook on launch. Why not put the magazine on Play Newsstand? Is that not the whole point of Newsstand or am I missing something? Now I have to go hunting round shops with the thermometer at -1°C for a paper copy. Two WHSmiths visited so far don’t have it. IT’S 2017 GUYS!!

Norman Dunbar avatar

App? You do know that you can download a pdf of this issue from And every other issue lives near there too.

But I agree, it is indeed very cold today.


Daniel avatar

Can I just unplug the magic mirror to turn it off? This project is really interesting but I don´t know how to manage the mirror (turning in and turning off). As it has a linux OS I supose it should work as a normal OS, I mean if I just unplug it could crash the os, is it right?

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

It’s best to connect via SSH and use “sudo shutdown -h now”, and then you can unplug it

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