LEGO model smart home

I do love a good demo. The folks at PubNub have been showing users of their software how home automation with a Raspberry Pi works – on an itty-bitty scale, with LEGO.

This little house is rigged up with seven embedded LEDs (representing things like the stove and the fireplace, as well as lights); sensors to measure humidity, barometric pressure, and temperature; and a stepper motor that remotely opens and closes the door. Scale the system up, and you could apply this ability to remotely control appliances in a full-size house.

Joe Hanson at PubNub says:

The project is includes both the hardware (the house, Raspberry Pi, and accessories), and software (an interactive GUI). This blog post is the proof-of-concept and high level introduction to the project, and we’ll dig deeper and give full tutorials in the coming months.

Lego smart home

Home automation, of course, is something you can do without proprietary software (you’ll find plenty of examples on our blog); but we really like the slick user interface that PubNub offers; and…tiny LEGO houses. You can learn more over at PubNub’s own site. And I am reminded that I still haven’t got that PIR sensor for the hall light hooked up to a Pi.


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Very Good!

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Oh, the folks at PubNub are great, and so is PubNub itself! I still catch myself singing their theme song:

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Everything is awesome…

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Everything that speaks TCP speaks PubNub

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Very cool, I did something on the same lines using LEGO and a mac to be a homeKit device so you can control your home with Siri

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This is soooooo coooool!!!!! Lego + Raspberry Pi = AWSOME! I am a big fan of RPI and lego as you can see by my lego stopmotion videos website that I used a RPI to make

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I love this!

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You should close up the house and put raspberry pi cameras in it andplug them in to the main raspberry pi system

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I’m curious how you’d use a Raspberry Pi to control a campfire…? ;-)

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Hi Andrew! To control the fireplace, you use pulse width modulation (PWM). Full tutorial on the fireplace (and LEDs) here:

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That’s very cool! It’s amazing what you can do with this tiny peace of hardware. I’ve recently read an article about how to turn your printer into wireless with the use of Raspberry Pi. We might feature an article about it on our website. Awesome stuff! Keep evolving :D
Peter Payton

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very cool project

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have the full tutorial for this lego model smart home ?

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Hey there, here is the full tutorial (two parts), for the project:

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