The Young Innovators’ Club in Ulaanbaatar

The Young Innovators’ Club is a new initiative to promote engineering and tech education for school-aged children in Mongolia. It’s currently piloting a Raspberry Pi-based after-school club in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, with support from the National Information Technology Park, where activities take place:

Scratch and Python are on the menu, and electronics features prominently, with students using Raspberry Pis to control LEDs, sensors, motors and cameras. Club Coordinator Tseren-Onolt Ishdorj says,

So far the result of the club is very exciting because parents and children are very much interested in the club’s activity and they are having so much fun to be part of the club – trying every kind of projects and spending their spare time happily.

The idea of introducing Raspberry Pi-based after-school clubs was originally put forward by Enkhbold Zandaakhuu, Chairman of the Mongolian Parliament and himself an engineer by training; a group of interested individuals picked up the idea and established the Club in late 2014, and it has since attracted the interest of peak-time Mongolian TV news and other local media. The Club plans to establish After-School Clubs for Inventors and Innovators (ASCII) across the country with the help of schools, parents and other organisations and individuals; this would involve about 600-700 schools, and include training for over 600 teachers. They’re hopeful of opening a couple of dozen of these this year.

We’re quite excited about this at Raspberry Pi. It was lovely to see our Raspberry Jams map recently showing upcoming events on every continent except for Antarctica (where there are Pis, even if not, as far as we know, any Jams), but nonetheless there’s a displeasing Pi gap across central Asia and Russia:

Jams everywhere

Raspberry Jams on every continent except Antarctica (yes, really: the one that seems to be on the south coast of Spain is actually in Morocco)

It’s fantastic to know, then, that school students are learning with Raspberry Pis in Ulaanbaatar. We’ll be keeping up with developments at the Young Innovators’ Club on their Facebook page, where you can find lots of great photos and videos of the students’ work – we hope you’ll take a look, too.


Pete avatar

And the award for best name of a Capitol city goes to …….. Ulaanbaatar …. More vowels than consonants is way cool!

elParaguayo avatar

Sorry – my favourite is still Ouagadougou.

Pete avatar

Yes … but has Burkina Faso got a pi jam going on?

elParaguayo avatar

Hopefully only a matter of time!

David avatar

No disrespect to Ulaanbaatar, but Buenos Aires has got to be in the running for vowel city. Aftr all, it has all of them :-)

Gavin avatar

Well done Mongolia – hope it brings a lot of joy and innovation to the kids.

solar3000 avatar

I wish I could say Ulaanbaatar.

George Denda avatar

Wish there was an initiative to bring Pi jams to Serbia.
But well, it’s all cool ;) As long as I can get my hands on some Pi goodness, it’s allright.

Helen Lynn avatar

The initiatives that bring Raspberry Jams to new places start with people like you! There’s some advice on how to do it at All you need to begin with are a few people and a table to gather around.

Klaus Kastrup avatar

Hi Helen,


I will be delivering here in Germany a training course next week.

I grew up some time ago (ahem…) with UK made first computers… I appreciate RasPi and the idea to move awyy from pushing a mouse a lot.


do you have connections to those kids in UB; anything we might be able to do for them to support??




Tseren avatar

Hi Klaus,
thank you for your interest in our activity in UB.
Contact email of YIClub in UB is [email protected].
We’ll be very much appreciated to collaborate with you.


Jim avatar

Very inspiring to see those kids faces light up !

Alan McC avatar

This little computer really has spread to “the ends of the earth” and the limits of the stratosphere. Soon to “infinity and beyond” (well, Space at least for starters!) Universally exciting.

AndrewS avatar

…and “inside” the earth too ;)

…and over the oceans

…and under the oceans

Truly “the little computer that can”!

Global Learning avatar

This is such a great idea! My children love the after school LEGO robotics club. This would be something they would really enjoy and I hope we see more of these clubs in the near future.

Rch avatar

Er…. One laptop per child was in Mongolia in 2007. I have an XO laptop from the Get one, Give one program and the project launch city was Ulaanbaatar. Then the financial world came crashing down.

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