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YEAH!!!! :-)

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Eben, looking over my shoulder, says: “EW. God. I wish people would stop doing that.”

Take that in whatever way you will.

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I take it in good humour. Actually I think it’s a good look ;)

Well done to everyone on the team. I can’t imagine how stressfull things must have been for you guys these past few weeks. You’ve earned some well deserved R&R.

Jason Ozolins avatar

Yep, the collaged head thing is creepy and just rude on a number of levels:
– the turtleneck guy is recently dead
– the turtleneck guy was renowned for being a prickly, sometimes obnoxious person to work for
– the thing he was originally holding was a high-margin, sit-on-your-hands-it’s-all-done-for-you technofetish object, which is pretty much the opposite of what RPi is trying to achieve.

Getting your picture taken as part of promoting a really worthwhile charity is not seeking celebrity, and certainly should not be taken as a license to photoshop your likeness around for fun.

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Countdown: http://goo.gl/w9kv7

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^ that looks like it’s in UTC time not GMT.

Mike Baney avatar

Never mind! lol o.O

Dave The Happy Singer avatar

Do you think the maximum ambiguity of 0.9 seconds will be an issue?

stefan avatar

what means I can sleep one houre longer then all the UK Peoples.

Simon Beirnaert avatar

Same here man… Alarm is set! :D

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Google IO 2011-style countdown!

Sorry, I posted it down as a comment not a reply

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That countdown timer looks ammazing but I think there might be a bug with it picking up the local timezone instead of using GMT, It says 11:26:00 for me when it should say 24:26:00 (I’m GMT+8)

beatles1 avatar

Even though I live in the UK it seems to be counting down to midnight tonight not 6am. I found the google IO source code myself and set it up on my site to it at least looks correct to me. All credit to dbh937 for the idea.


Voxel avatar

This countdown has already expired for me here in Brisbane, Australia. You might want to revise the code :)

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Yay!!! awesome :D

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Thank you!! Good luck everyone!

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Fail! XDD

DIY Phone Gadgets avatar

My Android app works:) Thanks.

nmcc avatar

More’s the pity

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I’m loving you Eben!

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iPhone 4 set to RED ALERT!

Dan avatar

404 server not found as it has died


Guilherme de Sousa avatar

go go go

Davespice avatar

Okay, on your marks…

Jardiamj avatar

If you keep it like this at all times, it will more likely run out of battery and won’t ring… lol

Chad avatar

Woohoo! I hope I’m quicker than most of the rest of you! :P

Kris Chaplin avatar

Very diplomatic time. I’ll get out of getting the littlun ready for nursery then, and still have time to put out the wheely bin! Good luck everyone. Actually, no. Good luck me!

Adam avatar

Can’t wait!!!!

Is it possible you can post a chart of the time zones? I always get confused about what time it currently is do to DST and what not. I for instance am in the -8 GMT zone, but sometimes its -7 hour difference (i think)

Kris Chaplin avatar

Just google “current time GMT” (19.49 at pesent, but appears to change regularly)

Matt J avatar

I see what you mean about it changing regularly, I just tried and it says 16:24 Tuesday (GMT) – Time in GMT ;)

Lynbarn avatar

I think anybody deserving of owning a ‘Pi will be able to navigate their way around the internet enough to find that out for themselves :)
Besides, the Pi team will be very busy preparing for a very busy day…

nmcc avatar

We are currently in GMT, use http://www.timeanddate.com/ to figure it out for you.

guitar1 avatar

ask wolfram alpha for “06:00 gmt in ” ;-)

Steve Peltz avatar

http://time.gov is even shorter (click on your location, it will show local time, as well as show the offset; or you can click on UTC and figure it out for yourself)

sean avatar

terminal for rescue….

$ date -u
Mon Feb 27 21:35:38 UTC 2012

Thomas avatar

For the gooey-inclined:
$ TZ=GMT xclock -digital -update 1

Chris avatar

Looking forward to this!

Kris Chaplin avatar

I can’t believe you’re out of stock of the Raspberry Pi stickers. Please let the announcement be that they’re back in stock!

spurious avatar

“This just got interesting!”…

James Cole avatar

NOOOOOO!! Now there’s going to be a site overload right at that time and I’ll probably miss out on the purchase of one of the first batch :-(
I really hope I can get in on the first round of orders.

Though I am happy for the Raspberry Pi org. that this is all right at the cusp of fruition though.

CuraHack avatar

I totally agree, the RPi team should rlly upgrade their server, because they are already on their knees. The site will become virtually unreachable Wednesday, if they don’t upgrade quickly!

liz avatar

You talk as if you don’t think we have a plan to deal with this. ;)

Roger Wolff avatar

I know you have said before that you’ve arranged for some hardened servers for the shop…..

However in the post Eben tells us all to head over to http://www.raspberrypi.org at exactly the same moment, which is THIS server that’s already on its knees…. Weird….

guru avatar

If only there was away to author a webpage that’d somehow didn’t rely on a Database Connection.

Nope. Can’t think of a way. It’s UNPOSSIBLE! :D

Drin avatar

06:00 AM GMT = 01:00 AM EST
Should I prepare for all-night F5 refresh party or wait for the next day ?

Niels avatar

Wait for the next day.

CuraHack avatar

lol, just wait, leave the allnighters over to us :P

Tim Savage avatar

Handy being GMT+11 ;) At a nice convenient 17:00 here :)

da_andy avatar

Hell yeah!!!!

Brirky avatar

Maybe this could help us…
I´m waiting…

akc42 avatar

seems confused about the time in London. At 6:00am GMT it says London is at 7:00am – but that’s wrong.

I wouldn’t trust it

alexjj avatar

an announcement that they’ll be on sale in 2 weeks time at 1pm on a Saturday.

Erik avatar

That’s great news! Keep up the good work.

Jesper Juhl avatar

I’m hoping that you will actually open the shop at that time, but from the way you phrased it I think it is just as likely that you will just announce when the shop will open… teasing, teasing, teasing ;-)

Cormac Dullaghan avatar

Payday is Thursday!! What ever shall I do? When is the next batch due to be made? I don’t think I’ll be getting one on as they’ll ALL be sold out in the first hour!! =-/

psergiu avatar

You have NOT put aside some money for a RPi since last year ? You don’t deserve one !
BWAHAHAHAHA !!! More chances for me !!!

Ray avatar


Alex avatar

Yeah! Really looking forward to it!

Andrew Greene avatar

Sigh. Way too late for me to stay up (EST) and I’m sure by the time I wake up 5 hours later they’ll all be gone. When’s the next batch scheduled for?

psergiu avatar

Sleep tight … there are enough of them …

( supressed evil laugh: bwahahahaha !!! )

da_andy avatar

6.00 a.m. (in the morning) in uk?

da_andy avatar

Ok I got it, 6 GMT is 8 A.M in Germany!

dobbelD avatar

Pretty sure that’s wrong since germany is GMT +1 –> 7 AM, but i guess you got that already :)

da_andy avatar

Shit…ok I will use the countdown, really confused about the time, probably because I’m so tired I’ve waited a whole night

o19 avatar

gonna watch that one all day long :)

Lucas avatar

Very nice!!

ElectroPulse avatar


Who avatar

With a cryptic post like that, I’m not actually 100% counting on a release…
You should be politicians :)

asdasdasd avatar

what are the accepted payment methods? does paypal work?

Jongoleur avatar

The usual scales of payment will apply.
An arm and a leg will probably suffice!


No doubt we will be told the acceptable methods of exchange at the time.

Jesper Juhl avatar

Don’t people read FAQ’s any more?

“How can I pay for it?

We will accept most major cards, PayPal, and offline payments.”

Adrian Jones avatar

If people read FAQs, then the Qs wouldn’t be A F, would they?

jman avatar

It could be interesting to have a price indication of the accessories that will (?) be sold with the RaspPI. Or shall I assume the shop will only sell the board for the time being?

Jesper Juhl avatar

As far as I’ve understood the information in the FAQ, the wiki and the various replies by RPi people on the blog for various posts; the initial batch is just the board. No cases, no accessories, no pre-loaded SD cards – *just* the board.
The rest will come later.
The initial 10000 units are targeted at developers, so that’s OK, we can handle that :-)

ElectroPulse avatar

I’m not 100% on this, but I seem to remember something about power supplies being available when the boards are released…

I just looked on the FAQ, and it said this:

“What will I get when I buy one?

A Raspberry Pi. Leads, a power supply or SD cards are not included but can be purchased at the same time from the store. You will be able to buy preloaded SD cards too. The first batch (February 2012) will not have a case.”

My guess is that they MAY have them for sale, since they only specifically stated that the case wouldn’t be available. I could be wrong, though.

If not, 1A USB power supplies are not hard to come by :) Just check out Amazon, they’ve got loads of them.

rdepew avatar

I recommend monoprice.com as a good place to buy cables, chargers and stuff – at least in USAnia. Dunno about Europe etc. And no, I’m not a shill.

root@ avatar

Just nick Worries’ phone charger, why don’t you?

Tozzi avatar

Just got eight 1A USB phone chargers yesterday, now I’m ready! :D

ElectroPulse avatar

Booyah! This announcement in itself is quite big, and most certainly DOES interest me :D

hookey77 avatar

I work nightshift so I will be working at 0600. think I might have to vanish for a while. lol.

hedgehog avatar

I recon that at 6am we will be given a hellishingly complicated formula that will tell you the time when the sale will start.

No namby-pamby 3+7 as in the forums.

John avatar

Great idea, anyone who manages to prove that P = NP gets advance warning.

Lance avatar

0 = P = NP

Jowata avatar

I’m on the US East Coast………… My alarm will be set to 12:45am …………… :-) I hope my F5 key doesn’t break on me………

sky avatar

Well, there’s always Control/Command+R.

James Muirhead avatar

6am… That’s just cruel!

Simon H avatar

Oh well worst time for me, looks like I am going to miss out, can take a day off work but got to get my daughter ready and take to nursery. They will be sold out by the time I get back. Shame was looking forward to adrenelin rush trying to get one!

mironov avatar

Sorry for my english, Ukraine +2 GMT, and I wake up 15 minutes to 8:00, this is the best time to buy our Raspberry Pi, we have dozens of applications, our company also maintains a couple of schools, and we will have something to offer them in 2012 school year!

thetechy avatar

For me, this has to be the most eagerly awaited tech release for many, many years. Thanks so much to all the team for their work to date.


Jon avatar

The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement …. but is it going to be the one we all expect?

ukscone avatar

The announcement is the first clue in a series of 42 that will eventually lead you to a code word that you’ll need to enter when ordering your pi.

[actually that’s not a bad idea :) a little scavenger hunt across the interwebs to find a password needed to place an order — it’d certainly slow down the hits on the server]

pluggster avatar

or what about clues to a geocache … half way up penyghent!

DejaVu avatar

I think the best place to hide those passwords is in the FAQ and Wiki since it seems like most of the people that have their doom and gloom speculations haven’t read either.

I have a good feeling that this announcement might even make all the negative posters happy (or at least as happy as they can be).

Fran Aquino avatar

This one looks like a plan to leave all iOS device alarm-clock-relying owners out of the party.

[…] Szimpatikus.hu Közösség, a “Szerdán koránkelés!” című bejegyzésre szeretném felhívni a figyelmeteket. Várom a hozzászólásokat, […]

Chris Milton avatar

Looking forward to it …..

Anonymous Coward avatar

So that’s about 6:11 that all the sodding Chinese resellers will have them up on eBay?

Jared Rogers avatar

Yep. 11pm for me here in Utah, Looking forward to the announcement

Peter Guhl avatar

I’ll be at the “embedded world” that day. Nice timing ;-)

liz avatar

Say hey to our trustee Pete Lomas – he’ll be hanging around somewhere.

marcus avatar

will be there, too. didn’t know that RasPi is there… is there a booth or “just” people of you “walking around”? :-)
coffee-meeting with RasPi fans somewhere?! ;-)

liz avatar

He’s just walking around, afaik – if you look at the video from Christmas of what was going on with the hand-fixes to the boards, he’s on camera, so you’ll be able to recognise him. If anybody in the hall is wearing tartan trousers, that’ll be Pete.

Novo avatar

Idea: We can met us at a special location there to met us RaspberryPi fans :D ?

Peter Guhl avatar

I’m there with some people of my company (as visitor, no booth). Don’t know if I have some spare time though since we only have about one day for everything.

Matthias avatar

Its like waiting for christmas…
and the devices are sold out at 6:15 :-)

CuraHack avatar

Make that:
“The connection timed out”

Alejandro avatar

Thats funny, now none know the time, a German saying that 0600 GMT is 0800 in Germany, another saying if in London is GMT or GMT+1… Others (many) asking where can he see the world time and the time zones… OMG first of all you need to know how to use Google and how to read a watch before trying to buy a computer, because I am not sure if you will know how to plug in the screen…

liz avatar

I had someone ask me on Twitter if 0600h was 6am or 6pm. Words fail me.

MarkEdwards avatar

What there are two 6 o’clocks in a day ??? :/

TheRobster avatar

I hope you told them PM… Stupid should hurt!

rdepew avatar

Dang! Where’s that stupid “Like” button?

Aldasa avatar

0600 is 24hr clock…

David Zielinski avatar

It’s octal. It means “384” in decimal. 110000000b

bleutenberg avatar

Be the person who contacts after purchasing a Raspi and says that is won’t post and where is optical drive.

Bumsfallera avatar

Of course! I want to install Windows! :P

RobS avatar

From Wikipedia ARM:
“Microsoft announced on 5 January 2011 that the next major version of the Windows NT family (Windows 8)[60] will include support for ARM processors. “

ElectroPulse avatar

One thing that can be a little confusing is daylight savings time… I’m honestly not sure where it is used in the world (maybe just in US?), but here in the US it is used almost everywhere. About half the year it is daylight savings time, the other half it isn’t… Meaning that our time shifts 1 hour in relation to the rest of the world 2 times during the year. That always messes me up, so I needed to look it up to confirm it :) (but for people who don’t have to worry about DST, there’s no excuse)

Avalon avatar

We have DST in Europe as well, usually End of March->end of October, though in the UK we call it BST (British summer time).

Sander avatar

Here in the Netherlands it’s called “zomertijd” / “summertime”.

Philip Machanick avatar

GMT is always the same time zone, so daylight savings doesn’t apply (even if in effect in the UK).

Over here in South Africa, 06:00 GMT is 08:00. Thanks for making it easier for me :)

AlArenal avatar

You’re about to tell the world, that Pis have arrived and I am gonna get one? That’s sooo sweet! ;-)

Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos avatar

Lot’s of excitement ! :)

[…] El sitio de Raspberry Pi acaba de publicar que a las 0 horas del 29 de febrero darán una gran noticia http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/716 […]

poplap avatar

Damn it thats 0100 for me, well im not going to bed!

Vinz avatar

So you can’t celebrate birthday every year.
But also you’ll not age so fast. :-)
RaspTeam, I wish you a good startup
and a nice party. Vinz, Berne CH

seco avatar

Don’t you people realise that there will just be another anouncement, not the beginning of sales?

guru avatar

You’ll be the smug one having a lie-in on Wednesday then won’t you ;-)

Avalon avatar

You are now officially teasing the community. ;) My money is on the production run being larger than previously announced.

psergiu avatar

If it’s true, we’ll build a small church for St. Avalon The Predicter

But i have my doubs based on Liz’s latest tweets: “… but I *can* say that you’ll be furious w yourself if you miss it.”

Avalon avatar

lol, well I’m up at 5:30am every day so the only chance of me missing it is if i forget about the release or what day it is.

Uri avatar

I better not be setting my alarm clock for nothing..

Cylon avatar

I would have to say that this is an announcement other than the Selling date and time etc. The Date and time for the first batch sales has already been stated that this will be done to the mailing list. ie the reason why everyone (should have) subscribed.

Bah Humbug I hear you say.

The rumour mill in my head says, Production runs or something more exciting than this (Hurrah).

But hey Who am I to say. Yes it feels like Xmas but I think that Mr Eben is a master of cause and effect, and we are indeed chirping to the same merry tune of excitement irrespective of the actual announcement to come. LOL

I love it, but would be disappointed to have the none mailing list peeps be the same as us mailing listed peeps. ie the whole world knows at the same time. Damn and blast, I thought we mailing listed peeps were special in all our own ways :)

Surely it must be the production run operative put an extra zero in by mistake.

Hopefully this is actually a Run of 100,000 and they all passed QA.

liz avatar

That’s Dr Upton to you, matey.

Cylon avatar

A thousand and 1 apologies. I will retreat into my cave and pity myself not..

Humbled i am .

liz avatar

I wish more commenters here had your attitude. A gold star for that man. ;)

Cylon avatar

I would love this to be a collaboration announcement that would be great.

Personally I think this is great. Its nice to think this Foundation has caused such a stir across the world.

Britain and the powers that be should be proud and grateful for what the foundation is doing.

Shame I need to learn more than I want to admit too, so I can and should help more people here… But learn I will to help.

max1zzz avatar

Urrrg, so i have to get up at 6 eh…..
i sorta of think you *might* be screwing with us “we will start selling in 2 weeks!…..”
Actually, i would be happy about that anyway

knowing my luck this is when abbey will decide to do one of there “anti theft checks”

Chris Vernon avatar

I’d hope that these first boards can be sold in a more sophisticated way than just first come first served. How about take names for three days, then assuming there are more than 10,000, select that many from the total randomly. Alternatively (or as well as) ration by country/continent.
Anything would be better than a mad scramble for the first 10k.

Brian avatar

I’m in California. That’s GMT -8Hrs so I get the board at 10:00PM on the 28th!!! A full day before the rest of you poor sods!!!!

……………….Wait………………..that’s not right ????????????????

oninoshiko avatar

ofcourse not!

Your forgetting shipping time!

Benjamin Herlin avatar

Great !!

Assuming this is going to be the orders opening (or my questions holds whenever you’re going to open orders), how long do you think it will take to send all the boards ?

Actually I move out on March, 24th, and I really don’t know whether to order at my current address or at my new one. I don’t expect my landlord to have my mail followed to my new place, and I would not like my potential RPi to get lost :D

I have no idea how long it could take to package and send 10k boards…

Anyway, thanks for your wonderful work !

Ian Shepherd avatar

This link is not spam, but a possible solution to your predicament :) http://www.useyourlocal.com/pub-parcels/

BlueClogger avatar

Any news on the Fedora release? – it would be galling to get a Pi and have no OS for it. Mind you, even if you do start selling on Wednesday the lucky 10k are still going to have to wait a few days before the goodies land on the doormat. Still, I’ve been following Liam’s tutorials and have the necessary software and an 8GB SD card to hand…

liz avatar

Chris mailed us today to say he was doing a final day’s testing on it – we hope it’ll be here tomorrow, but it’s out of our hands. You might want to have the Debian install we already have on the downloads page ready, just in case, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be here in time.

BlueClogger avatar

Thanks Liz – I’ve got that ready as well, but it is billed as a developer’s package, and I already use Fedora. Great work by you all.

Sir Greggory Groda avatar

We would want the Debian install if there is no Fedora tomorrow? That sounds pretty much like: ”We sell ’em tomorrow, my precious geeks!”

piglet avatar

Yay – an announcement about an announcement of….something…

Jon avatar

Honestly,the best idea (IMHO) is to open up a lottery at 6am where people can reserve 1 (or 2 or 3) until such time as the initial crush of requests is over (2 or 3 hours?) Then pick randomly. That way they can get a good feel of overall initial demand which is going to FAR exceed the 10,000 they made.

But, if it is a shootout, good luck everyone. May they with the lowest ping and fastest fingers win :D

Daan Kortenbach avatar

Sets alarm and makes room for MacBook next to bed for easy access, http://www.raspberrypi.com preloaded. Done.

Jake Turner avatar

I don’t do early, but I may make an exception :D

Andy Cater avatar

Good – at least I stand _some_ chance. Talking to people at work and having to explain why this is important – if it makes youngsters want computers and programming, it will have done it’s job. OLPC is also fun but RasPi will be good and useful here.

[…] ist auf der Seite des Raspberry Pis ein kleiner aber dezenter Hinweis zu finden: The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement that […]

da_andy avatar

Ok guys thats me again.
I’m really confused about the time!
Because on this page is GMT +1h (6.00 a.m. GMT -> 7.00 a.m. Germany) http://wwp.world-clock.com/

but on this page is GMT +2h (6.00 a.m. GMT -> 8.00 a.m. Germany) http://www.forexabode.com/gmt-06.00
Which page is right?

Aldasa avatar

Get up at 6 a.m. German time just to be safe!

liz avatar

Have to admit, we do feel a bit bad for all those of you further east than Cambridge. The problem is that it’s always a disgusting hour in the pre-dawn *somewhere*.

Trouba Dixx avatar

Ahem: The more to the west, the earlier.

Then again, why bother about east and west – now with the RasPi, the world will be one :-D

liz avatar

Good point. Blame the celebratory half-bottle of sake.

Cracknel avatar

Germany is GMT+1 or UTC+2 winter time.


Michael avatar

Actually, GMT ~= UTC. BST != GMT.

QGazQ avatar

GMT=UTC except for a few seconds to do with stuff leap second that no one cares about (read wikipedia if you do).
GMT != UK Time all year around, only in winter (now), in summer we switch to BST which is GMT+1 (or UTC+1 if you like).
Germany is current +1 and therefore the time to set your alarm is 0700. On the 25th March at 0200 your clocks will go forward to your summer time which is +2. However the announcement is before that, so no need to worry.

Manuel avatar

Hello Andy,

I am pretty sure that Germany is one hour ahead of Britain, given that my company has a London office and it is 11 am over there and noon here in Hamburg.

I will get up around 7 to enter the virtual scuffle ;)

For reference look at this: http://www.zeitzonen.de

As you can see, Central Europe is in the “+1” zone.


John Benson avatar

No… The best way would be for everyone to take the last digit from the year of their mother’s birthday. Liz is then blindfolded and throws a kitchen knife at a wheel divided up into ten segments. The people who have the number that is picked are then eliminated. The remainder take the first letter of your Street name, Eben then randomly selects an episode of Sesame Street and two more groups are eliminated…

I’m sure it’s all in hand and I look forward to the announcement in 2 sleeps!

Martin avatar

The announcement being that Apple has completed a last minute takeover and the price is now a competitive $535 and as an added advantage the SD card is preloaded with Apple™ Firmware plus it is write protected and glued into the slot with a glue so strong even mothers spit can’t dissolve it.

JustACat avatar


scep avatar

I think that it will be a gentlr reminder to women that, traditionally, they can propose that day. That’s why it says, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, and any fule kno that “set your alarms” is an anagram of “try our male ass”. QED.

liz avatar

One of the guys who has worked as a developer on Raspi holds (and has done for some years now) the record for the most consecutive correct Listener Crossword solutions. I should introduce you to each other. You’d never dare make an anagram again.

scep avatar

I am humbled! Bletchley used cryptic crosswords as a recruitment tool for a reason… I rarely finish one :D

TheEponymousBob avatar

Oh, how interesting! My (late) father was a former holder of the Solver Silver Salver, and later co-vetter/editor. I’ve not looked at it for a while now (other projects have taken over) but had a reasonable strike-rate when I put my mind to it. Hence the “avatar” (our wedding cake!)

Reggie avatar


tzj avatar

but mlp is on Saturdays… :P

KRWren avatar

Midnight here at Nashville TN. The US is taking the late night on this one. Don’t worry, I understand the Europe or Asia usually get these times ;).

I guess I will go to bed earlier and get up about 11:45 and then go back to bed (if I can).

ridge avatar

If the bean counters at Broadcom give Dr. Upton the title of “Global Goodwill Ambassador for Students and Hobbyists”, they should be able to add about $10,000,000 to the intangible assets column of the ledger books.
In my mind, Broadcom has gone from producing well supported router chips to producing the new cool must-have computer chip.
The other ARM chip vendors must be green with envy.

Combatants avatar

4PM Australia FTW :)

Huffy avatar

I think this says a lot more about faqs than of people. I think dynamic faq’s should be the way forward. You post a q and forum looks in the faq finds the answer and posts it so you dont have to go look at the faq! :P but then I am very lazy!

Aldasa avatar


[…] lớn), giờ ekip đấy post một thông báo trước cả 2 ngày trịnh trọng lắm (Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! | Raspberry Pi). Bạn nào quan tâm thì chuẩn bị lên trang web của họ đặt […]

MNM avatar

Aha! The old “we’ll have an announcement for you on Wednesday but then we open sales on Tuesday just so you’ll give our servers a little breathing room” trick. Clever thinking, 99!

PS: i’m still wondering how Eben and the team will manage to sign the first 10’000 copies. My Amiga’s signed. There’s no reason why my RPi shouldn’t be. :)

Col avatar

Excellent! Alarm at the ready.

ejamie avatar

Yay! (for the announcement… and for the fact this is 4pm PST :-D )

bwoodbury avatar

Ummm PST is GMT-8 not GMT+8 so 0600GMT Wednesday is 10pm Tuesday for you – I think :)

ejamie avatar

OK, 10pm PST. Still reasonable for my particular timezone.

Looking forward to see how the community begins using the RPi and contribute myself in some way.

matt avatar

Good job guys. TRYING to crash your store’s website?

nonceformation avatar

0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 2012:
A hundred thousand people are sitting at their computers, illuminated only by the dim, blue lights of their computer monitors and eager to hear the special announcement about Raspberry Pi.
At this exact moment, Eben sends out THIS message to all his little lambs:

“Ni !”

ImbedwithPi avatar

I am pretty sure he changed it to ‘Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-

ElectroPulse avatar

LOL… That would stink :D (1AM here…)

dennisMe avatar

He does that and I’ll ruddy well ship him the fabled killer rabbit in a lead box with a red button labeled “Don’t panic” that opens the box unleashing the infinite improbability effect on the RasPi causing this launch to retroactively become the most successful event ever and changing the world into the effigy of peace and harmony for ever, as a side effect.

Sir Greggory Groda avatar

If he does just that, I would gladly await for a Pi from the second batch!

Tom Bale avatar

Hope your servers are ready for a hammering. I will be on person helping that.

Paul Dobson avatar

Let me guess :)
Isn’t 06:00 GMT a bit early in the morning?

Noah avatar


Adam Colley avatar

Well, I won’t be sleeping tuesday!

Mustafa avatar

Big +ve announcement –
The Pi will launch alongside Windows 8 Consumer Preview.



Maybe. Who knows.
Where’s my crystal ball gone. Damn!

Andius avatar

Lets see working on the 30th at 6AM so getting up for 6AM the day before it is perfect timing for me, thank you :D
How I just hope the website stays up…

Pi-Mark avatar

I’d like to see you work on the 30th February….. :-D

I think you’ve been up too long already, best get some shut-eye so you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the 29th.

Looking forward to the announcement from the Pi-makers……my flexible friend is ready :-)

Andius avatar

Oooops yes make that the 1st :(

Avalon avatar

Last time i checked Feb only has 28 days (29 if the MOD 4 =0 except on 100 years where its Mod 400 = 0)

Horst avatar

Hello, can someone lend me GBP 50 for a RaspberryPi plus P&P plus some accessories?

Robert_M avatar


We’ll get the answer to the question, “Who killed J.R.!”

Sweet! :-D

Joshua avatar

Will there be an actual R-Pi Arch build or should I just install from the ARM netinstall?

liz avatar

Not yet (and probably not in time for release), but they are working on it, and we’re talking to them about the port.

Austin avatar

My parents won’t let me get up at 12:00 on a school night…:(
My dad will be up and he said he’ll buy one for me, and he’ll probably do so quite well but still. For some weird reason I have the urge to have him record the action of buying it.

_______A Few Questions!!!_______
1If the server’s will be hosting a simple page for the actual sale, what is the store at the .com going to do?
2For the sale, I hope there’s a capatcha somewhere in there to discourage macros or bots.

Austin avatar

3. I’d like to know the time it takes to have them sell out….

4. When will larger batches start coming in?

____Unrelated thing i noticed_
I accidentally pressed tab+space and it submitted the comment.

mehrotra.akash avatar

Answer to (3) 30 seconds

Austin avatar

I mean after they do if someone will have measured the time they take.

Grumpyoldgit avatar

My guess is that it will be a simple message telling you that the Pi shop is now open and to go to the com site to do the actual buying. I suspect it will also have details on what is on offer, what we’ll have to wait for, the distros available and other useful info.

Austin avatar

Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!

Beta-guy avatar

woo hoo it’s at 11 PM my time, I don’t have to lose sleep over this…

Steve avatar

Thanks for fixing the time. I’ve been trying the website all night hoping to get lucky. ;)

ElectroPulse avatar

Just wondering, are the servers going to be reinforced or something (not sure of the official term… I think that’s what they called it for Eve Online when a huge fleet fight was going to be going on) for this? I’m hoping so! :)

Montekuri avatar

Oh, well… it will be 3:00 am at my place…

tstraka avatar

Leap day! I’ll be wearing my blue and yellow!

SoloDev avatar

Wow, thats .. uh… Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 1:00:00 AM for my local time… I may be sleeping … and i wont have money available for the unit until the next day at noon…

Lets face it, they will all be bought out in the time span of 2 hours.

Austin avatar

that much?

Richard avatar

If I get up at 6am for anything less than orders being taken, after so many misleading announcements in the past, I (and a lot of others) are going to be ever so pissed.

Austin avatar

I’d be glad if it were 6 am- I’m up by then anyway. It’ll be midnight or so in the US, and this is a school night.

dbh937 avatar

[…] Raspberry Pihttp://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/716 Boludeces « Anime que es mejor que cualquier película de Oscar    Photo […]

cnxsoft avatar

14:00 In Thailand. Perfect ! Hopefully, I’ll manage to get one board, beating sleepy Europeans and Americans to it. :)

cnxsoft avatar

Oups that would be 13:00 instead of 14:00.

[…] o último post do pessoal responsável pelo Raspberry Pi, as vendas do primeiro lote começam nesta quarta-feira, […]

Brian Sammons avatar

Shut up and take my money!

Rune Kyndal avatar

any word on international shipping prices yet?

tzj avatar

they’ll be mentioned on Wednesdays announcement.

Niall McAndrew avatar

Perfect time for people in New Zealand 7pm. =D

gef avatar

Why does the blog update doesn’t tell us – we will start selling the device on yadda yadda yadda ? To make it more exciting or to make sure you can back off if it doens’t work on that date ?

I wonder about all that – 10 000 unit will be sold in like 5 minutes! I agree the product is really nice and I would purchase 10 of the just for the hick, but so far we have less than 190 comments on this page and 2000 seed on the debian download. I think everyone will have enough time to buy the device and there is no rush – I mean no need to wake up at 6am, just wait until the end of the day gnah gnah gnah ;)

but really I feel 10 000 will be a decent ammount, if we could buy more than 1 each I would be worried, but I think we’ll all be fine – still really excited since I can purchase it at 10pm the day before !

mehrotra.akash avatar

This blog is not the only means of communication, look up the traffic volume on the /. posts, and theres reddit,twitter as well (and some 60k people on the mailing list)

Avalon avatar

I thought it was 100K on the mailing list, as far as im aware its 1 board per credit card, so if you have 3 cards thats 3 boards.

The announcement will probably be the sales date, costs, delivery dates, as well as details of future batches availabilty.

Personally they should limit sales to those in the UK/Europe first then open it up globally if there are any boards left.

mehrotra.akash avatar

I guess 100k is correct then, I may have seen an old figure

And, no, I hope they dont limit sales to UK/EU first, FCFS on an international level is better. (Let Apple,etc play the marketing game)

Amila avatar

Yes R-pi is available internationally right from the launch. It’s in FAQ and It has been clarified in various other places.

I really admire foundation’s openness and the fact that It’s available internationally from the very beginning. I’ve never been excited about a product launch as much as this in my whole life, because I know I have a fair chance getting a one just like everyone else not just watching it. (Don’t you hate it when they show off on WWW and yet you can’t have it? :-x)

I’m pretty sure 10K developer (geek ;-) ) edition will sell-off within no time and foundation will get the benefits from the community to succeed it’s original goal, teaching computer programming to children in UK. I hope many countries will follow foundation’s footsteps.

Next time when I get the chance to buy another one I hope “buy-one-give-one” scheme is there so I can directly contribute to foundations goal.

Vincent avatar

Great job with the project. Love to get hold of a Pi soon.

0600h GMT is 1700h Sydney Australia time and that is good for me BUT Eben, and his great team, are not asking us to go to http://www.raspberrypi.com ( The Shop ), he is asking us to go to http://www.raspberrypi.org ( This site ). From that a pessimist conspiracy theorist may conclude that the announcement, will not be that the sale is on, but information on when it will be on. Am I cruel ? Would the team be as cruel ? Getting people in Europe up early, just to tell them the sale begins later ? I hope not. Does not make sense.

OK, I will take my naughty -ve thoughts elsewhere.
Sorry, really……………. hope I’m wrong.

QGazQ avatar

I think I’m going for a phone alarm to wake me, I’ll bring the site up on my phone, then either turn over and fall back to sleep, or get up and find a method of payment.
Must remember to set the phones brightness down before bed so if I need to do the going back to sleep thing it won’t have woke me up too much.

Am I the only one who is reminded of the portal 2 launch with the potatoes and stuff?
Before bed I worked out roughly when it was going to be and got up a bit before to make sure I was ready for the launch :)

Also reading some of the other comments people seem to be taking this too seriously. Yes we would all like one, but if you can’t get one in the first batch is it really going to be that much of a hardship waiting a bit long. As I say above I’m taking it like the portal 2 launch and having fun with it!

Austin avatar

What? It says in the FAQ they’ll be in the .com site… I’m going to make sure where we need to go to get them.

Tim M avatar

Here we go!

James avatar

damn i want the $35 one i can’t wait :(

Tomasz Miklas avatar

I’m anything but sleepy… 5:12am, just finished coding my personal projects :-D Not sure what my wife will say when she spots me here – she’s getting up in a bit lol.

Vincent avatar

Did I hit a 10KV like or has the forum lost my posting ?
Surely not the thought police in an educational institution ?

Vincent avatar

It’s back now ???? Go figure !

putinxyj avatar

It would be logical if Eben, at 6:00 would announce the address of ebay store where RP will be sold.

Anders avatar

Hey, it is 0600. What IS going on??

Gert avatar


Anders avatar

Doh! ;)

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Fan avatar

in Croatia time is 07:00 and i thing that 10k will last more then 5 min to sell, but i’l still be awake in 07:00 to increase my chance to buy one
will we have chance to buy power suply and hdmi at same time or just bord

Jonas avatar

I set the alarm 06.00 this morning and woke up thinking it was Wednesday. Boy was I wrong….

SupremeSpod avatar

I’ve got my alarm clock, he’s 3 months old and will want feeding at 05:30 :-)

fsmoke avatar

I am from Russia, and i want to buy board tomorrow. Which kind of delivery to Russia will be used? And how much it will be cost?

Ian avatar

My informant tells me that it will be an announcement that the Pi officially goes on sale at 0400h (4am) on Thursday 30th February 2012.


Beta-guy avatar

February 30th, most of us call that March 1st… :)

terual avatar

Sweden had a February the 30th in 1712 ;), see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_30

Victor V. Vyasovtsev avatar

Yes !!!

MNM avatar

Obviously we who have been Torrent seeders all these days will get a privileged access to the first lot of RPis. I like the way these guys think. Hurrah! :)

Tomasz Miklas avatar

Obviously… how about HTTP mirror providers then?! :)

Jack avatar

Hope this link helps anyone who is unsure about the announcemnet time for there country/town

prezek avatar

I thing, the announcement will be “apríííííííííl”.

[…] Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement that just might interest you at 0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 2012. Come to http://www.raspberrypi.org to find out what’s going on. source […]

Simon avatar

You bastards. 6am is SO UNFAIR!!!!

[…] Morgen heißt es früh aufstehen, wenn man einen der ersten 10000 Mini-Computer für den unschlagbaren Preis von 35$ haben möchte. Die abgespeckte und noch billigere Variante (25$) kommt später. Also Wecker auf kurz vor 7 unserer Zeit stellen und auf raspberrypi.org vorbei schauen. […]

Ales avatar

“but… there is ONE MORE THING!”

can’t wait :D:D

tony avatar

How convenient, that’ll be 19:00 here in NZ.

mike avatar

in the interest of fairness i suggest the details of the successful buyers from the 1st batch are retained , and restrict them from buying from any other batches until stocks are plentiful enough. i see comments above about 3 payment cards = 3 boards , please dont be selfish guys ,
what would be good is if the shop could flag up a buyer trying to buy a 2nd unit , and subsiquently voids his 1st purchase on the grounds of greed and selfishness , lol

play fair guys !!!

edforce1 avatar

I did this morning at 0545, my dog was not impressed.

sebastian avatar

this should be more clear ;-) : 1399010400 (UNIX Time)

Andrew avatar

Oh no another two years to wait :( Still very special boards for very special customers will be available on
Mon, 14 May 2012 12:53:20 GMT

sebastian avatar

:-D Andrew, you are right. Something went wrong, it should be 1330495200

David Zielinski avatar

This thing needs a “like” button.

Jon Darrington avatar

I’m going to send my two and four year old boys downstairs at 0600 with a credit card and vague instructions to buy something really cool.

What’s the worst that could happen?

JamieDG avatar

Right got-it, here’s my best guess…
The forum numbers and the first batch are almost the same: forum 12K – 10K first batch.
They always said that they wanted the machine out first to the guru’s & geek’s.
So it’s what I suggested some weeks ago – every forum member gets a chance to buy one tomorrow and only tomorrow.
The rest (if any) go on normal sale after wed.
One of the big players has came in to make this happen AND the subsequent batches are now starting production.
Ok, only a guess but something to get your cogs going…

JamesH avatar

First come first served, forum member or not! (note, 100k people on the mailing list as well)

Mike avatar

Well, Just signed up to the mailling list and got ‘Error establishing a database connection’, hope the link to the shop db is better!

Mesut SURMELI avatar

How many units will be sold.
Turkey time is 08:00 am. working hours start time
:( :( :(

is sales web page
http://www.raspberrypi.com ??

Avalon avatar

The first batch is 10,000. I suspect the announcement the number of boards that were received, as well as the when sales will start, a cost for the board and other sundry items, the shipping prices, future batch release dates, etc.

Mesut SURMELI avatar

i hope ;
sales for each member makes a limited.

Because ,
I would like to get 5 units.
in this case will not purchase everyone.

Avalon avatar

I believe they have limited it to one Raspberry PI per Credit card.

I would hope a second and third batch wouldnt be far behind the first one (3-4 weeks later).

Hlias Zafeiropoulos avatar

Since there isn’t any case for the board, I guess you have thought an alternative way to protect it during delivery, right?

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Nah, they’ll just throw it in a flimsy envelope and ship it to you. Crikey, what do you think????

Hlias Zafeiropoulos avatar

Well, probably I have to wait a couple of days to see (if I’m lucky and buy one) like I did with my Arduino.

Fbwebm avatar

I’m starting block….

Patrick Eekhof avatar

Can anyone tell me if only credit cards are accepted? I don’t have any! i have paypal and bankwire tranfser is possible for me. I’ve been hitting this site for weeks and weeks every day to get one.

Gee avatar

With all the excitement I think I’ll wait for batch 2 or 3. Hopefully there will be lots of youtube posts to keep me going before then. I’ll just have to keep working with my lpc1114 and arduino until then.

Luke McCarthy avatar

Oh man. There is no way I can wake up that early. Well I hope they haven’t sold out by 9:00 AM.

Roger Wolff avatar

Well, I sure hope there are a lot like you…..

me avatar

Will the server be able to cope with the amount of traffic expected? :)

[…] zwei News zum Raspberry Pi, auf den so viele Blogleser sehnsüchtig warten. Auf dem Hausbog gab man bekannt, dass man am 29. Februar eine große und positive Ankündigung veröffentlichen […]

blog | print24 avatar


Ravil avatar

Oh, thx. 0600h it’s 1200h in Kazakhstan.
Maybe need to make limit for orders, or on lucky guy will make 1 order(10k pcs)?

Gerard avatar

Did you try reading the FAQ?
“For the first batch we are limiting orders to one per person.”

Jesper Juhl avatar

For the first batch there is a limit of one unit per shipping address, so you won’t be able to buy all 100000, just 1.

Novo avatar

You can try buy one for you, one at your friends address, one at your parents address and such :D

Jesper Juhl avatar

If you want to be an ass – yes.
The whole point of the first batch (as I understand it) is to get it out to as many different developers as possible to do cool stuff with. *Not* to be gobbled up by people who just want a cheap ass media center and similar crap…
Get your one Pi if you like, just like the rest of us, but please don’t game “the system” to get more – we want them spread out to many people!! This is an educational product mainly for f*cks sake..

liz avatar

Actually, we strongly discourage this sort of Pi apartheid. We’re perfectly happy for people who want it as a media centre to be buying at the same time as all you important developer-types; these are the people who are going to be testing it in real-world situations, and we encourage them to buy one.

Edward Laverick avatar

Hmm, you’ve set a launch date who’s anniversary can only be celebrated every 4 years… hopefully have a big party in 2016 then :)

Bertstrum avatar

If I get up at 6am and can’t buy a Rpi i’m gonna be pisssed!

redcatster avatar

4pm brisbane/australia time.. and thats my knockoff time too

Robin Lambert avatar

Omg… that’s 5am… will Raspberry get me to get up at 5am… something not even my boss manage to do.

[…] Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! Posted on February 27, 2012 by eben 259 The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be making a big (and very positive) announcement that just might interest you at 0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 2012. Come to http://www.raspberrypi.org to find out what’s going on. […]

ingestre avatar

My prediction. At 6AM on Wednesday Eban will *announce* that the Pi’s will be available from the shop on Thursday 1st March a little after 4AM.

Reasoning = I don’t think they will be able to resist the 3.1 4:1:59 release time. I wouldn’t.

David R avatar

Apart from the fact it’s a British company and the 3rd of January passed some time ago :)

ingestre avatar

Po-tay-to Pa-tah-to. Even with a bit of poetic license thrown in I still think they won’t be able to resist. It’s too good an opportunity.

Even if they don’t go for that particular release date, I suspect that tomorrow’s 6AM announcement won’t be the release date. There will be a lot of disappointed people (me included BTW) that will get up early (or stay up late) in the hope of being able to get their order accepted. All tomorrow is likely to hold is the announcement of the release date.

I would be delighted to be proven wrong on this.

walney avatar

Po-tay-to Pa-tah-to. Even with a bit of poetic license thrown in I still think they won’t be able to resist. It’s too good an opportunity….

Let’s call the whole thing off??? :|

liz avatar

I have always wondered: who on earth says po-tah-to?

AllyR avatar

Mainly they furrnurrs. Yur in D’vn, we all calls ’em taters, me priddy.

cnxsoft avatar

So that would the announcement of an announcement. I think the people waking up in the middle of night would be pretty pissed, even though that would be a nice idea.

Jay avatar

so exciting!

Stefan Stefanov avatar

This means you can take a rest until tomorrow morning.
It was so sleepless nights till now.

monkeymagic avatar

If it only has one USB port where do you plug in the keyboard and mouse, will wireless keyboards and mouse work such as logitech desktops?

JamesH avatar

2 USB ports on the Model B. Wireless devices should work. USB hubs will also work if you need more ports. I’d go for a keyboard with in built hub.

mj avatar

How many RPi’s will be available in the first batch, approx?? Been trying to find this info without luck. 25? 100? 1000?

JamesH avatar

Difficult to believe that you haven’t found the number since its been spouted around constantly for the last 6 months.


Avalon avatar

Its also been mentioned several times on this thread alone

Alan avatar

I think this somewhat reinforces my post (below) – assuming it’s still there.

Rudy avatar

Really… Some people don’t even deserve a Pi.

T avatar

I have not got any emails of this announcement. Should it be like that?
I have registered to the mailing list and got a verification mail. It’s no activity at all on the mailing list.

Petrus avatar

If you’re waiting for an email and is not aware of the launch, then you don’t want a pi badly enough to get one of the first 10,000!

Pablo avatar

Liz already said that there are lots of emails to send, so it is impossible to send all of them at the same time, so maybe later you will receive it.
BTW, I would like to thank Liz for all her support and help. Very good job! You must be EXHAUSTED!!

AllyR avatar


L avatar

Honestly, this seems rather short sighted to do a sale like this given the capacity of your servers. I would think a more fair approach would be use a raffle/lottery type of system as to not single out people who have less than ideal internet connections or locale (regional biased based on distance).

Also, if the target audience really is to foster/facilitate programming in an educational sense; faculty/students should be given higher priority than those who will just end up hacking/modifying it for their own (purely) selfish needs.

That being said, I’m glad an affordable device like is being offered and the intentions behind it. I look forward to possibly purchasing one tomorrow but just thought I’d give my 2 cents.


JamesH avatar

Blimey, and once again…..

This website is NOT handling the sales. That is being done by a much more powerful system.

No-one get priority. It’s first come first served. You cannot get much fairer than that.

David R avatar

And, as has been mentioned several times a day in almost every post topic, the purpose of the first batch is to get it out into the community to inspire and build a portfolio of projects, so that when the students get hold of it they have some information and support to help them. the educational model will come later….

David avatar

LIz, are the sales of the Pi going to be limited to x per customer or card? It’s gonna be mightily unfair if some evil evil people end up buying 100-1000 at once, than re-selling them at a higher price.

DataSpree avatar

From the Raspberry Pi FAQ

How many can I buy in one go?

For the first batch we are limiting orders to one per person. This restriction will be relaxed as production gets in to full swing, and we can be sure of getting boards to all who want them. This should prevent eBay scalping (to some extent – we will also be auctioning some boards ourselves to try to make sure there’s no market for scalpers), and ensure that as many different individuals as possible get their Raspberry Pi!

Jason avatar

That’s comforting… pressed ‘Next’ to read more comments and got ‘ERROR ESTABLISHING CONNECTION TO DATABASE’. If that many people are reading right now, think how many more there will be tomorrow morning.

Assuming we can even read the announcement, I really hope you guys aren’t playing with us. If the announcement is ‘on sale now!’ then fine. But asking us to get up at 6am just to tell us another time or date they’ll go on sale is just mean.

JamesH avatar

As has been posted elsewhere, the site is being replaced by a single static page at 6am tomorrow. That will free up enough server capability to handle the influx. I don’t know what the announcement is going to be so I cannot comment on any meanness.

Alan avatar

I am a software developer/consultant with a young son who is/was really interested in the project and he will inevitably be as disappointed as me when we cant get one because the ‘OMG this is the cheapest Media Center EVER!’ brigade spoil it for those (previously) interested in the project (s goals).

after >3 months of hype, i just dont think i can bring myself to particpate in the inevitable circus (Thats why I wont own any other fruit based products btw) – virtual bareknuckle fighting russians in the virtual street for £25 circuit boards that’ll just end up on ebay at costprice x10 BEFORE the first cup of the tea of the day just sounds like a pretty crappy Wednesday to me.

Maybe I’ll just come back in a few months and try again… right after I buy an iPhone. :-( (<< i.e. never gonna happen). Maybe I'll just wait for my son to bring one home from his university course…

Maybe this comment won’t get deleted like my previous ones… oh, what? too late?

Alan avatar

I particularly like the way wordpress stripped the sarcasm tag from my post above. :-(

guru avatar

It’s OK, the sarcasm came through just fine :-)

It’s been mentioned that rolling-production should commence pretty damn soon if the initial batch sells out. This and the ‘one unit per person’ should also cut down on the eBay scalping.

If you choose not to participate in any alleged bun-fight that could potentially happen theoretically at 6am GMT tomorrow, I hope you’ll do better than a few months before you get one for your son still and I hope you’ll still check raspberrypi.org tomorrow with that morning cuppa :-)

Nick avatar

C’on Alan, I can understand being disappointed if you can’t get one but this first release (as far as I understand) is for testing, before the bring RPI to schools. I see nothing bad in giving it to all sorts of people. You are in the IT business so it might all work fine for you, but the “media centre” people might not have the same level of skill. These people might actually be even better testers than you, as you are not exactly the average user, nevermind a child! And things like user friendlyness are better tested on not-so-experienced users… I believe.
Nevertheless, I hope you get one for your son, and so me too! :P

Avalon avatar

I know what you mean, Im going to try and get one so that I can start coding again after 10 years of mainly SQL development, if its as good as it sounds I might even stump up and donate a couple of dozen to an old school.

Alan avatar

Thanks Avalon – for the first time I dont feel alone :-)

If you wanna get into coding work again MS have some brilliant Express (free) Development Tools and resources – as a long time VB guy, C# is admittedly a wonderful language and .Net is pure brilliance for mainstream/commercial development work. You can use MonoDevelop on Linux/Windows to develop ASP.Net applications (for free) too so its quite cross-platform these days.

/Liam/ also did some very useful tutorials about getting starting with linux and python – check him out on youtube, they are well worth a day of your time.

JamesH avatar

Right, so first you slag off the selling mechanism (but didn’t come up with an acceptable alternative), and now you are advertising other people products. Thanks for that.
I really don’t care if you are a IT consultant. Don’t do it again.
For the rest of you, it’s first come, first served. Please be patient (unlike some), more announcements will be following in due course about further batches.

Kevin avatar

Who on earth do you think you are, to talk to people in this way? one day someone will close that foul mouth for you.
This is Alan’s opionion, which he is entitled to. That is how discussions start and knowledge is gained – telling people what they can and cannot talk about seems like some kind of fascism

liz avatar

I saw no foul language. Alan is entitled to his opinion; he is not entitled to share it here without being challenged if it’s a downright stupid opinion. And it’s not fascism to tell you guys what you can and can’t talk about here (Godwin!). If you want your own soapbox, please go and develop one yourself; it’s a big old internet, and I’m not prepared to have you using bandwidth I pay for for the purpose.

Alan avatar

Thanks for reading my post so very carefully. I’d hardly call what I said as advertising in context, content or spirit.

+1 on what Guru, Nick and Avalon said though.

And dont worry JamesH – I wont, ever.

Avalon avatar

Alan was merely pointing out some options, ones I have access to though work already, as for advertising, meh.

as for an alternative, I personally think it should be UK/EU release only for this first batch. Let the rest of the world go hang.

JamesH avatar

@avalon Problem with just Europe is the there are school and geeks around the world. I don’t want to be the one accused of xenophobia. And I’m too busy being sycophantic to be xenophobic. You have no idea how much time that takes.

Adam Colley avatar

Actually controlling speech (the first step to controlling throught) is usually how Fascism does start but never mind, heh, also, Godwin’s law refers to references to Hitler and the Nazis, not Fascism generally.

I really hope the above exchange isn’t an indication of the sort of environment you intend to foster here though.

Good luck tomorrow everyone -.o;

Stuart avatar

I was thinking the same of getting a handful (when handfuls are available) to give to a school. It’s time for us all to give a little back…..and have a barrel load of fun at the same time.

I hope that there will be a mechanism through the foundation to make such donations in the future….Time for us 40 something’s who have made a good living in IT to put our hand in our collective pockets for the kids of today.

Avalon avatar

Very true Stuart, I learnt coding on a Zx81 and Spectrum with RMs and BBC’s at school.

I know a number of guys at work would would do the same.

AllyR avatar

I’ll be doing much the same for my own students – they need all the opportunites we can give them!

steveking avatar

Please do this.

I speak as a computing (and ICT, but we don’t talk about that!) teacher in what you’d expect to be a well funded state school, but as a department we have to beg each year for money for the next academic year. Last year we got about £200 to fund our department’s spending. This doesn’t include any computers, servers and the like as that is a “whole school”, but this is for materials and resources we use in our lessons (even including pencils, post-its, etc.). We have begged for cash for next year to buy a few Raspberry Pis (I think we asked for the cash for 5), but what we get is another matter.

When we first decided to start teaching using Linux we had no cash to buy a machine to let the kids ssh in to, so we ended up using one of my computers for the first few years of our computing A level… we are not a well funded school :-(

Anyway, if you are able to please donate some to a local school who could make good use of them. I’d love to have someone do this for our department.

[…] ursprünglich ungefähr auf “Ende Februar” festgesetzt, doch gestern wurde eine “Ankündigung” für den 29. Februar um 6 Uhr (GMT) […]

Ken McCord avatar

Just know what your web server (and everyone else) is up against…the announcement has been posted on slickdeals.net:


BTW – I also signed up for the mailing list, but haven’t received anything. 1am EST here, I’ll try and stay up for it – if the wife doesn’t kill me.

Beta-guy avatar

I’m concerned, 16 hours until they go on sale, and already the site seems to be having difficulty…

Avalon avatar

The shop is hosted on a seperate server.

Kieren Roberts avatar

Will we have to add the tax ourselves? so Model A being £19, and £26.49 for model B, or would it be £16 or £21?

DAF avatar

argh! One for me!

scott avatar

@ Jason Ozolins

Chill your boots mate, it’s called irony.

Luiz avatar

A question, perhaps off-topic: in some cases, taxes like VAT are not charged if the good is for export. I mean, it is charged only in the country of destiny, according to its import/export laws, and not in the country where it comes from. Would it be the case of the R-pis? Tks.

walney avatar

If you live in the EU VAT will be charged at the UK rate (20%). If you live outside the EU, then no tax will be chraged. You will just have to pay your local import duty/tax.

Luiz avatar

Perfect. Thanks!

xIndian avatar

Save one for me please. I really need it for my diploma thesis ;)

Wie avatar

Yeeahhhh.. finally!!! Im gonna f5 the whole day!!!!

Netrunner avatar

Even in the comments to this particular announcement the same questions are being asked over and over again.

Is no one these days willing to read something?

1. The announcement will be presented on a static page to reduce the stress for the server.

2. The shop is hosted by another company with bulletproof servers.

3. One board per customer. No evil guy buying all at once.

4. No preordering, no lottery. First come, first serve.

5. When the first batch is sold, the foundation won’t vanish without you having a chance to buy a Pi from a later run.

6. Paypal is accepted.

Sorry if this post sounds rude, but I am reading the same things for month now.
People are asking all the time, without trying to find the information for themselves.
I find this behaviour quite absurd in a time, where information is easier to find, than ever before.

Austin avatar

Ok- separate server. Got it. However, I’m tearing my hair out to find out what domain/url address i need to have my dad go to to buy it for me tonight.

liz avatar

You know that bit where the announcement HAS A URL IN IT? We recommend you pay attention to that.

[…] Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! […]

Cracknel avatar

Eben never said anything about boards being sold at 0600h GMT on Wednesday 29 February 2012, only about an announcement from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

I don’t think they will start selling the Raspberry Pi boards at this time.

Avalon avatar

I think there will be a lot of disappointed people here at 0600 GMT tommorrow.

Alan avatar

Not me ;-)

JamesH’ overzealous sycophantism and Liz’s surprising and disappointingly condescending and insulting tone have permanently sealed the no-deal for me.

Hope the rest of you all have (bleary-eyed) fun though!

Avalon avatar

Sorry to hear that Alan, hope you manage to get your hands on one once the crowds have thinned.

I agree with you about JamesH, I’m at the point where I’m going to wait for the second batch.

JamesH avatar

Sorry, what appears to be the problem? I wasn’t aware that over zealous (really?) sycophantism (what? really?) was banned here!

Christ, I’m having a bad day. Amazing how people on the internet can turn you in to an angry person.

liz avatar

Sleep well. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Avalon avatar

Nice attitude to someone that was looking to help you out in a Beta program rather than be one of the ‘I got a mobile media centre for £25 brigade’.

liz avatar

OK – I’m sick of this. I’ve already deleted a couple of insulting comments from you. Avalon, meet the banhammer. I hope you’ll have a wonderful Wednesday together.

Al avatar

LOL Liz :)

Avalon avatar

Meh. sorry you dont like my attitude, but I’d have thought a charity with a worth goal would welcome input from people that have 16+ years in the likes of consutlancy.

QGazQ avatar

I’m quite disappointed in several peoples tones towards the rpi guys. This isn’t a massive corporation you’re dealing with, it is some dedicated individuals giving there time to a foundation to help people.

As I also work for a voluntary organisation (with less humanitarian goals) I can assure you I’d be annoyed by this kind of attitude. In-fact I am annoyed just reading the comments.
Now ok this is the internet and trolls are to be expected, but in this case it does seem to be misguided people, which is kind of worse as you should know better.

I’m not sure what exactly is planned for tomorrow, but I’m sure (since they have stated it) that the situation has been thought about and they are doing what they believe to be the fairest way of handling it. Anyway 11hrs till my alarm goes off :)

walney avatar

Personally, I think there’s going to be a lot of tired people here at 0600…

Pilouccio avatar

Hope you’ve got eavy servers !

Cory Salvesen avatar

I’m already getting “error establishing database connection” randomly on this site.. tonight this site won’t work at all due to load.

Netrunner avatar

Are you really serious?
Don’t you bother to read other comments?

Santic avatar

I’m WAIT!!!! %) *Crazy*

How i can pay for the motherboard?
I don’t have webMoney, paypal accounts. =(

P.S. I’m from Russia. Sorry for very poor english =/

murak avatar

Major credit cards will be fine (VISA, Mastercard etc) Have a look in the FAQ for more info.

Polgár Tamás avatar

It’d be really funny if you announced that everybody in the project are gay, and post a trollface. :)

caminati avatar


JamesH avatar

OK, cancel the announcement. We’ve been pre-empted.

NAB avatar

I have thought long and hard about this and I don’t understand why that would be funny. I appreciate that it’s probably a sense of humour failure on my part, but if you could explain the joke, I’d very much appreciate it.

AllyR avatar

Requires SOH_4_533, I guess.
I’m only compatible with SOH_1_414, so I never saw the humour either.

liz avatar

We’re not laughing either.

Leo avatar

I’m amazed at how patient some people are to answering questions by people who haven’t read the FAQ. :P

JamesH avatar

It’s not easy. Then you get the people trying to tell you how to run the site, then the ones accusing you of using foul language, then the ones accusing you of over zealous moderation, then the ones saying you should only sell to….urghhhh….

It’s a no win situation Fortunately there are many many more people who do read the FAQ’s, and do have a bit of common sense, and don’t try to tell the Foundation how to suck eggs. I’d just like to say thanks to those people!


walney avatar

Exactly what sort of eggs are we talking about here? ;)

AllyR avatar

That’s from the fowl lanuage, no?

wayne greenslade avatar

Peace and love to all!
Dont worry most of us are being patient and reading the FAQS.
I am still debating with myself as to whether to set my alarm clock (earlier than usual!!) But it is not the end of the world.
Thanks to all for your spirit and patience. :)

Mark Beckett avatar

Don’t worry some of us on the oterh side of the world can read, and also appreciate all the hard work you guys and girls are doing.

I’m sure it will be sucess and be very useful in the educational market.

Steve avatar

Hopefully I’m not going to have the embarrassment of being told my answer is in the FAQ. Here goes …

What is the split of Model A and Model B boards in the initial batch of 10,000 ? 50/50 ?

liz avatar

The first batch is all Model Bs – there was so much more demand for them that we filled the pipe with them. We’ll be making Model As too from now on, though.

Noah Caldwell avatar


No model As will be (or rather have been) produced in this first one. Expect them later.

(And yes, your answer is in the FAQ. =P)

[…] 28th, 2012ashleigh 06:00 tomorrow morning seems to be the time to get you name down for a […]

Marc O. Chouinard avatar

They might not sell them on the 29… They said they would email the mailling list first, and I haven’t received anything. Also they said they would give ample warning, and 24hours is pretty short. But they did say that it would be for sale before the end of the month… Will I stay online to check tonight…. for sure ;)

guru avatar

The mailout is going out now. Some people have it already, some don’t. Mailing 100,000+ people takes a while :-)

The mailout says the same as the post on the front page you’ve just read, so you’re informed ;-)

Robinson avatar

The mailout is going out now. Some people have it already, some don’t. Mailing 100,000+ people takes a while :-)

I appreciate that emailing such a large list of people can take a while. But just from a practicality standpoint, it’s T minus 2 hours (and change), and I haven’t received an email yet.

I’m lucky because I’ve been watching the RasberryPi website, but anyone who expected to get a heads-up a day (or even the night) before they went on sale might be understandably frustrated right now…. or rather they *will* be frustrated in a day or so when they find out that the first batch sold out and they didn’t know about it!

Hopefully the next batch will arrive quickly so that anyone who didn’t get one (or who wanted to get more than one) won’t be kept waiting too long!

Tom avatar

Any word about Fedora?

I’ve read elsewhere the first time boot takes a long time, why is this?

I assume the first time boot from my debian sd card will also take a long time, and its not just the first time the device boots regardless of OS?


Mike Oxbig avatar

I assume the announcement is going to be that the boards will be going on sale at the following midnight. Also, I assume that they are going to say they are going to have the second batch in a month or less. Also, the whole Alan/JamesH made me chuckle. The tension is amazing, it shows the desire for the product, and how tired EVERYONE is getting from the work going into this release.

@Liz, How many boards are in the first production run, and how many of them are A/B? Also, is there some sort of pre order list, and can I order more than one. Oh yeah, can you please tell me when the release date is? I sure hope the server can handle all the traffic, its acting kinda flaky now ;)

PS: Thanks for all your hard work

liz avatar

Badoom tish! (You made me smile. Thanks!)

Dieter Wissel avatar

Hello ! When I buy one, will u give me a printable document by email that I already have payed for the raspberry pi ?

If i got no bill , the Customs (Border Personal) will estimate the raspberry pi, and then I have to pay much , much , much more for it .

Netrunner avatar

No you won’t.
Just show them the webpage.

[…] Leapyear Day … Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! | Raspberry Pi Reply With Quote vBulletin.events.SkimlinksActivate.subscribe(function() { […]

Marco avatar

May the best Man Woman And Child win as I will unfortunately be opening shop at that moment :S I hope they will somehow hang around a few hours till I get a chance to sit down at a PC.

[…] Charge des Raspberry Pi ab morgen früh um 7 Uhr unserer Zeit verfügbar sein. Zumindest wird dies laut Blog […]

Hgat avatar

Here – I made a countdown!

QGazQ avatar

In order to not miss-lead it should say “announcement in”, not “launch in” :)

Adam Thomas avatar

It should also be set for 06:00 GMT, not 13:00 GMT ;-)

Cleon McKnight avatar

This is great for introducing more people to Linux and low-power systems. Kudos!

Alexey avatar

I guess I’ll see “503 service unavailable” page :))

Rob avatar
Rob avatar

Not what I meant to say :)

Oh wordpress what for art thou ?

MartyG avatar

Oh dear; I hope RPi is going to be able to cope with the returns due to people not being to install that dodgy copy of Windows.

Fanthomas avatar

hmmm… I’m writing an exam tomorrow afternoon – don’t care: my alarm ist set to 06:53 a.m. (Germany) – for some unknown reason :)

liz avatar

Good luck in your exam! (I don’t think 7am is too early a start on an exam day.) ;)

Gasparex avatar

It looks like the world is comming to an end and the Raspberry is the only salvation ;)

Pavel avatar

Lol, 6.00am in GB means that reasonable time is only in Oceania and in Alaska. It surely is a carefully chosen time:D

Luke avatar

6am, that’s mean :L especially when i have school tomorrow aha

dbh937 avatar

I have school tomorrow too, but I’m in the U.S. But, this is worth setting my alarm for 1:00 AM!

Austin avatar

I’d be happy to trade! I am up every weekday at 6 am, but can’t get up at midnight on a school night.

Dingo Hunter avatar

Can’t wait :)

Jongoleur avatar

Only another 11 hours…

Frogger avatar

Sterling effort you fellows. I’m sure I speak for everyone in congratulating you on your hard work.

Itehnological avatar

Thats it! Moulin Rouge!

Aleks Clark avatar

Yea here’s hoping the next production run comes FAST. If these sell out same-day, what kind of spin-up time are we looking at for more? I’m currently assisting a college get computer-fied in Liberia, and when I showed some of the school board the RPi their jaws dropped. My company is ordering one (no, they can’t have mine!) to test it and work up a good enclosure and software package (I’m thinking, VESA mount, pass-through power cable for the monitor, integrated power supply), so we’ll probably end up needing a few hundred within a month of launch…

Andy B avatar

Get monitors with USB hub built in and power from that – should work based on my understanding. Would need to be a powered hub I guess….

Michael Carr avatar
Jowata avatar

The Characters on my “F5” key are already taking a beating………… By 1am Eastern Time (US), I’ll likely be guessing where the “F5” key is…… :-)

Fred Parkinson avatar

Hint… somewhere between F4 and F6 :-)

Yasin S. avatar

Alarm set.. check. Funds ready… check. Bring on the launch/announcement! #RaspberryPi

Potted Avocado avatar

Heh, second shift is good for something after all. Get home from work, buy an RPi, drink a pint. Repeat third step as necessary.

[…] out of seemingly nowhere. The diminutive Raspberry Pi should be shipping any day now (in fact, its website promises a big announcement on Feb. 29th) and bringing its $35 1080p video capabilities with it. And if that wasn’t enough tastily […]

Tom avatar

Hypothetically speaking if the raspberry Pi is released tommorow and lets say I order one would it realistically arrive at my house before the weekend? I live near Chester in England.
Thanks for any responses!

Martin avatar

If the Royal Mail can be compared to our postal service, you’d definitely get it by the weekend. IF it is released tomorrow, of course. :)

Will avatar

You will notice that this notice hasn’t given us a lot of notice!

Michael avatar

You have got to be kidding! Eben told everyone to buy alarm clocks on Saturday 25th, 4 days ahead of the announcement then issued a pre-announcement on Monday 27th. How much notice do you need? :D

Austin avatar

57.5 years. :D

Pieter Kleinjan avatar

I ‘ve rolled out my sleeping bag in front of my house. Lets spend the night together? Next time I hope it will be the Raspberry Pi Shop.

Julian avatar

I hope the bandwidth of the website’s will be up to the traffic!!!!!!!

See you in the morning!

ajacker avatar

They will be processing the orders for 10,000 ‘Pi so I imagine unless they borrow santas hibernating elves it may be a week or two before dispatch. Unless they are individually boxed ready for an address label and postage to any and all of the four corners of this green earth…

Simon H avatar

Got some serious triple redundancy going on here, Laptop, Desktop & server incase the hardware plays up and Cable, 3G phone & local Wifi Hotspot through a repeater incase of Internet failure.

Just got to get my 2yr old daughter to not mash the keyboard at 6am.

Stuart avatar

Trust me, you are not alone!

Liz Q avatar

When we finally order, we are wondering if we will be able to order a bunch at one time?
Because we live on the other side of the world to everyone (New Zealand!), all the guys at the work place here were going to just do one larger order to save on the shipping. If not, is there some way to arrange that?

ps. If you ever need hosting, rimuhosting.com guys&gal will be happy to help :)

Jesper Juhl avatar

Read the FAQ – it’s first come, first server – one Pi each.

RobS avatar

Potted Avocado on February 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm said:
“Heh, second shift is good for something after all. Get home from work, buy an RPi, drink a pint. Repeat third step as necessary.”

How I love a drink, alcoholic of course…

Anthony avatar

Tried to search forums

Got this: “Error establishing a database connection” several times.

Was looking to see if anyone has been working to port Android over

[…] Diese Meldung sollte alle Interessenten aufhorchen lassen. Morgen früh um 6 Uhr GMT – entspricht 7 Uhr in Deutschland – soll eine wichtige Ankündigung gemacht werden. Wir dürfen gespannt sein! Viele gehen von einem Beginn der Bestellungen aus, somit kommt dieser günstige mini Computer – oder wie man es auch bezeichnen will – evtl. bald zu uns. […]

Dennis avatar

Hey will the first batch be model A or B?

Nick Varney avatar


Jesper Juhl avatar

Model B only for the first batch.
Don’t you people read the FAQ, wiki, website, blog etc etc etc???

Stuart avatar

Am I the only one who would have preferred it have been earlier !?! I leave for work at 6:45am as I have a ~50 mile drive. So, in case the website grinds to a halt I’m best off getting into work for 5:45am. 4am alarm call it is then! All part of the fun. Fingers crossed.

Stuart avatar

Am I the only one who would have preferred it have been earlier !?! I leave for work at 6:45am as I have a ~50 mile drive. So, in case the website grinds to a halt I’m best off getting into work for 5:45am. 4am alarm call it is then! All part of the fun. Fingers crossed!

T avatar

Why haven’t this announcement been sent to the mailing list?

dextrus avatar

It’s in the process of being sent out. It has been discussed in this very (long) thread.

T avatar

That means that there might be a bunch of people not getting the announcement before going to sleep… but hey, there is nothing called perfect equality.

Sragir avatar

In EVE Online they call it node reinforcement, when big fleet fight will happen.
06.00 GMT = 07.00 Dutch time…. check
The todo list:
06.30 alarm goes off, jump out bed
10 minutes to brush my teeth and shave ( without cutting myself)
06.40 rush downstairs, oh dear, make it 06.45 cause I’ve to put on some clothes..
06.45 rush downstairs again, put on the waterkettle, turn on pc and
smoke a cigarette, then run back to pc to log into windows
06.50 throw in sugar and coffee in a cup, start stirr, add milk.
06.55 walk to pc, while sipping hot coffee and trying to squeeze myself in the chair
07.00 1) spills coffee over keyboard, pc shutdown……..
2) node reinforcement failures at EVE Online servers in UK, blackout through
whole UK………
3) Anna from V ( http://www.geek5.com.br/uploads/2009/11/anna-v-new- poster.jpg) reveals herself, announcing Raspberries have taking over Pi and will rule Earth forever…..
4) stop thinking of worse case scenarios and just read the big and very positive announcement.

Sragir avatar

Sorry, link not working.
My bad luck has started

tronhammer avatar

omgomgomgomgomg, IS IT TIME?? *brain melt*

pyther avatar

People, remember, this is the first public release. Documentation is lacking and it will likely require some skill to to setup the Pi (solid understanding of Linux). Even if you can manage to get things running, remember, there will be issues and software that needs porting. It is best to let those experienced users do this work.

Think, do you really need one RIGHT now? Can you provide a significant improvement to the Pi? I have seen quite a few people that totally lack the ability required at this point.

I myself will not be ordering an RasperryPi. I have the technical skills, but as college student, I know I won’t have the the time to commit to providing a significant gain to the community. Others will be able to contribute much more than I.

Austin avatar

People can still look through for bugs or improvements to be made to make it more user friendly…

Lennart Juraschek avatar

Hi Guys!
where can I order these boxes ?

laptopfreek0 avatar

And place a void sticker over the glue.

Alan avatar

38 Years old and I feel like a Kid on Christmas Eve!! (though am I supposed to leave some milk and cookies by the back door??)
Looking forward to rolling back the years and start programming again (like the old BBC Micro days!) as I’ve been a SQL developer for years now :-(
Thanks Raspberry Team for all your efforts

Russ avatar

Looking forward to the announcement. Good luck everybody, whatever it is. Eben, Liz, JamesH et al, there are plenty of us out here, patiently working to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Just hoping the class 2 4GB SDHC card I imaged tonight is up to the task :-)

Dr Roberta Anderson avatar

I really want one, please.

Chaos Systems avatar

So I take it you’re not actually going to use the email subscriptions for the announcements. I signed up on the 19th January and apart from the confirmation e-mail, I have not received a single e-mail.

I hope I don’t see any Error 500 tomorrow at 06:00

Good luck to you all :-)

dextrus avatar

The e-mails are in the process of being sent out and this very subject was discussed a mere 9 posts above your one. Perhaps the same subject being raised so quickly might dissuade similar questions.

Chaos Systems avatar


Yeah, but your last comment was at 09:48 and you were in the process of sending them out then. They should have gone out by now, or are you using a raspberry pi as your mail server…LOL

Gaelicstorm7 avatar

I’ve not had the email either ?, was confirmed on the mailing list 2nd Jan ? :-(

Chaos Systems avatar


Just checked out the store.

Still getting Error trying to obtain a database connection messages.

Gutted I can’t get a sticker as you’ve sold out !!!!

You don’t get anything in this world unless you ask..so there’s no harm in asking….Please e-mail me a coupon code for tomorrows batch of pi’s. :-)

Robert Boone avatar

I cannot wait!!! :D Hopefully everyone will be in bed so I can grab one quick ;P

tzj avatar

die potato! lol

NexoComun avatar

Less than 7 hours ….. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 …..;)

[…] I’m waiting for a real 3D printed prototype from Shapeways; and I’m waiting the “announcement” from RaspberryPi staff, so that I can buy my own board to test this […]

[…] I’m waiting for a real 3D printed prototype from Shapeways; and I’m waiting the “announcement” from RaspberryPi staff, so that I can buy my own board to test this […]

perry-pi avatar

alarm set for 5:55 off to bed now mega excited though

lambda avatar

The Shop is blown already. I hope this works later.

Dogs avatar

Wonder how many people plan on staying up?
Wonder if this will be the go live for sales or just a date and time for the sale?
Wonder if i will get one :)

The wonder of the Raspberry PI…

Sergio avatar

Working fine for me @ 00:23 GMT :)

Charles Thayer avatar

Long day at work – sitting in front of a computer. Just got home and I am back at the computer waiting to order another computer. Argh. Beer is certainly going to be in the mix while I wait.

Nunes avatar

Nice approach!

Lorenzo avatar

at 6 o clock all togheter: ALT+F4!!!!!
ahahahhah ;) here in Italy will be 7!!! :S

[…] well and there’s a lot of stuff going on. Of course you’re all going to be up be up at 06:00 GMT tomorrow (Wed) to order your Raspberry Pi running Fedora 14… aren’t you! I’m sure those of you […]

Austin avatar

I’d be happy to trade! I am up every weekday at 6 am, but can’t get up at midnight on a school night…

Austin avatar

_ server lag or something made a double post_

Austin avatar


Do we go to raspberrypi.com or raspberrypi.org for the sale?

I’ve found multiple bits of conflicting information on that.

HybridAU avatar

The anouncement will be on .org but the sale will take place on .com

Austin avatar

Thanks, I’d gotten confused.

Ptahtenen avatar

Hi Austin,

What sale? ;-) The post announcing the time of the announcement says to look at raspberrypi.org, which I would recommend doing. That said, I, for one, shall be loading raspberrypi.com in another tab simultaneously.

Daresay, I shan’t be the only person doing that.

hiroko avatar

Check both sites.
According to Liz, there will probably be a “static site” on the .org-site.
The shop on the .com-site is hosted externally, so this external company has to care for the availability of the shop.

trailbyfire avatar


camerin avatar

It does seem early, but when you consider the idea that this announcement isn’t just for you it makes since, There are people who have to be awake at 2-3-4-5am, this puts most of Europe awake in the early am and most of the use awake at the late P.M. Frankly I think this is a brilliant time placing, it will allow the RBPi network admins the ability to deal with the servers throughout their work day, and keep the US clients in the loop.

[…] и джентльмены, заведите свои будильники!» — предупредили публику разработчики Raspberry Pi. Можно с большой долей […]

camerin avatar

The problems will be that all apps on android are stored in ram… the RBPi has 256 megs of ram… that will be a problem… you need alot of ram to run Android

mathematical avatar

Just found out I have a meeting that starts at that time. Looks like I’ll be a few minutes late. :)

Dandapani avatar

Store is down for maintenance 8:55 PM US ET.

ImbedwithPi avatar

I am thinking that if the store is down, it is most likely the announcement we are all hoping for.

MetabolicCloth avatar

Obviously they are restocking the stickers

[…] out of seemingly nowhere. The diminutive Raspberry Pi should be shipping any day now (in fact, its website promises a big announcement on Feb. 29th) and bringing its $35 1080p video capabilities with it. And if that wasn’t enough tastily […]

Brian Wallace avatar

This has been in my head ever since I read the post.


da_andy avatar

Store is down…like a Apple Onlinestore before big things :D

ImbedwithPi avatar

ewww, had to compare it to the apple store… ;)

kabamaru avatar

My eyes look like raspberries right now (without the pi)

Al avatar

Anyone notice this is the same day that MS Release Windows 8 on Arm Consumer preview? Probably memory is an issue for a start but I thought it was interesting timing.

orbitoid avatar


That is a whole lot of (estimated) traffic. Just sayin…

Austin avatar

That’s cool… If that’s correct, wow.

dga avatar

93% male? Numbers look totally believable, but only because 5% of the males visiting the site probably aren’t interpreted as male by the analytics engine :)

ImbedwithPi avatar

and that is an estimation from january I believe. Wonder what it’s doing today…

orbitoid avatar

Must be going crazy. seeing as it had several 10’s of thousands of views in January (each day?) i would say it would have at least spiked a bit over the last few days. Would be interesting to see the stats after the sale date.
Does anyone from the foundation have these stats that they would like to share? Maybe after all this mad rush is over?

ElectroPulse avatar

LOL… it asked me to log in, so I did. When I did, it took me to the Wikipedia information page. I saw 410M unique users viewed and was like “HOLY…” Then I realized it was Wikipedia, lol. Still, the RPi has had quite a few unique viewers!

Dwight Illk avatar

Kinda scary that doubleclick knows that much about us! At any rate, I’m sure that will be enough of us to give the Raspberry Pi store a good load test in 2 hours!

Zewy avatar

Can’t sleep feels like I am 7 years old again before x-mess. at least it less then 3 hours till shop open.

[…] up, out of clearly nowhere. The petite Raspberry Pi should be shipping any day now (in fact, a website promises a large proclamation on Feb. 29th) and bringing a $35 1080p video capabilities with it. And if that wasn’t adequate tastily […]

ElectroPulse avatar

Lol… only 1 Facebook share! Apparently people don’t want competition from their friends ;)

orbitoid avatar

I think the “Like” button might be broken. i saw it was well over a few hundred before. Maybe it resets after 1337 likes?

Timo Witte avatar

500 Poster :) i will be there in two hours ;)

ImbedwithPi avatar

yeah, sorry about that…. I forgot to mention it seemed to default to wikipedia… you will have to manually put in the site. Its still impressive.. I did find another site that had more recent data trends, however, I lost it…

dkillk avatar

I’m impressed by how much doubleclick seems to know about us! After I logged in, your link took me to the Raspberry PI site data automagically.

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Aleks Clark avatar

store down for maintenance….I’m thinking this won’t be a fakeout :)

ImbedwithPi avatar

is sooo stoked….

camerin avatar

Agreed. i just saw that too, and i didn’t want to double post it in excitement.

acetatodefuetilo avatar


johnny parks avatar

Ohhhh yeah so excited for this release! Been waiting all day :)

ImbedwithPi avatar

forum is starting to show the symptoms of the traffic….

Sam. avatar

2 Hours to go ! Can not wait !

Christopher B Landress avatar

and…… the store is down for maintenance :)

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Mr Coffeinismus avatar

I´m ready, today or tomorrow, don´t sleep anymore.

holycow avatar

Let’s see, I would multiple that 405 with an optimistic 1000. That’s 400K a queue around the globe after 10,000 (maybe 9800, 200 bad) pieces of Pi. I am probably person #159122 in the queue. Okay, I’ll just go back to bed..

dkillk avatar

I hope the store works better than the board. I’ve tried to post here, but have been totally unable. Got messages the the copy and pasted password was wrong. I logged in, and got messages that I was posting duplicate messages, and messages to slow down that I’m posting too fast. Don’t really have much to say, just killing time waiting for the last hour and a half to pass, but NOT BEING ABLE TO POST is frustrating!

Orbitoid avatar

Brace for impact….

poplap avatar

Reload Every Firefox Addon is getting a work out as we speak! Count Down Display on my second Screen and Enough caffeine for a giant! Lets get this going!

camerin avatar

Seriously… There is an hour to go. if you are pinging the server for refresh you are just an ass….

Eclipse avatar


I should probably have tried to sleep… Oh well, too late now.

paul stump avatar

Good morning from Finland!

“I don´t like this, it´s too quiet here…”

SirLagz avatar

I swear a webfusion logo just appeared on the sidebar…

slacer avatar

lets sing:
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

ErikV1970 avatar

In an hour we know what the big announcement is……exciting…. I’m ready to buy!

Karmeck avatar

good luck evryone

mandy29 avatar

and now ??

heinz avatar

Now where´s the big announcement?

mesut surmeli avatar

store down for maintenance

:( :( :(

Kick avatar

Hopefully that means that the shop will open in 36 minutes with the Pi for sale!

leejohn02 avatar

i got an email saying my Pi was ready to purchase and then i get an error 5# when i click the link

d. avatar

and now?

poeticjustice_84 avatar

This is gonna be next to impossible, but I’m gonna try anyway :)

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It’s good!

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