A QR-code poster for all you guerrilla marketing types

Jonas Butz, a high school student from Germany, was on Twitter the other day, and showed us a rather excellent QR code poster pointing at this website which he’d made after a hard day’s designing Lego cases. We retweeted it, and it turned out to be extremely popular, so I’ve asked his permission to post it here so those of you who don’t do the Twitter thing can see it and download it.

Raspberry Pi QR code

Jonas has made the QR code available as a .png file, so you can download it by right-clicking on the image, enlarge it to whatever size you fancy, print it out and stick it all over your school or place of work to entice people to visit our website. Spread the word – and thank you, Jonas!

(Edit: the original QR code was occasionally not being recognised by people using Barcode Scanner on Android devices – we’d had some reports of it working most, but not all of the time. Jonas has also made this version, with a slightly smaller raspberry in the middle of it, which Barcode Scanner seems to be much happier with.)


Jeremiah Megel avatar

I’m taking every (good) Raspberry Pi QR code poster and putting one of each around my school.

austincurr avatar

So how are you supposed to scan it with that raspberry in the way?
I read it as [edit – snip – turns out image was accidentally flipped]

austincurr avatar

I’ll put it up with this and a unobstructed QR code as well.

austincurr avatar

Cancel everything- it worked. HUH???

liz avatar

Have you actually tried it, or are you just complaining without bothering to test? It does work; we’ve had it tested on pretty much every platform going (thanks to an army of phone-wielding teenagers on Twitter), and the raspberry doesn’t break the code.

austincurr avatar

I did test it, just incorrectly (I flipped the image accidentally). I didn’t know about correcting. Sorry everyone, Extremely so.

liz avatar

No probs – nifty, though, isn’t it? (Not to mention strangely cute.)

austincurr avatar

yep! I’m going to put it up at my middle school if I can.

austincurr avatar

If you could edit my comments, and insert a strikethrough through them all please?

austincurr avatar

Well, the incorrect ones?

liz avatar

I wouldn’t normally, but since you ask so nicely… ;)

Greg Smith avatar

As an engineer who has worked with error correction, I find this kind of thing rather annoying. Engineers work out how to put error correction in, so that it works even if there’s a smudge, or some damage or glare. And then some marketing type discovers that, hey, a perfect code will still read if they insert a graphic in it! But you’ve used up that error correction budget by doing this, so it probably won’t read now if there’s a smudge or glare. I’m not talking about *you* of course, because Rpi is so cool you get a pass. :-)

paalsteek avatar

There is enough redundancy in the code that it should be scannable regardless of the berry in the middle. Just tried it with Barcode Scanner for Android.

Stefan avatar

… unless the redundancy is/was actually needed due to blurry printing, bad camera resolution, etc.

Sure, the QR looks nice, but it needs to be understood that is on the expense of reliability. I think it’s an abomination of the intent of error recovery.

Peter Green avatar

Note that QR codes allow you to choose the level of error recovery, so if you want to put a logo in the middle you can crank up the error recovery settings to get the overall reliability back where you want it.

Oli Wright avatar

Works as an excellent Facebook profile pic!

Florian K. avatar

Or Gravatar :-)

Nacho avatar

Funny and… It works! :-)

Hoping to get one from the first batch…

bootc avatar

The QR code is great! Shame the rpi.org site looks so crap on iPhone though… It’s only about half as wide as the screen, at least on my iPhone 4 w/ iOS 5.0.1.

liz avatar

You should give it another go – we’ve just made some changes to it this evening.

ElectroPulse avatar

Oh, sweet! Thank you :D I’ve been using the Atomic Web Browser to view this site with decreased font size, but now I can use Safari :)

Amila avatar

Just tested on my iPhone and it works great! :)

tb avatar

Now if I only could get that as SVG, my cousin could create stickers in his vinyl cutter :-)

liz avatar
Marius Schiffer avatar

I made a SVG Version for you:
Have fun distributing it :-)

liz avatar

Thanks Marius – and thanks for the pdfs too!

austincurr avatar

The converter de-colors it to monochrome which makes the buckyball of the raspberry invisible and a blob.. Here’s a link to a .svg with the raspberry re-colored.

austincurr avatar

Oh, someone posted faster. Never mind then!

Marius Schiffer avatar

I made two lossless vector versions as PDF, one with only one QR Code on a DIN A4 Page, and one with six:

Lars avatar

The codes are linking to http://http://www.raspberrypi.org instead of http://www.raspberrypi.org – i noticed that after printing some :(

Kyle avatar
João Reis avatar

Scanning QR-Code for the first time with the iphone and NeoReader :)

Very funny redirecting me to http://www.raspberrypi.org

birger avatar

these should be on stickers in the shop. :-)

João Reis avatar


austincurr avatar

Agreed. All in favor?

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Sir Greggory Groda avatar


Tozzi avatar

I was just going to suggest the same! :)

quitequick avatar

QR code? Useful indeed. But is practical image recognition only limited to next gen bar codes? What about a mobile app that recognises *logos*? No doubt already done to death on the App Store. If not, I claim copyright (c) and patent here and now!

Maxious avatar

Layar has a feature they call “layar vision” that does exactly that. You can train the images yourself so you could put a link on a certain building sign or cereal package if you wanted.

Jesus Incarnate avatar

Google Goggles (try saying that 10 times fast).

da_andy avatar

Funny and works very well with an iPhone :)

Lobster avatar

Great advertising barcodes Liz! :-)
Sorry to hear your are allergic to Lobsters.
Let us hope this artwork reaches Rpi . . .

Here are Puppy + RPi initial artwork . . .

Puppy Linux loads into and runs from memory
faster than other Linux
which typically have to swap programs
in and out of small amounts of memory

Puppy was originally designed to run from SD media
We are still optimised for running in 256MB of Ram

Applications for browsing, writing, spreadsheets
personal messaging, free Internet phone, graphics etc
are included in Puppy
A configured Puppy can be esily remastered
with a few mouse clicks

We offer a radical and unique solution for RPi
When our developers get their Raspberries
Puppy ARM will follow shortly and develop rapidly

Puppy on ARM

for details and download

to learn about Puppy

for support

Puppy is organized as a DoOcracy

Expect more in less
. . . and now back to the records . . . :-)

Julian Grammer avatar

Having used Puppy on a large number of low-end machines already, I’d already decided that it would be my distro of choice for at least some of the many Raspis I intend to buy eventually. An excellent compact ultra-stable distro with a large enough userbase/community to be able to provide many more useful developments.

Derek avatar

Stop that right now! You can all go posting these up AFTER I order my RasPi!

Dylan Valadez avatar

I was thinking the same thing lol and I also agree with the sticker idea

timadam avatar

How about putting it on some T shirts and passing them out to teachers…

person avatar

good idea but im not sure whether the teachers would ACTUALLY wear them…

TheStapler avatar

I have taken the image, and “tweaked” it a little… adding some “raspberry” points…



Polo0000 avatar

Work with mobiletag

[…] fancy, print it out and stick it all over your school or place of work to entice people to …Via http://www.raspberrypi.org Share […]

Simon H avatar

I think these are seriously cool or is that just because I am a nerd? Will put one in my car window (Hope it doesn’t cause a crash) and on the notice board at work.

Patrick avatar

Hello,Raspberry Pi

Harry avatar

Awsome, :L

lightonflux avatar

Wow, that QR code works very well. Its the “fastest” code ever scanned with the FOSS App “Barcode Scanner”.

It needs less than a second for get the message behind it.

I think it works very good.

sylvan avatar


And it would be even nicer with a 1-2 pixel white border around the logo.

I’m as far away as you can get from being an artist, but I pulled the png into Gimp and just freehanded a white pixel around the raspberry. As crude as I did, it looked pretty darn good, and my android Barcode Scanner read it faster as well.

Tobias Langer avatar

Do some stickers of this code :) it would be great to tag my surroundings and campus.

Sascha Heylik avatar

You mean like this? :P http://saschaheylik.com/images/RPiQRCode.png

Liz, feel free to use it however you want.

mark avatar

Hackaday had a good writeup on how to make your own graphical QR code.

Also a white border separating the logo from the code will improve readability

svonk avatar

It is also possible and much easier with QRhacker.com.

m3adow avatar

Cool thingy. I made this the profile picture of my website on Google+. :)

Slackie avatar

It’s great that others are looking to adjust the original QR image with a Raspberry but I think the original is still the best. I also agree this would be great as a sticker.

Stefan72 avatar

Nice QR-Code. I printed a lot and will stick them everywhere at my hometown. First I tetsted it with the Iphone 4s. Perfect.

Anonymous avatar

Sorry to say that, but the QR code PNG suffers from a beginner’s mistake – forgetting the quiet zone. It is part of the code and should therefore be in the PNG as well.
If you have a recent version of Firefox, it’s quite easy to see: right-click the image, “View Image”, and then try to make your device recognize the code. The gray background will make this impossible in most barcode readers.

Joshua Bowman avatar

Thanks, I was wondering why I couldn’t get it to recognize at all when I opened the larger image.

Danny Tuppeny avatar

My Windows Phone (Mango) fails to recognise it too ;o(

Danny Tuppeny avatar

Oh, see the comment above the “quiet zone”. It works from the blog post, just not the full PNG (seemingly due to the lack of a border around it)

tpobrienjr avatar

I recently used the Raspberry Pi QR code for a demo when giving a talk on 1D and 2D barcodes. I put a bit of post-it(tm) on the code and showed that with its robust error correction it could still be scanned. The audience (some old IEEE folks) were suitably impressed. Thanks for the QR code and the very cool logo.

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