Joey Hudy, inventor of the Extreme Marshmallow Cannon, and a Raspberry Pi

We’re back from our holidays. We have learned that Metaxa makes us ill, and that there are a million and one useful things you can do with an aubergine.

I’ve got a bit of video to keep you entertained while I burn through the enormous backlog of email that built up while I was away. Eben and I delivered a surprise package to Joey Hudy, a 14-year-old White House Science Fair honouree and maker extraordinaire at Maker Faire a couple of weeks ago, just after he’d finished demoing an electronics project he’s been working on. Here’s what happened.

We’re back to normal with the posting schedule from tomorrow – plenty has happened in the last week, and I’ve got lots to tell you about!


Thomas avatar

First post w00t!

I wonder what he can do with the Raspberry Pi.

Darren avatar

Could we have a whip round to buy Eben a new T shirt ?

Nelson avatar

Also check the remote controlled wall plugs with a pi

Jon Senior avatar

Metaxa comes in 5-star and 7-star varieties. The 5-star catches out the unaware who assume that the star rating is from 1 to 5. If you ever find something lower than a 5, start running! (My parents met in Cyprus and have many blurry memories of Metaxa.)

Whoop John avatar

Um ya, that T shirt is so, erm, outré.

Jaseman avatar

Who is responsible for the nicely edited Element 14 videos? Good job whoever you are.

liz avatar

His name is George (element14 guys – what is the excellent George’s last name?), and he also did the filming. He does a great job, doesn’t he?

Julie Hudy avatar

George was AWESOME! We loved the video. :)

spurious avatar

I was thinking similar myself.. :)
BTW.. does this thing not auto sign in when signed in to the forum any more?

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You must go to:
Enter your WordPress login & pass (which may be different from the phpBB password if you changed-it) then go back to the 1st page. Now you can post replies on the blog for the next 24h without fighting the captcha.

Dave G avatar

Eben/Liz: You are the coolest people ever. Joey looked quite surprised to receive a Raspberry Pi, and you hand delivered it!

Keep up the great work.

H avatar

A very nice gesture!

mail4asim avatar

Ahhh.. that was sooo sweet. It’s little surprises like this that make life wonderful. Thank you so much for doing all that you do :)

Jamie avatar

You 2 are such nice people and that kid was too clever it was kinda scary he must be a robot from bladerunner. and liz has huge.. nevermind..

Eric Howland avatar

Here is the clip of Pres Obama and Joey and the Marshmallow cannon.

Aquino avatar

Don’t pretend we haven’t noticed you’re subtly announcing the all new Aubergine Pi

Robert avatar

That would be called a quiche, and not a pi….

Gallomimia avatar

Please absolutely post the results of this young man using a pi to fire a marshmellow cannon.

Wombat avatar

Hopefully, none of the usefull aubergine activities envolve eating them….

Captainwebb avatar

Useful things to do with an aubergine No 1,000,002:- A RasPi case …

Bob avatar

Hi great that you are back, I ordered my pi on the 27th march and I am still waiting for my pi. You put a post saying that any one who ordered before 18 th April will get thir pi in june buti just wanted to know the exact date on when it would come

m0ntala avatar

You should receive an email when your order is ready to be despatched, but at the moment no one can tell you the exact date on which it will be delivered.
There are many thousands of other customers asking exactly the same question, but this is not the place to ask it, as you ordered it from Farnell/Element 14 and not from the Foundation, who actually wrote this article, which is (mainly) about a 14 year old boy called Joey.

Markess avatar

I got a chance to talk to Joey and his mom for a while at the Faire. It was a fun experience and they’re great people. I even picked up one of the LED kits he was demoing to work on with my son. I missed seeing Eben’s talk live (I lost out to things the kids and wife wanted to see at the same time), so I also appreciate the great job George did on the videos. Got my Pi yesterday, so I’m setting the Arduino aside for a while. Cheers!

Julie Hudy avatar

Liz, Just watched this again. What a great experience for Joey. He loved every second of it. It’s been so nice getting to know you two over the last year. We wish you continued fun in 2013! Let us know when you’ll be close to AZ. :)

liz avatar

We certainly will! It’s always lovely to see you – I hope 2013 promises as much Maker fun for Joe as 2012 did!

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