The MagPi, issue 2

I’m still on holiday, but popped the lid of the laptop for long enough to pick up a mail I was expecting today from Ash Stone, editor of the Raspberry Pi’s very own community-run magazine, The MagPi, letting me know that a new edition is out today. I can’t believe it’s a whole month since the first one came out; time’s flashing by for us at the moment. Issue 2 is now available online (the front page of the MagPi website now has links to PDFs for those of you who didn’t like the Flash interface). It’s a free download, full of articles written by members of the Raspberry Pi community, listings for you to type in if you’re learning to program, more on that robot arm, tips on setting up your Raspberry Pi’s SD card, and a two-page spread dissecting a Raspi (gulp).

The MagPi. Click to go to the magazine website.

The MagPi team and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been really amazed at the reception last month’s magazine had, with encouraging reviews from the Wall St Journal, Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC, and other bits of the dead-tree and online media we didn’t even think were watching. Thanks again – enormous thanks – to Ash and all the rest of the team. Putting this sort of thing together isn’t simple, and it’s orders of magnitude harder to do it so well; we’re so impressed with the work you’ve all been producing. If you like the magazine too, please think about submitting an article. Contact details are available in the MagPi itself.

And with that, I’ll get back to the bowl of mulberries I was picking earlier and a glass of ouzo. I’m back next week, when normal service will resume.



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I order my pi yesterday but i cancelled the order because i orderd the wrong part but will rs online let me use my same activication code to order the raspberry pi again help me please

adrian.oconnor avatar

Read their FAQ, I think they have a section for this situation (and it involves emailing them, to explain why you cancelled it). Something like that. I’m sure it’s in the FAQ.

PiLover avatar

I have tried all that but i still dont get a replay help

Yam avatar

I’m sory but the link is not working (even the preview link)

reiuyi avatar

My raspi was delivered yesterday, but I wasn’t home! Next delivery on monday

Talking about bad luck on my part

Alan Heath avatar

Just had a few minutes to skim through it but – again – a great effort, guys!

Hmm, there’s an interesting looking article on interfacing which I’ll be studying more carefully. :)

Colin avatar

A fantastic resource for the early stage user! I am coming back to programming after a long time away (read 40+ years – it was Fortran then) and just setting out to learn Linux. The article on resizing the image on an SD card is the first I have read that retains the swapfile. Well done guys – my confidence in you is boosted.

Shame it is only monthly, but I understand the resource limitation. Maybe when I am deeper into things I can give you a “how it was for me” story.


PS – had my Pi a week now and still “playing”. :-))

Joe avatar

Fortran is still widely used in the scientific/research community.

Colin avatar

Quite right – I still get asked to update and/or write packages. Now I am retired, I wanted to “amuse myself” learning Linux and Python.

m0ntala avatar

Please stop trying to make us all jealous Liz, with all this talk of mulberries and ouzo, although I do agree that the MagPi is an great ‘magazine, and is a tribute to Ash and all those involved.
Just you wait until next week though… Greece will just be a distant memory by then!

João Reis avatar

Just did a fast read … dam … I’m waiting from 3 months now for my (already paid) order at Farnel … :(

Patrick avatar

Ooh, thanks for the information. I will definitely be reading those. I actually didn’t realize that they’re free.

Alex avatar

Really great articles!
Hope to get my rPi soon to check out some basic interfacing projects.

Davespice avatar

Yay! My article is in there! =)

Yoda007 avatar

Just a note about PiSection: the RAM isn’t always Hynix. I got a board with Samsung RAM.

Davespice avatar

My article is the one about music. Not sure what you’re talking about?

tzj avatar

how long till the 2nd part?

Davespice avatar

Hi tzj, we’re aiming to get one part per issue of the Mag Pi. So that makes it monthly.

meltwater avatar

Fair enough, I only got to see two r pi’s before publishing, so I based it on that. Wonder if there is a performance difference between the two. I guess the pop chips are hard to source at cost so they’ve gone for more than one supply. Is yours a later batch?

reiuyi avatar

There’s actually differences in lots of components on the boards, especially between Farnell Raspis and RS-components raspis.



Differences include and not limited to: amount of solder applied (especially on the through-hole stuff), silk-screening, audio-jack type, LAN-chip package, hynex/samsung ram, placement of the RJ45 socket on the board, etcetera

Glenalec avatar

The parts are probably multi-source. Fairly common for multiple manufacturers to produce (effectively) identical-spec parts for these types of component. Their customers tend to be less skittish if they know they can source elsewhere if there is a supply problem.

Jay Bhagat avatar

haha. LIAR! Loljk. Have fun on the rest of your vacation! You deserve it.

Yoda007 avatar

Sorry, didn’t mean to reply to your comment, thought I was replying on root

Greg_E avatar

This is like to bad old days when magazines like Byte had real code you could sit for hours and type in to try and play some game, and hoped that you saved it to tape drive along the way in case you had a crash. Brings back thoughts of the Tandy Color Computer and the Timex Sinclair Z80 powered computer.

I’ll have to get an order placed, was waiting for the supply to free up.

Andrew Barfield avatar

You said it brother! For me, the magazine was:


…and the computer was the:


1010 Program Recorder (Cassette Tape),

…and a 1027 Dot Matrix Printer.

I’d give anything to go back to those days!

MagPi is my new Antic… and damn it that means something!!!

john avatar

when will they start selling these? is there an ETA when they will have stock?

Greg_E avatar

They sell them in the order that you stand in line, go to one of the vendors and get on the waiting list or wait for the demand to drop a little and production to expand.

Martijn van Dorst avatar

Most posts are about delivery of the Pi, that is the last thing to worry about! This project has a greater purpose. Do not forget the main goal!

Keep on going with this great job, good for the world! Just posted a copy of the MagPi (2) at

Matt Hawkins avatar

The MagPi is a brilliant magazine. Just what the community needs. The authors are doing a great job!

SonOfHenry avatar

Not read it all yet, but from a first flick through it looks brilliant… well done to all involved! In regards to tone and content, you’ve got it bang on!

To all detractors; if you can do any better, get in there and contribute!

Aaron Ramirez avatar

When will there be a stable stock of Raspberri PI’s? I’ve been waiting month after month to get a chance of buying one, and even then I don’t know if I will be able to purchase it because I’m located in the US.

If you haven’t noticed, your low price and horrible production speed has created a black market. Raspberri Pi’s are being sold at up to 100 dollars on ebay, and in my local area I nearly bought one for 65 dollars but someone beat me to it.

My recommendation: RAISE THE PRICES until stock becomes stable.

Greg_E avatar

The “black” market on these makes me mad, wish everyone that wanted one of these devices would just wait and make the people who bought them for the sole purpose of profit get stuck with something they never intended to use.

Matt Brunton avatar

Seconded. Don’t feed these reseller leeches.

Mike DX avatar

Nicely put together

I do wonder why they have used a copyright image on page 10 though, I believe this is from the usborne guide to computers ~1980 ?

Ben avatar

They’re not dissecting a RPi! It’s just a RPi SECTION!

tzj avatar

my plan WAS to dissect it!… just digitally of course… but i had other jobs to do. still, a poster is still on my mind, and may materialise in the future… when exactly, i do not know.

Peter Loof avatar

This magazine is just what is needed, step-by-step describing a log of interesting Pi stuff!
I really hope to contribute when my thoughts for Pi comes true….

Please keep up this great (and really necessary) work.

Glom avatar

Hi can any one help I ordered my pi on april 12th so when in June would be the most likely date for it to come

tony avatar


Jim Vincent avatar

What has happened to the Magpi site? Just get 404 error now when I want to get to the page to download the mags.

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