Instructables Raspberry Pi Speed Challenge: the results!

Amanda from Instructables would like to thank everyone who entered their recent competition:

“The Instructables editors are proud to announce the winners of our two week Raspberry Pi Speed Challenge. In this contest we were looking for all types of content involving the Pi, this included projects, setup guides, troubleshooting tutorials, libraries/software, Raspberry Pi accessories, and more. We were really impressed by the quality of the projects that came in, and we had so many standout entries that we decided to hand out an extra second place prize!  The 1st place prize went to author meztek for his Raspberry Pi Powered Wearable Computer.

meztek's Raspberry Pi powered wearable computer

meztek’s Raspberry Pi-powered wearable computer

This wearable computer uses a pair of video glasses and a tiny keyboard/trackpad to browse the web wirelessly, type documents, remotely connect to meztek’s web server, and even check Gmail. Other winning projects included:

  • Voiceberry Pi by mrmath, a Raspberry Pi that can make free phone calls to anywhere in the US for free using Google Voice
  • Coffee Table Pi  by grahamgelding, a modern take on an arcade game cabinet built into an elegant coffee table enclosure
  • LapPi by SilverJimmy, a wireless and fully functional Raspberry Pi notebook inside a sleek aluminum case
  • Raspberry Pi Smart Target by noelportugal, a target shooting game that posts pictures and outcomes of gameplay to Twitter

All 25 entries can be found on the Raspberry Pi Challenge page. We’re looking forward to running more contests for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, so stay tuned to our contest page for information about upcoming Raspberry Pi and electronics contests, and while you’re there be sure to check out the other Raspberry Pi projects on Instructables.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!”

We’d like to thank Amanda and Instructables for running this, along with everyone who entered. The creativity and the innovation of the entries was remarkable.


Jim Jackson avatar

The link for raspberrypi projects on the instructables site doesn’t work.
You have some superfluous stuff in the url.

clive avatar

Thanks Jim. I tested all the links — except that one :)

Rick Seiden avatar

The Voiceberry Pi project was really cool, and should have won the whole thing. And I’m not just saying that because I’m the author, either. :)

Rick Seiden avatar

Seriously, it was very fun to enter and to win a prize was really special. I’ve had a ton of fun with my RPi since I got it, and the fun just continues. Thanks to the folks at the Foundation!

JamesH avatar

Are you sure, ‘cos I reckon, but I may be wrong, that you might have a slight bias.

Montekuri avatar

Those “Video Glasses” are very interesting. Never heard about them.

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